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7th Gen Berry Piles

Started by Palamon 1 Week Ago 10:43 PM
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In S/M and US/UM, you can obtain berries in piles throughout the Alola region. However, sometimes you will encounter a wild Crabrawler before you can claim these berries. This, however, depends on the size of the berry pile. Berry piles respawn every single day at Midnight.

Did you pick berries from the berry piles? What did you think of this method of obtaining berries? I never honestly thought much of it. I did pick berries from berry piles sometimes, though, but running into a Crabrawler just... I guess that was an interesting way to encounter a wild Pokemon? idk.
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Before the games were released, I really wanted to catch Crabrawler, but then I learned about its encounter method. And I literally didn't find a single Crabrawler on the first island and I was too lazy to backtrack next day. Especially after I learned about how and when I can evolve Crabrawler.

But I think berry piles are fine way of getting berries. Or at least 1 piece of every berry so you can grow them on Poké Pelago.
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