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What's your favorite computer operating system?

I honestly miss Windows 7 and XP those were great.
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xp for nostalgia, 7 for accessibility

i'd like to get into linux distros, but i'm not smart with coding lol


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I like Arch Linux and I've installed it a couple times on different devices. But I'm now also at the point where I don't want to spend a couple hours installing a system from the ground up. So, when I got my new laptop I installed EndeavourOS (Linux that uses Arch as its base) and just removed a couple packages that I didn't need. It's working pretty well so far!

At this point I think Windows can be pretty neat if you want something quick. But especially the newer versions are very exploitative. You can't even set up a Home Edition installation of Windows 11 without a Microsoft account.

I'd say Win7 is still a good OS. But given that it isn't officially supported, anymore, it's hard to defend having it on your machine these days...
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I like that you mentioned Endeavour OS, because it's my daily OS too. It's my second time using it and it's really easy to install, fast and has everything. If etey other distros and mess up, I go back to Endeavour OS as it's a
very safe spot for me. And it's basically Arch (btw)

I like Linux in general and lately I have successfully installed Gentoo and I am trying to learn things. I really love the idea behind Gentoo and I find many things really interesting. It's a good distro and OS as well, but it surely isn't perfect. I haven't used it enough to say much about it, but in its own way is fascinating, but also frustrating sometimes.


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heavily boosted by nostalgia, Windows 7 was hands down the best OS I ever mained. it was the first OS that i could actually tinker around with since it was on our family computer, versus XP in internet cafes back then. i downloaded so much sketchy stuff and learned so many internet do's and dont's, and i was grateful that 7 never was annoyingly strict with security like 10 and 11 are right now. literally the only reason i keep upgrading OS's anyway is bcs Windows forces me to. i'd for real still be on 7 right now if it were fully up to me.

also tried Linux a couple times and sometimes partake in discussions and memes about it, but tbh i never vibed with it fully. the learning curve is still just a tad too much from me and there's too many programs i need right now that may not work perfectly with Linux. i've already heard so many bad things about sound card drivers / display drivers having so many issues on non Windows systems, which solidifies my stance that i may never actually have Linux as my sole OS, perhaps just something to tinker with on the side.
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for the nostalgia factor windows xp. it's the bridge between modern 2000s computing and classic 20th century windows

but ideally windows 10 is the best because of its performance factor