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[Gen V] Sand Team [OU]

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Old March 16th, 2012 (1:57 AM).
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    This is my sand team I made at the start of the gen. Its changed as pokemonhave come and gone (Garchomp, Excadrill) or as I decided i wanted to use a newpokemon. I’ve never really taken this team to serious but iv decided I want totry and see how far I can ladder using a sand team, but before that I want totry and get this team perfect. So any help, advice or suggestions would begreatly appreciated.

    Sand Streamer

    [email protected]@Sand Stream

    Stealth Rock


    Fire Blast

    Ice Beam


    Well every sand team needs a sand streamer and out of the two I believeTyranitar is the best. Tyranitar has fantastic special defence in the sand andacts as my special wall/pivot hence the Ev spread. Tyranitars main role on thisteam is to set up sand and stealth rocks, any extra damage is a bonus. I chosepursuit over crunch to trap and kill pursuit weak pokemon such as Latios andGengar who can give this team trouble. For example Tyranitar can switch into adraco meteor from Latios and thanks to his great defence take the hit, then hecan trap with pursuit. Fire Blast is there for any incoming Scizors as well asnailing Ferrothorns and other fire weak pokemon. Ice beam is there for Gliscor,Landorus and the Dragons.

    The Physical Wall/Annoyer

    [email protected] [email protected] Heal






    Say hello to one of the most annoying pokemon you can face in battle. I wishI had a dollar every time this sets made someone rage quiet. Gliscor acts as myphysical wall. He also has great synergy with Tyranitar. The Ev spread is mentto make him as physically defensive as possible while allowing him to out speedcertain pokemon such as other Tyranitars, Brelooms and Heatrans. If Gliscorgets a sub up he can be very hard to deal with. For exapmle if I have a sub, oram just faster I can stall out Rotom-W hyro pumps. Protect is to help scout andgood for stalling and poison heal recovery. Toxic allows me to stall even moreeffeciantly and earthquake acts as a reliable stab attack. Pokemon such asGengar and other Glisocrs give this set trouble however I feel my team ispretty equipped to deal with them.

    The Revenge Killer

    [email protected] [email protected]


    Bullet Punch

    Super Power



    Say hello to the most used pokemon in OU. Im pretty sure anyone whose playscompetitive pokemon knows what this set does. The Ev spread is meant tomaximise attack while giving Scizor some good bulk. Speed doesnt need anyinvestment thanks to bullet punches priority. Scizors role in this team is torevenge kill any weak pokmeon as well as act as a powerful priority user. Forthose of you that dont know a technician, stabbed bullet punch has base 90power, which hurts any pokemon that doesnt resist it coming off Scizor greatbase 130 attack + a choice band. U-turn is there to still deal a decent amountof damage and allows me to scout and keep offensive momentum. Superpower is forany incoming Heatrans expecting a bullet punch and is just a great coveragemove in general. Finally I chose pursuit again for the same reason as Ttar, totrap any Pursuit weak pokemon. Scizor is better at trapping Gengar as wellwhich is a bonus.

    All Out Sweeper

    [email protected] [email protected]

    Sword Dance

    Rock Polish

    Close Combat

    Stone Edge


    Terrakion is my all out sweeper. His role is to punch holes and sweepthrough teams, usually late game. Due to his great duel stabs Terrakion can runa very successful double dance set. I usually try to send him out late game tofinish it. The Ev spread is pretty standard for a sweeper, maximise speed andoffense. With air balloon and the special defence boost from the sand Terrakionfinds it easy to set up. The strategy is simple; if there’s any scarfers/fasterpokemon left I use rock polish, if not sword dance and if I get both its prettymuch GG unless they have a Scizor.

    Bulky Physical Sweeper

    [email protected] [email protected] Heal

    Bulk Up


    Drain Punch

    Seed Bomb


    Breloom is one of my favourite pokemon. I’ve always liked his kangaroocharacteristics and the fact that a pokemon with low base stats has made greatuse of stat distribution, moves and abilitys to find him in the OU tier. Sowhen I heard about this set I just had to try it out myself and it hasn’t disappointed.The Ev spread is meant to maximise poison heal recovery while making himdecently specially bulky. The 60 speed Evs allow Breloom to out speed minimumspeed Heatran, Tyranitar and defensive Politoad. Bulk up is the boosting moveof choice, boosting Brelooms already high attack and medicore defence to highlevels. Drain punch and poison heal make a great team and seed bomb is Breloomsmost powerful stab. Spore is there to put a pokemon to sleep and is just auseful move in general. Once Breloom gets a few bulk ups he can be extremelydifficult to take down. The best thing about this set is it gives rain andstall teams a hard time as well as completely wrecking the famous Volt-Turncombo after a few bulk ups. Breloom can set up on a number of common pokemonsuch as Ferrothorn, Ttar, Politoad as well as any Gliscor lacking acrobats.

