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    Digimon: Sky Colossae



    The year is 2054. The human world and Digital World have been interacting since the late 1990’s, and we are at the point that everyone is born with a Digimon partner. Of course, as the once famous Takaishi Takeru once was rumored to say 'Everyone has a Digimon partner, but not everyone is a Chosen Child'. And for now, that's just how it is. Everyone lives a relatively normal life, be it in the human or Digital World. And everyone does their very best to take care of things! It's not perfect, but it's what we've got.

    Then, as per Digimon tradition, some weird things start to happen in the world. Your automatic refrigerator is a little slow, your DVR isn't recording correctly. Weird emails are coming through secure servers with no response or understandable sender. So far, isolated incidents.

    Then, two things happen. First, people start disappearing, from both sides. Not even their Digimon are left behind. The second thing happens on what would be September 9th, 2054 in Greenwich Time. All electronics with a screen suddenly go black. When they turn back on, there is a great, towering city floating up in what looks like the sky. The image flickers a lot, and there's a heck of a lot of static in the video for a good few seconds. It's crumbling before everyone's eyes. A pair of golden eyes and a mouth appears over the image. It cackles and gives its own version of a declaration of war.

    "Your guardians have fallen. We are coming."

    As the city continues to crumble overhead, everyone witnesses a small 'rocket' fly away and disappear off of the screen.

    Then, everything returns to normal.

    Within hours, panic ensues. The governments are banding together, well, as much as governments ever do, and the call has gone out to children and teenagers everywhere. You see, people have learned from the adventures of the previous chosen ones, and know fully well that adults are meant to support... well, in theory. So that's where you all come in.

    List of Players

    • LinearAxel
    • Jill Sandwich
    • Silvaldi
    • Heaven
    • Lugarugan
    • Grassstrand
    • ElectroJoe
    • Fuyu*

    For the outsiders

    Taichi watches the video on screen for the fifth time this evening. He sighs at it, turns his head, almost leaps out of his chair. Nothing. Nothing he couldn't have figured out the first twelve times he did this. Only what they had recorded. He looks up at his spinning ceiling fan.

    "You know, I took this cushy desk job to be able to help the next generation," he says to no one in particular. "Well, that and Nishijima-san's endless encouragement."

    Agumon snores from his very own office chair. Taichi wonders if he's getting old. He looks at his Digivice and his phone rings. He really doesn't want to answer it, but of course, he will. He doesn't have much of a choice.

    But it's all he can do. He passed the torch a long time ago. He ignores the call and turns on the news. Taichi's eyes go wide and he picks up his cell phone, rather than his work line.

    "Koushiro?" he says when the line clicks on. "See if you can get one of your friends in Ireland to move fast. They might have found a piece of that projectile."


    After many days of waiting, almost too many, a letter arrives in the mail for you. Congratulations, you are now in the running to explore this mysterious colony or whatever that cackling voice was talking about. Now, in order to proceed you must go to your local county office/legal office, we all know what I'm talking about, and get yourself registered. After that, you're off to the races! Join other kids your age and get your slip of paper from the computer. We're not wasting any time in testing you. Follow the line and hold up your Digivice. You do have a Digivice right? Yes? No? Well if you don't, hold onto someone who does! You're gonna fight an Adult level to prove your combat prowess. Sounds easy, right? No problems here!

    Get started, don't hesitate to work together as Chosen do, and show these weird distant guys what super powered children can do. And don't leave your phones off! You never know when a message from old living legends like Yagami Taichi or Izumi Koushiro might come through!

    (*As a note, the year is 2054. Don't hesitate to be a little over the top with the tech. The zero two epilogue had holographic doors!)
    credit goes to gimmepie for the original CSS
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    Viola Lewis

    Skimming through her makeshift checklist, Viola read aloud. “Cell Phone?”
    A small Digimon rummaged through Viola's backpack. “Check!”
    “Water Bottle?”
    “Yep. It's here!”
    “Sleeping Bag?”
    “I think so!”

    Viola marked off the last few items from her list with a red crayon.

    The smaller Digimon poked its head out of the backpack. “Hey Vi,” it said, “do you have the letter?”

