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What Water Starter In Your Opinion Is The Cutest?

Pokémon Polls Express your opinion in straightforward polls and questions about Pokémon that would otherwise fit in Pokémon General if they weren't so, well, straightforward. Vote away!

View Poll Results: Cutie? Which One For You?
Squirtle 14 13.73%
Totodile 17 16.67%
Mudkip 18 17.65%
Piplup 24 23.53%
Oshawott 16 15.69%
Cant Decide! 4 3.92%
None Are Cute 5 4.90%
All Of Them! 4 3.92%
Voters: 102. You may not vote on this poll

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Old October 3rd, 2011 (5:02 PM).
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All of them are pretty cute. I love every single one of them equally~.
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Old October 4th, 2011 (1:05 PM).
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    Mudkip, although they're pretty cute (excluding Totodile) imo.
    Old October 4th, 2011 (6:45 PM).
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    Totodile has my vote, its adorable.
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    Old October 4th, 2011 (7:28 PM).
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      Piplup, but Prinplup sure is ugly though. Empoleon reminds me of the Maseratti logo.
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      Old October 5th, 2011 (9:05 AM).
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        Squirtle! A cute & cuddly tiny turtle Pokemon.

        Credits: XxXRy0MaEcHiZenXxX
        Old October 6th, 2011 (6:42 AM).
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          mudkip! i would have went with squirtle,
          but every one knows that squirtle is some sort of gangster ;D
          Old October 6th, 2011 (8:02 AM).
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          I hate them all.
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            None of them are adorable.
            I think Mudkip is the worst of them all and do not understand the obsession with the ugly little squirt.

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            Old October 9th, 2011 (11:49 AM).
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              Piplup defo!! It's cute lil face and personality in the anime is just so adorable. I chose Piplup and Oshawott as my starters <3<3
              Old October 9th, 2011 (11:55 AM).
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                I LOVE TOTODILE!!! Totodile rocks mah socks with his cuteness! I never let my Totodiles evolve, LOL. They did a great job on Totodile's design imo. I don't really know why I love Totodiles so much, but I think it's because Ash had one, and it was totally hilarious and adorable! :3
                Old October 9th, 2011 (12:51 PM).
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                Frasier says it best
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                  I'd like to say Squirtle as it's the only Water critter I've used... but on pure appearances alone, Piplup takes it by a whisker. I mean, come one: it's a cute lil' penguin. How can you not just love it? Although I will agree that its evolutions become a lot less cute as they get 'older', so to speak.
                  Old October 9th, 2011 (4:54 PM).
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                    They are all adorable; but not all of them when they fully evolve. If I have to pick one, it would have to be Mudkip, look at those orange cheeks or whatever you want to call them.


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                    Old October 10th, 2011 (2:53 PM).
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                      Swampert pwns all [depending how you train it, also can be very annoying if u have to battle it, if it knows an ice move]

                      That, and Mudkip is just too cute :L
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                      Old October 10th, 2011 (2:57 PM).
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                        I'm going with Mudkip. It just pwns all. It's cute adorable and it evolves to Swampert which kicks butt :)

                        Old October 11th, 2011 (12:16 AM).
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                          I just can't say no to those eyes.

                          Also, it was my first pokémon ever :3.
                          Old October 11th, 2011 (12:33 AM).
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                            Totodile is cute in a cool way. Squirtle was close but imma be honest and say I love totdile way more XD
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                            Old October 11th, 2011 (3:18 AM).
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                            I just can't decide which one is the cutest one. I just love all of them XD
                            Old October 11th, 2011 (3:20 AM).
                            Raizhu Raizhu is offline
                            the end
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                              Squirtle. It's just such a cute little turtle. :p
                              Old October 11th, 2011 (4:28 AM).
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                              I'm just shocked that my beloved Oshawott isn't getting as many votes as the others. I think he really is just as cute as Piplup or Mudkip.

                              Maybe the reason why Oshie isn't getting a lot of votes is because either most of the voters hate the Unova Pokemon or are suffering a case of Pokemon Nostalgia.
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                              Old October 11th, 2011 (5:16 AM).
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                                Oshawott, it's pretty much the only Water type starter I like, and it's an otter, which is my favorite animal (well, Oshawott is a sea otter, and my favorite kind of otter is the river otter, but Oshawott is adorable either way). It's final evolution is Samurott, my second favorite Water type (the first being Floatzel), though I like all three stages of Oshawotts evolution line.
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                                Old October 11th, 2011 (5:36 AM).
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                                  squitle all the way... its the only water starter i ever picked
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                                  Old October 11th, 2011 (9:54 AM).
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                                  Totodile! Call me a fan that's stuck in the past or something, but I've always found Totodile to be the most adorable Water Starter, followed by Squirtle and then Mudkip. Te past two generations haven't exactly cut it for me in regards to the Water Starter, though I do like Piplup (or more so Empoleon) a little more since fourth gen came out. Oshawott hasn't really grown on me yet though.

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                                  Old October 11th, 2011 (12:17 PM).
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                                    Definitely Squirtle. I can't get over the cuteness of a blue turtle. It's too epic.
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                                    Old October 11th, 2011 (1:45 PM).
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                                      Sorry, but I don't really think any one of those listed are cute. Sue me.
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                                      Old October 11th, 2011 (2:06 PM).
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                                        I can't decide between Mudkip and Oshawott...oh...maybe Mudkip. He's just so cute. And his voice in the anime was awesome. <3

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                                        Old October 24th, 2011 (11:40 PM).
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                                        I've gone with Oshawott. :3 All of the others I prefer at later stages of their evolution (although Oshawott's evolution tree is still pretty cute).

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