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Your favourite Gen

Started by The Bellossom boi September 26th, 2019 8:13 AM
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The Bellossom boi

The Bellossom's favourite Boi

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What's your favourite generation after sum up every game of the generation? Which is your best one?

I said the 4th one, with the Johto remakes and Platinum.
My english is not perfect due to being Italian. Keep that in mind when you see my posts please.


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III, V, and VI probably. Unova and Hoenn games are amazing. VI mostly for ORAS because man did I love those games. Quite a bit of people seem to disagree. People seem to not find XY that great either and while I agree the story was less than stellar, it was so fun and immersive to play a main series Pokémon game in 3D for the first time.


Roaming Sinnoh

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Judging by games alone, definitely Gen IV:
- Diamond and Pearl had technical issues and the problem of the type spread in the regional Dex, but it introduced Sinnoh which is my favourite region ever, and had plenty of stuff to do aside the main story (which is also one of my favourites) with a substantial post-game, Contests, and the Underground. Also between the two of them you could catch all non-starter and non-legendary/mythical Pokémon from the previous generations except for one.
- Platinum only improved on DP fixing most of their issues and adding more cool new stuff;
- HeartGold and SoulSilver finally gave GS the scope they could have had hadn't it been for technical limitations, and also integrated most of the improvements of Crystal and of the generation it was in. Also, Johto is another amazing region and it also has the imho definitive version of Kanto to go along with.

No Pokémon game imho is perfect, as all of them have their issues or lacking things, but Platinum and HGSS are by far my favourite games in the franchise. Gen V is not that far behind for me, especially as being on the same hardware made it technically a better version of the Gen IV games, but there are some design changes that I didn't like that much (particularly the moving sprites and the region itself); it has lots of strong points but imho Gen IV's ones are stronger.


of the Final Day

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Easily Gen IV - after the dismal Gen III, it was a welcome return to form for the franchise, giving us solid titles in Diamond and Pearl, a fantastic expansion in Platinum, and HG/SS which are easily two of the best remakes of all time. Gen IV introduced so many significant firsts for gameplay in the franchise, brought back things that should never have been cut out, and they've aged significantly well all things considered.


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i had fun memories with gen 3 and gen 5. i can't remember how many times I've replayed firered and emerald. of course, gen 5's main titles are great at almost everything imo


ice beam

the dream world
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3 and 4, not even really just because of the main series games at the time, but the spinoffs in that time period were amazing. seeing my pokemon on the big tv screen for the first time since pokemon stadium is really an experience that i'll never forget.


Countless shards

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4 and 5!
Yes, nostalgia plays a considerable role here, but even not taking that into account they're still great; with the fourth generation bringing more lore to the world and more... I'd say, balance to the battles (Physical/Special split for example), and the fifth bringing a breath of fresh air. DPPt and BW/BW2 have interesting settings, great music, and an engaging plot - and even HGSS are very nice games with a lot of cool features (in short, they put in a lot of effort). It has to be said, though, HGSS are the games I played the least out of the ones mentioned.

also how could I not notice... op is italian... 😍


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Gen4. Easy. It is just extremely good for many reasons. Gen5 is a close second


New Horizons
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I wish that I liked the Sinnoh games, because Gen 4 brought so many good things to the table. That said, my vote goes to Gen 3, since I think that's the only time that I've put 100+ hours into 3 seperate games (Sapphire, FireRed, and Emerald), and never felt bored with them.
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Gen 2 would be my fave gen, johto is my favorite region of the lot plus you can go back to kanto and get 16 badges, close behind is gen 1 as that's where it all started for me and still like playing the old games and then gen 3, at the time I didn't rate it anywhere near as good as previous games but after revisiting with the remakes I'm now quite fond of heonn

Soaring Sid


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Generations IV and V are my favourites so far as I've enjoyed them the most. The stories in these generations were awesome and Gen IV got me into Pokemon. Gen V was immediately next and it had a ton of new Pokemon. If I ignore nostalgia, I'd like to go with Gen III, because of the landscape, starters and the legendaries. Also, Zigzagoon, it's the best HM friend.
I remember those days when I used to call gyms "G.Y.M" because they were written in caps XD I wasn't impressed by the Gen 7 games, strangely, but I'm hyped more than ever for Gen 8.

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Generation 1:
I've only played a small amount of Generation 1 games. I had a friend who owned a copy of Red version he let me borrow long ago, and I didn't play very much, but I did enjoy it to some extent.

Generation 2:
I've always owned a copy of Pokémon Gold, but it never had the ability to save, so I could never actually play it correctly.

Generation 3:
My very first Pokémon game ever was Fire Red version, so that's very nostalgic to me, but I also enjoyed playing my dad's Ruby version he let me play (since he primarily played Emerald at the time), and that was also a great game.
All in all it's fairly nostalgic, and I played them a lot.

Generation 4:
Pokémon Diamond version was my first game for my DS. Despite how much I praised the generation 3 games for nostalgia, for some reason Pokémon Diamond just gets me right in the childhood whenever I so much as listen to Gen 4 sounds be used in music.
I've never played HG/SS (So, I've never ever properly experienced Johto), and I've never played Platinum, which I hear is the better version of the Sinnoh games, but I've always had Diamond and it was great, and I loved it a lot.

Generation 5:
By the time I got Pokémon White version, I started really getting into Pokémon as more of a small obsession ("small" might be an understatement).
I really enjoyed the mechanics of White version and it's also nostalgic to some extent.
Then White Version 2 came out, and it quickly became my all-time favorite Pokémon game, with SO much to do and such a good story, it was amazing to see a Pokémon game of all things have a sequel. (I wasn't aware of the story of Gen 2 so I didn't know it took place some years after Gen 1 at the time.)
I put many, many hours into White 2 and I still even pop by now and again to this day.

Generation 6:
It wasn't until several years after White 2 that I got Pokémon Y version. I was a lot older than way back then, and I wasn't as into Pokémon at the time. I enjoyed the game somewhat but the one thing that bothered me most was the skating mechanic.
It wasn't my favorite Pokémon game, but I remembered being extremely hyped about it's announcements and trailers years before.
I later on got Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, but I'll talk about that shortly.

Generation 7:
I only got Pokémon Moon version for my 2DS, and I enjoyed it quite a lot, the world was huge, the graphics were great, the story was amazing and kind of twisty which I really enjoyed, but after everything settled down, I sort of stopped playing for a while. All in all it's a good game, though I never played it's ultra variant.

Alpha Sapphire:
Pokémon Alpha Sapphire is currently my favorite Pokémon game.
The great graphics but also cartoony style of Generation 6 + the nostalgia and world of Generation 3 come together to create a masterpiece of awesome gameplay and features.
There are so many things I enjoy about this game that I can't quite explain, but I will say that even to this day , I play it somewhat frequently, checking out secret bases, training my excessive amount of Deoxyses, hunting for all kinds of Pokémon.

Although Alpha Sapphire is my favorite Pokémon gamee, generation 6 is not my favorite genbration.
That honor goes to Generation 4. Not just because of the nostalgia, but because I simply just loved exploring the Sinnoh region, and I love the soundtrack, and story, and emphasis on lore... And it's mostly nostalgia, but can you blame a person for liking a game he adored so dearly in his childhood?
Anyway, those are my thoughts on each generation, and my personal journey through the world of Pokémon.

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