    “Oh yeah! Be right back!” Viola rushed to her closet, and pulled out a letter from the pocket of her hanging coat. Just last night, the letter came in the mail. After two weeks of waiting, she was finally able to journey to the Digital World, and find her sister. Now all that she has to do is get past her parents and uncle. Viola had decided beforehand that she was going to tell them that she was going to a friend's house for a sleepover. She believed that this would work, as her uncle was currently asleep, her dad was at work, and her mom was busy with online college. As she pondered on this, she entered her room, where Viola's Digimon, Terriermon, was inserting some final items into the pack.

    “You ready, Jacky?” Viola asked.
    The Terriermon responded, “Yeah. Let's do this!” It cracked its neck (quite loudly), and climbed onto Viola’s shoulder. Viola swung the backpack onto her back, and headed straight to the family office, where her mother was focused on her computer.

    “Hey mommy, I'm headed out to a friend’s house for a sleepover. Is that okay?”
    Without looking up from the computer, Mrs. Lewis replied, “Yeah, sure. Do you need me to drive you?”
    “No thanks, it's just up the street.”
    “Okay, call me if you need anything.”

    Viola wasn't very surprised. Ever since Emilia mysteriously disappeared, Mrs. Lewis threw herself into her college work, not leaving the office for hours at a time. Also, she trusted Viola, and assumed that she knew exactly where she was going. There neighborhood was a small one, so there was no reason for Viola to go far.

    Until now.

    With that out of the way, Viola and Jacky left the house, knowing that they wouldn't be back for a long time. Viola turned around, and gave the house one last good look. She felt a pang of sadness, but excitement as well, because she was rarely outside of adult supervision, and because Viola was headed to the Digital World for the first time in her short life. Besides, what was the worst that could happen? Jacky’s got my back, she thought with a smile. She turned around and started skipping downtown.


    “So where is this place, Jack? You’re the one who looked it up on the internet.”
    “Uh…” Jacky scoped the area, “Oh yeah! It's that important-looking building over there,” it said, pointing at a standard office building towards the right. They entered.

    A stern-looking woman sat behind the counter, serving a young man. She monotonously responded to him, “Your papers are in order. Have a nice day,” she sighed, “Next please.”
    Viola stepped up. “I'm here to help save the world,” she exclaimed. The woman raised one eyebrow in confusion.
    “The letter, Vi,” whispered Jacky.
    “Oh, right!” Viola fished the letter out of her pocket and handed it to the woman.
    She glazed over the papers, sighed, turned to the computer, and started to type for so long, that Viola started to become bored and restless, twiddling with the bows in her hair.

    At long last, the woman handed Viola a slip of paper, and then responded. “Alright, follow the line please. Hold up your Digivice to the computer. Thank you, have a nice day. Next!”

    Viola’s heart sank. “Digivice?” she muttered weakly. A million thoughts started to race through her head. I don't have a Digivice! Emilia had one, and she always used it to get to the Digital World in her stories. What am I going to do? How am I going to help Emilia now? Viola’s bottom lip started to quiver, the way it usually did when she became upset. She sniffled as she frantically searched her backpack for anything that could help.
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      CHAPTER 1.1

      Dominic sighed as he face planted onto the table he was sitting at in his university’s student union. His spotted seal digimon companion, Gomamon, yelped at the sudden movement and nearly slipped from their perch on Dominic’s neck. Said human, had just completed an exam for one of his classes as well as turned in a paper he finished at the last minute. While the other occupants of the student union were eating, studying, or chatting, Dominic felt as if his soul was sucked out of him.

      “I want to skip.” Dominic mumbled.

      Gomamon laughed, “If you want to skip, you can. You got that letter thing today right? Just go to that instead of going to your classes.”

