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Old February 18th, 2014 (4:32 AM).
Nickalooose Nickalooose is offline
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    So, I've been working on this for a few weeks now and it's starting to look somewhat how I pictured it, but here is my new battle scene so far.

    The green background changes depending on who you are battling.

    Graphics aren't my strong point, but I'm getting the hang of it at least, once I get the details printed on screen, HP, Types, etc. I will work on the battle mechanics.
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    Old March 12th, 2014 (11:05 AM).
    Nickalooose Nickalooose is offline
      Join Date: Mar 2008
      Gender: Female
      Posts: 1,309
      A new update:
      This is to the shop and how it will look when you buy packs of cards.

      From top-left to bottom-right.
      1) The shop assistant talking to you.
      2) Then he whips out some cards for you to choose, depending on the stock he has.
      3) Here you can see;
      Money window at the top-left, showing the amount of money owned (I'm obviously rich haha).
      A star rating out of 3, for the packs (1=basic, 2=next level, 3=higher level).
      The price of the pack you are highlighting (this is different on which ever shop you are at).
      Sale sign, if the pack is in sale or not.
      The description of the pack.
      4) Just showing the differences, whether the pack is in sale really.
      5) Pay for the packet.
      6) Bought the packet.

      Some other things that happen in this is:
      If you don't have enough money, the assistant puts the stock back assuming you were just browsing.
      You can choose whether you want that pack or not.
      You can browse through each packet.
      Each packet has a selection of different Pokémon on it, maybe... It's random anyway.
      Money updates on screen, so you can see whether you're being over charged or not, lol.
      Description changes depending on the packets you are looking at, in this case, the first column is basic packets, the second column is your elite packets and the final column is legendary packets... Depending on the amount of actual stock the assistant has, depends on the packets he's willing to show you... You can always exit the shop and he'll show you some other random packets, but don't buy too many ;)
      There is a nice sound effect that plays as your rummaging through the packs to find the packet you want.
      There is a nice sound effect that plays when you buy the packet you want.
      There is a much nicer sound effect than that annoying beeping sound when selecting which packets you want to look at.
      The packs can cost differently at each shop, depending on the area probably.
      And obviously, the main part, the pack gets added to your items.

      I've made the picture look a lot worse than it is in-game so thieves can't take my designs, but you can see the general look to how it will be.

      Things I need to add:
      When bought a pack, it disappears off the screen or a fancy effect to make it look like it's picked.
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      Old May 12th, 2014 (9:29 AM).
      Nickalooose Nickalooose is offline
        Join Date: Mar 2008
        Gender: Female
        Posts: 1,309
        lol, oops, I've been forgetting to update here that my thread has been lost on 2 months... Oh well, no followers I guess lol.

        Anyway, I figure I'll show an update and post what new things I've been working on. This details screen is something you can view in a battle, all you do is go to a card you want to view and press "C" or "Enter"... Once on this screen you can either leave it and it'll close itself or press "C", "Enter" or "X", to return to battle.

