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    Past of the Past


    3 years before the events of Gold and Silver...

    "Welcome to wild Johto Region. I am Professor Elm. I reach out to you to ask if you are interested in helping me. See, Professor Oak gave me this Encyclopedia, the Pokedex. I would like for you to fill it out while helping people around the Johto Region. Don't worry, i will give you a Pokemon. With it, you shall see the wild landscape of the Johto Region, face new challenges, and face the Pokemon League. Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready to face adversities?"

    The Setting so far...

    As the day began, a busy scientist kept tidying his lab. He has been quite busy on his research, hence why the lab was a mess. But now he was having visits, and he was pretty much busy going around left and right. "Put this here, place this here, Set the Poke Balls for the ones who are arriving... Clean here, program the Pokedex to be fully functional... Alright, i think we are done. Would you please hand me these reports?" Elm spoke as the aide gave him his huge pile of reports, and Elm then put it on a box and placed it in the corner. He looked around the clean lab. "Clean! We have been so busy that cleaning was so hard." He said. He was honestly wanting to meet his new Dex Holders... They should be arriving anytime...

    Silent Hills: A Settlement in Southeastern Johto, it is linked by Route 27 to east, and Route 29 to west. This town has a few wooden windmills, showing that the wind flows perfectly. A small Pokemon Center here offer services to the travelers who pass by. Another interesting place is Professor Elm's lab, where Professor Elm, of course, gives you out a Pokemon! For every player, whatever Pokemon they chose in the SU, is the Pokemon they are getting as their starter. After that, not much remains in Sillent Hills, so therefore, you can start moving out to west.


    "A Cherry Walk" (Escort Mission): "I want to visit Cherrygrove Bay, but last time my Pokemon got hurt. Would you please escort me to Cherrygrove Bay?" - Professor Elm. (Rewards: Everstone; Limit Players: 1, however, more players can hop on the mission, but will not get the Everstone.)

    "Sign-fiti" (Normal Sidequest): "I heard that these thugs with a Sentret and a Rattata each were trying to make graffiti on the sign. Would you please stop em, and then clean the sign?" - Nurse Joy (Rewards: Great Ball; Limit Players: None)

    "Top Percentage" (Capture Sidequest): "I want to train a Top Percentage Team. To start it off, i wanna a Rattata! That's how great trainers begin. Could you catch me a Rattata? They are just in the route ahead." - Youngster Joey (Rewards: Super Potion; Limit Players: 1)

    "Berry Farming" (Item Collecting Sidequest): "Would you please help me? I need to go grab the berries i planted in the trees, but as of lately, Weedle don't let me go near. Would you please help me? I need 4 Oran Berries." - Lass Tara (Reward: Sitrus Berry (If a Weedle was not Captured)/Captured Weedle (If a Weedle was Captured) and Poke Ball; Player Limit: None)

    Location's Theme: Silent Hills's theme

    Route 29: A Small Road Winding from Silent Hills, leading west to Cherry Forest. It's full of tall grass, where you can find pokemon lurking here and around. There is a gate blocked off by guards leading to Route 46, which is blocked off due to a landslide. The Wild Pokemon here include the following:

    - Pidgey, the Tiny Bird Pokemon. A Normal/Flying Type Pokemon known for being really popular among rookie trainers. Easy to capture.

    - Rattata, the Rat Pokemon. A Pure Normal Type Pokemon well known among rookies, being one of their first catches. Relatively easy to capture.

    - Pikachu (Beta Variant), The Mouse Pokemon. A Pure Electric type Pokemon, this well known variation of Pikachu is common to forests. However, it's unknown if this Variant of Pikachu evolve.

    - Mariru, The Mouse Pokemon. A Pure Water Type Pokemon, it is quite popular among Pokemon Fans, like it's blue counterpart, Marill. Unlike Marill, Mariru cannot evolve, but can naturally learn Attract... It's... Something i guess? (Dropping the link cause there is no sprite) - Kirinriki, the Giraffe Pokemon. A Normal/Psychic Pokemon that is really odd. It is known to be able to run backwards and forwards. It is hard to catch for some rookies.

    - Sunkern, The Seed Pokemon. A Pure Grass Type Pokemon. It is rather weak and easy for rookies to capture.

    - Hoppip, The Cottonweed Pokemon. A Grass/Flying Type Pokemon that flutters around really commonly. It's a rather easy capture for all kinds of rookies, however, it most of the times is airborne. (Same Case of Kirinriki here) & Ledyba, The Five Star Pokemon. A Bug/Flying type Pokemon that seems easy to catch for rookies. However, it is airborne. Not only that, but it's red variant is weak and can evolve, and the black variant is stronger but does not evolve.


    "Bug Hunting" (Capture Quest): "I'm sorry to interrupt in your tracks trainer, but i want to train various bug Pokemon. So i would like for you to catch me a Bug Pokemon in this area, any bug pokemon. I'll gladly reward you afterwards." - Bug Catcher Keith (Reward: Fishing Rod; Player Limit: None)

    "Picnic Trouble" (Normal Quest): "Help me trainer! Four Pidgeys appeared and took a piece of food each. I would like for you to fetch me one piece of food, at the very least." - Pokefan Marshall (Reward: Sitrus Berry/Lum Berry (Player's Choice); Limit Players: 4)

    "Apple!" (Simple Quest): "Um Trainer... Mommy told me to go get apples out here with Sunkern. But that one is out of reach. Could you please just grab it for me?" - Preschooler Lara (Reward: Poke Doll; Player Limit: None)

    Location's Theme: Route 29's theme

    Cherry Forest: A Small Forest with a lake and a bridge in the middle, it's known for it's pink trees blossoming, and the other cherry trees full of cherries, hence why the name Cherry Forest. It's rather easy to navigate around here, and in fact, trainers here challenge the others. Pokemon here are:

    - Caterpie, the Worm Pokemon. It's a Pure Bug Type Pokemon whose Rookies aim for commonly. Please be aware of the strings it shoots, as they are rather sturdy.

    - Metapod, The Cocoon Pokemon. It's the Pure Bug Type Evolution of Caterpie, and an easy snag for the rookies. It probably will be your first instance of evolution you, the newly beginning trainer, will have.

    - Paras, The Mushroom Pokemon. It's a Bug/Grass Type Pokemon with Mushrooms on its back. It is known to shoot various kinds of spores from it's mushrooms as a protection method.

    - Venonat, The Insect Pokemon. A Bug/Poison Type Pokemon with two antennae. It's known to be hopping around really much, and it's not really well famed.

    - Cleffa, The Star Shape Pokemon. A Cute Pure Fairy Type Pokemon under the category of Baby Pokemon. It is known to be highly popular, but due to being a baby pokemon, it easily is scared, and thus, runs away and hides somewhere in the forest. Really hard to catch.

    - Meowth, The Scratch Cat Pokemon. A Catlike Normal Type Pokemon which is rare in the forest. These pokemon like tricking their targets with their looks, and then try to steal one belonging from them. Fast.

    - Slowpoke, The Dopey Pokemon. A Dual Water/Psychic Pokemon, it is really slow, but takes hits very well. These like to hang out around the Lake and on the bridge, being a fairly easy catch.

    - Hoothoot, The Owl Pokemon. A Normal/Flying Type Pokemon, it dislikes sunlight, and likes to move in the night. They stay on trees, but often hop on the ground, making it an easy catch. (No Sprite for it) - Buku, the Pufferfish Pokemon. A Pure Water Type Pokemon with access to some Poison Type Moves. These are found in the lake, so you have to fish for them.

    - Sentret, the Scout Pokemon. A Pure Normal Type Pokemon common among rookies. It's known for being adorable to lots and lots of Poke Fans. (No Sprite) - Kokona, the Worm Pokemon. A Pure Bug Type Pokemon. It's rather slow, and most trainers opt to begin using these Bug Types because it's easy.


    "The Fans" (Catching Quest): "Excuse me Trainer, but would you mind catching me a Sentret? I wanna join a fan club." - Lass Haley (Reward: Pink Bow; Limit Players: None)

    "Cherry!" (Simple Quest): "Hi again trainer! Mommy asked me to go grab some Cherries. But i can't get em. Mind helping me?" - Preschooler Lara (Reward: Cheri Berry; Limit Players: None)

    "The Water's Edge" (Catching Quest): "Howdy Trainer. I don't wanna fight you, but i wanna offer you a request. Say, my wife said to me to catch 6 Buku. But i haven't found any so far. So, i request of you to only catch one, that's what i need. I don't wanna waste your time. In trade of the Buku you catch, i give you a Magikarp, something i haven't found in these waters so far. What you say eh? I only need 1 Buku from you." - Fisherman Ralph (Reward: Magikarp (Knows Dragon Rage, an Event Move from back then in Gen I); Limit Players: 6)

    Location's Theme: Cherry Forest's Theme

    Cherrygrove Bay: Cherrygrove Bay, also known as Cherrygrove Village, is a small village west of Cherry Forest. It's known for it's great fishing spot, as well as it's beautiful scenery of cherry blossom trees. There's a Poke Mart and a Pokemon Center, not much else, plus, a route west of here, through a pier, but it's blocked for now by guards. This town serves as a resting point.


    "Delivery Deliveries" (Delivery Sidequest): "Woah Hi there trainer. Listen, mind giving me a hand? There are a lot of packages i must deliver, but i cannot, since i am quite busy. So i make you this request - Deliver one of my packages. They all are towards Silent Hills, and since you are well protected against wild Pokemon, you should be able to do it. Remember, i don't wanna use up your time, so only one!" - Poke Mart Clerk (Reward: Protein; Player Limit: None)

    Location's Theme: Cherrygrove Bay's Theme

    I do apologize the lack of some Pokemon Sprites, like Kirinriki, Alternate Ledyba,
    Buku and Kokona, but not always the internet have everything.

    I support:

    Pokemon Super Eevee Edition
    Pokemon Red Adventures
    Pokemon Ruby Destiny Series

    Name: Nrop Rats
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

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      I did it I found it. My hand is shaking while I write. Im so happy. I have never felt so happy. I have found the name. I feel complete now. I found myself today. I am me now. I am Yasu!