      “Oh yeah, that.” Dominic mused aloud. In the span of almost a year, the world had experienced the warnings of some sort of apocalypse, or at least that’s what the end of the world believers and even news reporters were calling it. At first, it seemed like a simple maintenance issue with everyday technology. It ranged from something as simple as light bulbs flickering to receiving emails and messages that contained an array of footprints. A little while after these strange occurrences, people just started disappearing. No one connected the dots between these occurrences because they just seemed unrelated. Everyone, even Dominic, just assumed that some part of the general populace had just became crazier and started napping people off the street, until every piece of technology suddenly turned off. A city floating in the sky, the declaration of war, and the launch of a rocket that came from screens all over the world transformed mass bewilderment into mass hysteria all at once. However, with proper documentation of world-ending events from the author Takeru Takeshi, nations all over the world created a world wide program that looking for children, teenagers, and young adults in order to form a new group of digidestined that would surely solve the current world crisis. Dominic had sent in his letter asking to be a part of this effort to save the world and over the weekend he received an acceptance letter. Along with the letter, he received instructions to head to City Hall and turn in an assortment of paperwork in order to be put into the system. Dominic had originally planned to do all of this after his classes, but Gomamon was right; he could skip his classes and go to city hall.


      “Erree!” Dominic screeched in response. He heard a screeching of a chair across from him. Dominic moved his eyes upward, to meet his best friend’s, Kate, stare. “Errrr.”

      “How was your exam?” Kate asked. She placed her paper plate on the table and began dipping french fries into a ranch cup.


      “Sorry to hear that.”

      And so began their chatter. Kate updated Dominic about her boyfriend, told of funny stories that actually happened in class or was originally told by one of her professors, and played search & rescue with her assortment of vict-french fries. Meanwhile, Dominic talked about his troubles in writing his most recent paper and complained about the difficulty of his exam. Thirty minutes later, Kate rose from her seat to throw away her trash. She walked back and gathered her things before looking at Dominic.
      “Well time to head to class. Are you coming?”

      “I don’t know,” Dominic sighed. “I want to skip, but part of me feels like I should stay.”

      “Then skip,” Kate said. “You did just take an exam while sleep deprived and turn in an essay you finished last minute. Take a break.”

      “Good point.” Dominic paused. “Take notes for me?”



      Downtown was a horrible place to drive to and to drive in. People were on the freeways either to go to work, get lunch, or go home depending on the time of day. Drivers were impatient and for some reason never liked using their turn signals. Downtown itself was a mess of narrow roads, one way streets, never ending construction, and jaywalkers.

      Dominic made it to city hall...eventually.

      Unlike the rest of the rest of the towering structures that populated downtown, city hall was a plain old office building. Dominic took a seat in one of the chairs of the lobby and waited amongst other people who were there before him. In a span of thirty minutes he saw people walk in and out while he still waited for his name to be called.

      Thirty minutes later, a tall male walked out of one of the rooms in the city hall building. He was obviously taller than Dominic, his hair was black, and he wore a simple grey suit with and a red tie. He pushed up his glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose and read aloud from what was written on the paper in his his hands. “Dominic Nguyen?”

      Dominic stood in response and then followed the man into the room he had came out of. He sat in one of the two chairs that were across the man’s desk. He placed Gomamon on the chair next to him and from his tote bag, he grabbed a stack of documents, including his acceptance letter, and handed it to the man. The secretary leafed through the stack before he began typing in his computer. After reaching the end of the stack, the man hummed. The printer on his desk roared to life and spit out a ticket, which the secretary handed to Dominic.

      “Mr. Nguyen, if you please follow me,” the man said. The secretary stood up from his seat at his desk and walked out of the office. Dominic trailed behind him and the secretary led him to an entrance to another room in the city hall building. There was a single file line outside the door of secretaries and who he assumed were other people that also asked to be a part of this program. The door swung open and everyone walked inside in a single file line. Inside the room, was an assortment of computers that sat on top of a long table. Dominic, along with the other candidates, stood in a line in facing these computers. Dominic took note that the group he was currently in was mostly comprised of what looked to be teenagers. However, he immediately noticed the presence of two children who couldn’t be over ten. Dominic felt uncomfortable once he spotted these children. Even though it was common knowledge that the first group of known Digidestineds were of children ranging from ages six to ten, he still felt it was absurd that governmental bodies all over the world were willing to use mere children to fight whatever that was out there..

      A secretary with blond hair clapped to grab the attention of the people in the room. Heads turned her way and she coughed in response. “Now if you will please hold up your digivice to the computer, so we can begin the combat test.”

