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Hello to everyone. Happy New Year in advance~

Anyways, I have a question...
I created a script that shows a picture of a PKMN through the command 'showpokepic'.
The pic looks fine, but when I talk to another guy who shows another pic of a PKMN, the palletes are messed up, and when I talk to the previous guy, the palletes of the PKMN he shows me is a mess as well...

How can I fix this problem?

Thank you in advance~

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I'm having a little problem with my emulator. It can play Firered ROM's, but not Ruby. I downloaded my ROM from a site I used before on my old computer, as I have changed computers. The Ruby one worked on my Computer, but not my Laptop. Firered works fine, but not RUby. Can anyone help?

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And yes, I got AdvanceMap to work. I just had to wait. But I am, still, not satistified.

Still some questions to go:

1. Where do I find AGPix?
2. How do I choose what each character shall say (I know how to add and edit text which A-Text, however)
3. How do I edit events?
4. How do I add new maps to the game? (Maps as in the thing that shows the entire region or certain islands in the case of Sevii Islands, not places.)
5. How do I move new maps (maps as in locations) to the right folder/category?
My Shiny Pokémons in Gen III:



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And yes, I got AdvanceMap to work. I just had to wait. But I am, still, not satistified.

Still some questions to go:

1. Where do I find AGPix?
2. How do I choose what each character shall say (I know how to add and edit text which A-Text, however)
3. How do I edit events?
4. How do I add new maps to the game? (Maps as in the thing that shows the entire region or certain islands in the case of Sevii Islands, not places.)
5. How do I move new maps (maps as in locations) to the right folder/category?
1.-Meh soz dont know
2.You need XSE and a tutorial.
3.Same as above
4.Click the sun with a house or hover the mouse over the icon.
5.Click the image next to the sun with an arrow
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Me again. I searched the thread and couldn't find an answer, but how would I go about editing pokémon encounters, but by fishing? Game is Cystal, once again. :P
I haven’t found a consistent way to do that yet, but here’s how you can do it by brute force:
  • Fish in a route, make a list of what Pokémon at what levels appear
  • Do a memory dump (in VBA, go to Tools → Memory Viewer → Save → 0000–FFFF
  • Open the dump in a hex editor, look for the most common Pokémon (for instance, if level 15 Poliwags were common, look in the ROM for patterns of 0x0E 0x3C or 0x3C 0x0E)
  • Back in VBA’s memory viewer, replace them with something recognizable like 0x0101, and narrow down which bytes have to be changed for you to catch level 1 Bulbasaurs with rods
  • Search for that pattern in the ROM
Tedious, I know. Anyone with better suggestions, please speak up!

— § —

Of course, if you don’t mind using existing fishing sets (i.e. you want your map to use the fishing data from another city), you can modify the map header’s fishing byte. Mapheaders are located in bank 0x25; I hope you know pointers.

0x094000 starts the list of two‐byte pointers to mapheaders. The first pointer points to map 0101, the second pointer to map 0201, and so on. Mapheaders are nine bytes long, so map 0102 would be located nine bytes past map 0101, and so forth. (This also means that they overflow; you could refer to map 0201 as 010F in the code and it would usually work. It’s better to follow the pointers, though.) The fishing byte is the ninth byte, and every map has one, even ones without water.

