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Marie Rachelle Mocinno

AGE: 17 ⟡ PRONOUNS: she/her ⟡ HOME REGION: Johto ⟡ DEVICE: PokéGear
DATE: Friday, September 18 ⟡ TIME: Afternoon
LOCATION: Slateport Beach

Chapter 1 #05 - Training, Like A Trainer Should

Two Staryu are not hard to find once she wades past most of the swimmers, and Marie is all of a sudden battling for real. A real double battle, at that. In the water. Tuie flutters back to her perch on Marie's extended arm; she still can't fly for long and she definitely can't swim. Stunnie's happy to bury himself by her feet and is taking great joy in zapping Marie every time she steps on him.

This is not going very well.

“Okay, Tuie, um- use Cosmic Power! Just, do that a few times! Stunnie, start zapping them, not me, oh my god they're like, right in front of you- no, one went left- just- augh."

The Staryu circle Marie, Rapid Spins kicking up a fine, rainbow-tinged spray. Do they think we're playing? Stunnie manages to zap one, but it sinks for only a second as green light suffuses its form, then pops right back up to twirl once more.

"Ooh, just- Stunnie, just zap everything!" Marie immediately regrets that command as diffused electricity skitters up her legs, undirected power lost on the further-away Staryu. "Uh, not that, not that, stop- Tuie, how many?"

Tuie pecks her four times. "Great, hit that psyducker on the left!"

Tuie flicks out her wings and a beam of purplish light punches into the Staryu's core, driving it into the seabed at a forty-five degree angle. Stunnie, simultaneously and unprompted, punches the other Staryu out of the water with a Tackle and electrocutes it before it can dive again. The three watch as it sinks into the sea and washes toward shore with the waves.

Marie lies down to float on her back, Tuie on her bandana and Stunnie on her midriff. "Well," she says, after a moment, "that sucked."

Spoiler: Team
Pokémon On Hand
Tuie ⟡ Natu ⟡ Female ⟡ LV 17 ⟡ Magic Bounce ⟡
Peck // Teleport // Stored Power // Cosmic Power
Stunnie ⟡ Stunfisk ⟡ Male ⟡ LV 16 ⟡ Static ⟡
Revenge // Mud Shot // Thundershock // Tackle // Water Gun // Mud Sport
Spoiler: Inventory
Trainers' License [registered in Johto/pending registration in Hoenn] ⟡
$16,400 ⟡
Empty PokéBalls x 2 ⟡

Sunscreen ⟡
Berry-Print Bikini ⟡
Beach Towel ⟡
Oversized Sunglasses ⟡
Large But Lightweight Backpack ⟡
Variety Of Necessary But Uninteresting Things ⟡
Variety Of Interesting But Unnecessary Things ⟡


everything starts and ends with cube

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Miranda Lockhart
Thursday, September 17th
Chapter 1: Part 3 - Beachcomber?

19:30 to 19:45 - Slateport Beach
When Maritza said her Pokémon’s name was Juggernaut, Miranda expected something big and strong like that character from X-Mon, like a Salamence, Tyranitar, even a Flygon would be okay. But a Wimpod? Seriously? The poor thing was so afraid of Miranda that Maritza had to take him inside his PokéBall before it ran away. He seems to be more calm now that they are at the beach, though. Apparently, there’s enough trash around for him to be distracted eating than being scared of every person walking 5 meters away from him, or something like that is what Maritza said.

Why are they at the beach, though? Well, Maritza said -after teaching Miranda how to read the words beach, Slateport and location along with some Pokémon names- that they would only be able to catch Pokémon there.

It is similar to the beach south of Gateon in Orre. Kids running with their Pokémon and the classical group of idiots that were playing volleyball too close to the sea that are now waiting for one of them to offer to swim and get their ball back… oh, and how to forget the food stands she doesn’t have the money to buy something from. There’s also this public dressing room for people to change to their swimsuits and leave the bothersome stuff there, but Miranda doesn’t have a swimsuit.

“How is it that a sporty girl like you doesn’t have a swimsuit?” Maritza asks, not making eye contact with Miranda, but exploring the beach with her eyes from one end to the other. “At least, you could’ve asked me to buy you one. I have money for it.”

