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✒️ Character Creation Monthly Event ✒️

Character creation is one of the most fun parts of writing both fan-fics and original prose and RP participation too. There's something special about creating an entire person (or other being) from scratch. You get to decide their what they look like, what their skills and weaknesses are, what kind of personality they have (positives and flaws), their motivations... everything. It's like having a baby but you get to make them in the Sims character creator instead of rolling the dice and hoping you get a good one.

So, what if you had the excuse to create even more cool characters, creating a nice little back catalogue that you could later dump into one of your various projects or RPs if you wanted? Alternatively, what if you love making characters but don't have the time or energy to write a story or join an RP? Well, either way, we have you covered!

Each month, we'll be giving you a prompt. Then you guys create a character that fits that prompt and discuss those characters with each other. Keep in mind things like their strengths and flaws, personal goals and motivations as well as basic things like appearance, name and history. This is your time to flex those character creation muscles!

Given where we are and all, your first prompt is "a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-style world."


If you're feeling a bit stuck and aren't sure where to begin, here's an optional template similar to what we often use for RPs!
🍀 Name:
🍀 Age:
🍀 Gender:
🍀 Appearance:
🍀 Personality:
🍀 History:

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I have to be honest, PMD is not my area of anything, and I don't tend to create characters without intent to use them. But I do have a few characters that I used for a PMD-type world before, so... meet Visi, in short. :)

Name: Visi
Age: Who knows, Pokémon lifespans be mysterious. Maturity level is... young adult-ish.
Gender: Male

Appearance: He's a fairly normal Vigoroth.

Personality: Visi is a brash brawler always game for a fight! He's got tons of energy, usually put toward bounding around the place. And talking, bordering on shouting. The guy loves to talk, even though his foot ends up in his mouth half the time. But he maintains cheer, if not grace. He loves to rib people and mess around, and quickly falls in with other mischief-makers. He's never the brains of the outfit, but boy, is he enthusiastic about participating.

History: Visi grew up surrounded by family, and quickly found out that the best way not to be overlooked was to be loud and active. He'd often get himself in trouble, but it wasn't ever sufficient enough trouble to keep him down for long. Even the Incident where he became indebted to his friend Baryon hasn't kept him from troublemaking, but he's got a better head for realizing consequences these days.


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Name: Violet
Age: still quite young for a Comfey!
Appearance: As her name implies, Violet has a sweet spot for violets, or purple flowers in general. She's also on the smaller side (for a Comfey), which leads her to cram way too many flowers for her vine to handle and losing some here and there. Other than that though... she's a rather standard Comfey.
Personality: Violet is very much an introvert. She doesn't speak too often and when she does, she may as well get anxious for saying something wrong or whatever. Admittedly, she's also quite lazy or just clumsy, but there's one thing that, in her eyes, makes it all worth it: being able to use her healing powers for good. Nobody really knows if this is the result of a genuine, good disposition, or is just Violet being too harsh on herself, though... maybe one day she'll open up more to other Pokémon.
Speaking of Pokémon, Violet spends hours or days on other Pokémon, maybe hanging from their arms like a bracelet or floating nearby if possible. She doesn't see those Pokèmon as proper friends yet, but she's secretly still hoping to find someone who will prove to be understanding and kind.
History: Born near a violet field (which explains her soft spot for these flowers), Violet has been always pushed towards a career that would make the best of Comfey's healing abilities. That pressure likely played a part in her childhood, which - other than that - was happy overall: the only thing that Violet would change, if anything, was make it last a bit more. She did, in fact, leave her home area rather soon, in search for a fitting job to a Comfey, eventually ending up in the ranks of a Rescue Team... where she'd just cling to her partners for most of the missions. At least that's helping her with getting used to her new life!

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Name: Calisto
Age: A young Inkay a little over halfway to hitting his evolution.
Gender: Male

Appearance: Calisto is a devious little Inkay who wears a green bandanna around his head, particularly to hide the large yellow spots on his forehead.

Personality: Cute, silver-tongued and devilishly charismatic, Calisto was born to be salesman. This two-faced Inkay has no shame in putting on a front of childlike innocence and cuteness to further his goals, and will easily lie, cheat and manipulate his gullible audiences (most notably, using psychic abilities) to make a quick buck off of them. His ability to instantly switch between his cute facade and an intimidating negotiator have made him both a town favourite and a respected businessmon in the community.

History: Calisto runs a small shop in the town bazaar where he sells swimming and diving equipment, meant for non-water Pokemon. Business is always booming, and he is particularly popular with middle-aged Poke-moms, who fall for his childlike charm quite easily. Several of his competitors have accused him of using psychic powers to mind control his customers into buying more- but of course, Calisto and his supporters passionately refute this. Without taking off his bandanna, however, nobody could tell...

As with most Inkays, he does not have any knowledge of his parents or siblings, owing to the species' extreme competitiveness even straight out of the egg, and was raised in one of the several water-type community schools which are commonly found in ocean societies.
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Name: Ivy
Species: Tsareena
Age: She won’t tell, but not too old, promise.
Gender: Female

Appearance: Ivy looks no different than your average Tsareena, something she tries her best to fix by decorating the crown-berry she’s got on her head (or just hide it under a hat), fix her hairdo, or have her eyelashes done a different color. She even wears scarfs around her turtleneck using the excuse of them being useful when her Rescue Team has to do jobs under cold weather.