List of maps in Crystal:
0101 Olivine Pokemon Center 1F
0102 Olivine Gym
0103 Olivine house; Voltorb trade
0104 Olivine house ~beta
0105 Olivine house; punishment talk
0106 Olivine house; Good Rod
0107 Olivine Cafe
0108 Olivine Mart
0109 Route 38/Ecruteak gate
010A Route 39 house; Moomoo barn
010B Route 39 house; Moomoo farmhouse
010C Route 38
010D Route 39
010E Olivine City
0201 Mahogany house; Red Gyara talk
0202 Mahogany Gym
0203 Mahogany Pokemon Center 1F
0204 Route 42/Ecruteak gate
0205 Route 42
0206 Route 43
0207 Mahogany Town
0301 Sprout Tower 1F
0302 Sprout Tower 2F
0303 Sprout Tower 3F
0304 Tin Tower 1F
0305 Tin Tower 2F
0306 Tin Tower 3F
0307 Tin Tower 4F
0308 Tin Tower 5F
0309 Tin Tower 6F
030A Tin Tower 7F
030B Tin Tower 8F
030C Tin Tower 9F
030D Burned Tower 1F
030E Burned Tower B1F
030F National Park
0310 National Park (Bug-Catching Contest)
0311 Radio Tower 1F
0312 Radio Tower 2F
0313 Radio Tower 3F
0314 Radio Tower 4F
0315 Radio Tower 5F
0316 Ruins of Alph (outside)
0317 Ruins of Alph (Ho-oh chamber)
0318 Ruins of Alph (Kabuto chamber)
0319 Ruins of Alph (Omanyte chamber)
031A Ruins of Alph (Aerodactyl chamber)
031B Ruins of Alph (inner chamber)
031C Ruins of Alph research center
031D Ruins of Alph (Ho-oh item room)
031E Ruins of Alph (Kabuto item room)
031F Ruins of Alph (Omanyte item room)
0320 Ruins of Alph (Aerodactyl item room)
0321 Ruins of Alph (Ho-oh word room)
0322 Ruins of Alph (Kabuto word room)
0323 Ruins of Alph (Omanyte word room)
0324 Ruins of Alph (Aerodactyl word room)
0325 Union Cave 1F
0326 Union Cave B1F
0327 Union Cave B2F
0328 Slowpoke Well B1F
0329 Slowpoke Well B2F
032A Olivine Lighthouse 1F
032B Olivine Lighthouse 2F
032C Olivine Lighthouse 3F
032D Olivine Lighthouse 4F
032E Olivine Lighthouse 5F
032F Olivine Lighthouse 6F
0330 Mahogany Mart 1F
0331 Team Rocket Base B1F
0332 Team Rocket Base B2F
0333 Team Rocket Base B3F
0334 Ilex Forest
0335 Warehouse entrance, Underground Path
0336 Underground Path entrances, switch room
0337 Goldenrod Dept Store B1F
0338 Underground Warehouse
0339 Mount Mortar 1F
033A Mount Mortar 1F (inside)
033B Mount Mortar 2F (inside)
033C Mount Mortar B1F
033D Ice Path (1F)
033E Ice Path (B1F)
033F Ice Path (B2F, Mahogany side)
0340 Ice Path (B2F, Blackthorn side)
0341 Ice Path (B3F)
0342 Whirl Island NW
0343 Whirl Island NE
0344 Whirl Island SW
0345 Whirl Island; interior cave with ledge outside entrance
0346 Whirl Island SE
0347 Whirl Island B1F
0348 Whirl Island B2F
0349 Whirl Island; Lugia's chamber
034A Silver Cave room 1
034B Silver Cave room 2
034C Silver Cave room 3
034D Silver Cave item rooms
034E Dark Cave (Violet entrance)
034F Dark Cave (Blackthorn entrance)
0350 Dragon's Den 1F
0351 Dragon's Den B1F
0352 Dragon Shrine
0353 Tohjo Falls
0354 Diglett's Cave
0355 Mount Moon
0356 Underground
0357 Rock Tunnel 1F
0358 Rock Tunnel B1F
0359 Safari Zone/Fuchsia gate ~beta
035A Safari Zone ~beta
035B Victory Road
0401 Ecruteak house (passage to Tin Tower)
0402 Wise Trio's room
0403 Ecruteak Pokemon Center 1F
0404 Ecruteak house; Lugia talk
0405 Dance Theatre
0406 Ecruteak Mart
0407 Ecruteak Gym
0408 Ecruteak house; Itemfinder
0409 Ecruteak City
0501 Blackthorn Gym 1F
0502 Blackthorn Gym 2F
0503 Blackthorn house; dragon talk
0504 Blackthorn house; Dodrio trade
0505 Blackthorn Mart
0506 Blackthorn Pokemon Center 1F
0507 Move Deleter's house
0508 Route 45
0509 Route 46
050A Blackthorn City
0601 Cinnabar Pokemon Center 1F
0602 Cinnabar Pokemon Center 2F ~beta
0603 Route 19/Fuchsia gate
0604 Seafoam Gym
0605 Route 19
0606 Route 20
0607 Route 21
0608 Cinnabar Island
0701 Cerulean house; gym badge talk
0702 Cerulean Police Station
0703 Cerulean house; trade talk
0704 Cerulean Pokemon Center 1F
0705 Cerulean Pokemon Center 2F ~beta
0706 Cerulean Gym
0707 Cerulean Mart
0708 Route 10 Pokemon Center 1F
0709 Route 10 Pokemon Center 2F ~beta
070A Power Plant
070B Route 25; Bill's house
070C Route 4
070D Route 9
070E Route 10
070F Route 24
0710 Route 25
0711 Cerulean City
0801 Azalea Pokemon Center 1F
0802 Charcoal Kiln
0803 Azalea Mart
0804 Kurt's house
0805 Azalea Gym
0806 Route 33
0807 Azalea Town
0901 Lake of Rage, Hidden Power house
0902 Lake of Rage, Magikarp house
0903 Mahogany/Route 43 gate
0904 Route 43 gate
0905 Route 43
0906 Lake of Rage
0A01 Route 32
0A02 Route 35
0A03 Route 36
0A04 Route 37
0A05 Violet City
0A06 Violet Mart
0A07 Violet Gym
0A08 Earl's Pokemon Academy
0A09 Violet house (nickname talk)
0A0A Violet Pokemon Center 1F
0A0B Violet house (Onix trade)
0A0C Ruins of Alph/Route 32 gate
0A0D Route 32 Pokemon Center 1F
0A0E Route 35/Goldenrod gate
0A0F Route 35/National Park gate
0A10 Route 36/Ruins of Alph gate
0A11 Route 36/National Park gate
0B01 Route 34
0B02 Goldenrod City
0B03 Goldenrod Gym
0B04 Goldenrod Bike Shop
0B05 Goldenrod; happiness rater
0B06 Goldenrod; Bill's house
0B07 Goldenrod; Magnet Train Station
0B08 Goldenrod; Flower Shop
0B09 Goldenrod; PP talk