“I don’t want to swim.”

“Really? I thought that someone who decided to go to Hoenn would try Slateport Beach when they got the chance. You really are a weird one.”

“Who the psyduck you calling weird, uh!?” she angrily yelled, ready to smack her head with her bat. “If you wanted to swim so badly, why didn’t you buy one for yourself!?”

“Well, I don’t swim.” she answers. “See, my skin can’t be exposed to the sunrays too much. I would burn easy.”

“Why the psyduck did you come to Hoenn of all places, then!?”

“I have my reasons.” the gray-haired girl answers. “Still, I can’t help but feel weird dressed like this. Everyone is either shirtless with shorts, has a one piece swimsuit or a bikini, and we both are wearing completely unconventional clothes for this place. Aren’t you hot with that jacket?”

“I’m fine. It's already getting dark.” Miranda lies, she is actually dying from the heat for being with that thing the whole day. Maritza probably realized, though, she looked like that kind of person that could read people feelings easily, but probably it was because she was very calm in an… unnerving way.

“Are you sure? I can buy you some water if you want to.” she offers. “You aren’t supposed to die before me, just in case. If anything, you can at the same time.”

“I said I’m fine!” Now that she said that, she totally won’t be able to take it off when she is actually dying. That would prove her wrong, and she doesn’t like being wrong. “Now what about that thing you were going to show me?”

“Well, we won’t be able to see a thing if we stay here. Come.” Both girls walk closer to the sea. Aside from the people she saw before, Miranda can also see at least three toned people with red uniforms and sticks, that's the only way she can describe them because all of them look the same for her. “See those people over there?” Maritza says looking at two of those stick people “They are the beach's lifesavers. They are supposed to use those sticks to send the Stunfisk underground back to the sea, see?”

Maritza chuckles at her own pun before continuing her explanation, but Miranda doesn't even pay attention to her. She is instead looking at the stick people -lightsaber isn't a good name, she thinks, even if those sticks kinda look like lightsabers for her-, specifically at a blonde one that buries part of the stick on the sand and then pushes with force, making a brown and flat Pokémon come out of the sand. It flips on the sand before being pushed a second time, back to the sea, by the same stick dude.

Miranda now looks around the beach, looking for similar patches of sand like the one the stick dude used to get that Pokémon out, while the other girl keeps talking to herself. She finally finds a suspicious one, though it's a bit bigger than the one the stick dude used.

“Mankey, help me dig here.” The Pokémon starts scratching the sand, sending lots of compacted sand to a couple sitting behind him, but Miranda pays them no mind even after they shout at her to be more careful. -What are they even doing in the shoreline, to begin with? Dumb people. They kept digging that spot until Miranda was finally able to take a good look at the wild Stunfisk. Now the only thing she had to do was, take it outside, battle it and catch it. Simple, right?

Just when she already had her bat underground, she hears Maritza talking to her from behind. “Hey, what are you doing?” she asks. Miranda turns around and sees the stick dude from before was with her.

“What does it look like, duh?” she says. “I’m going to catch this muk.”

“Oh, I see! I thought you would need help learning how to do it, so I called a lifesaver to teach you. They say they would be happy to give you their job.” Maritza cheers, and turns to the stick dude that is looking at her with that are you psyducking kidding me? look Miranda knows so well, even if they know she is telling the truth. “... In nicer words, of course! Is she doing it the right way?”

“Yes, that’s the right way to use the… stick?” they stay quiet for a second, staring at Miranda’s hands. “I haven’t seen that stick before, where did you get it?”

“It’s a bat.”

“Your bat!?” Maritza repeats astonished. “H-hey! Y-you can’t use your bat for this! Put that thing down now!”

“Why would I do that!? It’s almost outs- PSYDUCKING HELL!” Maritza yells in pain the moment she feels a strong zap traveling from her bat, sent by the Trap Pokémon she was trying to get outside of its hiding spot. The girl falls down and drops her bat as well and the lifesaver goes to help her get up.

