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Other Original Galaxy Resurrection

Started by FlameChrome September 18th, 2018 1:54 PM
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Chapter 1
A girl was relaxing on the beach, having a good ole time. When suddenly a dude who was running from the police, tripped over her. The police caught up to him and arrested them both.

Time for prison scum. One officer announced while shoving the two into the cop car.

Why am I being arrested when its your crime? The girl asked.

Its the police, what do you expect? I will try and let you not get thrown into jail though. The guy responds. No promises though.

Better than nothing. She says. They stayed quiet until they got to the court. The dude kept his promise of trying to get her no sentence but it failed. They both were sentenced to 30 years in the prison ship They were sent to the prison ship S530, otherwise a prison ship in space. Once up there they got situated and went to have dinner.

Tell me, what did you do to get us up here in prison? She asked.

I was trying to kill the President of Earth, Im part of a group that protects the people from so called bad things like the President. He responds.

Why, what was he doing for you want to kill him? She added.

We heard about him wanting to enslave other planets, look only thing we can do right now is prison ships in space right? Well he wants to go to other planets and populate them for his enslavement of everyone, even aliens. He explains while finishing his dinner.

Its hard to see that happening since we can only populate space and not other planets yet. She wonders.

Lets hope we can get out them before he does or he actually wont. The dude replies as he goes back to his cell. She finishes her dinner a few minutes later and cleans up then goes to her cell too. She lays there wondering if he is right or not, and if he is right how will the world come back from this one. Earth has been through a lot, starting with that the Earth was taken over somewhat and was made into one so called country.

Then she realized something, Oh muk, I never got his name. Oh well we got 30 years here, we will get to know eachother eventually. She falls asleep, wondering what the next 30 years will bring.



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Its been about 27 years, everything the guy said would happen did happen. Planets were colonized and enslaved, even Earth. Only about 3 years left before they get free. The two gets called to a meeting in the meeting room.

I wonder what this one is about. She said as she sits down by the dude.

Who knows, but we can only hope for certain things. Right? The dude responded.

I guess youre right Steve. She looks to the front of the room.

Welcome to the last meeting you will see you scumbags. The officer said. We have big news for you two.

Finally we are getting out of here. She said.

You two have 20 years added to your sentence. The Officer announced.

What?! Steve exclaimed.

He has his reasons, so you two can be safe. Officer assured.

Yeah right, he just dont want us so called scumbags out. She explained.

You are right, congrats. You get nothing. Officer said. Meeting over. He leaves the room. The two go to the dining room.

Hey Sarah, sorry about us getting trapped in this ship. Steve apologizes while sitting down after getting his food.

I wish they would let us out, who knows what might happen if we dont get out soon. Sarah replies.

Well the next thing could happen is, well I dont know. All I know is that we need to take him back over and end this. Steve said uncertain of what was happening.

Well we got about 20 extra years before we get out of here. Sarah said sadly.

Im sorry, its all my fault that we are both in here. Steve said looked frowned at his food.

Well, you are a nice guy. I wouldnt have known that this was gonna happen. Along with because we are in here we are not really affected by his enslavement. Sarah said trying to cheer him up.

Glad you enjoy your time with me but we need to end his reign. He said while focused on something. I think I know how to get out of here.

You really want to leave? Sarah asked, confused of his comment.

Dont you want his terror to end? Steve asked.

I mean yeah, but what about our sentence? Sarah replied.

Technically sentences dont matter, not in this world we live in now. Steve responded while looking out the window.



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Chapter 3
“I really want to get out of here now.” Sarah said tiredly to Steve.

“To be honest, thought it would only take you a few years before you said that.” Steve responded. “But this is kind of where we live now anyways.”

“Why?” She whined.

“Because the government that took over the world was destroyed and there are no more civilizations anymore. Might be small colonies who are barely surviving but no actual colony anymore.” Steve explained.

“Wow.” Sarah sat down. “I can’t believe that happened.”

“I can a little, dictatorships never survive. At least not human colony ones.” Steve added.

“Makes sense, but how are we getting out without getting killed?” She asked.

“We need to take hold of this ship.” He says while eating a cookie. “We need to kill the officers here first.”

“We have no weapons.” Sarah announced.