      Yasu Yasu Yasu Yasu
      It looks so different when I write it. I love writing but I want to speak it. I want to speak it to Tohru. I love this name. I love her name. They pair. Red and green. Male and female. Wetness and warmth!
      Graceful names. Simple names. Sharp names. Sharp as stone. Beautiful stones!
      There are beautiful stones stuck in me. My head. My neck. When I move I feel lightning. I think it is pain. I have a headache but it is a good headache. This is good pain this is perfect pain. This is beautiful pain like the stones and I love it and the stones. I love myself and I love living because life is just like the stones are and never changes and never ends. I can do anything. I can be anyone. I am Yasu I am Yasu I am Yasu!

      I am so excited that I am pulsing not shaking. My arm is not shaking it is pulsing like the wet and warm thing. The wet and warm thing inside of me everywhere that has always been with me. I am wet and warm everywhere. It feels so good. Im pulsing and I feel so good. I want to feel this good forever life is forever life never changes like perfect beautiful stone!

      I am Yasu!
      I am Yasu and I will always be Yasu because that is me!
      Yasu is I!
      I feel like I can do anything ever. I can be famous and loved by everyone if I make them. I can jump from anywhere and fly. But I cannot fly or be famous yet because I have a goal to meet Tohru and say her name and say mine and follow Tohru everywhere and then I will be complete and then I can fly. Life is so beautiful! I have a goal! Life is so beautiful with purpose with a goal. Life is always beautiful.

      But Im pulsing also because I am nervous.I want to meet Tohru but I dont want to upset her. I dont want to make anyone upset. I feel so good. I want to make other people feel good too. I want to be famous. I want to jump and when I jump I will fly. When I jump everything will be alright. Tohru will jump first and then I will follow but I will fly. Will Tohru fly too? NO BAD QUESTION NO SOMEONE PLEASE IM SORRY NO I PROMISE


      Thank you Tohru, I love you Tohru. I miss you Tohru. Have a safe trip Tohru.
      PRINTED TUESDAY 1/9/95 08:45:33
      Heyyyy sis!! Lol can i call you onee-chan? : 3 LMAO IM JOKING

      Sorry I couldnt stay & say bye ,bus to Pallet leaves soon so printed thisi & left you something u might like … or not, lol

      Mom left u lunch in the frige & said shell text you sicne shes coming w/ me to palet to c if the paperowrk went through & OMG im so o EXCITED AAA, how many kids even get a pokemon my age anyway??? Soo blessed hahaha, maybe i really am just special? ; ) jk jk

      (i have no idea what im sayig anymore im just so hype, hope u like th ejournal & all, you can write about… idk… johto… girl stuff… lmao imma stop xd gtg

      Oh & Dad said hell text you (LOL that wasn OT on purpose i sweearr, so tragic xd gtg

      WAIT page s sorryaaah so much cringe lmfao, don’t worry about it tho : ), wrote a lotta cringe in it just no wrrories : ) : ) yeah? Yah
      Bye, have a nice trip Comp Girl!! come back soon,ily, xxx etc & promise not to go grass ; )