“A-are you okay!?” both Maritza and the lifesaver ask at the same time. Miranda doesn’t answer, she just holds her own hand, muttering angrily Ouch, ouch, ouch! Goddamit, that psyducking hurt!

Maritza can feel the rage in her eyes. And in Mankey’s who is now screeching at the Stunfisk. The girl gets up now and grabs her bat and pushes the lifesaver aside the moment they try to stop her. She raises her arms, holds the bat firmly and swings it with great force, shouting: “Son of a rattata!”

Dirt rises and falls on her cap and clothes as everyone around her see the Stunfisk fall meters away into the sea. Miranda hears a splash and everyone look quietly and surprised at her, except Mankey, he is jumping cheerfuly looking at the sea.

Maritza walks and stands besides her as well. Miranda expects her to be mad at her, that would be common, but she is actually smiling, which now that she thinks about it isn’t that surprising.

“Well, that’s another way to send them back to the sea.” she says, looking at the waves and then looks back at Miranda. “Want to try again?”

“Shut up.”
Current Party:

- 5 PokéBalls
- 5 Potions
- P★DA (Pokémon Digital Assistant)
- ₽100[/COLOR]


everything starts and ends with cube

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Jordie "Jo" Hughes
Friday, September 18th
Chapter 1: Part 4 - Neon Blue

10:45 am to 10:55 am - Slateport Beach
With their drinks finished, the three Trainers and their Pokémon head back onto the beach. "So, what are we gonna do first?" Tsu walks backwards so she can face both Avril and Jo. "I don't want to go swimming just yet, but there are lots of other options! Jo, you said we should explore, where do you want to go?"

“Well, I don’t really know what’s here to see.” they answer. “The lighthouse seems like an interesting place to take some pics, though. Maybe go there?” Jordie starts thinking then, that maybe they are giving their actual goal less importance than they should. While they definitely wouldn’t mind exploring a bit, maybe staying closer to the beach would be a better option… or not necessarily. “Do you think we could find some Pokémon there?”

“That’s a nice idea! And sure, Jo… there are many more Pokémon than you would expect here at the beach. Isn’t that right, Tsu?” Avril chuckles somewhat forcefully, thinking back to the Stunfisk flipping adventure.

"Yeah! We practically tripped over some Stunfisk earlier!" Tsu laughs, then gets very serious. "I wouldn't recommend it, those Thundershocks kinda hurt."

“Stunfisk, huh? Yeah another guy I met at the Pokémon Center told me I could find some here. They aren’t my favorite Pokémon, you see? Seen a few in Unova and well… they aren’t that strong or cool looking.”

"Well, there are other options!" Tsu shrugs, moving her hand to her bag. "Maybe you'll find a Sandygast, or whatever lives out in the w-"

Not watching where she's going, she accidentally steps in a patch of soft sand, an unpleasantly familiar sensation underfoot. "Wha-" Sparks fly as she gets zapped with Thundershock, falling back and revealing the mischievous Stunfisk buried in the sand.

“Oh no, not again…” Avril runs towards her friend. “Are you alright? I mean you were fine the first time but you never know…” she mutters hastily as Poppy circles around her flower and leans over to see better what’s happening.

"That hurt…" Tsu complains, her face red from embarrassment more than anything else. "No need to worry, I'll be fine."

“Speaking of the devil.” Jordie chuckles, trying to help Tsu to get up. They look at the Stunfisk in the sand then and realize something weird in it, at that same moment Jordie’s eyes open wide. “It’s… light brown and blue. Oh my god, it’s blue!” they look at Gabby now and see she is looking at them as well. “You know what that means, right?” Gabby looks at the Stunfisk and then looks back at Jordie again, blinking at them and then rolling to one side. The trainer nods and the Solosis sends psychic energy from its body that covers a big area of the beach. Stunfisk then starts moving slower and Gabby seems to be faster than usual now, but everyone else inside Gabby’s Trick Room seem to be fine.

“I’ll take care.” Jordie says, turning to Tsu and Avril with a grin. Because well… this was their catch.

