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Forum Updates & Changes Page 4

Started by Sheep March 8th, 2018 9:53 AM
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We have some new administrators on the team! Huge congrats to Rainbow and bobandbill!


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Administrator Post
Hello! I have a small change to announce today - starting January 1st, 2020 PokéCommunity will no longer allow you to change your birthday setting if you already have it set to something. This is a step we're taking to prevent abuse of the feature. If you have your birthday set to something that is not your real birthday, please take a moment to update it before January 1st.

Click here to visit your profile settings page and update your birthday.

If you're iffy about people knowing your real birthday, you have the option to not set your birthday at all, or you can use the date of birth display feature which is located right next to it on the settings page.

That's it! Thanks friends.
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Mod apps have yielded good results :catheart:

Please welcome our newest forum moderators:

For Video Games - Dawn

For Internet & Technology - Dark Zeta

Thanks again to everybody who applied!


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The Pokemon Masters forum has now been renamed to Pokemon Mobile! This change was done to incorporate both Pokemon GO discussions, Pokemon Masters discussions as well as any Pokemon mobile game that may be released in the future. :>


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The Trade Corner has received one CommanderSaturn and one IrishAurum!

They will be joining Firebolt as new Trade Corner moderators.
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