      @ SLNT HILLS

      @ 18:45 wts

      M: ESCORT


      TMS / HMS
      'Ceased Development' — chapter 01.1

      ----------“You know my uncle?”
      ----------“Yes, but the nice man your father was! All the years that I had been of taking him in, so to speaking, and were in working together with one another! And yet your uncle was not caring of the field. I would even say he was… uncaring.”
      ----------“Aha, really?” Responding as he sidled past; her hands were clutched in her hoodie sleeves, her back was towards the depths of the office space. “Is he less ‘uncaring’ now that he’s working with you on your research?”
      ----------“Worked with all, Tohru! You especially! Working you are, now! Volunteering! And excited you must be, should be, very much!”
      ----------"Yeah, I’m really excited, Elm.” His focus had been on the Happa as she looked on. “What about you and Dad?”
      ----------Sidled past her again; the professor transitioned from the opposite end of the operating table to the furthest edge of the room, vanishing with a cry back of, “Sarcasm!”
      ----------“Sarcasm?” Tohru laughed, “Professor Elm! I want to know how you and Dad are doing! He needed to ask you something.” And he returned with a new glass syringe, scrubbing its tip meticulously.
      ----------“Sarcasm of Training! You are not of understanding the importance!” Sidled through; he placed the second syringe beside the first: smaller, plastic, empty; a swab soaked with fungicide he took from the same station — a folded towel spread with curious instruments — with which he wiped the vague neckline of the plant Pokémon before him. And during the procedure, he continued, “Science you are working for! Renewal you are working for; the future! The future of you — Tohru — and me and everyone else in the Johto of all!”
      ----------“Umm, okay, but… Actually, about that—”
      ----------“Yes, ‘that’! Hurry, now! What are you meaning?” Elm punctured Happa with the syringe.
      ----------“I-I’m ‘meaning,’ like, I don’t know what you expect me to do out there—”
      ----------“Gahh! You know what are you expecting! Trainer!”
      ----------“Trainer…? Isn’t that—”
      ----------“That is you! Trainer you are! So training you do about or whatever! Starting this night you must be of highest priority catching and battling Pokémon, for so life depends on it!”
      ----------“Wait, tonight? I was going to stay the night here, in Silent Hills--”
      ----------“No! Never! Too late is never!”
      ----------“Whyy, Professor, it’s already super late... Can’t ‘Trainer work’ wait until morning--?”
      ----------“Waiting is Route 29! For work!”
      ----------“Well, Dad said I shouldn’t go until morning.”
      ----------“Ahww, your father knows wellness of Johto, fineness at all times; night, day! And ask I did for adult of young anyway.... or near-ish of young! But yes, you must go, note on that! Parent permit not needed! I’d even say, unneeded!”
      ----------”Alright, Elm.”
      ----------“And your Chiko is done.”
      ----------Happa was shoved across the table, towards Tohru. It stuck in place fast an inch before Professor Elm. Passively, the creature crumbled over itself. Its posture became uninterpretable at that point. A nervous Tohru stretched across to prod at the creature, expressive with pity or impatience or pure regret on her part. The mound of plant matter might have twitched to signal it hadn’t died. It fixed its misaligned yellow eyes at nothing and on no one. Its Trainer’s finger probed its forehead; it remained unresponsive.
      ----------“It has a knicked name ‘Chiko,’ correct?”
      ----------“Uhm, yeah… And you were joking about the hostage situation thing, right? ‘Cause he looks kinda depressed. Or are those the meds talking.”
      ----------“Bah! Meds!” And the professor folded up his materials. “Chiko is needing of water at all times! Be sure of leaf hardness before entering battle! Leave squishy… bodyness not exposed — I should say, nonexposed — of sun and heat and all else to make dry!”
      ----------“Can do, Professor.” She let it alone, wiped the mucous from her finger, asked, “Do I need to know about, like, ‘diet’ or anything…?”
      ----------“Yes, diet,” Elm responded. “Very funny, there. Very easy to ‘die-it.’”
      ----------“What are you talking about?”
      ----------“Water only! Pellets only! Veggies only! Do not let scavenging start! Habit of peril, that is! No leaves of brown, etcetera! Now, off, Chiko! You are complete in your checking-up and can be removing your slime from property!”
      ----------He swatted at the Happa; this yielded motion — one consummate act of assemblage, like a balloon prop blown up again, and a rejuvenated Chiko crept obediently down a leg of the table.
      ----------Tohru was unimpressed. “You know, bossing him around isn’t helping anything.”
      ----------“As a person, I am very helpful!” the Professor yet dismissed. With towel-folded items shifted to one arm, he took the other to the shortest end of the operating table and gave another shove. His visitor hastened back; in a rush of metal and shrieking wheels, the space was cleared, and Elm trailed after into the dark expanse of his laboratory.
      ----------Tohru Anayo was hence left alone, Elm providing only a brief vocalization of further instruction behind. She could barely make it out. From wherever he stood, there was a great distance between them, even the echo of his voice rendered vague, but there was a quiet implication for Tohru to wait there, don’t leave yet. She had no ambition to go, but the lab was a cold place with a hospital’s floor and vintage, peeling wallpaper, dark while just distinguishable beneath the single, hanging lightbulb: something like framed eyeballs surrounded and stared back. Tohru found herself drifting towards the single window in the room to occupy her mind as Chiko lounged somewhere, likely. So she peered out into the town on the tips of her feet through the high and tiny window with the only entrance, only exit, of the door at her left.
      ----------Fog condensed on the glass. It consumed the town. Houses were low like the laboratory, single-story and, thus, swallowed. And there were no lights to be found, no stars, only cloud. This was an illusion of altitude, Tohru looking out but also down from thousands of hurtling miles high. This was but a colorless, atmospheric dance that destroyed all notion of foundation. All yielded in the churn of fog. But three pillars of reality stood high above the waltz and quadrille: three wooden windmills, their blades spinning methodically with constant flow. The fog continued its dance. The mills groaned with effort and windchill tinged the pane. Tohru felt alone the touch of the fog.
      ----------But what she was ogling particularly she did not know; now conscious of her unawareness, she was gripped with a sudden anxiety to know. Tohru felt as if she was missing something, a subtle insinuation of sorts — a jingle of keys. The doorknob began to vibrate — the only exit, the only entrance.
      ----------From her perch, Tohru strained her vision as far left as possible, sighting immediately Professor Elm. Slouched over the knob, he wrestled with a ring of keys elusive in leather-gloved fingers. She heard his mutterings through the wall, as faint as they had been in the moments he’d boded in the darkness.
      ----------Precipitately, Tohru intercepted Elm’s grip on the knob. She rooted her heels and wrenched backwards in an effort to overpower his control, and he conceded immediately as she found the door flying outward, the Professor no longer right behind it, but his associate in his face the second she conceived she was outside.
      ----------“What are you doing? Were you about to lock me in there?”
      ----------“Locking of the door, next task of mine.” Elm was slightly puzzled, mainly occupied, as he entered a fitful juggle with a key on a ring, pressed between pointer finger and thumb, and a stack of miscellany in the bend of his arm. He managed, in the moment of Tohru’s confrontation, to approach the door at an angle conducive to setting the key into corresponding lock.
      ----------“Professor—!” She tried again, but stopped short; there was no acknowledgement. “Where’s Chiko? Is he still—?”
      ----------She felt a slimy sensation across her knee.
      ----------“Oh. Hi.”
      ----------“Tohru, I am of deciding to leave this lab,” Elm announced, in a shower of fallen folders and documents; he had attempted to re-position. Reaction to such on the Professor’s behalf was null, however, as in his gloved hands was another device whose boot-up screen had him fidgeting.
      ----------Meanwhile, Chiko glided over gravel to the documents, gradually accumulating them in its mouth.
      ----------Elm explained, “I am needing fresher air. I have been of great business cleaning since this morning. All this day, waiting for Trainers such as yourself, too. Great bore. Let us take a ‘cherry walk,’ I and yourself, Tohru!”
      ----------“What are you talking about, a ‘cherry walk’?”
      ----------“Yes, just hours by, sun not set. See horizon, Tohru? View of beauty, right? In same direction, Cherrygrove Bay is awaiting!” His fingers flew over the buttons of the small, rectangular apparatus which, from the slot at its base, emitted a strip not unlike a receipt, the same which was tacked instantaneously by Elm to his laboratory door in a swift movement. “Note of redirect to home of assistant: yes, right there it is. Went home hour ago, no matter! They have key, they have Pokémon access! Well is everything.”
      ----------Chiko grunted in an attempt to return Elm’s lime-stained papers to him and his attention
      ----------“All came earlier, too. Most all. All who matter.” He meant this in jest, but Elm’s need to laugh died as he perceived Tohru’s partner at his feet. He flashed only a meaningful glance at the girl, then. “Retrieve those, yes?”
      ----------Tohru expressed nothing in return, but obeyed to collecting the Professor’s documents after bowing to Happa’s level. With Elm turned away, her attention exchanged to the note affixed to his lab, the one whose intended message had apparently taken seconds to convey. It read:
      PRINTED TUESDAY 1/9/95 16:57:16
      ----------“You are not needing to read it,” came the high call of the Professor. “I had told you of it!” Then he performed a sweeping gesture in his direction, so she decided to follow, and henceforth trailed Chiko.
      ----------With Professor Elm just before her, suddenly; he forced something silicone upon her. Tohru was obstinate — “What- What- now?” —, flustered; she clenched fists to block Elm’s force through her fingers.
      ----------“Hold, yes?” After a brief struggle, he burst into explanation, “Fine new invention! Catalog, vast! Knowledge, diverse! An encyclopedia sized as a Reader and as accessing, too!” Tohru had been bestowed such ‘Pokédex,’ “The heart to your inner Trainer!”
      ----------Tohru studied the encumbrance, nothing durable about it for ‘fine’ technology, all lightweight and chromatic, waiting to fall and shatter on rugged road. All looks, little practicality; ‘Comp Girl’ would know. And it was literally encyclopedic with a chrome-pink cover that clicked open. The innards were atrocious; the navigation buttons were smaller than a fingernail, and the display screen equally inaccessible. Did he design this himself? she mulled, and expressed, unconvinced, “I don’t have to pay anything if it breaks, right?”
      ----------Said Elm, “Do not be breaking it!”
      ----------Said she, “I’m not paying for it when it does. I didn’t ask for it.”
      ----------Said Elm, “No more, I have!”
      ----------Said she, “Then just take mine back and give it to some other kid.”
      ----------“No, no, no, you are not understanding the greatest importance of the Pokédex, it is essential, a key item, you must take it—!’
      ----------“Then just tell me why, then! You’ve been going on and on about how I don’t 'understand Training’ but you being a cryptic ass isn’t helping!”
      ----------“Ass!? Nooo, you are going far now!” And the Professor distanced himself from her as if prepped for detonation. From the color in his face he looked himself bound to explode, but there was also a gaping quality to his expression, like stun-horror, as if the worst had already happened. “You are fearing and projecting the afraid you are, there is no need, this is fun, this is exciting!” Desperation heightened his pitch, tilting embarrassingly close to shattering range. It was wild and wavering and raving. His arms followed suit, gesturing in great circles so that he almost spilled and stained more paper with dirt and, inevitably, mucus.
      ----------Chiko peered up, awaiting.
      ----------“Development this is, Tohru! Better person, like adding bricks to the founding— you are of becoming a great person through Training! Learn so much, you will—!”
      ----------“Am I not a good person now? What are you saying?”
      ----------“W- I- You are…! Training…! It’s good! Why questions you ask, why!? You read letter, yes? You are given items, you refuse them! Do not be happy if not earnest feeling but be open…!”
      ----------“What, so I just shouldn’t ask questions?”
      ----------“I… s'ppose… not?” And the color drained from his complexion as Elm realized this was the wrong answer.
      ----------A spited Tohru, vindictive in victory, let her temper die where she stood. “Then I’m just gonna leave if I can’t ask you anything. Come on, Chiko.”
      ----------The unresponsive Happa anticipated the shift and started slithering past Professor Elm. In the span of its eventual progress, the man pleaded further:
      ----------“B-but it is the next route that is of challenge—!”
      ----------“I’m not going to a route. I’m gonna stay the night.”
      ----------“No you will not, there is no place of staying!”
      ----------Tohru’s hardened tone devolved into mumbling. “What are you talking about…”
      ----------“No motel and the Center is so small! No houses allowing, please be trusting of that! Intern of mine? Grumpy man! Not allowing staying, only visiting! Likely. But likely much!”
      ----------“I— So I have to move on? There’s no—?”
      ----------”Yeees, move on! With me! ‘Cherry Walk’?”
      ----------“Oh— psyduck.” She hissed the final word, the ‘better alternative,’ though not to the Professor; he cringed. She couldn’t face Elm, but fought to readjust the pack on her shoulders, the same she’d let swallow her ‘Dex. Tenaciously, mulishly, Tohru fussed with the clumsy ties on her boots as Elm looked on, breath bated and expectant, while she picked at the loops, expectant, and Chiko hovered off somewhere, unresponsive, maybe breathing or something.
      ----------The Trainer mumbled, “I mean, you could’ve told me before I got here that there wasn’t anywhere…”
      ----------Pleaded the Professor, “There is within it something for you, you know.”
      ----------Initially, Tohru didn’t understand, and looked up to see something of a warped, perforated stone resting in Professor’s Elm outstretched palm.
      ----------“Everstone; as also known, Unchanging Stone. Wandering name, yes? Telling of wonder! From the grab of Graveler harvested! Beautiful nature in its work!”
      ----------A literal pebble, Tohru assumed, for her trouble. Albeit it was the excuse she needed, one plucked instantaneously from the Professor’s pocket, paired with the raw charisma of a straining, sallow, solicitous salesman.
      ----------She said, “Well, I’m leaving. Either come with or… whatever.”
      ----------So progress was made with Professor Elm hastening after Chiko and her in his perpetual balancing act. Papers fell, Chiko rounded back to assist, green slime, rinse and repeat. Tohru trekked onward.
      ----------Gravel crunched under her heavy steps. The path, unpaved, stretched on unbroken towards the horizon on the flat plane of Silent Hills. Elm’s awe sounded behind her: “Ahh, a gorgeous sighting. Far move worth all.” She could make nothing of it. The sky was empty of color. The fog returned.
      ----------With each pace Tohru sunk deeper into the improbable expanse of cloud, to the extent she feared looking down at the true Silent Hills from her perch upon the heavens. She could only move forward, through visible density, through tangible weightlessness: the fog that stood against the wind.
      ----------The girl felt a pit in her chest at the proliferation of her party’s silence and, consequently, her solitude. She turned back for Elm but discerned a torch in the distance first. A glow, and then she might have blinked, and it was gone. The only indication of a home — anything — gone. A light was never put out; it never was. Tohru slowed.
      ----------Silence, in the consequence of footsteps, then ahead of her a crunch. Suddenly, in her peripheral, there was movement. A dark shadow in the fog, a solid shape, a man with murky features, approaching. Tohru froze.
      ----------To her right, but headed forward, her direction, staggered movement. Slouched in head, neck, and shoulders, the man clutched his bicep in agony. One step, two step, trudging, crunching. With resolve, with delirium, clutching, slouching. Not slowly, but eventually, the man who failed to face her slunk forward, hurting, moaning.
      ----------Elm was right beside her. ”Keep walking.”
      ----------Chiko, unresponsive, had already passed the man. It stalled in his stead, waiting for them at the farthest edge of town, beside an indicative sign: “29”. The Happa’s yellow eyes lingered on the limping form of their acquaintance. When Tohru arrived trembling with the Professor, she called Chiko’s name to follow again, but it remained unresponsive and staring.
      ----------Tohru Anayo, bemused if it were as high as she were, gazed back against the Professor’s protests. And the man staggered on. If he ever collapsed — if anyone in the silent Silent Hills cared to help him — she had Training to do; she wouldn’t be present to see it.

      > loc: SLNT_HLLS
      > party_add: #BET_HAPPA
      > obt{Dex.kitm
      > mission_accept{escort_Elm
      > party_add: #P_ELM


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        Silent Hills. The foggy town stood before her as a shiver ran down her spine. She rubbed her arms, trying to keep warm, as her thin form couldn't hold heat well. This was the farthest Kazuko had been from home, and to be fair, she was nervous. She spent all her life being cared for by her mother, through both good and bad, even when she fell severely ill at age 5, which turned out to be caused by an abnormally fast metabolism. Being kept on a metaphorical short leash all her life had left her very unsure about how to travel on her own, which is why she was super-grateful for her friend Yuu escorting her all the way here. But now, Yuu was gone, and she was alone. Nerves were getting the better of her, so she looked around for another person to help her get her bearings. To try and get her mind off of things, Kazuko mentally thought of which starter she wanted-there were 6, after all. After weighing all the pros and cons, it was a tie between Charmander and Honoguma-the main pro being that a fire type could cook food and help keep her warm.

        " everyone?" She thought aloud, her soft voice barely cutting through the thick fog. Squinting a little, Kazuko found the sign for the lab, placing her hand on the doorknob, slowly turning it.

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        Daisy-May Bradley

        Daisy-May looked around the small town of Silent Hills, which was surprisingly… underwhelming. She had hoped it would be a little bit bigger, considering the fact that a professor lived here. It was incredibly dull and boring. It needed a mall or… something. Anything would be better than just dirt and grass. How could people stand living in the country like this?

        Maybe it would have been a better idea for Liam to come after all… she thought with a scowl as she gingerly stepped over a puddle of mud. She had bought these shoes just for her journey, and she didn't know what she would do if they had gotten dirty. They were one of a kind, just like her. Such perfection couldn’t and shouldn’t be sullied by dirt.

        “Liam’s not here. So it’s up to me to show that the Bradley family is nothing less than perfection,” Daisy-May whispered to herself as she looked at the… rather drab looking lab. Could the professor not bother to add some color or flowers or anything, really? She huffed and shook her head. She could worry about the professor's poor design choices later. All she had to do was get her Pokemon and leave. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to handle being in this town much longer.

