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I’m personally hoping for any of these new games to introduce No. 899 so that we can kick off gen9 with 900+, which would be interesting. Your thoughts?
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I don't think it's entirely out of the question, as mid-gen introductions are a thing they've been doing since Gen III, with entirely new Pokemon from a dex standpoint from Gen VI, so we might see some new Legendary that Arceus created around then or something. I expect it'd be more than one though, and tbh I'm expecting a different form for Arceus more than I am something entirely new.

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There's more than likely going to be no new Pokémon.

After all, it is Sinnoh just at an earlier point in time.
It'd be unusual to make new Pokémon that are then not around during D/P
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Posted June 3rd, 2021
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the most i would expect is maybe a new form or 2, sinnoh variants of the final starter forms would be cool (especially you samurott, like, you were almost a perfect starter line atleast in my opinion)


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Probably not. It's Game Freak, making a kind of game they've not made before, expectations for certain things need to be kept low.

From a lore standpoint it wouldn't be weird to see "new" Pokemon or new forms though. While we don't know exactly how long ago L:A takes place, it's likely long enough ago that it would be possible to see Pokemon or forms of certain Pokemon that were only around at that time in Sinnoh and went extinct or changed into a new form or moved elsewhere by the time of modern Sinnoh in DPPt.
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I'm kinda excited for the game, but not expecting much because it's Game Freak.

All I'm expecting is a huge map with a great variety of Pokémon(even in Sinnoh) and maybe some nice tasks to keep completing.

Would be pretty nice a good story around Arceus.

We had Meltan and Melmetal revealed sing Pokémon Go and Let's Go compatibility, so, I guess even not huge chance, could happen.


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I think I'd expect more different forms than new Pokemon.

That said, considering we have Rowlett and Oshawott in the game (and they certainly weren't in Sinnoh in the originals), I wouldn't completely rule new Pokémon out either.

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There's more than likely going to be no new Pokémon.

After all, it is Sinnoh just at an earlier point in time.
It'd be unusual to make new Pokémon that are then not around during D/P
While I do agree that we probably won't see any new pokemon, I think they could easily make it work to have a new pokemon native to Sinnoh.
With the release of BDSP they've got a free pass to rewrite/add in new elements to sinnoh, so they could easily have a new ancient event pokemon in Legends and then have a small event in BDSP where the focus is that a super old pokemon has been discovered


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Maybe some cash grab mythical but nothing beyond that.


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I doubt we'll get brand new ones because hey, game set in the past. Maybe give me like, unfossilized versions of fossil Pokemon or something.

Shh I know it's not set millions of years ago so that wouldn't really make sense