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Recruiting Pokémon Inasmery version.

Started by Benzaroo 1 Week Ago 12:07 PM
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Hello! I’m Benzaroo, but please call me Benzzy! :) I’m looking to create a fan game, using rpg maker XP, using Pokémon essentials.

•Here are some things to look forward too

The region is going to be based on North Carolina.

Hopefully 25+ fakemon based on North Carolina wildlife.

8 gyms, types include, ghost (because of the civil war), flying(the first flight and plane was invited in nc), poison(cause of ncs, many different poisonous plants 🌱 ex poison oak, sumac, and ivy) fairy(as a N.C. folktale of the Fairy Crosses in the Blue Ridge Mountains) dragon(as a N.C. folklore of the monster in lake Norman), normal(don’t have a reason for this type tbh), bug(the mosquitoes are lovely 🤥), water(the ocean n junk okkk)
The plot is a bit more adult.
(Adult language and darker themes)
The protagonists are 18 years old.

The main plot of this game is about independence, and freedom, acceptance.

Rival info
{click spoiler for info}
It’s mostly unfolding your story about your rival Harris. Harris comes from a long line of Pokémon champions, contest champions and professors, his grandmother is the professor for this region. Her name is Dr. professor Cayra Tomentosa, a hard working, strict, woman very busy in her research of regional variance. Harris’s family excepts him to become the league champion as his father is. His mother is the contest champion of this region. Harris is a only child, and he’s vain, self righteous, conceited and a womanizer.

Main protagonist
{click spoiler for info}
You are his {Harris*} childhood friend, even though he treats you like dirt under his feet, you’ve always been there to look out for your friend, bailed him out of jail and things like that.
You are a shy and reserved person, tender hearted and soft spoken, nervous and anxious. Raised by your single mother as your father is in jail. Your mother is very protective of you! The reason you set out on your journey is because Harris* has pressured you into doing so, as 18 is the legal age in this region to become a official trainer and enter the league.

Evil team- Orthene
{click spoiler for info}
I would describe Orthene as a cult/gang.
The “leader” of this cult is a 14 year old non-binary person who’s goal is to bring their parents back from the dead because they are a orphan, their parents used to be X gym leaders Who disappeared mysteriously after their birth. They try to summon mythical Pokémon to go back in time, to save their parents. They have a popular influence and contest culture. (You have to be 18 to be a trainer not a contest contestant!) they murder, steal, do whatever they want to get more of a following, however nobody knows it’s them running the cult, as they wear a mask certain sections of the media know what’s going on and that’s how they broadcast with their mask.

• Starters are based on the
Eastern tiger salamander (will evolve to be a water/dragon type!)
I don’t have the other two, it would be up to my spriters to pick what they would be, the typing for them however is psychic /fairy and poison/grass
Eastern tiger salamander/ Kleleb

Pokédex entry;

So I’m looking for some people to assist me, I really really want to see this come to life.

Here are some of the people I’m looking for

Spriters - All of my “team” of spriters will have creative freedom on the designs of fakemon they create...I’m not very imaginative, as long as the animal is native to North Carolina it can fit. PLEASE NOTE I HAVE CONCEPT ART FOR MOST OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS BESIDES THE ELITE FOUR AND GYM LEADERS!

Here is some concept art for THE MAIN CHARACTERS.

Eventer - The majority of my idea for this game is going to run on events, I just need assistance scripting them.

Mapper - My mapping sucks. I have a idea for this area of nc, and maybe going a little closer to the piedmont region of NC.

Scene assistance - I kind of want someone to help brainstorm scenes and events for this game, I’m more of a writer than anything.

•Official art
Official female protagonist sprite and design!
(Art by the lovely Light on Twitter! Definitely commission them!)
{ link to their twitter }

Official male protagonist sprite and design
(Art by the lovely light on twitter! His link is above!)
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