        She raised an eyebrow when she saw someone standing in front of the lab. Was the professor not in right now? Surely he must have been expecting her. She had made sure that her father called the lab in advance, telling them that she was coming. She deserved nothing less of being greeted by the professor himself. She would call her father to complain if her phone wasn't still in the shop. Her father had paid a lot of money to get her the newest phone, and it was getting customized. She planned on picking it up when she went back home.

        Daisy-May sighed and grabbed her mirror from her purse and checked herself out in the mirror. She
        brushed a strand of bright orange hair from her face and puckered her lips, smiling at her reflection. She was still as perfect as she was when she woke up. Of course she was. She shouldn't have expected anything less.

        She tucked the mirror back into her purse and approached the lab, narrowing her eyes at the girl standing in front of the door. She reminded her of the people who stood outside of her father’s offices, begging for food. Every town had to have its peasants, she figured. She crinkled her nose as she looked the girl up and down.

        “I don’t suppose you’re… here for a Pokemon, are you?”

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          Tyson Larx Tyrone -
          Chapter 1, Episode 1: "I hope i haven't arrived late."

          Tyson had just arrive the small town. It was... As he thought he was. Finally, somewhere that is not surrounded by water. Tyson wasn't excited to death, but he did like the idea of... Becoming a trainer and see the world, i guess? I mean, not that Four Island wasn't that poor or tropical enough, it was just... Plain boring after 15 or something years.

          He then looked around. The Town seemed recently new. There was a Pokemon Center, but that was useless without a single Pokemon. Some houses and... Ah, the Pokemon Lab. It's small.
          As expected. You don't need a large lab for Pokemon research. After all, the needed is the needed.

          Tyson then thought out what Pokemon he was to get. He surely didn't want another Water Type so soon. Sis's Psyduck was already something he had to deal with, like Mom's Seel and his brother's Slowbro. So Kurusu and Squirtle... Weren't really options. He was also not thinking to get Happa. I mean, it's slow like him, but too slow. Not that he cared for, but obviously, it wasn't practical to move at the slow pace. Bulbasaur was his initial choice, but he then realized that his brother also had an Ivysaur, so he didn't really wanna use the same pokemon as him. For Charmander... That was a good option, but then again, he also had the trouble that Sis owns a Charmander. So that's a no. All it remained was Honoguma... And to be fair... He didn't mind a bearlike Pokemon. It's balanced i guess.

          Tyson, who was staring in the sky, then noticed the two girls on the lab entrance. Huh. That's something he didn't expect: Other people. He then slowly approached them, cause there's plenty time enough in the universe. He waved them normally.

          "I... Suppose you are all into getting a new Pokemon, correct?" Tyson said, and paused for a while, before speaking. "... Am i late?" He spoke.

          Before Tyson could say anything else, a lab assistant rushed to the door, unlocked it, and rushed inside. "Oh dear Johto, how could i have forgotten. Professor Elm's not gonna like it..." He said, readying the Pokemon inside.


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            Kazuko whirled around, hearing the voices behind her. She moved out of the way to let Elm's assistant open the lab.
            "It's fine, I thought I was early." she remarked, before turning to Daisy-May and Tyson. "I am here for a Pokemon...Almost thought I'd never have the chance..." Shortly after the words left her mouth, Kazuko mentally cursed herself. That didn't sound right to her at all-curse her limited interactions beyond both regular and Trainer school! Pushing that slight embarrassment into the back of her mind, Kazuko then focused on starter selection. Charmander...or Honoguma? It was currently a 50-50 tossup.

            I am ALWAYS looking for a good roleplay!
            My OC is Kazuko Himura, and I swear to god she's an animated actor with a black hole for a stomach. (Character FAQ here.)
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              “Something smells delicious. Oi, boss man! Who's the new cutie you got workin' behind the counter? We'll have whatever she's makin'!”

              “Give it a rest, Brett, she brought her own ingredients and asked to use the kitchen. And what'd I tell you about harassing my employees? Thought you learned your lesson the first time I kicked you out.”

              He considered saying something, but he knew the boss wouldn't believe him if he kept insisting that he didn't grab that waitress's ass. He got into trouble with city girls a lot. But this time he was truthful, really. He loved the food and drink, though, so he was a regular at Goldenrod City's Golden Miltank, and he didn't want to test the boss' patience. Still, this girl commandeering the kitchen was news to him. He needed to do some investigating.

              Between the bar counter and a long and sturdy shelf of alcoholic drinks was the open gap separating the restaurant from its kitchen, but from his booth by the window he couldn't get a good enough view of the girl. Brett and his buddy Ryan stood from their chairs and strolled on up to the drink counter, Ryan sliding on the spinning stools and buying himself a refreshing beverage off the shelf while Brett got a better look inside.

              Despite the new girl's presence, everything was clean and professional. It was a slow night for the Golden Miltank. Probably why the boss let her in. Large, mostly empty sinks in the back of the kitchen while the front counter was for sending out orders, ovens and stoves on one side with refrigerators on the other, and a large island counter in the middle of the tiled floor with more equipment. Aside from the three regular cooks and the busboy, the new girl occupied one end of the island, next to a shopping bag; and right behind her was a pair of small Pokémon, a Charmander and Dratini, manning a pan on the stove.

              Long brown hair tied back in low twintails, silver-blue eyes, a loose red T-shirt and lacy black skirt with a belt overtop, and black sneakers with knee-high socks. All she needed was the restaurant's apron and Brett would've come every day just to see that. Looked like she was enjoying herself, too, humming along as she mixed some pink-colored batter in a bowl.

              Brett tried hitting her up. “Hey, pretty lady in red, what'cha makin'? And how about a name, yeah? Maybe a number?” Although to no avail. He didn't even get a response when she walked across the room and left the batter in a fridge.

              She came back to the stoves without uttering a word to him, grabbing some vegetables and a red fruit out of her shopping bag on the way. “Charmander,” she started, “cut these and add them in, please.” The girl took over the frying pan, and the Charmander made quick work of the ingredients beside her, slicing them into bite-sized pieces with its claws. “Good work.”

              “Hey. Did you not hear me?” Did he suddenly stop existing or something? “Hey!”

              Ignored again. But now she didn't even seem as engrossed in her cooking. In fact, she'd just finished making it after stirring it all in a sauce. The spicy flavor was so strong that it hit Brett's nose like a truck even outside the kitchen, but sweet enough to keep him from snorting fire. She evidently took the brief respite of Brett's sinuses recovering to serve up her stir fry on two plates, which went to the Pokémon accompanying her.

              “Be careful now. I made sure to add in some roseli for you, too, Dratini.” Her Dratini chirped happily, the Charmander already digging in.

              “You know they got food just for Pokémon, right?” Brett asked her. “Why not cook it for a person? Y'know, like me?”

              Finally acknowledging his existence, but in the least favorable way, she chuckled, turning to Brett with a smug grin on her face. “You, a person? You're far lower than that. I wouldn't even feed you their scraps.”

              “Ohh, buddy, buddy, buddybuddybuddy, buddy.” Ryan now felt it worthwhile to chime in, thoroughly off his rocker after a couple drinks. Lightweight. He leaned in across the stools and loudly whispered, “Do you need a burn heal, buddy?” He proceeded to crack up and snicker to himself, the girl going back to ignoring him.

              While the Pokémon ate, their trainer cleaned up the mess they made, handing the pan off to the busboy to put it back where it belonged. After, she retrieved the batter from the fridge. She poured it into a cake mold and sent it off to the oven with Charmander, then spoke with the restaurant owner.

              “Thanks again for letting me use your kitchen. The hotel's never would have been enough.”

              “Not a problem. Just promise you'll come by some time when you're feelin' hungry, okay?”

              “Sure thing.”

              Brett was listening, but he was watching the Charmander. With the help of one of the cooks, it was doing its best to speed along the baking process without burning everything in the process. Its dragon companion was curled up on the counter, taking an after-dinner nap, and Brett took a second try at hitting on the trainer when she came back into the kitchen.

              “Listen, I'm tryin'ta be nice here. You could at least tell me your name.”

              “If it'll get you to shut up,” she answered, gently picking up her Dratini. She picked one of the Poké Balls attached to her belt, and tapped its sleeping nose to recall it. Not even looking at him, she stated flatly, “My name is Wynn. Your name is irrelevant.”

              “Ah, psyduck it.” Brett conceded defeat, knowing he wouldn't get any closer than that. He left Wynn to her own devices, and ordered a couple of whatever Ryan had been getting.

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                Sora Asai: Silent Hills

                Fog hung in the air and the air seemed a little cool to him. Perhaps it was the cold air coming down from the mountains that mostly divided Kanto and Johto from each other. However, Sora didn't mind it one bit. He felt cold at one of its most deadly moments and it wasn't like he could easily forget it.

                When he was 10, he had snuck out one winter night to explore the forests north of his hometown. He wasn't thinking when he climbed a tree near the edge of Lake of Rage. A limb snapped beneath him, plunging him into the freezing cold, winter water down below. It was so cold that it head felt like all of his blood had frozen solid. He remember not being able to move because his limbs refused to move as if frozen. The memory alone made him shake violently to the core. However, that moment in his life is what made him like Ice Type Pokemon. That memory is what makes him want to become an Ice Pokemon Master. Because if he did, it would tell him that he overcomed that night without anyone's assistance. Though, he would always be grateful to whoever or whatever saved him that night.

                "Silent Hills..." Sora muttered to himself, adjusting his bag. "What a terrible name. Especially when it seems so foggy. The whole setting is just creepy."

                He pulled out his Poke-Gear, flipping it open, finding his sister's number and hitting it. He would call his Mom, but she was probably more busy than his sister. After a moment, she picked up.

                "Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! You are a freaking idiot!!" His sister yelled, forcing him to pull the Poke-Gear away from his ear.

                After a moment of listening to her yell, he put the Poke-Gear back to his ear, "Well hello to you to." He rolled his eyes.

                "I know you just rolled your eyes at me! I know you mister!" His sister yelled again.

                "Ok ok ok. Just ca-" He could almost sense his sister's body stiffening out of anger. She was only 15, but we she got mad, he was scary. "I made it to Silent Hills."

                He heard his sister take a deep breath, "We would have killed you if you had died. You knew taking Ice Path and Route 45 was extremely dangerous."

                "Yeah I know, but I had no choice. It would have taken a lot longer to get here though the safer routes. It isn't like I can just swim across the waters to get to Ecruteak City and then walk down that way. I would have been late." Sora explained to his sister.