      "Combat test?" Dominic's hand froze as he dug out his digivice and locked it in a death grip. He didn't have much experience fighting in the Digital World. At the time, he was busy with his music and had only been there a handful of times and engaged in combat in a total of about six times. He reluctantly pulled his Digivice out of his tote bag and pointed towards one of the computers. "It's just a test. I'll make it out...Right?"
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      Reiko & Lopmon
      Act 1

      It’s quiet; It’s always quiet when Reiko’s parents are working late. The only sounds that fill the large home are the gentle whirling of the air conditioner, and the delicate typing of Reiko’s laptop. Upon arriving home, the teen girl received a text message from her mother: ‘Your father and I are working late. Order some dinner, see you tonight!’

      The quiet is quickly disrupted by a gentle knocking at the door, yet the typing does not stop. Lopmon, Reiko’s partner Digimon, frowns as she looks to the young girl. “Reiko, someone’s—“ Her headphones are on. She can’t hear a thing. Lopmon sighs before hopping onto the sofa, giving her partner a delicate shake. Once the typing stops, and Reiko slides her headphones down to her neck, her Digimon speaks again. “Someone’s at the door.”

      “Yeah? But I—“ Reiko glances to the half-completed order sheet on her screen. Do they order pizza so often that the pizza guy just knows when to deliver? Awesome. Reiko shuts her laptop and hoists herself from the sofa, Lopmon at her heels as she walks to the door, which opens with a wave of Reiko’s hand. “…Are you hearing things?” Reiko questions as she peers out of the doorway. There’s no one here, not even someone walking away.

      “But…I heard knocking.” Lopmon peeks out from behind Reiko’s leg. Her ears perk in confusion as she steps outside to take a closer look. Not a soul, but…oh, a letter, tucked under the welcome mat. “Look, they left a note.”

      “Must have been a ghost. No one writes letters anyone.” Reiko murmurs as she kneels down, tugging the letter out from under the mat. “Huh.”

      “What is it?” Lopmon asks.

      “It’s addressed to me.” Reiko tears the seal and quickly unfolds the letter. “Dear Ms. Muraki, we are pleased to…” Her muttering grows more and more quiet, until she begins reading to herself.
      “Reiko! What’s it say?” Lopmon insists.

      “…We’re in!” The female squeals, quickly grabbing her Digimon and yanking her into a tight hug.

      “Reiko…you’re…squishing my ears.” Lopmon grumbles. Once released from the death grip, Lopmon turns to the letter in her partner’s hand. “What’re we in?”

      “The sky! I mean…the people exploring the thing in the sky! We’re going to the Digital World!” Reiko scoops Lopmon back into her arms and rushes into the house, quickly up the steps and into her room: Where a packed bag is laying in the center of her floor, where it has been since these strange things began happening.

      “Shouldn’t we wait for mom and dad to get home?” Lopmon asks frantically.

      “No time! They knew this might happen.” They have to get registered, and that’s never a quick thing; she’ll write them a goodbye e-mail while that’s happening. Reiko dashes inside and up the staircase. Inside her room is a backpack crammed full of supplies, a backpack Reiko had thrown together minutes after applying to take part in this adventure. Reiko hastily grabs the pack and tosses it over her shoulder before making her way back down the stairs, Lopmon still held tightly in her arms.


      Outside City Hall, Reiko detaches her rollerblades and ties them back to her backpack-of-anything-you-could-possibly-need, and makes her way inside the building. Just as she thought, the place is pretty crowded. She gives her name and her letter to a man waiting by the door before being told to sit, and wait for her name to be called.

      It felt like everything was moving in slow motion as Reiko sat. Her goodbye e-mail to her parents did not take long to type out, and once it was sent there wasn’t much to do. Her name was eventually called, causing her to all but leap out of her seat. Lopmon quickly leaped onto her partner’s shoulder and held tight as Reiko scurried to the woman who called her name.
      “Miss Muraki?” The brunette woman asked with a kind smile.

      “Yep!” Reiko grins in response.

      “Please, follow me.” The woman gestures for the teen to follow, leading her through a door and into a small room, then into a massively long hallway, and finally through a much larger room, which was lined with desks, each holding a computer. There were a handful of other teens, and even a few young children gathering around the computers, some looking as excited as Reiko, others looking like they could collapse at any second.

