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Which fox is your favorite?

  • 27.27%
  • 25.00%
  • 11.36%
  • 36.36%


Age 18
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Posted 16 Hours Ago
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2 Years
NINETALES, of course! There isn't any competition whatsoever. The original fire breathing beauty has my heart and has the honor of being my all-time favourite pokemon! Of course, I adore the other pokemon on this list as well, Alolan Ninetales especially. However, my everlasting admiration for the mystical Ninetales herself reigns supreme!


Laverre City
Seen 5 Days Ago
Posted 5 Days Ago
9,150 posts
8.5 Years
Isn't the Alakazam line based on bipedal foxes as well? Not sure if that counts but:

Either way, Alolan Ninetales for sure! xoxo


The Maddest Shaymin

Age 21
South Carolina
Seen 2 Hours Ago
Posted 3 Hours Ago
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322 Days
Isn't the Alakazam line based on bipedal foxes as well? Not sure if that counts but:

Either way, Alolan Ninetales for sure! xoxo
Huh I never knew that. Either way technically most of the eeveelutions are foxes too. I was just going with the more obviously Kitsune inspired one for this.

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ice beam

the dream world
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Posted 17 Hours Ago
5,557 posts
14.6 Years
I stan Alolan Ninetales

.... but regular Ninetales comes a very close second.


Seen 1 Day Ago
Posted 4 Weeks Ago
13,470 posts
11.4 Years
Going to have to go with Alolan Ninetales!! What a beauty :heart:


Take my hands now

Kansas, USA
Seen 3 Hours Ago
Posted 14 Hours Ago
11,016 posts
14.4 Years
My favorite Pokemon was originally Ninetales - it's actually the reason why I like Pokemon today, it caught my attention!

I love Zoroark too, but I'm going to have to go with Alolan Ninetales for this one, because as soon as I saw it's design it totally won me over.

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Age 33
Seattle, WA
Seen 1 Week Ago
Posted October 10th, 2019
2,573 posts
7.6 Years
wow, so hard to pick, one of my favorites is a fire fox too, but also Eevee (both are foxes too)
love the four in the poll so much, hard for to tell one another apart
voted for the poor Delphox, I love it, many don't seem to - more for my slightly higher fave to part psychics too
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Aka Screege Mcduke

Age 21
Hall Of Origin
Seen 2 Days Ago
Posted 1 Week Ago
1,449 posts
143 Days
Alolan Ninetails pretty good so I'm going to vote for it
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Age 19
Somewhere in Southeast Asia
Seen 5 Hours Ago
Posted 1 Day Ago
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167 Days
OOOFFF.. I love both Alolan Ninetales and Kantonian Ninetales. But Kantonian Ninetales had been the MVP for most of my romhack challenge run (Photonic Sun, the GT 2019 event, etc.) granted most romhack gave it the extra Fairy typing just like it's Alolan counterpart, but i'll still pick Kantonian one. (Cmon Gamefreak give it Fire/Psychic or Fairy/Fire typing please)


Aspiring Professor's Aide

Texas, United States
Seen 1 Week Ago
Posted 4 Weeks Ago
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85 Days
If Delphox wasn't in the poll I probably would have chosen Alolan Ninetales. But Delphox was in the poll, so Delphox it is. :D
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Cubie the Cube

Age 20
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Posted 3 Hours Ago
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Love Delphox and A-Ninetales the same, though since I assumed not many people would've voted for Delphox (and I was right) I went with it
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Seen 1 Week Ago
Posted 2 Weeks Ago
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38 Days
Original Ninetales.


Snow Delivery Dog

Age 26
Seen 57 Minutes Ago
Posted 15 Hours Ago
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5.4 Years
I definitely like Zoroark the most. It has a gorgeous design and a fun gimmick with illusion. I also like Delphox a lot too.

Woof Woof~!
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