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Shiny pokemon you got in USUM

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Another tale is about to begin — come chat and speculate about the just-announced pair of games retelling the story of the Alola region, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon!

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Just a Swanna from the wormholes. Transferred a few over from my X/Y versions too, easy pickings at the friend safari.
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Quick note, I ended up losing the IPS files for ALL my hacks in the Sideshow Showcase, I ended up factory resetting my PC before making backups. Since you can't download them because the downloads are broken, and I no longer have access to them, well, you can figure out the rest -.-

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I hatched this baby last night. Took me 409 eggs.
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    Got Shiny Pink Virizion in about 270 Soft resets with the right nature and nicknamed her Rose.

    I also have got a Pink Cutiefly (Now Ribombee) by SOS.
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      Lobre, Nuzleaf, Floatzel, Audino, Heliolisk and Stunfisk all from Ultra Wormholes. Most were randomly gotten when trying to get Ho-oH at a decent light year amount.

      Toucannon, it was a random Pikipek when I first started the game.

      Ho-oH, which was from a Wormhole after about 2000 SRs, my very first non-event and legit Shiny Legendary. And my very first SR farm ever.

      Currently working on Guzzlord and he isn't being very friendly at about 2000 SRs, which feels like 10,000 because of the 15 second cutscene.
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        I have noticed that ALL shinies i face are females only. Can i have one male shiny for once?
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          Found a Furfrou the other day while grinding on Poni. While Furfrou isn't the best in battle, its shiny looks really nice so I'm relatively happy.
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