                "Yeah I know, but that doesn't make you any less of an idiot. How did you get there anyway?" His sister asked.

                "Well, When I was getting ready to leave town, a man stopped me and asked if I was Sora. I told him I was and he reported that he was sent to drive me through Route 45 in a Jeep. Since he already knew I was Sora and knew where I was going, I trusted him." Sora told his sister.

                "You could have at least waited for me to get a pokemon to. Then we could travel together. You better be glad the man was there, even though I probably wouldn't have trusted him so easily." His sister told him.

                Sora had a close bond with his sister. They were almost like best friends. She knew more about him than most.

                "Yeah I know Yuki. Just tell Mom I love her and I love you too. I will call again when I get a chance." Sora said.

                "Ok, just don't forget your promise. You told me you would catch me a Ice type pokemon as well. So don't forget!" Yuki said.

                "Yeah I won't idiot." Sora said, smiling to himself.

                "Love you too dummy. Bye." Yuki said.

                "Bye." Sora replied. He hung up the call.

                He opened up his map on the Poke Gear and studied to see where he needed to go. He learned where the Poke Center was and the Lab and started to head in that direction. Soon he saw what should be the lab. His thoughts were confirmed when a woman ran to the door and quickly unlocked it where a few others stood.

                "So, I was not the only one chosen for this. Kinda glad to be honest. It'd be a drag if there weren't any potential rivals and friends to start with." Sora spoke to himself.

                He walked up to the others, one female seemed slightly embarrassed. He sighed as he spotted the other female who was almost certainly a prep. The male also caught his attention, he was glad he at least seemed normal to him.

                "Yo!" He called out.

                Wow.... Yo! You couldn't have said anything better to say, Sora. Actually, nevermind. Who cares what others think? I don't! he thought to himself.
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                  (The following is a Joined Post. All characters separated by color.)

                  Kazuko stepped into the lab once the door was unlocked. It was much warmer inside-and thus much easier for her to handle, since she chilled easily. She looked around in awe. This was her first time inside a lab.

                  Daisy-May sighed as even more people showed up. She couldn't be bothered to talk to all of them. As far as she was concerned, none of them mattered. They all looked incredibly boring, and she couldn't wait to get her Pokemon and finally leave. She wasn't sure how much longer she could stand being near these peasants. She frowned when the lab assistant opened the door, saying something about how they had forgotten. How incredibly unprofessional. If her father wasn't busy, she would have him phone an official complaint to the lab, but for now she just walked in.

                  Standing behind everyone, he was frozen, smiling like an idiot with his hand up. None of them seemed to even look at him, but he didn't really care at that moment. "Well then." Sora said as he followed behind the others.

                  Tyson simply yawned. He, before walking inside, spoke to Sora a quick "Apologizes", and not minding the assistance's rush, he entered. He wasn't overly fussed. He walked inside, and looked around. The Lab was neatly tidied. He then turned around to the Assistant. "I am incredibly sorry. I was busy, and ended up forgetting. Anyway, you are the trainers, aren't you? Mind presenting yourselves?" She asked. "Tyson." Tyson spoke, not making much of a ruckus.

                  Kazuko whirled around upon hearing Sora's voice. "I'm so sorry for not responding to you!" she apologized, before turning to the assistant. "It's fine. Really. I'm just glad to be given this opportunity, and to be out of the cold..." She glanced around once more, looking over the others. Could she maybe make a new friend in the process? She kept that thought in the back of her mind as she finally settled on which starter she wanted. "Anyways, my name is Kazuko Himura."

                  Daisy-May looked around the lab, rolling her eyes at the lab assistant. This wasn't really off to a great start. She huffed and twirled her hair around her finger. "My name is Daisy-May Bradley, though you should have known that already.Where's the professor? He should know how unprofessional his assistants are. I'll let my father know about this later."

                  Sora looked toward Kazuko and Tyson who seemed to be apologizing for not responding, "No worries. We all just met anyway." Sora replied, giving the assistant his attention once more. "I just got here, so you are right on time in my book. My name is Sora Asai." Sora told the assistant. Well looks like I was right about the prep at the very least.He thought to himself.

                  "The professor decided that he needed some fresh air. He went with a trainer to Cherrygrove Bay. Anyways..." The Assistant said, showing a machine that would dispense Poke Balls. "Would you please chose one Pokemon?" The Assistant said. Tyson decided for once to be the first, to get things out of the way, and pressed the button saying "Honoguma".

                  Kazuko smiled in response to Tyson, then shook her head in response to Daisy-May's behavior. One of those types...she never really could comprehend what caused some people to act that way. "Again, it's understandable." She replied to the assistant, before stepping up to the machine. Kazuko already knew she wanted a fire type, but after considerably weighing her choices, she finally selected Honoguma. She pressed the corresponding button, gently taking the Poke Ball that was deposited. A smile formed on her face as she stepped back.

                  Daisy-May raised an eyebrow at the assistant's explanation of why the professor wasn't here. It still didn't make any sense. "If he knew we were coming, why would he leave? That's incredibly unprofessional," she complained. She sighed and walked over to the machine. Liam had told her to pick a grass-type, since they tended to be calm and it would be her first Pokemon, but she wasn't interested in having a plant follow her around everywhere. After a few moments of thought, she decided to choose Kurusu, seeing as though it was the only one who was cute enough to be able to be by her side.

                  It was a bit surprised that he was not the only one to take the pokemon he wanted. For a moment, he thought about changing his pick, but if he wanted to become an Ice Pokemon Master, then only one choice made sense to him. Even thought it was no doubt a water type, it reminded him of snow. He walked up to the machine thing and pressed the button on the dispenser. "I am also going with Kurusu." He answered. He took up the pokeball and stepped back. Four trainers and two type of pokemon. Apparently we seem to think in similar ways. He decided to himself.

                  The Assistant showed the group the indications of how to take care of the Starter. Tyson read his: "Honoguma likes to chew Berries and various kinds of Coal." Huh. The Berry part should be easy... But getting Coal was not gonna be easy. He let out his Pokemon, who quickly climber to his shoulder. It was small enough to be carried, even on the shoulder. "I'll name you... Flare. Cause you are a... Fire Bear... Meaning you are probably a Pure Fire Type..." Tyson said. The Assistant then presented the Pokedexes to the group. "These are encyclopedia that will help you register any Pokemon you see." She said, before turning to Daisy-May. "The Professor, before your arrival, has been almost a week without resting readying your stuff. Every once in a while someone needs fresher air." She said.

                  Kazuko looked over the indicators. "Berries should be easy to get ahold of...first thing I did when considering this was learning to forage..." she mused to herself. "But coal would be a bit trickier..." Kazuko then released her Pokemon, not feeling comfortable keeping the poor thing cooped up in its pokeball for much longer. "I hope I'm a good trainer for you, little guy..." she trailed off, picking up her new partner. "He's so quiet..."

                  Daisy-May released her Kurusu from its Pokeball and read the indicators for how to take care of it. "So it just needs berries and water... that's pretty simple," she murmured, looking down at her Pokemon. She smiled at it and picked it up, gasping when it slapped her and jumped down. "How rude! That's not how you treat your trainer, Maki!" The Kurusu tilted its head and huffed as it turned away from her. Daisy-May stomped her foot and glared down at it. "I suppose you'll have to get used to me, although I expect an apology for that slap."

                  Sora watched on as the others released their pokemon as well. He decided to follow their actions and also released his own Kurusu. He laughed a litte bit after the one named Daisy was slapped by her own pokemon. He bent down low and placed a hand out in front of the pokemon. The little white, almost slimy pokemon, at least to him, but most water types had some sort of slime feeling them them, smelled his hand. Sora placed a hand on the pokemon and started to pet it. "Well you don't seem like you will act like the other one. I think I will name you Koru. I hope we can be friends." Sora told the little pokemon as he stroked its head. The pokemon looked like it smiled in acceptance its new trainer. To Sora's surprise, the pokemon was fairly modest and didn't seem to get excited as he thought most starter pokemon did.

                  "It seems that... Almost ALL Trainers got along with their Pokemon." The Assistant spoke. "Eh i guess?" Tyson spoke. "Hono!" The Honoguma said very excitedly. "Why don't you try exploring Silent Hills a bit before moving out to Route 29?" The Assistant said, and Tyson nodded. Seemed fine for him.

                  Kazuko couldn't help but snicker at Daisy-May's interaction with her Kurusu. "Sorry...." she trailed off. "Guma." was all her Honoguma said. "Anyways, I would enjoy a bit of exploration myself-didn't get to do much of that earlier."

                  Daisy-May scowled down at Maki and knelt next to her. "Maki, I promise to give you tons of berries if you act nice," she said sweetly, petting her on the head. The Kurusu finally turned to look at her, a glare on her face. Daisy smiled at her and held her arms out, hoping to earn her Pokemon's trust. She instead ended up with a faceful of water as Maki aimed a powerful Water Gun at her. She spat out the water and watched as Maki tapped the Pokeball she had dropped, returning herself. She puffed her cheeks out and grabbed a handkerchief from her purse, using it to dry the front of her dress as best she could. She stood up, reluctantly grabbing Maki's Pokeball. "There's not really much to look at around here," she stammered, her face bright red. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to have a discussion with my Pokemon." She ran from the lab before anyone else could respond.

                  Sora couldn't help himself. He started laughing out loud. It was wrong, he knew it, but funny. He could of had the exact same issue. Luckily, she had gone before him. He was grateful that she had went ahead of him, "I guess I could look around a little as well. There isn't much to look at though other than wind mills and fog. The Daisy girl was at least right on that part. To be honest, I don't really want to stay too long in a place called Silent Hills while it is foggy. I have seen too many movies with something similar and something always goes wrong." He had to agree with Daisy-May. "However, it would be a good time to get to know out pokemon a bit more." Sora finished, as he looked at the Pokedex that was now in his hand which ironically, had the colors, grey, black, white and blue. Colors that usually associated with Ice type pokemon.

                  Tyson shrugged, he left the lab as well, the Red and Orange Pokedex in hand, Honoguma on his shoulder. I guess a small recon look, maybe a check on the Pokemon Center wouldn't hurt.

                  (The joint post has now ended. The following will be a standard post by yours truly.)

