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Hardest fight

Started by HeroLinik 2 Weeks Ago 11:34 PM
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So we've all been there. Quite a lot of us have had to go through that one fight where we wish we'd rather be doing something just as annoying rather than face up that boss and die trying. SM and USUM is no slouch to that either, having its fair share of difficult bosses and fights in general.

What was the hardest fight that you encountered in SM and USUM? I had trouble with Araquanid and Lysandre in USUM.

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First battle with Ilma and that teacher in Trainer School are always pain to go through, mostly because at that point of the game I usually have just my underleveled starter on my team. And their super-effective attacks hit really hard.


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That Totem Lurantis battle was annoying as all hell. First time I've encountered an AI that used decent double battle synergy, so it did catch me off guard.


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Totem Lurantis took a lot of tries, in both the originals and USUM. I couldn't even beat it without Robo Lottery powers, it was that horrible.

I also had a bad time w/Ultra Necrozma. People who say Pokemon games are getting easier? Sure, go off I guess. Clearly, they've never battled this thing. I almost never stood a chance until I got myself a dark type Pokemon, and even then, I was really underleveled for this monstrosity.
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Necrozma beat me a couple of times until I used knock off then my decidueye's z move pretty easy once you know how to deal with it
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oh the necrozma one 100%. I was lucky I got toxic on my muk. and a ton of max revives and max potions


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As for myself, Totems Marowak and Kommo-o in Ultra were quite a pain in the neck. They crushed my supposed strategies and had me use something else just to chip off their healths. And that's in a nuzlocke, so revives were already out from my strategy options.

I also had a bad time w/Ultra Necrozma. People who say Pokemon games are getting easier? Sure, go off I guess. Clearly, they've never battled this thing. I almost never stood a chance until I got myself a dark type Pokemon, and even then, I was really underleveled for this monstrosity.
About Ultra Necrozma, I'd say that this thing can be either piece of cake if you know how to work around it or insane if you go blind. There are plenty of suggested strategies for Ultra Necrozma out there, y'see.


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That first teacher battle is a real pain. I think the games are easier now but there's still a few curveball fights in there to catch you out.

I do find it annoying that your rival gets the pokemon weak to your starting type, im sure they always used to get the strong one.
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I never struggled in any of the seventh gen battles at all until Ultra Necrozma. That thing wiped me the first battle and with try #2, I survived using healing items and a single mon left. @_@
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I'll rank them in terms of how much I had to actually prepare for them. And that's saying a lot for a Pokemon game.

1. Ultra Necrozma. Absolute nonsense of a fight, and if you have to be unlucky when it comes to IVs/EVs you are even more screwed over. Had to literally poison stall to kill it.

2. Totem Araquanid/Togedemaru. Once again, it's so easy to be locked for a long time on these fights. They have too good coverage. Spikey Shield is a level of annoyance I don't wish on anyone and Araquanid having Aurora beam is a huge screw you.

3. Lurantis can be really annoying. Super annoying. Unless you're overleveled this fight will not go well for you. Between having the back-up be annoying with supersonic and having a herb to speed up it's charge. Everything in this fight is made to bug you in some way.

4. Totem Rhibombee. I made the mistake of fooling around. Having this thing get quiver dance is super messed up. As well as calling in Pelliper to make sure you don't use a fire type. I was lucky that I was able to defeat it.

Special mention goes to rainbow rocket. In that game, Lysandre having a Mega and Legendary was hell.


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I find SMUSUM to be some of the harder games in the series.

There's of course the Ultra Necrozma fight a.k.a. 'Please don't 1HKO me' - the fight, but for me, Guzma 1 in Malie Garden in USUM is such a big jump in difficulty.
The main problem is Masquerain, which was buffed in USUM. It's fast, has high special attack and wide coverage. Golisopod is also a pain in the ass to handle sometimes.

In general, from the second half of Ula'Ula, the game's level curve seems to go up a wall, with consecutive bosses out-levelling each other. The Guzma 2 - Gladion 2 - Nanu fights, all occurring in quick succession is one of the worst 'gauntlets' so to speak. Then the Guzma 3 - Lusamine battles at the end of Aether Paradise can also be brutal.
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