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Favorite Pokémon Tournament - Water (October 8-15)

Pokémon Polls Express your opinion in straightforward polls and questions about Pokémon that would otherwise fit in Pokémon General if they weren't so, well, straightforward. Vote away!

View Poll Results: Which are your favorite Water types?
5 13.89%
4 11.11%
7 19.44%
4 11.11%
2 5.56%
2 5.56%
10 27.78%
5 13.89%
7 19.44%
10 27.78%
6 16.67%
3 8.33%
3 8.33%
4 11.11%
8 22.22%
2 5.56%
3 8.33%
3 8.33%
8 22.22%
2 5.56%
6 16.67%
1 2.78%
2 5.56%
4 11.11%
5 13.89%
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Old October 8th, 2013 (1:20 PM).
Brendino Brendino is offline
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Water-type Pokémon ~ October 8 - 15

Welcome to the Favorite Pokémon Tournament here in Pokémon Voting Polls, where we aim to determine who PokéCommunity’s favorite Pokémon is! This will be a grand undertaking that will span across a couple of months, where we will start with hundreds of Pokémon, in hopes to rank the most popular Pokémon in the eyes of you- the members of the PokéCommunity!
If you haven't already, please read through the rest of the Rules/FAQ below to catch up to speed with what this tournament is all about:

  • Every week, there will be a new poll stickied at the top of PVP. Each thread will have a different elemental type, which will include a list of Pokémon to vote on.
  • You aren’t required to pick just one Pokémon- you can vote for as many as you like to ensure your favorites get through. The Pokémon with the most votes at the end of the week will face off against the other winning Pokémon in a final poll to crown the champion!
  • Not only will the winning Pokémon from each poll move on to the final vote, but they'll be featured in Pokémon Voting Polls' forum splash for a week.
  • In order to preserve space, we’ve grouped all of the applicable evolutions in a Pokémon family together. If a family rather than an individual were to win the tournament, we would hold one extra run-off poll to decide the most popular member of the family.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the week, Brendino will have the tie-breaking vote.
  • Legendary Pokémon are not included in this round of voting. Don’t worry, though- they’ll be voted upon near the end of the tournament to round out the final number of candidates.
  • Furthermore, members who vote and post for a majority of weeks during the tournament will receive an emblem depicting the winning Pokémon!
  • If there are any questions that you need answered, feel free to leave a comment in this thread or send a VM to Brendino to get it sorted out.

Now that you know what the tournament is all about, what are you waiting for? Polls will remain open until October 15th, so get voting!

Previous Winners:


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Old October 8th, 2013 (1:22 PM).
Brendino Brendino is offline
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Once again, I should probably remind everyone that I did my best trying to fit as many Pokemon into the poll as I could, but with well over 100 options to choose from, there were a few that I couldn't squeeze into the 24 available slots (don't kill me if I missed one of your favorites!).

If you still want to vote for one of these Pokemon, select the "Other Pokemon" option represented by the ? in the poll. If I see a big response for a Pokemon I left off right away, I'll see what I can do about adding it into the poll.

Now with that said, happy voting!
Old October 8th, 2013 (1:27 PM).
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Poliwag's my favourite for sure! It's an adorable Pokémon and I love frogs so there's nothing to dislike here. I can't think of a much cuter Pokémon, especially from the the Water-type list, and it evolves into some incredibly cool stuff. I also voted 'Other' for Relicanth because he's one of my all-time favourite Pokémon - everything about him is just so cool and mysterious haha.
Old October 8th, 2013 (1:32 PM).
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It isn't a surprise of who I voted for in this week's poll! It was Jellicent! There are so many amazing Water type Pokemon out there, but none are better than Jellicent! I love it's typing, design, and just overall usefulness. I don't think that there will ever be a Water Pokemon as great as Jellicent.

I would also like to add a vote for Relicanth in the "other" category, but I forgot while voting. I think that it is just such a fascinating Pokemon with a really cool concept and design, but doesn't get the love that it deserves.

A Pokemon that is discriminated!
Support squirtle and make it everyone's favourite.
Old October 8th, 2013 (2:57 PM). Edited October 8th, 2013 by Entermaid.
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I didn't need to vote for anyone else; words cannot express my love for Milotic. It's my favorite pokemon forever and always, and I hope we are able to do a Feebas catching expedition like RSE in XY.

The story behind it's transformation between Feebas and itself is the epitome of what evolution should be. Transforming into a powerful and radiant pokemon.

Originally Posted by Michonne View Post
It isn't a surprise of who I voted for in this week's poll! It was Jellicent! There are so many amazing Water type Pokemon out there, but none are better than Jellicent! I love it's typing, design, and just overall usefulness. I don't think that there will ever be a Water Pokemon as great as Jellicent.