                  (Kazuko giggled a bit upon seeing Daisy-May's pokemon spray her in the face with a water gun. "Always treat your Pokemon with respect..." she stated aloud, once she calmed down. She began petting Honoguma gently as she stepped outside. "Would you like to walk on your own? Or may I continue carrying you?" she asked her Pokemon. Honoguma responded by simply squirming out of her gentle grip, only to rest on her shoulder. "That works." Kazuko mused, before looking around. "So...Silent hills...I'm here...It's so....cold....."

                  Kazuko shivered a bit, prompting Honoguma to move closer to her neck, in an attempt to keep his trainer warm.)

                  I am ALWAYS looking for a good roleplay!
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                    JP: Sora Asai and Tyson Larx Tyrone
                    Location: Route 29

                    Sora stood in the lab for a moment, trying to figure out who to follow. He wanted to make friends or rivals to start with. It would be a drag to see these people and not speak to them. He decided to follow Tyson for the time being. Tyson was a guy and seemed normal. Sora was pretty sure that he would be the easiest to speak to at the moment. "Come on Koru, let's go speak to Tyson. Maybe you and the pokemon can be friends." The picked up the pokemon and placed him on his shoulder, then walked out of the lab behind Tyson, "Hey I am coming with you!" He called to Tyson.

                    "Huh... Sure..." Tyson said, going towards the Pokemon Center. After all, checking the map on it's wall would help to decide the track. He entered it and checked the map. "... Johto sure is big." He said, checking the next route. One would notice that Tyson may have a bit of an accent.

                    "Aye. I don't know if it is as large as Kanto, but it is still a decent size." Sora agreed, "Then again. I have never been to Kanto." Sora noticed that Tyson seemed to have an accent and was fairly calm, especially on a day like this when he gets his first pokemon. Even Sora was fairly excited, but he didn't show it very well. "You seem to have an accent I am not used to. Though I think I am the only one from Johto, so all of you kinda have an accent, but your's is most noticeable. Where are you from?" Sora asked as the entered the Poke Center.

                    "Floe Island, in the Sevii Archipelago." Tyson spoke. He never showed much excitement to a lot of things. And it was normal that Johto seemed big for him. After all, he lived in one of the smallest islands of an archipelago consisting of various islands, more than 9 if memory didn't fail. The Honoguma was excited though.

                    Sora now understood why Johto seemed so large to him, "No wonder Johto seems so large, I gave never been to any of the Sevi Isles, but I have seen them on a map." Sora told him.

                    Tyson was ready to move out. I mean, he was sure that was all he needed. He exited the Pokemon Center, and moved out towards Route 29.

                    He looked around the the Poke Center. He quickly let Nurse Joy check his pokemon since the assistant didn't check their pokemon at the lab. He was sure Koru was fine, but it never hurts to check. Sora looked at the time and decided to hold off until a bit later before he called his mother. Before no time, it seemed like Tyson was ready to move on to the next route. Sora knew that there wasn't much more to explore in Silent Hills. It was probably the best choice to go ahead and move on. "You don't seem to be very excited about having a new pokemon. I figured anyone who got a new pokemon would be more excited to finally start a journey. Especially if you are from the Floe Island." Sora mentioned.

                    "To be fair, the key to keep some calm is to not think about too much things." Tyson spoke, moving out to Route 29. His first sight was Ledyba and Pidgey flying around. He then questioned to Sora. "Where are you from?" He spoke calmly.

                    "Hmm. I guess that is understandable. Though, I think sometimes it is better to think about multiple things at a time. Too much and too little, to me, I think can be bad. And sometimes, if you are too calm, you won't be able to react quick enough to something that unexpectedly occurs. At least that is how I view things at time." Sora said back to Tyson as they approached Route 29. A few pokemon caught his eye around the route, but the pokemon that the current saw, didn't seem to dangerous. "I am from Mahogany Town by the way. Been there all my life." Sora answered Tyson's question.

                    Tyson thought about Sora's words... These weren't completely lies. He then starter analyzing the Pokemon Around. Asides from Kirinriki or Sunkern, he kinda have seen all these pokemon already. Pidgey, these are common. Rattata, defenitelly. Ledyba, Six Island has enough of them. Hoppip, they float around the whole archipelago all the time. Mariru, interesting, but honestly, he has seen Marill before. This Variant of Pikachu is also not really different to be fair. "A lot of these Pokemon i've seen already. Some variants are cool, but to be fair, i know what these Pokemon are." Tyson spoke.

                    "There are a few I haven't seen before, but most of them I have. I am mainly looking for Ice Pokemon. I love Ice types and so does my sister. I think it may be because of the Ice Path near my home town. To be honest, it is hard for me to get interested in catching none Ice Type pokemon." Sora said, as he looked around for any possible Ice Type pokemon, but it was probably unlikely outside of the mountains and during the winter. As he looked around, a pokemon the reminded him of a Girafarig appeared far off from where they stood. But it looked like it had two full heads and it creeped Sora out. "Like that pokemon right there, I have never seen before. It is just freaky..." He said, pointing in the direction of the pokemon he spoke of.

                    "I don't intend using a Water or Ice Type so soon. Floe Island only has those kinds of Pokemon." Tyson spoke. Kirinriki was interesting, but there was another Pokemon on his mind. He picked up some notes.

                    "I can see why that would make you want to stay away from those pokemon for a while." Sora said as he stopped to enjoy the route a bit more. Sora didn't mind speaking to Tyson, but with Tyson being more calm than excited, it felt like Sora was becoming exhausted by speaking to him. Which wasn't a bad thing, but for Sora, it felt odd. He had always been around his sister and they both acted similar. Sora was sure that him and Yuki were like they were because of the bakery. You had to work quickly to get things done. So Sora wasn't used to bring so calm or relaxed. "You seem like a good guy, but for now, I think I want to explore myself, How about we maybe meet in the next town and have a battle? I don't know anything about Koru, so I don't know if I could do anything in a battle right now." Sora said.

                    Tyson nodded silently. Flare was excited about it. Tyson picked then a paper, and gave him his Poke Gear Number. "Anything you need call me." Tyson said.

                    Sora took the slip of paper that Tyson offered him and put it in his pocket. Sora also did the same thing and wrote his Poke Gear Number down and handed it to Tyson. "Same here. See ya soon." Sora said, as he waved and started to walk away from where they stood.

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                      Breaking Down Barriers
                      Part One

                      Sound carries at night.

                      Alton had gone up to see the windmills, of course. All of them featured beautiful murals around their bases, about as high as an average person could reach without a ladder- he’d spent a few hours trekking between them, discovering the telltale signs of an artist progressing with practise and time, covering their oldest works with new and improved versions. Had a fleeting notion that it might be neat to sleep inside one, since there was no lodging to be found in Silent Hills, but realized very quickly how awful an idea that would be. Windmills are not nearly as graceful and silent as they appear from afar, no- they rattle, squeal, thump, shake; their old, rickety bones protest every strained movement. He’d stared at them in mild horror for a moment, before taking a few notes and turning heel back to the village, eventually settling up camp behind the tiny Pokémon Center. Alton fell asleep easily, used to camping after a few weeks travelling on foot.

                      But sound carries at night.

                      Four in the morning was as good a time as any to start a day, Alton supposed, neatly tucking away the last of his gear and setting off. Muffled cursing reached his ears before the source came into view- a woman in casual dress, crouched on the dewy grass and scrubbing furiously at the sign outside the Pokémon Center. While hearing swears in that particular cadence was shocking and unfamiliar, the angry woman in front of him was unmistakably Nurse Joy.

                      “Good morning…”

                      “Nothing’s going to be good when the day starts like this,” Joy spat, scrubbing harder. The sign was still mostly covered in paint that certainly hadn’t been there the night before. Not just the splotchy tags associated with traditional graffiti, either- the whole sign had been converted into a beautiful explosion of color featuring what seemed to be hot-air balloons scattered across a blazing sky. “Every week, I swear- don’t know what this town is coming to- ugh!”

                      She threw the rag into her bucket, splashing Alton’s shoes as she turned to glare up at him. “Did you see who did this?”

                      “No, ma’am.”

                      “It’s probably the same punk who’s been doing up the windmills. No respect! When I finally find out who it is--”

                      Alton considered the town’s size and the potential difficulty of finding someone who had artistic skill such as he’d seen demonstrated. It couldn’t really be so hard, could it? If they hadn’t been found so far, perhaps nobody had even really tried. Alton opened his mouth, but Joy wrung out her rag in an illustrative manner and he quickly bit back his intended words. A rather regrettable sentence took their place.

                      “I’m sure I could track them down for you.”

                      Joy laughed, a bit harshly. “That’s a sweet sentiment, but I doubt you’ll have any luck.”

                      “No- I’ll find them.” And, before he could catch himself, “I want to give them a job.”

                      “You what?!” Joy rocked back on her heels, near overbalancing, and glared at him once again. “You think a vandal like this deserves that?!”


                      “No. Whatever. I don’t care.” Joy whipped the rag back up to the sign, splashing herself with more vigorous scrubbing. “Get them out of here and do what you want. At least I won’t have to do this muk again.”

                      The cursing resumed as Alton backed away slowly, then turned tail and fled toward the outskirts of the village. It stood to reason that someone going up to the mills with buckets of paint would hardly go unnoticed for so long unless said someone lived rather close to them in the first place. There was one house in particular he’d noticed the night before- a haphazard construction, patched and repaired so many times that the original structure was long gone. His knock echoed into the room beyond, as did the crash of the door separating itself from its frame. Sharp cracks indicated shattering glass and wild thumps told of possessions scattering under the onslaught. Ever traditionally, the last of the cacophony to pass was the sound of a plate rolling out of the chaos and shaking itself down flat.

                      Meekly, Alton knocked on the doorframe.

                      “What. Did you do. To my house.”

                      Alton Marie Mocinno IV

                      is currently in

                      Silent Hills


                      Female - Quirky
                      Tackle - Growl
                      Vine Whip - Giga Drain

                      attempting to

                      offer a job to
                      a very artistic
                      small-time vandal.


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                      Daisy-May Bradley feat. Kazuko Himura

                      Daisy-May scowled as she stood outside the lab. How could her own Pokemon make her look like an idiot in front of those peasants? Her father's Pokemon were nowhere near as rude, although they had been trained by nobody but the best of the best. She'd just have to teach Maki some manners. For now, the Pokemon was going to be on punishment until she could learn to behave herself. Daisy sighed as she reapplied her makeup and wrung her hair out. Water was better than being puked on by a newborn, she supposed. She couldn't imagine what she would have done if Liam had made her stay home and help her mother with Bella. She didn't want to have to deal with a smelly baby for the next few months of her life.