While Avril was actually relieved by Jo’s words, Poppy was not really happy to hear that. But she was still being held in place by her trainer’s bandana - and now, by her hand as well: she soon gave up on her dreams of glory, but still kept watching the battle with sparkling eyes. Even if getting closer to Gabby made her feel somewhat dizzy.

“That really is a rare Stunfisk, I don’t think we’ve ever seen one like it!” The blonde girl, rather than focusing on the battle, turns to Natsuko instead. “Isn’t that right?”

"Yeah, the ones we saw were brown." Tsu is able to stand, having already shaken off the shock. Shiny stands by her side, watching the fight about to start, but not interested in joining in.

Gabby starts by shooting a purple beam to the sand to send the Stunfisk flying outside of its hiding spot, just to stop it from going back underground. Jordie didn’t expect it to endure the hit and counter by jumping to the opposite side they planned and striking Gabby harder than she hit it, though.

While Stunfisk is in the air, it shoots a water bubble from its mouth that Gabby quickly blocks with another Psybeam and then shoots another one that strikes the Trap Pokémon outside the Trick Room.

Gabby uses Trick Room a second time now, shattering the walls of the first one she used and follows the wild Stunfisk. The Pokémon crawls across the sand and waits for Gabby to be closer. Before it can jump at her again, Gabby uses Trick Room once more so it takes more time to jump and instantly shoots a last Psybeam that leaves it partially buried underground.

“This should be enough.” Jordie says, taking out a Dusk Ball from their handbag. However, before they even prepare to throw it, the ground starts shaking ferociously and they fall down. “Wait, what the fu-! Earthquake!? N-no it can’t be, it’s-!” the ground opens -in a small area, though it’s enough to make it extremely dangerous- and water and mud start spouting upwards in great quantities. “Fissure!? Avril, Tsu, stay away! Gabby be careful! Use Recover if it hits you, try to hit it just once more!”

Avril takes a couple steps back - no need to tell her to, the sight of Fissure is already enough. “Are you sure you don’t need help, Jo?” She calls out, now more concerned about their safety (and Gabby’s).

“No! This one is mine!” Jordie starts running closer to the wild Pokémon and Gabby follows suit, getting struck by some of the mud and water and obviously using Recover as she was told to. Jordie’s hat flies away and falls on the water, but that’s not important, the catch is more important now, and knowing that it also knows a strong move like Fissure only makes it more worthy.

Gabby finally gets close enough to the Pokémon and shoots a Psybeam. It misses. She tries another Psybeam and it misses again. “Try another move!” Gabby looks at her trainer and nods. She charges psychic energy inside her bubble and it starts glowing a greenish light that is shot in a big wave of Bug type energy… if that exists. The Stunfisk is hit by it and buries itself even more underground and it calms down.

Before they attempt to catch that Pokémon, Jordie calls Avril and Tsu. They don’t know if it’ll work, but they have to try to use their towel to make it darker so the Dusk Ball doesn’t fail the catch.

“Y-yes?” Avril responds, coming closer to the Stunfisk after having watched most of the battle from further away. In the meantime, Poppy is still encouraging Gabby like a proper supporter.

Tsu sees the Dusk Ball, and the towel, putting two and two together. She hastily undoes the knot on her sarong, tossing the dark fabric into the air. It flutters lightly in the breeze, temporarily casting a shadow over Stunfisk.

“O-oh, I get it!” the blonde girl uses her towel to cast another shadow, after facepalming for not understanding that right away like Tsu did.

Jordie takes that short time to hit the Pokémon with the Dusk Ball and leave it under both towels and the sarong as it oscillates three times and then click. Stunfisk was caught.

Jordie exhales some air and heads to the sea to clean the mud from their body and Gabby’s. They see their floppy hat swimming far away into the sea, now gone forever.

“Well, I lost my hat… But! I caught a shiny Pokémon!” Jordie laughs as they walk back to the other girls and take the Dusk Ball and their towel. “I think I’ll call… him Neon” they add, looking at the Pokédex on their X-transceiver. “Sorry for scaring you, by the way. I get like that when I battle.” they say turning at Avril, who looks a bit clueless at first but soon congratulates her friend. “Well, shall we go? To the lighthouse, now!”

