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Started by professor plum April 1st, 2020 1:45 PM
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ah ~ choo!

he, they
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Old username: Circus
New username: Radio

About time for a change


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Oldusername:Darth Allen
New username:Allen303
(Yes my first user name!)
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Dave "Ghost" Hawk

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Old: The Killer Red Skull

New: Dave "Ghost" Hawk

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professor plum

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Old Username: sunspirit
New Username: wishmaker
Hi there! Unfortunately that username is already taken. Since it's inactive though, you can take it once you hit 50 posts. Feel free to post here again once you do so~


Stardust Hurricane.

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Old username: Blizzard White
New username: BlizzWhite


Gosh! What's poppin'?

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oldname: _pheebs
newname: _pheebee

it's a small change but after having _pheebs taken everywhere, I've adopted _pheebee
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Old username: futeen0815
New username: supergrass0815

on second thought, maybe using my chinese name in pinyin should've had a decent amount of consideration put into it

Ultra Guardian DJ James

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Old username: Team Rocket DJ James
New username: Ultra Guardian DJ James

Because I recently joined the Ultra Guardian Squad Team aka The Ultra Guardians a few days ago.

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Old username: Gildrop
New username: Cid
(I ended up missing this name. I figured I don't really have to have the same username in every website. Might as well go back to being Cid here.)

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Old username: Retekcorp
New username: Retek


ah ~ choo!

he, they
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Old username: Radio
New username: Cubchoo

Time to have a username change, especially since Telecomms have scarred me for life <3