    Bulky Special Sweeper

    [email protected]@Magic Gaurd

    Calm Mind


    Focus Blast



    Reuniclus provides great balance for this team. As well as providing goodsynergy he also allows me to hit form the special side, something I’m lackingright now. This set is aimed to make Reuniclus as physically bulky as possibleseeing as calm mind will boost his spec defence. Calm mind is my boosting moveallowing Reuniclus to boost his Special side to scary levels, psychic for stab,focus blast for coverage and recover makes him even more bulky and ensures hecan last longer on the battle field. While this set does have its counter, whichare very common I feel my team can handle them.

    Yeah so like I said any suggestions, advice or just help in general will be greatlyappreciated.

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    Old March 23rd, 2012 (4:36 PM).
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    I've been doing some homework on Smogon, and you might need to change things.

    Your team seems pretty diverse as far as weaknesses go but I need to critique your movesets:

    Sassy nature
    Leftovers / Chople Berry
    Sand Stream
    EVs 252 HP, 64 Sp. Atk, 192 Sp. Def
    Stealth Rock, Crunch, Fire Blast, Ice Beam

    Tyranitar is looking good, not much change needed except that you could consider a Chople Berry to weaken a normally 4x effective Fighting-type attack.

    Impish nature
    Toxic Orb
    Poison Heal
    EVs 252 HP, 184 Defense, 72 Speed
    Substitute, Toxic, Protect, Earthquake

    Looking good, no need to change.

    Adamant nature
    Choice Band
    EVs 248 HP, 252 Attack, 8 Speed
    U-turn, Bullet Punch, Superpower, Pursuit

    Perfect. Keep up the good work!

    Jolly or Adamant nature
    Life Orb / Air Balloon
    EVs 4 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed
    Rock Polish, Swords Dance, Close Combat, Stone Edge

    Perfect nature, Jolly is nice for a Speed boost and Air Balloon protects you from Ground until someone attacks you. Life Orb may be considered for more power on your attacks.

    Careful nature
    Toxic Orb
    Poison Heal
    EVs 236 HP, 212 Sp. Def, 60 Speed
    Bulk Up, Spore, Seed Bomb, Drain Punch

    Absolutely perfect in every way, keep it up!

    Bold nature
    Leftovers / Life Orb
    Magic Guard
    EVs 252 HP, 252 Defense, 4 Sp. Def
    Calm Mind, Recover, Psychic, Focus Blast

    That's one perfect Reuniclus there, Shiny too. Leftovers is nice but why pass up the opportunity to have your Reuniclus hold a Life Orb and not lose any HP due to Magic Guard? Put the Life Orb on it instead.

    Hope you like it!
    Old March 25th, 2012 (6:39 AM).
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      Hi there, nice team.

      There's one glaring weakness I can point out right off the bat: you have three Pokemon weak to Water, and only one resistor (Breloom, who isn't particularly bulky to begin with). Water-types often carry Ice Beam/Punch/Fang, take for example Dragon Dance Gyarados, who can do a ton of damage to your team after a single Dragon Dance. Then there's Feraligatr and Starmie, and the omnipresent Rain teams. A well-played VoltTurn combination can also hurt your team.

      The easiest way to fix this is to throw in Gastrodon in there somewhere, which puts a full stop to all those threats, preferably over either Terrakion or Breloom, since their roles are pretty much identical.

      Hikari, don't take this the wrong way, but I think swapping Leftovers for Chople Berry isn't a really good idea. He has Gliscor which is sufficient to keep most Fighting-types under control (the only exception I can think of right now is CM Virizion, but Scizor can deal with him).

      Have you ever considered Trick Room Reuniclus? It gets rid of a lot of things to make Terakion's/Breloom's sweeping easier, and just a great general failsafe.


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