"You're good! Battles are just like that sometimes." Tsu shakes the sand off her sarong, tying it back around her waist. She gives a double v-sign to Jo. "Congratulations on your catch! Let's go to the lighthouse!"

“That’s a great idea!” Avril echoes, as she picks up her towel. “And… it’s alright, Jo! Hopefully I can get used to the way you battle.”

“Are you challenging me?” Jordie jokes, faking a challenging tone and then chuckles. Then they remember that Avril said she will try challenging the gym too when they first met at the ferry. “You still haven’t caught anything, right? If you are going to challenge the gym you’ll have to catch something here or you won’t even have a chance to try… Does anyone want to step on another Stunfisk?”

“Of course not!” Avril pouts, before remaining quiet for a moment. “Hm… so I need to have two Pokémon, right? But how do I get a Pokémon and make friends with it… I mean.” The girl sighed. “I mean, you two just battled it out and got your Pokémon but you know…”

Poppy is already looking around for potential opponents, however, chirping at every wild Pokémon she sees. Avril surely notices that, because after some more time spent thinking she just asks: “Ok, how does this work?”

“Hmm… maybe we can help you find one!” Jordie doesn’t hesitate to offer. “See, your device should have a scan feature on it that can be used to find wild Pokémon. And assuming you have the Hoenn Ranger Database installed as well, you can see what species you can catch and scan for!” Jordie then looks around the beach. All that people… they are no problem for Jo, but maybe Avril wouldn’t like them to observe her on her first catch. Plus they may only find Stunfisk here as well… “If you want to try this in a quieter place, we could try once we get to the jetty.”

“Alright!” Avril cheered, actually quite relieved by the fact that her green haired friend seemed more reasonable this time and didn’t want to get right to the action. Poppy looked happy as well, as she slid further down under the bandana to protect herself from the wind: it was going to be a comfortable, cozy ride all the way to the jetty.
Jordie caught Neon the shiny Stunfisk (Male)!

Ability: Static; Moves: Fissure, Water Gun, Bide, Thundershock, Mud Shot, Mud Sport

Jordie's Party:

Avril's Party:

Natsuko's Party:

- 30 Dusk Balls
- 10 Potions
- X-transceiver
- ₽3000
ft. Eleanor as Avril Reese & Groc as Natsuko Soyokaze
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Name: Kira Wolf || Day: Thursday, September 17 || Time: Late Afternoon
Location: Slateport City

Amenity Trouble

Nyx stood there with a determined look on her face, staring down a large, blue plastic hoop suspended in the air by two poles. At the sound of a sharp whistle she began her sprint, charging forward and leaping through the suspended ring! However as she lept her hind legs caught the lower part of the hoop, sending her tumbling towards the ground.

Kira couldn't help but let out a stifled laugh. This wasn't the first time she watched Nyx fail the jump. It was however the most comedic. "Alright, let's give it another shot then, shall we?"

Nyx however, didn't find her fall to be quite as amusing. After scrambling back into her feet she charged at one of the supports holding the Hoop up into the air, clawing at it in a fit of frustration.

Kira let out a bit of a sigh. "Guess that's a no then." Fortunately the support seemed to take the abuse just fine, Nyx only adding to the vast collection of claw marks on it. Before Nyx could go at it for too long Kira lifted the equipment over her head, earning her an annoyed gaze by the small fox. "Sorry, I'm not giving them an excuse to charge me for my last ₱500.”

With a bit of a huff, the disgruntled fox made her way over to a shady tree and rested under some brush. "I guess I'll just find you a scratching post or something." Kira muttered to herself as she made her way over to the club's storehouse, a rather nice shed made out of the same stained wood the club itself is. The door however was already open, a young, brown haired teenage boy shuffling through the shelves. "Any room in there for me to put something up?"

The brown haired boy looked up from his shelf shuffling "Oh, yeah! I'm just putting some stuff up myself."

"Cool, it's kinda awkwardly large so sorry in advance!" Kira called out as she drug the set up inside of the storehouse.