Personality: Ivy is a very strong willed and confident leader. She is very careful and calculating on her plans and is usually the one to make decisions on her jobs and doesn’t like it when Vess the Vespiquen tries to propose a different plan. Despite being really bossy at times, Ivy has a lot of confidence in the way her teammates operate.

She’s a sucker for mystery novels and will always refer to Royal Rescue Team as Royal Detective Agency, as well as refer to their missions as “cases”.

History: She was taken under the wing of the Noctowl family in charge of the local library as an orphan. Honestly, she never cared about what happened to her parents because the Noctowl took care of her and taught her how to read, that’s how she got her fascination for mystery novels, and has been dreaming about having her own Detective Agency since then.

She grew up, and of course she didn’t have her Detective Agency, but as a Stenee she became friends with a group of beautiful ladies, a Frillish, a Nidorina, and a Combee that would be interested in building a Rescue Team different from the others, and that’s how the idea of Royal Detective Agency Rescue Team came to be. To join the Royal Rescue Team, you would have to follow the requisite of being a female pokémon with style and power… which would reduce to only the four of them. As soon as all the members evolved, they created the team, nominating Ivy as their leader for being the one that came up with the idea.
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The Exile



Old. I mean, for a bug.


Like that of an ordinary Falinks member, but much more battle-scared. Their right eye is missing due to an epic battle, the story of which changes with each telling.

The Exile was once an unremarkable member of their species, the young second-in-command of a Falinks unit. During a territorial skirmish with a group of Dottler, they made the fatal choice of ignoring an order from their commanding officer, which they believed was a tactical mistake that would have led to the death of the entire unit. Leading a mutiny of the troops, the Exile seized a decisive victory, in direct defiance of the strict chain of command imposed on all Falinks from birth to death.

They should have been lauded a hero. Instead, they were exiled from the colony as a traitor. Their true name was purged from all records, and for much of their life they lived in the outskirts of Galar's Route 8, avoiding other Falinks and quietly becoming a formidable warrior in solo combat. In the colony of their former home, the Exile's history faded into myth, and became a story used to scare Falinks children when they disobeyed during battle training.

Until the day the Exile returned.

The Falinks colony had been taken by surprise by a hunting flock of Corvisquire, their metal beaks easily capable of piercing a Falinks' armor. Their tactics fell into disarray, their commanders faltered. They had never prepared for anything like this. In the distance, a lone Falinks was spotted sprinting towards the battle. The Exile. Older, stronger, grizzled. Yet what could they possibly do, soldiers scoffed. Everyone knew Falinks never fought alone. By the time the first Corvisquire was fleeing in pain from the Exile's blows, mockery had turned to shock. When the final bird fell, there was no hiding the admiration in the soldiers' eyes.

But the Exile had known all along there would be no public celebration, no badge of honour, no thanks. They had been dishonoured once, there would be no further chances. The colony's rulers and commanders would not forget. But when the moment had come, they simply couldn't let their former home be destroyed. Now, without saying a single word, they turned away from the field of battle, preparing to return to their solitary life.

What surprised them was when nearly half of the soldiers who had fought in the battle rushed towards them, crying out words of praise. The officers and many of the senior soldiers hang back, entrenched in the colony's laws and unwilling to approach a traitor. It was the younger troops, many of them too young to have met the Exile before but whom had grown up hearing their legend, who celebrated their victory now. Many of them had tired of the rigidity of Falinks life, of having their station and worth decided by birth. When the Exile returned home, some three dozen Falinks followed them.

In the following months, though even speaking of the Exile in the colony began to be punishable by death, many more deserted to join their ranks. Now nearly a hundred people live in and around the camp the Exile made for themself, and there is talk of establishing a new colony, with the Exile as its leader. But this time, it will be different. One based on peace, and fighting only when necessary. One where one's station is not decided by birth, and the talents of all Falinks contribute to the whole. There is much building to be done...

Due to their solitary life, the Exile is gruff and doesn't talk much. When they do speak, they have a flair for dramatic storytelling, and enjoy spinning dramatic tales of their life for the curious youth. How they got the eye patch, in particular, has been attributed to many different battles. Despite sometimes feeling overwhelmed with their new community and wishing for the peace and quiet of the good old days, the Exile's legacy alone is enough to make them a natural leader who inspires confidence in their subordinates.


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I did something in a slightly different style than normal. Something slightly more worldbuildy, I hope.

The Troubadour

Greetings, fair Guildmaster,

Thank you for the response to my application, I am most pleased to be considered for this opportunity within the guild. I know my skill set is pretty different from your normal recruits, being a poet and all, but I can assure you that I am completely capable in any capacity you require. I posses quite the piercing peck and galeful gusts if I may flatter myself a bit.