“Yeah we do.” Steve said as he pulled out a pistol. “It’s only a pistol but it should work for now.”

“How did you get a pistol?” Sarah asked.

“Not the first time I have been here, I know the ins and outs of this.” Steve answered as a officer walked into the room.

“Put down the gun now.” Officer said aiming the gun at Steve. Sarah sneaked behind the officer, grabbed a chair and whacked the officer distracting him. Allowing Steve to shoot him, making the officer to go down.

“Gunshot, more will be here soon.” Steve announced.

“Only makes sense.” Sarah said while searching the dead body for weapons and got a Pistol. “Great, now I got a gun.”

“Nice, we meet up in control room.” Steve said while walking out and shooting at officers. Sarah loaded the pistol and went down the opposite hallway. The alarm of the ship goes off. After killing about 5 more officers she makes it to the control room, where Steve comes in about 2 minutes after her.

“I think that’s all of the officers.” Steve announced.

“Great, how does this work?” She asked confused while looking at control panel.

“I steer, you get onto look out just in case there are other officers.” Steve commanded while going to the control panel.

“Right.” She replied and going to the door of control room for lookout. The ship starts to jump space. Soon enough they make it to a space station, looked to still be intact.

“A space station?” Sarah asked.



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Chapter 4
This is the base of my group. Steve announced as they landed and docked in the space station. A few people in suits appear in front of them.

Ah good to see you again Steve. One guy said.

We would like to welcome the captain aboard the Galaxy Saviors. The woman said.

Nice new name, considering that Earth and human population is destroyed. Steve replied. And thank you Cindy.

No problem sir, now if you could go to your quarters and get in your new suit. Cindy added.

I will, thank you. Steve replied as he was about to walk away. Oh, this is Sarah. Get her fitted please. He walks away. Cindy guides Sarah into a fitting room.

Never been in space until the prison ship. Sarah announced while she entered the room behind Cindy.

Meet Steve in the prison ship then? Cindy asked.

Yeah, technically before. But you could basically say that, it was too close together. Sarah answered.

Sorry if I dont reply right away, Im looking for a suit for you. Cindy announced.

Its fine, how long have you worked for Steve? Sarah watches Cindy walk around looking at suits.

Possibly about 30 years, before you guys went into the prison ship. Cindy answered while picking out a suit. Here, change into this sweetie. See if it fits. Sarah takes the suit, goes into the changing room and changes into it. She comes out a little embarrassed at how tight it was.

Should it be this tight? Sarah asked concerned.

Its made to help you move better and show the curves. Cindy replied analyzing the suit. You might need a bigger size though anyways. She hands a size bigger to Sarah for her to change into. Sarah comes out, less tight so she feels better.

Thats a better size for you. Cindy confirmed.

Good, maybe something more loose? Sarah asked.

We dont have any suits looser, but if you find any. You are more than welcome to put them on. Cindy assured.

Alright, thank you though. Sarah said.

He might actually notice you, unlike me. Cindy mumbles, about to walk out.

What was that? Sarah asked wondering. Cindy sighs.

I said, maybe he will notice you. He already has given you the twinkly eyes earlier. Hes never looked at me. He acts like Im his secretary. Cindy answered, little mad.

Im sure he wants to be with you. Sometimes guys can be jerks, specially when they dont wanna ruin things. Sarah assured.

Whatever, now let me show you your room. Cindy walks out of the room waiting for Sarah to follow. Sarah follows her, until they reach the rooms. They walk to a empty room.

This will be your room, since you were on a prison ship the past 40 years. I doubt you will have much. Cindy explained.

Thats true, hopefully I will get more stuff sooner or later. Sarah hoped.

Well considering that there is bases and stuff through the universe, there might be stuff to get. Cindy explained.

Cool, guessing from what happened. Theyre abandonded bases. Sarah guessed.

Yup, some might have survivors. I doubt they would be much of a threat though. Cindy answered. Better get used to everything, we got a meeting later. To get everyone nice and good here.



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Chapter 5
It’s been about a few weeks. Everything has been going well, no reports or emergencies have been done. Sarah has been training and doing well. Then the alarm goes off.

“What is it?” One guy asked.