I would also like to add a vote for Relicanth in the "other" category, but I forgot while voting. I think that it is just such a fascinating Pokemon with a really cool concept and design, but doesn't get the love that it deserves.
I love Jelly. My second favorite water pokemon. Plus, the gender split is pretty awesome!
#Team Popplio & Brionne
Old October 8th, 2013 (6:28 PM).
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I like almost every Water type Pokémon around but I didn't want to choose more than three. It seems that my Gen. 3 bias is strong this week:

Wailord is not only my favorite Water type Pokémon but it's also my favorite Pokémon of every type. Whales are really unique creatures that have always been my favorite animals, which is what makes Wailord my favorite. It also cool to watch people ride them in the anime because they look so small xD.

Who doesn't like Ludicolo? These fun little Pokémon are always jammin' and providing good times. You can't beat the sombrero/duck beak combo. They also remind me of when I used to play Colosseum and the Miror B battles.

My third choice is Crawdaunt line. I just used one in my last Emerald playthrough and I really liked it. I've also been watching the AG series of the anime and Ash's Corphish is quite the character.


Boyboy - Vices
Old October 8th, 2013 (6:46 PM).
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Ughhhh water types I have so many favorites! Let's see if I can narrow it down to between 3-5 Pokemon lines.

Totodile - One of my top three favorite Pokemon + my favorite starter. How can I not vote for it. Yeah, it might be nostalgia talking here but I've loved it ever since I first picked it on my Silver version and it never faltered. I loved Ash's Totodile. I loved Silver's Feraligatr. It's... it's just an amazing Pokemon to me. Cute little crocodile~

Azumarill - I don't quite know why I love Azumarill so much. I think I just loved the idea of an aqua rabbit for as long as I can remember. It's adorable and it's actually one of the few shinies I have. Makes it love it even more. ♥

Milotic - At first I don't think I thought much of Milotic. But after reading Pokemon Special I fell in love with Mimi. Then I had a Milotic on Emerald and it just rocked the Beauty section of contests. After that I SRing a Shiny Milotic to have on my Pearl team and just in general Milotic was a Pokemon that really grew on me. Now I'm fairly certain that it has become one of my top ten Pokemon overall. ♥
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Old October 8th, 2013 (8:56 PM).
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I'm voting for three Pokémon this time around—Politoed, Blastoise, and Gyarados. I like Politoed due to how well it's able to perform when it comes to battling. It's got access to the Drizzle ability, which allows it to summon rain immediately after it's sent out on the field. Drizzle powers-up all of its water attacks by about fifty-percent, which is a lot! It has decent Special Defense stat, as well as Special Attack. Make it hold a set of Choice Specs, and it should be able to have almost any taken down with only one or two hits. Impressive, isn't it? d:

Blastoise—I like it more for its design. It's got two gigantic cannons stuck onto its back, all made out of metal. That's pretty amazing. Battling-wise, this Pokémon isn't so bad either. It has big amount of defenses, which enables it to last plenty of turns.

Gyarados is my favorite because of how much Speed and Attack it has. Its base Attack power is more than one-twenty, and its Speed is precisely eighty-one. It's got a bunch of useful attacks up its sleeves, such as Bounce, Waterfall, and Earthquake. After the use of a power-up move, such as Dragon Dance, Gyarados could use these attacks to cause complete destruction.
Old October 8th, 2013 (9:32 PM).
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You could easily tell I voted for a fair share of Pokemon given Water is my fave type.

I voted for the Oshawott line due to being my all-time fave Pokemon, but also as far as starters go I also voted for the Mudkip and Piplup lines because heck they're cuties who become really awesome in their final stages.

Vaporeon was also among my votes due to being my fave Eeveelution, and I love how beautiful it looks with that mermaid tail. Panpour and Simipour are another of my faves, because they are monkeys and I have a love for those cute monkey Pokemon. And not to forget Frillish and Jellicent, who I voted out of respect for a certain somebody...

There are a few others but these were the notable ones.
Old October 8th, 2013 (10:23 PM).
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I love Water-types. A lot. They're pretty stable in battling terms. to narrow it down...(seriously, since it's the most abundant type this will take a bit)

-hours later-
Okay, I think I've got it down to:
Lapras - Relatively good Pokemon, reliable (especially with Surf and Ice Beam). I find its practical uses more impressive than its actual battling capabilities. (It isn't called the Transport Pokemon for nothing, after all...)

Vaporeon - Mix of...well, a whole bunch of aquatic things, while still looking (sort of) like a mammalian! I think this is my personal favorite Eeveelution, next to Espeon.

Piplup, Prinplup, and Empoleon - Penguins are adorable imo. Then on the opposite side of that adorable spectrum is Empoleon. Fierce and tough, yet still lovable. Plus Water/Steel makes a unique combination!

Samurott - A samurai-inspired it! I cast a vote for the honorable Samurott.

Other - Horsea, Seadra, and Kingdra: I dunno what to say about this evolution line. Horsea is kinda cute, Seadra's...well...iunno, and Kingdra has well-rounded stats, perfectly suited for most battling situations (plus it's weak to just Dragon-type moves...well up to Gen 5 anyhow)
Old October 9th, 2013 (4:34 PM).
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I voted Lanturn. I found a Chinchou in Gold, and thought, "Hmm... What does it evolve into?"