      “Do you have a Digivice, miss Muraki?”

      “Sure do.” Reiko reaches for the strap of her backpack, unhooking the purple and silver device and holding it out for the kind-eyed woman.

      “Wonderful. Please hold it up to one of the available computer screens. You’ll be transported to your combat test momentarily.”

      “C-combat test?” Lopmon asks meekly, peering up from Reiko’s shoulder.

      “Great!” Reiko salutes the woman and jogs to the nearest computer. “Don’t worry. They just want to see what we’re made of.”

      “That’s what I’m afraid of…” Lopmon frowns. She knows exactly what she’s made of, and she does not want it scattered and sent back to Primary village.

      “We’ll be fine. I won’t let you get hurt.” Reiko smiles, holding her Digivice out to the computer screen. Lopmon, still frowning, wraps her ears delicately around Reiko’s neck, her tiny hands clutching the fabric of her partner’s shirt as a vibrant glow erupts from her digivice, and shoots into the computer. The light then shines all the brighter, soon enveloping the entire room…

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      Janice & Floramon
      The Adventure Begins

      "So, how's he doing...? Has his fever gone down any?"

      Janice bit her lip as her father asked about Mark's illness. The teenager remained silent for a just a moment, running a hand through her hair before responding to her father's interogation. "Yeah, it has. You don't need to worry so much about it, you know... I mean, kids get sick all the time. It's not like it's some strange event that's sweeping the globe or anything."

      There was an audibe, frustrated sigh coming from the other end of Janice's cellphone. "I know that, Janice... It's just... After that weird power surge and everything that happened, I can't help but worry about the kid. I mean, he got sick right after it happened. For all we know, it could be in relation to it."

      Janice tightened her grip on the cellphone. "Look... I promise, you're worrying about nothing, Dad. It's just a cold. The doctor even said so. All Mark needs is another day or so of rest and he'll be back up to his normal, annoying self. I promise."

      "Yeah... Yeah, I guess so," came her father's deflated reply. "Look, you're at least making sure he's staying on top of his school work, right?"

      "Yep... Just picked up some makeup work for him a little while ago," Janice answered. "Once Mark wakes up, I'll make sure he starts working on it."

      "Good girl," her father replied, a yawn escaping his lips at the same time. "...What about you?"

      "Oh... Well... I'll get to mine eventually. Mark is more important right now, yeah?" Janice questioned.

      "I know that, Janice... But the call I got from your history teacher about you failing another test... on top of not showing up for the past three days of class..."

      Janice groaned, rolling her eyes at her father's concern. "Look... I gotta go. I think I hear Mark calling for me. So... I'll talk to you later, okay? Bye, Dad."

      Without waiting for the man to respond back, Janice quickly hung up from the call before sticking her phone back into her pocket. After doing so, she stood there in silence not really sure if what she did was the right thing or not. In truth, Mark was not sick... nor had he been sick within the past month. Truth be told, Janice had no idea where Mark even was right now. Her younger brother had been gifted with the honor of being one of those people who just up and disappeared during that strange occurance the other day...

      "Don't you think you should have told him the truth...?" a voice called out, snapping Janice from her daze that she seemed to be lost in. The girl's eyes glanced downward, focusing on a plant-like creature who was staring up at the teenager in concern. "I mean, he'll be worried about your brother regardless, right?"

      Janice shook her head in response. "No, Floramon... Telling Dad that Mark is just... gone... That I actually managed to lose him would just send him into a full-blown panic. Dad has enough on his plate right now, the last thing he needs is that kind of worry being mixed into his issues."

      "Well... I guess so..." Floramon replied. Then almost as quick as her concern appeared, it was gone. A bright smile stretched across Floramon's lips. "So, what do we do now?"

      Janice's gaze shifted from her Digimon partner to that of the building standing in front of them. "Well... according to this paper I need to go inside and register... then take some kinda test..."

      The paper in Janice's hands just happened to be a letter of approval of sorts. After Mark had disappeared, the teenager had taken it upon herself to make an attempt to join the exploration that would be heading into the Digital World to look for this colony that the weird voice spoke of... It was literally a sign-up for a grand adventure to save the world! That said, Janice really could not have cared less for the reason all these other kids were being called out to. All she cared about was one thing...