0B0A Goldenrod; Name Rater's house
0B0B Goldenrod Dept Store 1F
0B0C Goldenrod Dept Store 2F
0B0D Goldenrod Dept Store 3F
0B0E Goldenrod Dept Store 4F
0B0F Goldenrod Dept Store 5F
0B10 Goldenrod Dept Store 6F
0B11 Goldenrod Dept Store elevator
0B12 Goldenrod Dept Store roof
0B13 Goldenrod Game Corner
0B14 Goldenrod Pokemon Center 1F
0B15 Goldenrod PokeCom Center 2F ~mobile
0B16 Ilex Forest/Azalea gate
0B17 Ilex Forest/Route 34 gate
0B18 Day Care
0C01 Route 6
0C02 Route 11
0C03 Vermilion City
0C04 Vermilion house; fishing talk
0C05 Vermilion Pokemon Center 1F
0C06 Vermilion Pokemon Center 2F ~beta
0C07 Pokemon Fan Club
0C08 Vermilion house; Magnet Train talk
0C09 Vermilion Mart
0C0A Vermilion house; Diglett's Cave talk
0C0B Vermilion Gym
0C0C Route 6/Saffron gate
0C0D Route 6; Underground entrance
0D01 Route 1
0D02 Pallet Town
0D03 Red's house 1F
0D04 Red's house 2F
0D05 Blue's house
0D06 Oak's Lab
0E01 Route 3
0E02 Pewter City
0E03 Pewter house; Nidoran talk
0E04 Pewter Gym
0E05 Pewter Mart
0E06 Pewter Pokemon Center 1F
0E07 Pewter Pokemon Center 2F ~beta
0E08 Pewter house; snooze talk
0F01 Olivine Port
0F02 Vermilion Port
0F03 Fast Ship 1F
0F04 Fast Ship; cabins NNW, NNE, NE
0F05 Fast Ship; cabins SW, SSW, NW
0F06 Fast Ship; cabins SE, SSE, Captain's cabin
0F07 Fast Ship B1F
0F08 Olivine Port (passage)
0F09 Vermilion Port (passage)
0F0A Mount Moon Square
0F0B Mount Moon gift shop
0F0C Tin Tower roof
1001 Route 23
1002 Indigo Plateau Pokemon Center 1F
1003 Will's room
1004 Koga's room
1005 Bruno's room
1006 Karen's room
1007 Lance's room
1008 Hall of Fame
1101 Route 13
1102 Route 14
1103 Route 15
1104 Route 18
1105 Fuchsia City
1106 Fuchsia Mart
1107 Safari Zone main office
1108 Fuchsia Gym
1109 Fuchsia house; Bill talk
110A Fuchsia Pokemon Center 1F
110B Fuchsia Pokemon Center 2F ~beta
110C Safari Zone Warden's Home
110D Route 15/Fuchsia gate
1201 Route 8
1202 Route 12
1203 Route 10
1204 Lavender Town
1205 Lavender Pokemon Center 1F
1206 Lavender Pokemon Center 2F ~beta
1207 Mr. Fuji's house
1208 Lavender house; town talk
1209 Lavender Name Rater
120A Lavender Mart
120B Soul House
120C Lav Radio Tower 1F
120D Route 8/Saffron gate
120E Route 12 house; Super Rod
1301 Route 28
1302 Silver Cave (outside)
1303 Silver Cave Pokemon Center 1F
1304 Route 28 house; famous talk
1401 Pokemon Center 2F
1402 Trade Center
1403 Colosseum
1404 Time Capsule
1405 Mobile Trade room ~mobile
1406 Mobile Battle room ~mobile
1501 Route 7
1502 Route 16
1503 Route 17
1504 Celadon City
1505 Celadon Dept Store 1F
1506 Celadon Dept Store 2F
1507 Celadon Dept Store 3F
1508 Celadon Dept Store 4F
1509 Celadon Dept Store 5F
150A Celadon Dept Store 6F
150B Celadon Dept Store elevator
150C Celadon Mansion 1F
150D Celadon Mansion 2F
150E Celadon Mansion 3F
150F Celadon Mansion roof
1510 Celadon Mansion roof house
1511 Celadon Pokemon Center 1F
1512 Celadon Pokemon Center 2F ~beta
1513 Celadon Game Corner
1514 Celadon Game Corner prize room
1515 Celadon Gym
1516 Celadon Cafe
1517 Route 16 house; Fuchsia talk
1518 Route 16 gate
1519 Route 7/Saffron gate
151A Route 17/Route 18 gate
1601 Route 40
1602 Route 41
1603 Cianwood City
1604 Mania's house
1605 Cianwood Gym
1606 Cianwood Pokemon Center 1F
1607 Cianwood Pharmacy
1608 Cianwood City Photo Studio
1609 Cianwood house; Lugia talk
160A Poke Seer's house
160B Battle Tower 1F
160C Battle Tower Battle Room
160D Battle Tower elevator
160E Battle Tower hallway
160F Route 40/Battle Tower gate
1610 Battle Tower (outside)
1701 Route 2
1702 Route 22
1703 Viridian City
1704 Viridian Gym
1705 Viridian house; nickname talk
1706 Trainer House 1F
1707 Trainer House B1F
1708 Viridian Mart
1709 Viridian Pokemon Center 1F
170A Viridian Pokemon Center 2F ~beta
170B Route 2 house; Nugget talk
170C Route 2 gate
170D Victory Road gate
1801 Route 26
1802 Route 27
1803 Route 29
1804 New Bark Town
1805 Elm's Lab
1806 Kris's house 1F
1807 Kris's house 2F
1808 Kris's neighbor's house
1809 Elm's house
180A Route 26 house; heal talk
180B Route 26 house; day of week siblings
180C Route 27 house; Sandstorm
180D Route 29/Route 46 gate
1901 Route 5
1902 Saffron City
1903 Fighting Dojo
1904 Saffron Gym
1905 Saffron Mart
1906 Saffron Pokemon Center 1F
1907 Saffron Pokemon Center 2F ~beta
1908 Mr. Psychic's house
1909 Saffron train station
190A Silph Co. 1F
190B Copycat's house 1F
190C Copycat's house 2F
190D Route 5; Underground entrance
190E Route 5/Saffron City gate
190F Route 5 house; Cleanse Tag talk
1A01 Route 30
1A02 Route 31
1A03 Cherrygrove City
1A04 Cherrygrove Mart
1A05 Cherrygrove Pokemon Center 1F
1A06 Cherrygrove house (gym talk)
1A07 Guide Gent's house
1A08 Cherrygrove house (evolution talk)
1A09 Route 30 house (Berry talk)
1A0A Mr. Pokemon's house
1A0B Route 31/Violet gate
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If you want to hack Pokémon RBY or GSC, read, read, and read some more. This has tons of valuable information.

