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Started by Sheep June 13th, 2021 5:52 AM
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(Let us know what you dislike about your favorite old gen games!)
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Who designed Sprout Tower? Grabbed that six Magikarp trainer, replaced Magikarp with Bellsprout, and turned them into a building. Added a huge difficulty spike by surprising you with Hoothoots too. How do they expect a player to handle two different Pokemon?


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Hugh is annoying, and Black/White, like most first pairs of a generation, are horribly lacking in post-game content
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Sinnoh with its awfully slow HP bar speed and EIGHT annoying HMs (not the first in the series having 8 HMs but still...)

And the lack of Fire types in Diamond/Pearl: only Chimchar and Ponyta.

And seriously why so much effort wasted into creating a half dozen legendaries that aren't even part of the plot at all. You can finish the whole game without ever knowing they exist. It's like GF was "hey, let's create more legendaries, why? because they're cool"
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You spend half the game battling lvl 15 wild Pokémon and the champion's best mon is lvl 50. The weakest gym leader of the neighbouring region is stronger than the league champion.

You need 3 HMs to travel through water with one of them being Whirlpool which is completely useless.

And then there is all the potential wasted in the Unown.


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Needs support from neighboring region kanto so it can stand out.


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I'll have to resort to doing this to multiple generations because I can't make up my mind for which one being my favorite... xD

Gen 1 is so stable it even boldy gives the player an item menu that acts as a pocket dimension that allows them to travel from the beginning of the game to the ending credits. It's also very balanced except for the fact that Fire types are incredibly broken and need to be nerved and Psychic types are way underpowered!

Gen 2 is just boring and way too restrictive. They should have given people more freedom to roam about. But instead they just added another empty region.

Gen 3 is like gen 2, but they tried too hard to make it a story driven RPG.

Gen 5 looks ok and has an ok story. And that's basically all there is to gen 5.

XY is only great because they ripped of the greatest generation (1) ever!

SM is known for having the best acting a protagonist can ever have. Who else can keep smiling like a psychopath while the world is ending?
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A few things I dislike about Gen 4:

  • Needing 5 HMs to get through Victory Road
  • Lack of Fire Types in Diamond and Pearl (this was at least fixed in Platinum)
  • Slow Surf speed in Diamond and Pearl (also fixed in Platinum)
  • Voltorb Flip
  • So many roaming legendaries (five in Platinum) and only one Master Ball


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How I picture the brainstorm sessions happened for GSC:

So let's make the final boss' ace be at like, level 50. And then let's bait them with nostalgia by having every single Kanto Gym Leader be stronger than the champion (even though the champion was the last Elite 4 member in the last game) so we can firmly cement Kanto as the superior region.
If we're doing this nostalgia thing, let's lock a bunch of the new Pokémon we designed to the post game. Especially the new types, I mean, who's excited about

reads note

Murkrow and Houndour, am I right?
Let's also make it a self insert power fantasy by shoving in the last game's protagonist having his team at like, Level 80. Level spikes are always fun!
Ooh ooh, remember how we were going to use items for travelling the overworld but scrapped them in favor of HMs because of the limited bag space?

How about we keep using them when that's not a real problem anymore?
And we're gonna make the moves even worse, right?
Of course, duh. I mean, we let them have a party of six so they'll have 4 Pokémon for battling and 2 Pokémon for HMs


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To be fair with Gen 2, Kanto was the only previous region and it was intended to be a sequel. At that point in time, it was probably less to do with nostalgia and more to do with a lack of options. But yeah they could have placed more Gen 2 Pokemon outside of the post game.


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Gen 3

The internal battery has run. The game can be played. However, clock-based events will no longer occur.

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Close Combat a Lvl 100 Blissey. You'll have children by the time the HP bar reaches zero.
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Generation III, you have the worst route distribution ever, it's tragic. Three Pokemon per route? Lmfao, lame.
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I am not sure if you are joking about gen1 Psychic types and it's making me feel dumb.

I love gen2 but I also liked gen4 if not for the fact that you barely get to taste all of that generation 4 goodness. I swear that every route has at least 1 Kanto pokemon, whereas Johto, Hoenh or Sinnoh pokemon seem to be mutually exclusive. This makes even less sense since we can already transfer all the gen1 pokemon from Fire Red and Leaf Green. Also it bugs me to death how many unobtainable legendaries there were. Darkrai, Arceus and Shaymin not being legal is a crime. Heatran is obtainable after the Elite 4 and it felt quite long but I guess that's normal. Besides that I think that it has so much going for it.
I hear that Platinum has excellent post-game challenges, whereas Diamond and Pearl just give you the tower.


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When you have too much ideas when you put something in the story or picture even lots of ideas, but it just gutter and wasted potential, XY deserved this as too many rivals, the developers got too much ideas and poorly executed these into the story

I appreciate every rival in game expect some, *THUD* Uh yes, The rivals in gen 4 isn't much of your jerky rivals or smell ya later attitude and ugh h-ugh story and personality is just no for a rival, rival aren't not suppose to be like that

Your excitements ends after catching whole legendaries, completed a dex in FR/LG, you feel like an empty void in seevil island there is nothing much going on because it just empty void.
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Who decided that having a solid 1/3 to 1/2 the game being water routes was a good idea? They all blend together and I really have no idea where im going half the time other than the general direction based on the map.

I hear that Platinum has excellent post-game challenges, whereas Diamond and Pearl just give you the tower.
Yeah, same with Emerald getting the whole frontier and a ton of other post game stuff while Ruby and Sapphire got the tower.


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does zigzagoon really gotta be on every route...and i say this as a ziggy/linoone fan but like the variety distribution in hoenn is pretty lacking. some fun pokemon that i think could have fit into hoenn well: sunkern/sunflora, aipom, yanma, dunsparce, ekans/arbok, seel/dewgong, tangela, ponyta/rapidash. i'm aware some are added in emerald post-game but i think they should have been available prior to the deluxe version's postgame, they'd fit in well and add a little oomf to the region's roster.
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It's hard for me to pick a favorite generation, so...

Kanto: The item bag and box systems make me want to smack my head against a brick wall.

Johto: Levels are basically random. Wild Pokemon in their early 20s before the Elite 4, LOL. Also Rattata on literally every route.

Hoenn: Man, so many Tentacool and Wingull. The problem isn't too much water, it's that all the Water routes have the same encounters.

Sinnoh: SOOOOO SLOOOOOOW. Also the Pokemon distribution is horrendous, even in Platinum. There's a reason every team has Staraptor and Luxray.

Unova: Ugly low resolution sprites, animated sprites, and 3D overworld stuff. Generally a visual downgrade from Gen 4.

Kalos: Gets off here since it's my least favorite generation already. Congrats Kalos!

Alola: Wonderful on the first playthrough, awful on replays thanks to the constant dialogue and cutscenes.

Galar: Feels genuinely unfinished in some parts, notably the story.
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Can we talk about the hidden cave RIGHT UNDER the cycling road in dppt. I was wondering how to get a gibble and the dex said in that areia I had to look it up. If it wasnt for the Internet I would have never knew it was there. That and all the other absurdly obscure pokemon

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Can we talk about the hidden cave RIGHT UNDER the cycling road in dppt. I was wondering how to get a gibble and the dex said in that areia I had to look it up. If it wasnt for the Internet I would have never knew it was there.
yeah that one's a bit weird

like secrets and hidden areas are cool and all, but who the psyduck was gonna think to check under the bridge, especially when the more visible Wayward Cave entrance is already there?
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