      She had to find Mark.

      Needless to say, Janice was surprised and relieved when she received a letter announcing her acceptance into the program. Of course, this led into her lie about Mark's condition as well as other lies she had told her father. In reality, Janice did feel bad about lying to the man. But at the same time, she knew that he just would not understand at the moment. Things would get even more hectic for the man if he found out both of his kids were missing...

      That said, Janice had no idea when... or even if she would be coming back from this incredible adventure. She had never exactly been to the Digital World before... And when she had inquired Floramon about it, the plant-like creature knew just as much as she did. Essentially, Janice was flying by the seat of her pants through this whole thing... And the thought of going to an entirely new world without any real knowledge of it or if she would even be coming back worried her... just a tiny bit.

      Taking a moment to adjust herself and putting her favorite hat upon her head, Janice and Floramon stepped inside the office building ahead of them. The only task that remained for the duo to complete before begining their grand adventure was that of a combat test. It was briefly mentioned in the letter that the duo had received, but neither Janice nor Floramon knew exactly what was expected of them. It was only revealed to the teenager and her Digimon once they turned in their letter to a receptionist and were then led into a room that consisted of a computer and... nothing else.

      "So... We're just being thrust into this, then?" Janice asked, glancing up at the man who led them into this room. "You want me to point my Digivice at the screen, go warping to the Digital World and fight some wild Digimon as a test? You do know I could die, right?"

      The man seemed to be at a loss for words at Janice's rather... blunt commentary on the whole situation. The teenager sighed. "Just... whatever."

      She really did not know why she was questioning the logic int he whole situation. After all... This was what she signed up for. Taking hold of her Digivice, Janice held up the device at the screen. A wave of determination rushed through her body as the world around her began to grow dark... before pulling her and Floramon into the computer before them.

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      Elliot & Koromon... ?

      They somehow hadn't expected there to be battling. Elliot had told her parents what she had signed up for, Kiro had protested, Alex had laughed, Jamie had been jealous, Kiro had panicked and protested wildly and Barney had put one hand on Elliot's shoulder and the other one on Koromon's head.

      "Are you sure about this?"

      "Yes," they had both replied eagerly.

      Neither was sure about this, really. Standing a few meters in front of the reception now, Elliot was feeling smaller than ever, and Koromon was letting his thoughts and worries run too fast inside his normally trouble free brain. The receptionist glanced at them with a raised eyebrow; they were just a tad bit too far away for her to really speak to them without things being weird, but it was quite apparent why the girl and her digimon friend had come here and that they intended to approach the reception sooner or later anyways.

      "Let's go home!" Koromon suddenly squeaked.

      "No, we can't!" Elliot heard herself say, even though she didn't quite agree with the words. "We have to do this. We're meant to."

      "Who told you that? Some TV show? Not everything you see in the digital world is true!" Small sweat pearls were breaking out on his forehead. But she took a step forward.

      "Elliot! They want me to fight!" he squeaked, even louder now, earning a more intrigued look from the receptionist. "I don't want to fight!"

      "I'll fight for you, then." Her voice was weak, however, and Koromon noticed, which didn't exactly calm him down.

      "With what, flinging your collection of peculiar pebbles at the huge monsters trying to eat you?"

      "We'll fight together. You are a digimon, I know you can."

      "But I don't want to! Aaaaah!"

      The small creature suddenly jumped out from Elliot's arms and landed on the floor, panting heavily. A noise came from her digivice; it was flickering. She had seen this before and knew what was happening. So when the pink blob with the huge smile transformed in the blink of an eye to a larger grey, furry creature with long ears and claws, she was not surprised. The receptionist, however, had stood up from her chair with an even more intrigued gaze she wasn't even trying to hide now.

      Gazimon stood with his back facing Elliot for a moment, still panting. Slowly calming down.

      "Are you alright?" she asked carefully. She always felt a bit guilty when he digivolved like this.

      "Fine," a much grumpier voice than before replied. He finally turned around and sighed, arms crossed. "Where was that battle test they were talking about then?"

      "You sure?"

      "Don't start arguing now, Elli. Let's just do it."