Before I get too deep into my responses, however, there was a slight issue I'd like to address regarding my records there. It appears, through no real fault of your own, that a few inaccuracies may have made their way there. To introduce myself again, I am Reginald of Canopyburry Roost. A young man out to chronicle to heroic deeds of the world in verse for all to enjoy forevermore (though I currently find myself working in my parent's inn). As I cannot accurately recall that which I was not able to see, it only stands to reason that I accompany these expeditions myself!

Let me make it clear that this is not a passing interest, dear Guildmaster. I have spent the last two years preparing myself for this role, mentally and physically. Braviary and Lady Staravia's team, Team Aces, has visited Canopyburry on Guild work in the past during their preparation to venture into the Mystery Isles; I have seen what the Guild expects from their members. I do not possess any delusions regarding my placement within the Guild. I mentioned my desire to join the Aces as a goal, not a demand. All stories have to start somewhere, and I know mine is within a rookie team.

You brought up some concerns that I hadn't ventured far from Canopyburry prior to now, asking me to think of an extended stay from my home and how I would handle it. I kept this task on my mind in the time between responses; my feelings are unchanged. Our little treetop city may draw the eyes of the outside world, but this city's glory is long gone. This city is known. There are no more stories here; the tears and laughter of the residents here are the same as they were last week. There is nothing new or exciting about Canopyburry.

There is on those islands. There is something we haven't yet discovered inside of those mystery dungeons. There is history to be discovered and stories yet to be told. The tales Lady Staravia tells me from her expeditions already fills my head with inspiration.

For my parting words, I ask you to consider something as well. Think of the legacy of the guild, and how it will be remembered. Do we risk the legacy of the Guild being lost to history because no one bothered to write it down?

Yours truly,
- Reginald L. Springquill

P.S.: There are quite a few Pidove within Canopyburry, I think it would be best to pass along my description to anyone sent to retrieve me for duty. The easiest way to identify me would be my mask. I modeled it after the Unfezants in my family, and looks fairly convincing (aside from my short stature and Pidove-ness) if I say so myself! Should I forgo my mask for any reason, please look for the orange-eyed Pidove with ink stains on his forefeathers. I'll also likely be carrying the small blue bag I keep my paper and spare writing utensils in.

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I wanted to post this one originally *after* commenting on other entries, but I asked about it we'll have to reverse it. Even the better, more characters!

Tescrae the Ursaring

General Profile

Teddiursa - Ursaring morph stage; male; age unknown presumed to be in the range of 12-15 yr old.


He looks like an Ursaring

Tescrae has a body complexion and size within the common range of his species, which means he looks awesome and terrifying even if it may not fits his personality. As a Teddiursa hailing from a sparser forest area though, he has a thinner and darker fur than the common Ursaring, closer in colouration to their Gen5 colouration, and his arms and legs are just a bit longer and thicker than the norm.

A short blue-orange cape and two blue wristbands supplement his appearance.


At fairly mature age, Tescrae is at the point where he should be done already raising a family of his own; however, the line of work he has chosen prevents him from - if not for lack of trying. While he is expressive, thoughtful and open to trying different approaches to tackle problems, he constrains most of his mental and emotional strength to use them on the work.

Back at his Teddiursa years he learned the value of defending oneself as a group: how much did the power of kinship and the appreciation of common interests multiply and enhance the protective capabilities of Pokémon who worked together; yet his early adulthood taught him bitter lessons in how different Pokémon are one from another and how even the best wishes can not bring the best of peoplemons together. As such, he values the specific contributions that specialized individuals can bring to a group but is defensive and suspicious about perfection, about zealotry and about lifelong dedication even when they are for a good cause.

Saying that Tescrae loves to sleep, like Ursaring are wont to do weeks at a time during winter, is an understatement. Still, it's also something that he fundamentally needs even if his culture finds him at odds with him for a least one fifth of a year. He tempers that need by keeping himself occupied with small tasks during the year and carefully tracking his mood, his food and his sleep schedule - though not everything is roses and snow angels: he's become more self-conscious (and reactive) about his appearance and mood as a result, and this does end up sabotaging his attempts at finding himself a stable mate.


Tescrae's parents signed him and his siblings in a school that doubled as a training quarters for their region's police force, and eventually the children went their own ways looking for adventure and duty as they grew up. He eventually found work as a townsguard in a settlement somewhere in the edges between desert and jungle. Over time he would hear of stories about adventurers scouting the land and going from one corner to another of the world, but he did not feel strong attraction towards that kind of adventure. Getting to know the criminal element in the towns and outskirts, and checking the little tricks they would try to get past (or under) the various control posts, sounded far more interesting for him.

Over the years he migrated from town to town and even to some cities, as his superiors traded his skills to defend specific urban perimeters. Eventually he caught up the attention of the Feathercast, a private force tasked with the instruction and protection to the young Latias and Latios chicks heirs of the matriarch's family line, and they managed to recruit him. Now he lives with a team of a few other Pokémon in a larger city where they instruct and protect the legendary child in their charge.

Here, this is basically a concept I have floating around for a potential PMD story, but since it needs some polishing I thought why not bring it here. I may be providing feedback for some othe other entries in the coming days also waiting for the next prompt.
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