                      "Thank you, Honoguma..." Kazuko mused, her voice still fairly soft, yet it cut through the silence like a hot knife through butter.
                      "Hono, Hono!" Honoguma replied, happy to help.
                      "I think I chose right..." Kazuko continued looking around-only to spot Daisy-May. Against her better judgement, Kazuko walked over to check on her fellow trainer. "Are you okay?"

                      Daisy-May narrowed her eyes at the drab girl as she asked if she was okay. How could she think that she deserved the right to be in her presence?

                      "And who are you?" she asked, snapping her mirror shut and putting it back into her purse. "I'm fine. I don't need someone as lowly as you talking to me." She huffed and frowned as she felt Maki's Pokeball shaking. She took it from her purse and glared at it.

                      "What do you think you're trying to do, Maki? You're in time-out until you learn to behave. You're lucky I wasn't wearing one of my nicer dresses!" She looked back at the drab girl and scoffed. It seems like she wasn't going to be left alone anytime soon.

                      Kazuko was a bit startled at the fact she was suddenly yelled at just for trying to be helpful.
                      "I-I'm sorry..." she trailed off. "I thought you could use some help, and...." she then sighed. What had she gotten herself into? She was struck silent, until the whole fiasco with Maki began. "You...might wish to let your Pokemon out...I don't think it's very happy..."

                      Daisy-May rolled her eyes and frowned. She didn't need any help with her Pokemon. She could handle it all on her own. She was the only one who could show the sad people of the world the beauty and grace of the Bradley name, and she'd do it without help from anyone. Especially not anyone as pale and unsightly as the girl in front of her.

                      "I don't need your help!" Daisy-May hissed angrily. She sighed and shook her head. She had to stay calm. Her mother had taught her that ladies should never lose their temper. She refused to drop to the level of the common people.

                      "Maki and I are perfectly fine without your help. Besides, you look like you should be worrying about yourself. You look like you're about to fall over. Not that I care or anything."

                      Kazuko's attitude did a complete 180 after the remark about her appearance. "It's a medical condition. I can take care of myself just fine." She quipped, before whirling around to leave, being careful enough so Honoguma didn't fall off her shoulder. But the encounter was not over yet. Kazuko's stomach rumbled loudly, startling her beloved partner enough to leap down and hide behind her legs. She cursed under her breath before attempting to comfort Honoguma.

                      Daisy-May wrinkled her nose. So the girl was sick? That explained why she looked the way she did. But she still wasn't going to pity her, if that's what she was hoping for. She gasped as Maki escaped from her Pokeball, glaring at her. Before she could even open her mouth, the Kurusu spat more water at her and walked over to Kazuko. Daisy-May groaned and wiped at her face.

                      "I just put my makeup back on, you brat! And get away from her! You could catch her disease or something!" Maki looked back at her trainer and stuck her tongue out. Daisy gripped the Pokeball tighter and pouted.

                      "Fine, stay with her! See if I care!" She stormed off towards the Pokemon Center, wiping away the dripping makeup from her face.

                      Kazuko wasn't even asking for pity-though all she asked for right now was to disappear, with how embarrassed she was. She whirled around upon hearing Maki escape from its Pokeball, just in time to see Daisy-May get another Water Gun to the face. She bit her lip to keep from laughing, but the choked back snickers soon turned to choked back sobs at a later remark. She glanced down at Maki, trying to smile at what might be a new friend.

                      Honoguma peeked out from behind Kazuko's legs, glancing at Maki. Kazuko knelt down, comforting Honoguma-and profusely apologizing for unintentionally startling him. Once Honoguma was settled down, Kazuko focused her full attention on Maki-for the time being at least.


                      rin is best girl~ ♥

                      Hello, let's count the
                      Pairs♥amerininja and TheZenTraveler

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                        A secluded building atop a mountain with only one way to reach it, massive in every sense of the word. The path leading up had Poké Ball statues and golden arches. Much of the main building was silver and gold as well, using sharp cuts in the brick walls, and multi-stage pillars on the corners split by metal slabs for each floor.

                        Outside were a mix of flower patches, trees, and grasses as far as the mountain's edge; trainers battling in the sun instead of in Victory Road; park benches and a gazebo. It felt like a small town, even though there was only one structure. Inside there were two floors immediately available, although the building itself was easily four stories high. The ground floor had all of the standard amenities—namely, a Center and Poké Mart—a cafeteria, and areas for trainers to interact with one another. The second floor had a resting area with separate rooms, much like a luxury hotel that few could visit.

                        The Indigo Plateau. He'd fought long and hard to get here, from trainers to gym leaders to tournaments across Johto and Kanto alike; caught and tamed some of the most unruly Pokémon he'd ever met; and tested the limits of his team and self. And completing an unfortunately extended night-long visit through Victory Road, Riven slept away most of the day in a room upstairs as a few other trainers were just waking up. He woke in the early evening, his entire team raring to go after a light meal. Riven restocked and purchased some last minute supplies from the small Mart selection, then spoke with one of the attendants at the main door in the back.

                        “You'll be facing all four members of the Elite Four and the current Champion in succession, with no breaks to return here in between. You can only leave once all of your Pokémon have fainted, or as the new Champion of the Indigo League. Are you prepared?”

                        “We are.”

                        The attendant looked down at Riven's belt, a small variety of Poké Balls attached on the right hip. “Then I wish you the best of luck, Challenger. May fortune smile on you today.”

                        The duo blocking the way stepped aside, allowing Riven to walk up the stairs and begin his challenge. The first room was only a short walk away, but it felt like miles. He'd never felt so tense before, but this was good. It was a good feeling, a great feeling, because he knew he had to keep going. Opening the first set of doors, Riven was greeted with a chill mist from the inside, icy blue light streaming in from a stained glass ceiling. A lot of the room was some light shade of blue, actually; the entire floor was made of an opaque ice, creeping up the metallic gold paint covering the walls. On either side of the white lines indicating the battlefield were three pillars each, also made of ice with a steel base.

                        “It took me a while, but I'm here, Lorelei.”

                        At the opposite end of the room was the first of the Elite Four, the glasses-toting redhead and master of Ice type Pokémon, already prepared for Riven's arrival; and behind her was the door to the next member. “Don't be so cold,” she mocked. “That's
                        my thing. Now come give your Auntie a hug and we'll get started.”

                        He met her up close for a warm embrace atop the frozen floor, and Riven told her, “It's nice to see you again.”

                        “You, too, kid. You've grown your hair since the last time I saw you. Nearly as long as mine.

                        “Now,” she continued when Riven returned to the designated challengers' position on the field, “from this point on, I am Lorelei of the Indigo Elite Four, and you're nothing more than an opponent. You want to move forward; my job is to send you home. Show me what you've learned in the years since you left Floe, Riven. Show me you have what it takes to melt through my ice before you're frozen solid.”

                        Riven placed a hand on his belt, plucking his first Poké Ball from its slot as Lorelei did the same, and both tossed them into the air.




                        The Pokémon responded, their bodies emitting a faint blue glow. Lorelei's Jynx raised its hands and grasped onto Mismagius with its abilities to pressure it directly, but the latter powered through, snapping one of the ice pillars free of its stand and throwing it into the Jynx. The impact did a lot of work, sending it into the corner with a resounding crash before it shattered entirely, but it was still a block of ice colliding with an ice type.

                        “Power Gem!” Mismagius gathered the shards of ice on the ground over her head, fusing with created stones to sharpen them, and fired them off en masse. At Lorelei's command the Jynx retaliated with an Ice Beam at the ground ahead of it, instantly forming a thin wall that blocked some of the damage from the attack.

                        “One more!” Mismagius gave no time for it to recover, manufacturing more of its psychic gems and sending them out rapid fire. Jynx managed to avoid it, though, sliding across the field and deflecting most of it with Psychic.

                        “Jynx, use Blizzard!”

                        “Mystical Fire!”

                        A flurry of snow quickly covered the entire room as Mismagius conjured a ring of flame in front of her. Riven held his arm up to cover his face, pushed back a few feet from his place, and a spout of fire spewed out from the ring, splitting the snowstorm in two. The heat overwhelmed Jynx's Blizzard, even melting some of the ice on the floor and leaving it uneven.

                        The room cleared, the Elite Four member's Pokémon out cold against the wall behind its trainer; the challenger's conscious, but just barely. They recalled their Pokémon, Riven congratulating his for a job well done and Lorelei consoling hers, then moved on to the next.

                        “You're up, Glaceon.”

                        “Piloswine, it's your turn.”

                        Glaceon started off with Shadow Ball while Piloswine charged in, clouding it with the residue long enough to dodge a Double-Edge. Ultimately, though, Glaceon was at an obvious disadvantage, only managing to set up an Aurora Veil and pull Piloswine around the room before a combination of Earthquake and Rock Slide took it down. Piloswine remained on the field when Riven switched in for Scizor, initiating with a Bullet Punch that outsped the next Earthquake.

                        “Knock it up,” Riven ordered, Scizor continuing with a second Bullet Punch. Piloswine tried to fight back using Double-Edge, but Glaceon's lasting protection minimized the damage its insect opponent took, and a few well-placed uppercuts lifted it off the ice. “Acrobatics!”

                        Scizor disappeared from sight, suddenly striking the furry boar Pokémon nearly a thousand times at once. Ready to finish it off, Riven's partner showed itself upside down against the stained glass ceiling, its glossy red skull reflecting a metallic sheen in the light. Given the okay to use Iron Head it dropped, colliding with Piloswine's back without hesitation.

                        Parts of the battlefield had been thoroughly destroyed, between Piloswine's Earthquakes and Scizor slamming both Piloswine's and its own hefty bodies into the ground, so Lorelei called for a change when the combatants were returned to their balls.

                        The floor opened up, the field section sliding underneath to one side of the building, a new one taking its place. This one was a large pool that covered the entire width of the room, using five circular platforms of ice for non-Water types. As it finished setting up, the battlers let their next Pokémon onto the field. Lorelei's Lapras was summoned under the water, and Riven's Charizard in the air.

                        “I see someone's putting my present to good use,” Lorelei mentioned, referring to the pendant around Charizard's neck, and the matching bracelet around Riven's right wrist. Embedded in the bracelet was a small rainbow-colored stone, a helix-like design in the interior. The stone in Charizard's pendant was a fiery orange, with a red and yellow accent inside.