        1.           *Holographic Card*
        This will only be here when a Pokémon is a shiny.
        2a.          Name
        Will always be here and will show a Pokémon's name.
        2b.          Boost Icon
        This icon will only appear if a Pokémon has a field boost...  Like here, the field is grass and thus
        Bulbasaur has a boost...  I'm contemplating whether or not to add a slight boost to some other
        Pokémon, like for when you're battling certain trainers, specific Pokémon can have a slight boost:
        Field Boosts give 25% extra damage.
        Slight Boosts would give 10% extra damage. 
        3.            Level
        Will always appear and will show the Pokémon's current level.
        4.            Level Cap
        Will always appear and will show the current Pokémon's max level it can reach...  This will always be
        the Pokémon's next stage, providing the Pokémon has 1...  If it does not, it's fixed to 90, at the
        moment...  This also means any Pokémon that has only 1 stage anyway...  Any Pokémon that evolve
        via item will have a level cap also.
        5.            Experience
        This will always show and is the Pokémon's current and max EXP for this level.
        6.            Card Type
        This will always show and shows the Pokémons type, which will always be 1 type, Bulbasaur is grass,
        Charmander is fire, Pidgey is Flying, Giratina is ghost etc.
        7.            Health/Max Health
        This will always show and shows the Pokémon's current health and total health for this battle only... 
        Health will always be it's total at the start of any battle and will never change.
        8.            Moves
        This will be the cards moves and will always have at least 1...  The colors you see here (pink and
        green), will show you exactly what AP color is needed to use the attack...  One thing I noticed
        here is that I haven't added the AP cost, i assure you it's there, I just commented it out in the
        scripts so you can't see how much moves cost at the moment ;) ...  Moves are subject to change
        from what you know, because I'm using cards instead of full on Pokémon, cards can and will have a
        specific set of moves, but, the card owned or acquired can possibly have a different move than your
        9.            Ability
        This will always be here and I chose specifically to use Bulbasaur here because he has no Ability,
        almost every card will have no ability and the ones that do will be somewhat rare, at the moment, no
        card has an ability because I'm slowly making my way through them changing them or removing them
        so they do something more card/ap based, than field/opponent/attacker based.
        10.           Graphic/Sparkles^
        This will always be here and will show the current Pokémon's battle graphic, here, because Bulbasaur
        is shiny, it shows his shiny graphic, if it's not a shiny, it will have it's standard graphic...  Male and
        Female are irrelevant in this game, since it's cards not actual Pokémon, so the graphic makes no
        sense to be different depending on gender.
        ^ Sparkles, if any of you guys saw my last question VIA Pokemon Essentials thread, I was trying to
        work out how to get a graphic to animate while the screen is paused...  Well this is it, the sparkles
        will animate in battle and any Shiny Pokémon will have these around them, gives it a better, nicer
        look...  If I were a graphics artist, they'd look better, but that's all I got at the moment, if anyone
        can contribute something better, PM me and I'll give you measurements.
        11.           Player Active Cards
        These won't be exactly how you see here, because your team will be different, but each card you
        lay will have it's Pokémon icon and HP, plus the card will look specific to the type of the Pokémon...
         Here the cards you see are Bug, Electric, Dragon, Psychic, Ghost and Grass.
        12.           Deck^^
        ^^  This is where your deck will sit, providing you have more Pokémon in your deck than in your
        hand or on the field...  This is also what the back of the cards look like.
        13.           Empty Space
        The empty space here is empty because it's the graveyard...  The graveyard is not accessible at the
        moment, because monster revival cards are non-existent in this game.
        14a.          Player AP
        Each is color specific, Red, Pink, Blue and Green...  You will need this to attack.
        14b.          Opponent AP
        Each is color specific, Red, Pink, Blue and Green...  The opponent will need this to attack.
        No number. Opponent team
        I forgot to number this, but the top row behind all the details are the opponents cards, you will not
        be able to see their deck, you must fight until all opponent cards are gone, oh the suspense...
        Each deck can only be filled with 45 monsters and 5 misc cards, you can only fight, providing you have 6 monsters in your deck... Any less and you will not be able to fight... Cards can be found in a number of ways, so this should never happen... If by any chance this does happen, the professor of the region will grant you a Booster Pack or a single card as a little help... Booster packs only hold common Pokémon and will never give you something rare.

        That's one aspect of things I've been working on, I'll save more for another day.

        What do you guys think?
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        Old May 16th, 2014 (4:16 AM). Edited May 16th, 2014 by Xaitan.
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          This looks absolutely amazing, I loved the TCG on the gameboy, great work, keep it up!

          Made a user bar for you

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          Old June 6th, 2014 (1:41 PM).
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          šoακεd ςʟoτhεš, ωε† hαïr... ςoʟd ώίɴɖ ßʟoωïηg...
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          Awsoommme woork homie!! ty so much
          itร ʀɑiɳiɳg ѳut tɦɛʀɛ... wɛɑʀ yѳu cѳɑt, tɑkɛ yѳuʀ uɱɓʀɛʆʆɑ ɑɳɗ รtɛp ѳut Բѳʀ ɑ wɑʆk uɳɗɛʀ tɦɛ pѳuʀiɳg ʀɑiɳ...
          wɦiʆɛ cʆѳรiɳg yѳuʀ ɛyɛร... yѳu ɦɛɑʀ tɦɛ ʀɑiɳ ɗʀѳpร tickʆiɳg ѳѵɛʀ tɦɛ uɱɓʀɛʆʆɑ...
          tɦɛ cѳʆɗ ɓʀɛɛzɛ, wiɳɗ'ร ɓʆѳwiɳg, yѳu cɑɳ Բɛɛʆ it witɦ yѳuʀ Բɑcɛ รkiɳ...
          ʀɑiɳ Բɑʆʆร
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