      She gingerly caressed the top of his head when she walked past him up to the receptionist, who was now completely focused on not being focused on anything other than the duo in front of her.

      Within minutes, Elliot and Gazimon had been shown into a room where an old fashioned TV stood, displaying ominous static.

      "Is it supposed to do that?" Gazimon said skeptically.

      "I suppose so," Elliot said, trying to sound more confident than she was. Of course, Gazimon didn't buy it. But he had already digivolved. No point in chickening out now.

      "Let's just do it," he said again, and motioned for her to hold up her digivice towards the screen.

      As a bright light started to reach out towards them, she could feel him grasp her other hand with his tender claws though. With a smile, she let the light take her into the digital world.
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        Shall we continue?

        For so many people, life continues on as scheduled. They get up and eat, they go to work or school, and so on. Then there are the poor people in one part of Silicon Valley, who have just experienced a major power outage. They have been having them all of the time these days, because, well, they are running a lot of technology and the Digital World really loves to mess with them. Well, not consciously. Maybe.

        For a middle aged man named Wallace, this is nothing new. It's why he has a computer that survives these things. It also helps that he was - and perhaps still is - a Chosen One. So when the power goes out, Wallace isn't immediately on high alert. Thankfully, his Digimon are picking up the slack and nudge him, just as the lights turn on again. This time they are a very vivid neon orange. Yes I know.

        The speakers all scream in unison and a great wave of energy erupts from the monitors, throwing his panicked coworkers into anything that is left in their way.

        Wallace, feeling his two precious rabbit-dogs start to remember, makes a hasty exit.

        He sees the orange light grow brighter and brighter, but he exits the room and the building as fast as his aging legs can carry him before he sees the words on screen.



        Oh wait, we have protagonists to attend to. Silly me, I was just nattering on about events that didn't matter right? Right.

        All right, you bunch of kids! You seven (the eighth, like a true hero, has somehow missed the call and is likely running very late. Ah well, you'll meet her soon enough.) have all landed in roughly the same forest as the rest of your bunch. Convenient, isnt it? It's also a very good thing because you all have the same test: survive beat these Digimon. There are three of them, and you'll have to work together to stop them, as they are very tough Adult levels. So, you kids, prepare for some team work or even some attempts to take it solo.

        Should you run away and not work with the others? Don't worry, there's a fight waiting for you too! Now, let's not dally. You're being watched after all!

        Test Digimon:




        Runaway Digimon:

        "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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        Elliot & Gazimon!

        As soon as Elliot had both feet firmly on the supposedly digital ground, she looked around. They found themselves in a very peculiar forest. The trees were of strange colors, had very strangely shaped leaves, and the stems were crooked in ways that real trees surely would find too nonsensical to grow in. Elliot immediately thought about all the leaves she could collect and make a showcase of on one of the walls in her room.

        Luckily, her digimon wasn't so easily distracted. He tugged her dress when she was about to move up to a vividly neon green tree.

        "There's somebody else here!" he said.

        "Oh," Ellie said with realization. "There must be other people chosen for this mission too!" But as she said it, her heart sank a bit. More people chosen for this meant that she weren't so special after all. Of course she wouldn't be the only one, she knew that. But still...

        "If it's a kid, it's a very fat one," Gazimon said, a large ear pressed against the digital ground.

        "What do you mean?"

        "It's practically thundering... Towards us!"

        "Maybe it's just a wild digimon?" Elliot suggested.

        "That's not just, there's nothing just about that!" Gazimon said in agitation. "This is a combat test, remember?"


        Now even she could hear the steps, and they were clearly coming closer through the thick, colorful vegetation. Elliot really wished that she knew what to do. Were they being watched? Would she get graded for her performance? Would they kick her out of the program if she turned around and ran now?
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          Chapter 1.2

          Entering the digital world was never a graceful experience by any means. People literally fell into it. Over time, people got use to it and actually landed on their feet. However, because Dominic didn’t go to the digital world very often, he often fell on his ass.

          This particular time wasn’t any different. Dominic ended up on his ass in the middle of one of the Digital World’s many strange forests. He and Gomamon were surrounded by an assortment of blue and brown tree trunks and exotic flowers and other plants that that were strange colors like yellow and magenta.

