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Bidoof Version (Map Build, Script, Writer)

Started by Farquaad April 3rd, 2019 3:48 AM
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Posted July 12th, 2019
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Pokemon Bidoof takes place in a world of bidoofs that have mutated with other Pokémon to create some wacky hybrids.

The game is firered and so far all we have are the fusion sprites completed for the game.

What we have: Spriters, Programmer

What we need: Map Builders, Scripters, Writers, Programmers, music

For map building: the big thing that I want is for the region map to shape like bidoof.

For Writers: You can kinda play with different ideas. One idea is that the evil team is hunting for the true bidoof to use its power to rule the world. Anything can work for this.


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blasting off to the launchpad!


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Launchpad is where you can post ideas and recruit help with making your ROM Hack. You're basing your project on FireRed, is that right?
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