I found out, and I fell in love right away. Such a beautiful looking Pokémon.
Old October 11th, 2013 (4:48 AM).
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I like a lot of water types, but since my most recent B2 walk-through, it has to be Starmie!
High Sp Att and Speed, just my type of Pokemon!

~ Anything for my Nakama ~
Old October 11th, 2013 (9:33 AM).
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I voted for Starmie, which has always been a pretty cool looking Pokemon, but I also want to vote for Spheal, Spheal being the cutest darn thing. I know I voted for it for the Ice-type, but it's so good it should get a vote here.
Old October 11th, 2013 (12:03 PM).
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I voted for Kingler. I've always loved the Krabby line, I really like how they've been designed. There are other Water types that I would've voted for, but Krabby & Kinlger gets my vote!
Old October 11th, 2013 (11:40 PM).
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Sooo many choices! Guess I'll choose four.

I'll start with the obvious: Buizel/Floatzel, of course. ^-^ I've always liked buizel since it was first revealed (I think for the ninth movie). I find them adorable, and being a "comic artist," I absolutely love that they can easily show a wide range of emotions. Floatzel also got the honor of being the first pokémon I've EV-trained and bred with nature and IVs in mind. (Oh, if only my old Bui/Floatz fan club members were still around! )

I also have to choose Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert. Not for the meme. I actually find them cute in a way, I guess endearing. Yes, even the awkward marshtomp and monster-ish swampert. I grew especially fond of marshtomp for some reason. Maybe it was the scene in PokéSpe where Zuzu was wearing the sweater?

There's also Wooper/Quagsire. Those perpetual smiles of derpiness! :D That's all I have to say.

And finally, Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott. I believe it was dewott that really got me on this ship. When it was revealed, it actually swayed my choice of starter in fifth gen (I always choose based on the unevolved stage). But my brother already took oshy, so I didn't change. It has that fierce expression and cool form, yet appeals to my kind of cute. I quickly grew to love oshawott, and samurott was an interesting final form (with hidden seamitars!), so yeah. Gotta vote for them too.

Honorable mention to squirtle, my favorite Gen I pokémon. Wartortle's alright, but I'm not really too fond of blastoise, so no vote there. D:
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Old October 12th, 2013 (11:42 PM).
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Just a reminder that there's just 2 days left to vote for anyone that hasn't already. Voter turnout has been pretty low this week compared to others, especially for a popular type like Water. If you haven't voted- do it now! And if you have, let others know there's only a few days left for this round of voting!
Old October 13th, 2013 (10:47 AM). Edited October 13th, 2013 by Affliction.
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Voted Vaporeon. I like Starmie and Lapras too, but Vaporeon is an EEVEELUTION, and not only that, but Vaporeon learns Aurora Beam!
Old October 14th, 2013 (1:52 AM).
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I voted for Mudkip simply because I liek Mudkipz. No really, it's just because Water is my favourite type and Mudkip is my second-favourite Pokémon. And I feel no-one can beat Swampert because I simply love that guy even if he's not the best competitive battler.
Old October 14th, 2013 (4:13 AM).
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I threw my votes at Wooper's line and Frillish's. The main reasons being that Wooper is a total cute while Jellicent is a beauty of a ghost type and has such an interesting type.
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Old October 14th, 2013 (7:58 AM).
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It's difficult to pick favorites, it certainly is. There are so many great water types. But I voted for the Psyduck, Poliwag, Staryu and Piplup lines. I also like Surskit, but :p

Golduck is a pokémon I enjoy using in the games and it's cool looks appeal to me. I loved it in the anime also and totally think Misty should have gotten one!

Poliwhirl has since long been a favorite for me, I'm not sure why. I like that it's almost fighting (Poliwrath<3) and its mix of attacks in the games is good.

Staryu was awful in the games imo, haha. But I really liked it in the anime and in other aspects. Starmie is even better, with its dual psychic type.

Piplup is possibly the best water starter imo. It's just cute and Empoleon's typing is nice.

And Surskit evolves into Masquerain who is amazing! But not water type, sadly :p

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Old October 14th, 2013 (9:28 PM).
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I voted for Vaporeon! Probably the only water type I'll always trust and one of my favorite Eeveelutions. ^__^. Close second would be Lanturn for its water/electric type duo! :D
Old October 15th, 2013 (2:05 PM).
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Another week of voting has concluded, and we've come up with our third tie of the tournament! With so many different Pokemon to choose from, it's no surprise that voting was so close the entire week. But with that being said, we still need to come up with a winner, and it looks like I'll have to make that decision. So, the Pokemon that made the biggest splash as your favorite Water Pokemon this week are...


Thanks to everyone who voted this week, especially with the release of X and Y capturing everyone's attention. The next round of voting will begin tomorrow, and we'll be moving over to another common type- the Grass type! And if everything goes according to plan, the polls will be including Pokemon from the Kalos region going forward. Hope to see you all there!
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