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This was a genuine question I have with this game, how rare will shiny pokemon be in this game?
wll there be more (as in will the chances be higher) due to old times or will there be less?
and will there be new shinies?
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I absolutely do hope shinies will be in the game - they're endgame for me and it's what I spend most of my postgame time hunting for. L:A will probably be no different. It seems so cool to encounter one in the overworld while running around, since this is a game so heavily focused on exploration and the environment. Maybe we'll have an item similar to the Shiny Charm that can be obtainable if we get everything from the Hisui dex?


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I hope they bring back the LGPE shiny system, that was great~


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Considering what a staple feature shinies are in the franchise these days, and how popular it is for people to hunt them and stream and trade and breed etc etc, I highly doubt they will remove them. If they do, I think it'd be a pretty weird way to go. And they would need to replace it with something else to enrich the postgame... But really, what else could work as well?

I rather think they should decrease the rate and chance of finding a shiny, than increase it! In modern times, perhaps pokémon have mutated and changed more, leading to these spectacular colors. Maybe the intervention of human industrialization and globalization has even affected it somehow. While in the old days of L:A, pokémon were more natural and standard colored still... Just an idea ^^


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I don't think they would remove shinies. This is a main series game and they are adding new pokemon to it, so it will likely have the same features we are use to. In my opinion, I really think it is time to make new types of shinies. With us being in the internet so much now, it would be nice to find unique seasonal shinies like a purple pikachu or a green and red stantler. But I don't think that would be added in this game. Probably a new generational thing.

I can't see it being that much of a problem, especially since they are limiting pokemon so much in recent years.


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Since these are a main series game, I'm pretty sure shiny Pokemon are pretty much a guarantee. I don't see why they'd just remove them when they're a big staple for these games. Maybe if you find a shiny in these games, something special might happen, but it's doubtful.

I'd assume the shiny odds in these games will be the gen vi odds, so one in 4,096? I don't think they'd do it the way they were in LG/PE or Sword/Shield.
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