“It’s an alert of a strange presence on a planet. That is nearly inaccessible.” Steve announced.

“What planet?” Sarah asked.

“Planet Burn-up.” Steve answered. “The hottest planet in this galaxy.”

“Wow, do we have the technology to survive the heat?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, but not many. Only a few.” Cindy replied. “Few suits I mean.”

“Dan and Doug, you two are going to take care of it.” Steve commanded.

“Yes sir.” Both said, walking away to get the suits.

“Sir, you should stay here. So if they die, you won’t and we will still have a captain to lead us.” Cindy suggested.

“Good idea, or I can be backup.” Steve replied. The two came back in their suits.

“We are ready to go.” Doug announced.

“Good, now get to the fire-proof ship and get down there. Keep your headset on and active so we can keep communications with you.” Steve commanded. The two put on their communication devices and goes to the fire-proof ship, which isn’t 100% fireproof but temporary. The two fly off the planet, Steve hangs out at the main console. Cindy hangs out at the communications table, keeping in contact with Doug and Dan. They land on the planet and get out.

“Better hurry up, don’t know how long the ship and out suits can last.” Dan said.

“Yeah, which way to we go?” Doug asked to Cindy through the earpiece.

“Go straight, you will eventually get there. Be careful of the lava and heat though.” Cindy responded through the earpiece. Doug and Dan walk until they reach a base.

“We found a base, going to enter it.” Doug said through the earpiece.

“Good luck, be careful.” Cindy responded through the earpiece. They enter the base and explore it, while keeping an eye out.

“Seems to be no one here so far.” Dan said right as an alien showed up and knocked him out. Doug shoots the alien and kills it.

“Dan, you alright buddy?” Doug asked as he shook him. Dan groans a bit but doesn’t wake up. Doug picks him up and puts him over his shoulder and continues to explore the place. He finds nothing else, he gets to the exit and gets surrounded.

“Hey Cindy, I got a bit of a problem.” Doug said to Cindy through the earpiece.

“What is it?” Cindy asked.

“We are surrounded by aliens and Dan is knocked out.” Doug explained.

“Well you are the muscle remember? So do your best, I’m sure you can get through it. Plus there isn’t much of any other option.” Cindy responded.

“True.” Doug replied and put Dan on the ground where he would be safe. Doug gets his gun ready and begins firing at the aliens. He kills about half of them before he gets shot himself, luckily it only paralyzed him. They were dragged to the aliens ship.

“Dan? Doug? DAN!? DOUG!?” Cindy tried connecting to them but failed. “Guys, they aren’t responding.”

“We have to save them, Cindy stay with the communications module.” Steve commanded.

“Of course sir.” Cindy replied.
“Think you can handle this Sarah?” Steve asked her.

“Possibly, but my training isn’t over.” Sarah answered.

“Training is never over, you always learn something new. But we need you out there and save them.” Steve exclaimed.

“Alright sir.” Sarah responded and grabbed the last fire suit and put it on. She hoped into a small spaceship and flied to the planet. She landed and heads to the base thing where the others were. She went in and saw them tied up. She fired the gun a few times, hit a couple of them, only killed one. The rest ran after her, she started to run. Her stamina wasn’t the best so she didn’t last long before she had to stop. She couldn’t stop though or they would catch her. Inside the base Dan wakes up a bit.

“Ow, that was a pain. Hey I’m alive!.” Dan excitedly said. “Better get Doug out of here.” He hears Sarah outside, screaming for her dear life. He gets up weakly and goes outside, aims for a few of the aliens and kills them. He goes back inside to get Doug and notices a piece of artifacts. He picks it up and puts it in the bag, then picks up Doug and carries him to the ship the two flew in with. He starts it and flies off.

“Why did I agree to this?” Sarah asked herself while catching her breath and firing at the aliens a bit. Then the aliens get shot down, she turns around and it was Dan shooting them with the ship.

“Hop in!” He commanded while still firing at them. She got in and they flew off. Dan rested in the back while Sarah steered the ship to the space station. She parked it inside the space station and everyone got out. Dan and Doug was sent to the medical room with Cindy.

“Good job Sarah, you may have ran away but you gave Dan time to get things straight and help everyone.” Steve assured. “We just gotta work on your confidence.”
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