"It's fine, it's fine..." He insisted, looking Kira over as she wrestled with a metal pin in the hoop's stand. "You don't look familiar, you new around here?"

"You can certainly say that." Kira said as she pulled the metal pin on the stand, causing it to collapse to a smaller size. "Just arrived from Kinyo earlier today."

The boy's brow raised a bit. "Kinyo... What were you doing over there?"

"Nothing much, just... Living and all that." Kira replied in the most sarcastic tone she could muster.

The boy seemed somewhat caught off guard by her tone. "Fair enough. You just don't see too many trainers from there ya know?" As Kira finally got the last part of the equipment on the shelf, the boy held out his hand for her. "The name's Liam by the way."

"Kira, Nice to meet you." She said, taking his hand as she looked him over. He was quite a bit taller than she was, her eye level meeting at his lower neck, and seemed to be at least somewhat close to her age.

"Kira then, well what brings you out to Hoenn then?"

Kira grabbed one of the scratching posts from a nearby corner, hoisting it under her arm. "Probably the same reason you were surprised I was from Kinyo. There really isn't much there for a trainer. Heck, even the gyms are shutting down."

"I remember hearing about that; a couple guys were talking about it in the center yesterday. Apparently it was in the news. It's really that bad then?"

"Yeah, Akurnai shut down today actually. A few of us were the last to challenge the gym yest…" Kira began as she interrupted herself, frantically scanning the club's courtyard. "Where's Nyx?" she asked in a panic.


"Nyx yeah! The Pokemon I was with earlier. Small, black, well usually at least. She was just over there by the brush!" Dropping the scratching post she ran out to the courtyard, searching frantically.

“Calm down, she couldn’t have gotten far.” Liam tried to assure, referring to the Clubhouse’s walls all around them. “Unless Nyx is a Murkrow or something…”

“No, god I’d be hesitant to let her out of her ball if she could fly!” Kira called back as she scanned the courtyard. Azure was in clear sight, napping in a small refrigerated pool of water, A young girl with darker red hair seemed to be playing with Kit, the vulpix from earlier, and two growlithe were trying to climb up a small tree. “I swear Nyx, I’m gonna end up buying a tracker for you.”

Liam followed Kira, not exactly sure what he was looking for however figured trying was likely better than nothing. “Hey! Get off of her! You’ll get yourself hurt!”

Kira turned towards Liam as he ran over to the little girl and Kit.The girl seemed to be holding the struggling fox down with her hands, smiling, but not responding to Liam’s objections. “Hey! Cut it out!” Kira called out as well, momentarily forgetting about her own missing fox.

The little girl’s ears twitched as she heard Kira’s voice. As she turned to meet Kira eye to eye it seemed that Kit had had enough. Opening her mouth, she let out a flurry of icy shards towards the girl’s hands. Kira’s heart skipped a beat as she saw the girl get hit, scared for the girl… only to be replaced by frustration as she faded away, a frustrated Nyx appearing in her place. “Damn it Nyx! You scared the hell out of me!” Kira shouted, marching over towards her “missing” pokemon.

Liam gave out a bit of a sigh as he watched Kira pick up the small troublemaker. Kit meanwhile gave a bit of a huff before curling up to rest. “That… was nearly really bad.” Liam said with a heavy sigh. “I’m guessing you’re having a few problems with that one?”

Kira momentarily wrestled with Nyx before finally managing to carry her in a way that keeps her from getting clawed. “More than a few… Just caught her the other day and she’s gotten either me or herself in trouble about three times.”

“Perhaps she just needs an outlet for her frustration?”

Kira tilted her head just a bit “What are you suggesting?”

“I’ve dealt with a few troublemakers in the past myself, usually when they start acting up like that they just need to blow off some steam. There are a few moderated battlefields a bit north of here, You up for it?”

Kira gave a surprised blink, she knew trainers were more common in Hoenn but she didn’t expect to get a challenge literally a few hours after arriving. “Yeah, sure! She could use a bit more battle experience before we challenge the gym anyway.”

“Well, I’ll meet you there then. Unless you feel like following me there.”

