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In Pokemon Black and White, like most main series Pokemon games, at the beginning of the game you are offered a choice between three regional starter Pokemon. In this case it's the fire pig tepig, the grass snake snivy and the sea otter oshawott. One of the things that makes the Unova region special however is that it has a sequel game Black 2 and White 2, and you get to play through a brand new story set 2 years after the events of the first Black and White. On this journey you are also given the choice of a snivy, oshawott or tepig at the start of your adventure.

Did you pick the same starter Pokemon for both playthroughs, or did your choice differ from BW to BW2?

I picked Snivy in the original BW games, and remember being super excited about this Pokemon on my first time playing Pokemon Black. This little guy has so much attitude, and I knew right away that this was the Pokemon for me, and told myself, especially if this is the one that evolves into that cool draconic-looking snake, then that's the Pokemon I must have!!

When I played BW2 I thought a little longer about the choice, and wondered if because it was a different game I should experiment, and make some different choices than before, but decided ultimately that I still liked the design of Snivy best throughout all three of it's stages of evolution, and chose him again, and would do it again today.

What about you all? Who was your starter for Black/White, and was it the same starter you used in Black 2 and White 2. If you haven't played the original and the sequel, and only played one of them, then you can just answer if you think you would chose it again a second time.

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kinda easy question for me. i always pick water type starters cuz most of the times they happen to be my favorite, so i chose the same pokemon in both games. i m not a fan of oshawott and its evolution line, but still the best of those three and it was a water type. i wouldn't have minded new starters in b2/w2 since they're not the usual third title but a real sequel.
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Went with Tepig in Black. I have both B2 & W2 and just went with both the other ones there =p
Think I did Snivy first though. Not a huge fan of this region's water starter tbh. Could be worse though =p

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I've picked Snivy in Black. Not one of the most memorable starters I've had though, I was actually disappointed at Serperior's shallow move pool. Without its hidden ability, and certain egg moves and move tutors added in BW2 it's an incredibly boring Pokémon. Compared to Emboar and Samurott its coverage is almost non-existent.

In Black 2, my starter choice was irrelevant because I wanted to play with a sort of multi-gen team and my Unova Pokémon were just Galvantula and the amazing Hidden Grotto Cinccino with Skill Link. Tepig was my starter but was boxed after the Poison Gym. I do think Emboar is an interesting Pokémon so I might actually use it in another game if I have the chance.
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I picked Tepig the first time then Oshawott in the sequel.

This is my least favorite starter trio so it felt like a "pick your poison" scenario. Oshawott grew on me slightly, but it's still my least favorite water starter.


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I always try to use all three starters if a third game is made, but I can't, for the life of me, remember which starter I repeated use of. Most likely Oshawott, though. But, probably, yes? Since they didn't change the starter Pokemon from B/W to B2/W2. Which I honestly wish they did, like maybe two years later, there could have been different starters, but oh well!
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In Black I picked Oshawott because I liked it the most out of the three at the time but I was a little disappointed with Samurott's design so when the sequels came out I picked Snivy in Black 2 and I loved it so much that Serperior is now my third favorite starter of all time (Venusaur and Feraligatr being the first two).

However since Gen 5 is my favorite generations I've played through both pairs of games with every starter at least once (I've used Serperior 4 or 5 times so far lol), even Samurott's design grew on me and I've used it a couple more times after that original Black playthrough. I love all three Unova's starter lines and my favorite of each stage is from a different evolution line: my first stage favorite is Tepig since it's the cutest imo, second stage favorite is Dewott since it looks super cool and final stage favorite is Serperior because I just like everything about it.

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Nope! Oshawott was my pick in the originals and for the sequels I went with Snivy. Love them both a lot, but Osha definitely had the better movepool aha. But my later Serperior with Contrary and Leaf Storm was an amazing team member!


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For me, unlike many, I like all three starters. So when I first got the games, I got both Black and White and had two DS systems. I got as far as I could and traded over all three starters. So my first play through of the game was with all three starter pokemon.

I think my original choice was however Tepig. And yes I am pretty sure I used Tepig again in BW2. This was mainly because Tepig was the main starter that the male character used in the anime trailers we got. Tepig was also the main starter of the Manga that both Black and White had, so my love for the BW Manga made me go with Tepig again. And of course it is the only Unova starter Ash had that evolved.


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For all I know I may have even started with the sequels (really don't remember). I do, however, remember having picked Oshawott on my first playthrough and was very disappointed about how Samurott turned out. On my second time playing I picked Tepig but I didn't particularly like it either. In the end I settled for Snivy and have used it in every playthrough since. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the gen 5 starters but the Snivy line definitely managed to grow on me. Its Hidden Ability played a major factor in that regard, though.
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