How do you get where you need to go?

Started by VisionofMilotic February 6th, 2023 3:18 AM
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If you go to school, how do you get there? For instance, do your parents drive you, or do you take the bus, walk, ride a bike or can you drive yourself? Same question if you go to work. Do you catch a bus or metro/subway system, walk, drive your car, motorcycle, carpool etc?

I'm just using little gray hand-me-down hatchback to get around.

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I drive a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Love my jeep, But I rarely get to drive it. I’ve had the car for almost 9 years now and I only have 52k miles on it. I bet I’ve driven it a total of 5k miles in the last 3 years.

I have a work vehicle that gets me to and from work. And when I am home we normally take the wife’s vehicle because it is nicer and better for the kids. So my wrangler is basically a garage queen…


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i drive myself, but that's mostly because of the poor public transit here

if there was decent public transit i would definitely take that more often to cut back on emissions and gas costs


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public transit. it's really not that good or convenient here, especially since there's a massive shortage of drivers rn and they've cut way back on scheduled trips. hopefully that gets resolved soon because it was pretty reasonable before this mess! i do get driven around a fair bit tho; my housemate has a car which we usually grocery shop with and my coworkers often drop me off at home after a shift because they live close by. i would walk or bike more but i get very trapped by exhausting and frigid icy snowy winter :(
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We have to use a car. I don't live in a city/town.

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Through a combination of walking, buses and metro. Add trains if I'm going outside the city limits.

Right now I'm about to leave the office and walk home. A nice 30-min midnight stroll.


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For school I either walked (up to 30-40 minutes away) or took the bus (university, where walking wasn't really possible). Work was also always taking the bus because of how far away they all were. Although I've got a driver's license I never drove more than a few times and that was just briefly, would have made uni commute soo much easier but the family car was always in use and I didn't want to buy my own. Walking is the best!

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I drive everywhere I need to go, well, depending on how far it is. I currently stay in a small town for school, so I can walk many places here. However, if where I need to go is a few good miles away, I drive.

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Driving. (since novemeber).

However, I have no problem getting on a public bus.


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For school, elementary school my mom took me and brought me home... I think. It's been a long time. Middle school, I walked as it was within walking distance. High school, I took the bus.

Post-school life, it has been a lot of my parents taking me places. I can't drive. =( I hope when we move that we move somewhere with more public transportation.

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Bike for pretty much everything except grocery shopping, for which I borrow the old folks' car.

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I use my own two legs to walk everywhere in my small city/town centre, but I take the bus when I need to go to the outer areas, and the commuting train if I need to pop over to the next city. It's really nice to have such a small city that it's possible, and plenty of public transit when it is needed. Blessed tbh. I've considered getting a bike again because it can more than half the time it takes me to get to work etc, but it's already only 15 min walk along a pretty river which is pretty nice for winding up in the morning and winding down in evenings.
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In the city where I study, I mostly walk, like 99% of times.
Back at home, I generally use the car.

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When I went to high school, I rode the bus to get there.
Now I use my car to go to work, even though it just takes me two minutes tops.
I'm assuming you just drive to work so you can take your lunch breaks at home, right? lol

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The combination of bus and train. I have to take a bus to get to the train station to travel to different city, where I work. And then I have to get to the building, which is close to the train station. This whole process takes me about 90 minutes on one trip. I'm used to also work during the trip, especially in train.
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I don't go out super often, but when I do I'll either walk or get a ride on account of the fact that I can't drive. I got horrible car sickness when tried to learn, so that's
not happening lol.
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