Kira nodded “I’ll follow you if you don't mind waiting a bit, I gotta clean up here a bit first.”


Pokemon on Hand


Azure the Spheal
Male / Calm / Thick Fat
- Brine
- Aurora Beam
- Defense Curl
- Aqua Ring

Nyx the Zorua
9 --> 10
- Pursuit
- Scratch
- Hone Claws
- Leer
- Snatch



3 Potion
2 Antidote
2 Paralyze Heal
1 Burn Heal

2 Pokeballs

4 Oran Berry
4 Chesto Berry
3 Leppa Berry
1 Cheri Berry
1 Pecha Berry
1 Rawst Berry
1 Aspear Berry

Trainer items:
Ability Capsule
Rocky Helmet

TM56 Fling

Extra Set Of Street Clothes
One Piece Swimsuit
Stylish Green Dress
Pokemon Fan Club Membership (Expires: October 17th)



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Katrina Purcell
Location: Slateport Beach
Pokemon at hand :
Thursday, September 17th - 4:30 PM.

Chapter 1 - 5
What Do You Know?

I… I have to get out here as quickly as possible. However, I don’t think he’ll let me go that easily. Fine, I’ll just have to break his argument and show him his faults.

"Stop being vague and get to the point!” I open my mouth and try my best to speak in an irritating manner to stop him from saying another word.

“Of course, of course, but there’s a merit of trying to explain the context, instead of you know? Accusing someone without proof… Unlike a certain someone.” Jack speaks in an overtly exaggerated tone.

It is clear as day that he’s purposefully speaking that way, to see him finally speaking in this tone… It’s definitely chilling. However, I’m no stranger to this kind of situation, I’ll pry through your facade and expose who you truly are.

“Why do you speaking that way? It’s not my fault that you’ve shown your true colors.”

“Hahaha...Ha… I really hope that you’re joking, but it seems that you’re actually ignorant.”

Is he for real? I shudder to think how wrong I am thinking that he’s just a kind guy who likes to joke around. But I can’t back down now, I can’t let him do what he pleases anymore.

“You… Don’t you have any shame? Accusing me-”

“EXACTLY!” Jack abruptly cut my explanation while screaming causing a few confused beachgoers to look at our way.

He immediately points his index finger towards me with a face full of rage. “Don’t you have any shame!? You accuse me in front of those people over there. All while you barely knowing me… Heck, with how we introduce ourselves to each other, I’m pretty sure that we don’t even know each other’s real name!”

I am shocked at how accurate his guess was, maybe I’m the one in the wrong here… No, get yourself together… Do you remember how she used the same argument to pull a wool over your eyes? You can’t trust him that easily...

“But… It doesn’t change the fact that you broke your promise because of money, you tried to leave me because of chump change and that’s a fact you can’t refute against!”

Jack sighs while shaking his head in disbelief. “Ok, Miss Katrina, I know that you think that you're the one who has the moral high ground, but do you ever think for a moment, just a moment, mind you… What a Stunfisk is? If your answer is a Pokemon you get a 100, otherwise well… I don’t think you qualify as a trainer, which unfortunately is maybe the case here considering how you decide to accuse me of something I never intend to do. Have you get the gist or do I need to be more upfront with you, Miss?"

Wait, no… No way… He... Is he actually?

“...What I mean is… I’m not trying to ditch you… You’re the one wildly concluding when you barely know anything. Do you even know how hard it is to survive financially as a competitive trainer? Bet you don’t know that when you’re born with a silver spoon on your mouth.” Says Jack with disappointment clearly reflected on his eyes.

Those words from him hurt me like a dagger, what he said was something I used to hear even from a long time ago, people used to throw those words as desperate reasoning for their horrible actions… But listening to it from someone who actually has a good intention really hurts.

“Jack, I-”

Just as I’m about to say more stuff to Jack, I can hear a loud noise of someone running towards us.

“Hey, are you okay guys!? I can hear you guys shouting from far away, is something wrong?” It was the lifeguard we talked with earlier, he pants as he leans over to the backrest of the bench I’m sitting on to support himself.

