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Old February 13th, 2018 (12:16 PM).
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    Team PPP (Pokémon Parallel Platinum)

    After dreaming about creating my very own Pokémon Hack for years, I finally managed to successfully implement some of my numerous ideas in a Pokémon Platinum Hack last year. Unfortunately my hacking skills are quite limited and I'd like to find some people to support me where I don't have any experience yet. By now I've been working with DS Pokémon Editor, DPP Attack Editor and Nitro Explorer to change stats, movesets, abilities and other specific data of single Pokémon and edit some attacks. I remember some basic stuff about editing Pokémon battle sprites but I am not good at spriting so one key position I'm searching for in my team is a spriter.
    Furthermore I'm not good at drawing but every good hack that contains Fakemon needs some good artwork to present so that's why I'm also looking for somebody who can draw artworks. Since this is not directly related to the whole hacking topic, let me know if I should search elsewhere.
    At last I'm also looking for some scripting support. A hack without any custom story elements might not be too convincing to most people so I was thinking about two potential things to do. 1 - I'd like to implement the Fairy-type and maybe some attack effects (and abilities) that were introduced in later games but that's optional. 2 - I think there should be at least some details changed in the scripting of the game so the player can at least understand what is different to the original games and why.

    Application Form:
    Proof of work (if possible):
    Amount of time that you can give in making this project:

    Current Team Members:
    Currently there is only me searching for some experienced people to support my ideas with the necessary skills.

    Current Progress:
    Rom base: I'm using a North American ROM of Pokémon Platinum.
    Pokémon: In the current state there are 131 different Fakemon implemented in the game. Since it's a beta-version I made just to use some modified Pokémon in the Battle Frontier, there is still much work to do for making those Pokémon usable for a playthrough (evolutions, level-up movesets, TM movesets). With evolutions that I didn't implement yet there would be around 235 Fakemon by now.
    Attacks: There are about 40 attacks that I modified. Some of them are completely new, others have modified stats (e.g. Giga Drain has 75 power as it has since Black & White). There is still some improvement possible because there are many moves that crash the game if I edit them in DPP Attack Editor.
    Story: There is nothing I changed about the Story yet but I'd like to at least change the Pokémon teams of the Gym Leaders and Elite Four members.
    One change in the game's story I thought about was to implement a legend that involves Dialga and Palkia who created a parallel universe when they fought each other in ancient times. Characters like Cynthia or Cyrus could talk about that legend and try to find out what that parallel universe might be like and if there are different Pokémon existing (that could be an explanation why about 50% of the real Pokémon are replaced by Fakemon).

    That's all for now, I hope you are interested. Feel free to ask me anything!
    Creator of Pokémon Parallel Platinum. To see my first beta contents, visit my YouTube Channel HyruleTV. Looking for people to join my hacking team! PM me if you're interested! :)
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