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Sign Up Turbo Mafia #1

Started by gimmepie 2 Weeks Ago 8:34 PM
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Turbo Mafia

Town Roles

Cop - Each night, can investigate another player and learn their alignment.
Doctor - Each night, can visit a player and protect them from death.
Drunk - Each night, can visit a player and block their night action.
Vigilante - Each night, can kill another player.
Villagers - You guys don't have any night actions or special abilities but your contributions during the day are still very important.

Mafia Roles

Godfather - Appears Innocent on Cop reports.
Hooker - Each night, can visit another player and block their night action.
Voodoo Lady - Each night, can visit another player and select a 4+ letter word (excluding super common ones). If the visited player uses that word they die.


1. Do not share your PMs or discuss the events of an ongoing game outside of the thread or the mafia team chat.
2. Days are 4 hours, nights are 2 hours. Do not post in the thread during the night.
3. If you are dead, that's it. You're out of the game and can no longer post in the thread. The exception to this is one single "death" post that can be full of snark but cannot contain any game-related information.
4. Voting to lynch during the day is mandatory. You cannot vote for nobody. Format votes as [vote] player.
5. You must post at least twice per day phase. Failing to do so for two days in a row may result in you getting replaced.
6. Failing to make a lynch vote in the day phase two days in a row may also result in your replacement.
7. Have fun!!!


The Underground Moderators as your Game Masters



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Yeah ok fine
Music seems to hold everything together.
It seems to make things not so chaotic sometimes.
It seems to make things make more sense sometimes.
Lightning is best Admin


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hi idk what i'm doing but sure
pair family llsif bandori ffxiv art
sheep x bobandbill 5ever
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