          “You always seem to stink that landing.” Gomamon laughed.

          “Not funny.” Dominic grumbeled.

          “Right and the digital world doesn’t exist.” Gomamon sarcastically remarked.

          “Well that was uncalled for,” Dominic said. He sighed and stood up. He patted and wiped the back of his pants. He scooped Gomamon in his arms and took Gomamon in his arms. “Yo buddy, which way should we go?”

          Gomamon hummed in thought before pointing ahead, “When in doubt go straight.” He moved his flipper east, “But since you’re not-”

          “Oh my god.”

          Dominic heard rustling from behind him and at first he didn’t think much of it. And he saw it’s shadow envelop his. It took a shape similar to a very pumped up bunny on steroids. He heard heavy breathing and immediately bolted when he felt a drop of saliva on his shoulder.

          “That’s one big bunny!”

          “NOT HELPING!” Dominic cried. Both of them could hear the heavy footsteps the digimon behind them made while in mad pursuit. Trees fell with a large thud as large maroon arms smacked the trees clouding its vision.

          “I didn’t sign up for this!”

          “Technically you did!” Gomamon snapped.

          Dominic gained a burst of speed and managed to put more
          Distance between themselves and the Digimon. Gomamon managed to spare a glance at the figure behind them and gasped.

          “Wendimon,” Gomamon informed, “a champion.”

          “A champion!? We can’t even go that far yet!?”

          It wasn’t unheard of a champion level digimon losing to rookie level digimon. However, the only case they had ever heard of involved the group of rookie level digimon ganging up on a champion level digimon. Dominic managed to run past a clearing and immediately spotted a girl with short brown hair accompanied by what looked like a grey ferret thing. Dominic could hear the Wendimon quickly gaining on their location.

          “Oh thank god someone else is here! Quick I need your help!”
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          Chapter 1.1 - Welcome to the Digital World

          Viola Lewis

          When Viola regained her senses, the first thing she noticed was the taste of dirt in her mouth. She remembered that her sister told her that people fell into the Digital World, but Viola never believed her. She should've tried to land on her feet instead of landing face-first into the dirt with her rump in the air.

          Viola stood up, and brushed the dirt and grass off of her clothing. She'd landed in a wierd forest, full of multicolored trees. Some barely even looked like trees, appearing to be man-made and unnatural.
          It was then that Viola noticed a green, hairy ball curled up in the dirt ahead of her.

          "Get up Jacky! We've gotta get moving!" she called.

          The green ball squirmed and grunted, revealing itself as Jacky, Viola's Terriermon. He lazily trotted to Viola's side, and climbed onto her shoulder.

          "Good thing I borrowed Emilia's Digivice, huh Jacky?" Viola said.
          "Borrowed? Stolen would be a better word." he responded.
          "I just wanted to see it, okay? It's not my fault that she left it on the table before she dissapeared. C'mon, we need to find this Digimon-"

          A loud crash rang through the trees as an armored, bipedal, blue creature came into view. It had three sharp claws on each and and foot. Its lizard-like head was covered in a metallic mask, with a wicked horn jutting out. Luckily, it was turned away from Viola and Jacky and had not seen them yet.

          "Woah, what kind of Digimon is that? Let's take a closer look!" Jacky exclaimed as he hopped off of Viola's shoulder and started to sneak towards the Digimon.

          "Jacky, wait! You don't even know what that thing is," Viola said, but Jacky ignored her. Viola sighed and quietly stepped forwards. She accidentaly stepped onto a dead twig, making a loud cracking noise.

          The Digimon turned and stared at Viola with menacing eyes. The orange hair on the back of its head burst into blue flame, as it charged. Viola barely manged to jump out of the way. The Digimon skidded to a halt, and its armor began to glow white-hot. The Digimon burst into flame and prepared to charge once more.

          With no better plan, Viola and Jacky ran into the woods, hoping to lose the rampaging Digimon. "Got any bright ideas, Jacky?" Viola exclaimed sarcastically. Behind them, trees were being toppled over, filling the once-quiet air with loud booming noises.

          "I don't think that we can fight this thing alone," Jacky exclaimed.
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