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I'v e been thinking about this for a while and I stumbled upon a couple Pokemon that can fuse with eachother. Yes I mean Solgaleo and Lunala with Necrozma. I found this mechanich so interesting that I thought what if they would add this for more Pokemon. This is my idea!
It's called Fussed Form. There are certain stones you can get throughout the game that you can give to your Pokemon, if other Pokemon in your team has another stone of its respective type they will both fuse in battle creating a new specific Pokemon. There are some extra rules thou...

1.- The Pokemon must be at its last stage, it means it must be fully evolved.
2.- You will only detonate the Fusion only if you get your Pokemon into Battle you have the chance to cancell it but with some risks I will describe later.
3.- Once the Pokemon fused is defeated you get both Pokemon fainted.
4.- The fusion will get all the best stats of both Pokemon and the nature that better fits the new fused Pokemon, except with hp, that will add both hp points. If one Pokemon has 50 hp and the other has 100 hp the fusion will have 150 hp.
5.- You can use it only on four turns. Once done your Pokemon return to their ususal form.
6.- If you fused Pokemon doesn't get faintes in battle your two Pokemon will have their hp lowered equaly according to the complete damage taken in Fussion Form. This can result in one of your Pokemon fainting after the fusion.
7.- If one of your fussion Pokemon gets its hp lowered by a hit you fussed Pokemon will be weaker according to the HP that each pokemon posees in battle.
8.- Once started the fussion can't be stoped after 4 to 5 turns. This can variate randomly.
9.- The hability of the Pokemon fuse too. This means both habilities will be fully active but with the fusion at the same time.
10.- You are not alowed to use potions or berried during fusion battle.
11.- You can only have two Pokemon fused in battle, this means one fusion per battle.
12.- The typing of the Pokemon will depend not only in the evolution but in the resulting form. If one Pokemon is water and the other is plant the resulting pokemon will be water plant, but if the Pokemon has two typing only one of the typings will be passed to the fussion.

This is my idea, kind of...
Tell me what you think!


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I thought Mega Evolution was perfectly fine. It was a nice way to give a spotlight and breathe life into weaker more forgotten Pokemon.

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Fusion is the most likely to me, but that's probably because we've experienced it before. Still, I do wonder if it'll happen, fusing two things can be seen as unethical and cruel by some, especially since the last time it happened was by a terrifying monster of a Pokémon forcing others into fusion, and it's not something I can see TPCi making a whole battle feature out of. There are some really cool-looking fusions out there people have made using that sprite fusion site though - yours in particular is really neat. Even if that face is a little scary lol.

A game focused on double battles where Pokémon moves can combine to create new ones would be really cool. It's cool to think about what kinds of combos people can create! But this is something I can see happening more in spinoffs, since a main series game that forces double battles onto you all the time might be too drastic of a change for them.