Pokémon Red disassembly project

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Ok the maximum level you can train a pokemon to is level 100. is there a way to make this 250?



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How do you edit the begining credits in the game ( i would post a pic but i have 10 posts by now)
Use A-Text to search for the text and then edit it.

Is it possible to enable using the VS. seeker in caves, forests, etc.?
Vs. Seeker works with specials in scripts. Just decompile a trainer that has Vs. Seeker enabled to see how it works.

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Use A-Text to search for the text and then edit it.
I think he means the "Gamefreak" texts. :\ There's a tutorial in the documents and tutorials section called "Boot screen editing".
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Okay, I've got some questions:
1. Where is the animation tiles in Red located at
2. Does anyone have the EliteMap .ini's for Emerald Version? (I have to use E-Map....)
3. Okay, this is a weird question, but does anyone have any...err, 'sheet music' for RSE? Well, not actual sheet music, but the notes for all the music in RSE. I don't know if anyone's made written down all the music for it, but could you possibly link me toa page with it.


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first 2 = old rod

next 2 = good rod

the rest = super rod

my question, how do i find the offset for where the item data in a pokemon rom is?
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What is the best Image Editor? (I am talking like Tile Molester, or TLP, and others...)
What does PC recommend I use?
And can I get some links? ^_^ I would appreciate it, thanks!
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