                        “Of course I am. And we'll be happy to use it again now.” Riven held his arm outstretched, wild streams of shifting light connecting the two stones. The light engulfed Charizard's body, its wings growing and fraying, secondary wings growing from its wrists, and spikes appearing on its tail and head; along with it, the evening sun shone through the glass ceiling much heavier than before, nearly blinding Lapras and Lorelei. “Charizard, let's show her how far we've come.”


                        “Time to go already?” Riven moaned. He lazily tapped at the clock to shut off its annoying alarm, grabbing his phone next to it on the nightstand as he sat up in bed. Still in Goldenrod Hotel. “Yep.”

                        He rolled his eyes to the sunrise-lit window side of his hotel room, Charmander and Dratini waking up equally uncomfortably on the other half of the queen size bed, then scratched his head with both hands. Not like his bed head was going to get any worse from it.

                        “Dratini, fetch me my hairbrush, please.” The little dragon chirped, hopping off the bed and digging its nose into Riven's bag. The trainer looked at Charmander a little longer after, receiving a warm smile after it rubbed its eyes clear, and he smiled in turn.

                        Back to his phone, Riven rubbed away the sleep from his own eyes while he dialed a number. “Hello?” a voice came through from the other end.

                        “Hey. It's Riven. Thanks, Dratini. Can you have Arcanine meet me at Ecruteak City?”

                        “Sure thing. Just waking up?”

                        “Maybe... Shut up. Anything new?”

                        The conversation went on for a short while, his voice gradually getting more energetic, but eventually finished when Riven realized Dratini went back to sleep on his lap. After stretching out his arms and back he asked his Pokémon, “What do you say? Ready to get moving?”

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                          Breaking Down Barriers
                          Part Two

                          Ella talks easily- about life, the universe, and everything. Her Sentret sits upon her shoulders like a scarf, hiding half her face but not a bit of her attitude. She’s bright and quick and laughs at herself. She teases Alton like she’s known him for years rather than mere hours. He appreciates all of that- he’s never been the best at holding conversation, but Ella’s content to manage it for the both of them.

                          “I mean, why would I stay in Silent Hills? You can walk around the whole place in like, ten minutes. There’s nothing. No people, no jobs, no Pokémon, no door-” Alton choked on a sip of water as she- and Tua, in his arms- laughed at him. He’s never going to live that down, apparently. “It’s a stagnant piece of muk. I would have left years ago if I could’ve.”

                          “Why didn’t you?”

                          “Well, Grandma wasn’t dead yet, so I had to take care of her. And I didn’t really know where to go. I can’t even get to Cherrygrove on my own. How was I supposed to leave? I mean, I’ve been trying. Training Terracotta when I can. But there’s only so strong she can get without me putting her in danger and I really… don’t want anything to happen to her. She’s kind of my only friend besides Viv.”

                          “Who is-”

                          “Oh did I not-- hah, I didn’t even tell you her name! Okay so Vivienne is my friend that lives in Cherrygrove. Her mom’s a captain and she does deliveries from Goldenrod so I’m going to hitch a ride with them to- what was it? Mocinno Industries? Yeah. God, why haven’t I done this sooner? It’s so easy.”

                          As if to remind her that no, it’s not that easy, Terracotta began to growl.


                          A Paras rustled its way out of the grass to their right. Alton quickened his pace. Another orange claw poked at their feet as they hurried through, more and more appearing along the narrow path too few feet had worn down over past years. Too many to fight. They’d have to run and by the time Alton thought it Ella was already doing so, Terracotta clinging tight to her shoulders. He hefted Tua up and sprinted as best he could, her extra weight disadvantageous but preferable to being defenseless. Swirls of yellow and purple swirled around their legs, swiftly creeping past knee height. Alton knew they must be nearly out of this forest, nearly to Cherrygrove- he scanned the path ahead desperately for a break in the trees, some semblance of hope.

                          “There!” Ella yelled, voice muffled by Terracotta’s fur but hand flung out toward an obvious clearing. Alton winced as he felt a stab to the back, to the shin- kept running, as fast as he possibly could. Barricades came into view, crossbuck fences and guard towers- they were so close-

                          He yelped as he went down, rolling to protect Tua even as he inhaled the fine spores blanketing the forest floor. Alton forced himself up to a knee suddenly assaulted by stabbing pain. Tua tumbled from his grasp as he fell again, struggling to even crawl as Ella faded from his vision… as everything faded.

                          Alton Marie Mocinno IV

                          is currently in

                          Cherry Forest




                          attempting to

                          escort Ella to
                          Cherrygrove Pier.


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                            The sun sat still, shining. The grass dwelt deep, shaking. The word has it that a foreign man was assigned with a shouldering task. Although...

                            "Sir, the raft is breaking and I'm still on the water surface. What should I do?" He asked.
                            "Don't panic and call for help. If the situations don't bode well, take off your clothes and swim." Said someone through the transceiver.
                            "But sir, I don't see anyone out there and I can't swim."
                            "Oh. Then farewell, I guess."

                            On the verge of sinking, the man in fedora worriedly yelled for help in the open seas. No one heard his plea, and the raft continued to sink down slowly.

                            Unbeknownst to him, a huge dark reflection suddenly appeared from the bottom of the raft. He stayed still, ready to accept his fate by drowning.

                            "So this, is how it- UWOOH!"

                            But Mother Nature begged to differ -- the shadow turned out to be a Mantine jumping from below the raft. The force was immensely strong, he couldn't keep his footing and was thrown away from the impact.

                            Now in the midair, he flew ahead the branching bridges and a SPLASH! He crashed onto the shallow shore of Cherrygrove Bay with minimum damage. His fedora eventually followed up on top of his head as he breached salt water from his mouth.

                            "Huh... Can't believe I'm still alive after all that."

                            He got up, finding himself in a city supposedly located in Johto Region. But he couldn't go anywhere with his cloth being dirty and wet. Considering to dry his outfit for a little while, he stripped and hung his cloth on a tree. In his undergarments, he hid himself in the same spot and tried to communicate with the device he had. It caught water, but still functional nevertheless. He started the transmission waiting for his next move.

                            "Sir, I'm in Johto now and my clothes are wet. What should I do?" He asked.
                            "I thought you can't swim?" He asked back through the transeceiver.
                            "I am, but a big Pokémon smashed my raft and I landed on a beach like a meteor."
                            "Please refrain from using exaggerated statements. As for where you should go-"

                            Before the interlocutor could end his last line, the device exploded unexpectedly. The sound was loud enough to be heard by others.

                            "Oh, lordy."

                            He panicked, searching for a suitable space to hide himself within. A quick look granted with no such ideal spot, but acting like he was swimming would be a good cover.

                            But he couldn't swim and he'd be suspected for being the nearest person, giving them a misleading impression on what he intended to do. Indecisive, he put on back his watery cloth hurriedly and walked away as if there wasn't anything out of ordinary, dripping salt water from his sleeves into the Pokémon Center.

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                              Name: Sora Asai
                              Location: Silent Hills

                              The wind whistled through the trees. Sora found a rock to sit on that was at the base of a giant tree. He ate a small amount of food that he had packed from home and opened his Poke-Gear. A drop fell on the screen of the Poke-Gear. The drop was a tear that had come from his own eye. He looked up as he realized his eyes were watering and quickly wiped them away.

                              He looked up at the trees and took in the scent of the route. He could here the crashing of waves on the ocean, even though it was very very distant. He looked beside him on the rock and he imagined his friend beside him. His friend had a cute smile on her face, her light brown, curly hair blowing in the wind. Her eyes opened to reveal beautiful baby blue eyes. Her laugh. Her voice. It was all there. But then as a brief gust of wind kicked up, the image was blown away with it.

                              The sound of his poke-gear ringing, brought him back to reality. He looked down and it was his sister's phone.

                              "Hello." Sora spoke with a soft voice.

                              "You are thinking about her again arn't you?" Yuki asked.

                              Sora smiled to himself, he should have known that his sister would know what he was doing. It was freaky at times. They could have been twins, but they weren't. He knew she could read his voice.

                              "Not surprised you knew." Sora replied.

                              "She was a friend to both of us Sora. I think about her all the time as well." Yuki said.

                              "It's been eight years... That is one reason I have always dreamed to travel." Sora said.

                              There was a moment of silence between the two, "Sora... you know she is gone. She died in the lake. There was no trace of anyone leaving the river... just because her body wasn't found, doesn't mean she is alive. You have to let her go." Yuki said.

                              "And have you? You tell me to let go yet you haven't either. How can you tell me that when you haven't!? If a body wasn't found, then there is still hope!" Sora raised his voice.

                              "Sora... I didn't mean... I... It isn't the same between me and her. We are all friends, but you two were always closer... you have to move on. She would want that. You know that." Yuki said.

                              Sora knew his sister was right. But he didn't know what to say.

                              "You almost died because you wanted to be with her spirit the year after. I know she wouldn't won't that. Anyway, mom is about to get a chance to speak with you. Give us a few seconds." Yuki said.

                              The year before Sora nearly died in the Lake of Rage, his friend also had a deadly encounter, however she wasn't as lucky as he was. During the Summer, people would go to Lake of Rage to play. Sora, Yuki and Azumi had gotten to close to the water. Azumi fell in as the sun was going down. Her foot had stepped on a rock and the rock made her foot slip from under her. She slid and fell into the lake. She went under, but then never came up. Adults quickly jumped into the water, but they couldn't find her. The police then searched all night and for the next week, but they never found a body. This upset everyone.

                              He had went to the lake that morning of his near death experience because Azumi had always wanted to watch the sunrise or sunset. It was hard to see it because of the mountains, but rarely, the day would come where it could be seen.

                              In his heart, he believed she was alive still. Becoming an Ice Pokemon Master was his main goal, but not his only one. He wanted to explore all of Johto and maybe even other regions in the future to look for her even though he was sure it would never happen.

                              "Dear, are you there?" His mother's voice entered his ear through the Poke-Gear.

                              "Oh sorry Mom!" He apologized.

                              He had basically told his mom everything he had told his sister. After a few minutes of speaking to his Mom, he continued to walk through Route 29. He opened his hand for a split second to stretch his arms and finger from being on the phone and a yellow leaf fell into his hand. This caused him to stop for a moment.

                              "Yo trainer wait up!" A person yelled.

                              Sora turned around to see a person who wore a hat that reminded him of an explorer's had and held a net. Sora realized he was a bug catcher. It didn't look like he wanted to battle, so Sora stopped to hear him out.

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