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Seen November 14th, 2019
Posted November 13th, 2019
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Welcome to my tradeshop's thread. Please read carefully the shop's Intro page as well as all the header info on each tab.
I am aware that some Pokemon listed FT there are unable to be traded here due to PokeCommunity's trade rules (such as Shiny MEw's for example); and by respecting said rules, trading of such Pokemon in this thread will not be possible!

I am currently LF the last 12 (2 Gen 6 & 10 Gen 7) Events I am missing in my collection! These can be seen in the "LF Events" tab in my tradeshop.
I only accept Event Pokemon that are untouched with their original moves and have NOT have been leveled up or Hyper Trained! Original Event language is preferred although in general ENG may also be accepted. Please pay attention to the details of the Events listed, as I am LF ones with the specific OT & TID listed there!

Also LF Dream/Safari Ball shinies. I only accept Pokemon bred in Gen 6 or 7 that are level 1 (unless otherwise specified) and untouched! No nicknames are allowed! Full lists can be seen under "LF Dream Ball" & "LF Safari Ball" tabs in my shop. More specifics are also listed there.

My shop:

Please reply here if you have anything I am LF and what you would like from my shop!

Thank you for visiting!

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