“Ah, sorry… As I told you earlier, I think she sprained her leg haha… Unfortunately, my friend here still insists on helping you, so yeah… Sorry, I screamed really hard, I was really frustrated.” Jack bows slightly with a fake smile plastered on his face. It’s really scary how fast he can repress his real emotions, but I think he has a good reason to do it right now, not even I want this lifeguard to be distracted from his job because of us.

“Okay then… But please keep your voices down, okay? It’s a public place after all… Also, do you want to continue? I mean sure I need someone to help, but I’m not desperate enough to push this job to you when your friend is in this condition.” The lifeguard looks at me with a concerned expression, which surprisingly Jack also does.

Even after all that… He’s still able to show concern. I’m a horrible person, am I?

Unwilling to make both of them too worried about my ankle, I immediately try my best to put up a warm smile.

“Ahaha, I’m fine, I can just sit here watching the beautiful sunset. Jack already gave me a compress, I’ll be fine.” I hurriedly say to the lifeguard so he can go back to his job.

“Well, if you say so… Please tell me if there’s anything I can help with.”

As the lifeguard walks away, I turn my head towards Jack. He stands silently in front of me before he takes a deep breath.

“Listen, I… I honestly don’t know what have you experienced before this, but if you keep being like that to everyone, then you might turn away someone that might care genuinely for you. And if that happens who will be there for you when you need it? Please, don’t do things like that anymore.” Jack looks at me with sorrow clearly reflected in his eyes before putting on his sunglasses, he then starts to roll his shirt sleeves before walking away while holding the poking stick.

I can’t speak to him anymore, even if I now know that his concern about me is really genuine… I really want to apologize, but he won’t accept it, won’t he? After all, what I did was inexcusable.

Not able to do anything, I sit on the bench alone, waiting for him to finish the job to atone for what I did earlier. Beautiful sunset is painting the horizon, yet all I feel right now is remorse for what I’ve done.


... to the w o r l d. 🥂

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Marie Rachelle Mocinno

AGE: 17 ⟡ PRONOUNS: she/her ⟡ HOME REGION: Johto ⟡ DEVICE: PokéGear
DATE: Saturday, September 19 ⟡ TIME: 3:30 PM
LOCATION: In Transit to Dewford via Breezy Seas Ferry

Chapter 1 #06 - Benji

Benji was relentlessly cheerful and encouraging, but Marie and her team still got absolutely trashed.

He'd used a Wormadam, the pink one, and a weird Diglett with hair. Marie really should have studied Pokémon before this trip, though knowing Wormadam's secondary type wouldn't have helped considering its penchant for Magnet Rise. Knowing Alolan Diglett's may have, but Stunnie was far too slow to do a thing to it anyway.

Barely two minutes of battling and she was out. Humiliating.

It's difficult to be mad at Benji, even though Marie is trying very hard to be. He's very nice and encouraging. He likes battles and wants people to go all-out. It just so happens that Marie going all-out is… pretty much nothing.

He said she'll have a better time down in Dewford. And she'd better. Because she already kinda feels like giving up and going home. Even though the gyms weren't even really the point of this. Marie doesn't like to be bad at things. Especially not things that basically anyone can do.

Marie doesn't like to fail.

Whether that will motivate her or drive her away, well. That depends on Dewford.

On this guy called Brawley.

Spoiler: Team
Pokémon On Hand
Tuie ⟡ Natu ⟡ Female ⟡ LV 17 ⟡ Magic Bounce ⟡
Peck // Teleport // Stored Power // Cosmic Power
Stunnie ⟡ Stunfisk ⟡ Male ⟡ LV 16 ⟡ Static ⟡
Revenge // Mud Shot // Thundershock // Tackle // Water Gun // Mud Sport
Spoiler: Inventory
Trainers' License [registered in Johto and Hoenn] ⟡
$16,000 ⟡
Empty PokéBalls x 2 ⟡

Sunscreen ⟡
Berry-Print Bikini ⟡
Beach Towel ⟡
Oversized Sunglasses ⟡
Large But Lightweight Backpack ⟡
Variety Of Necessary But Uninteresting Things ⟡
Variety Of Interesting But Unnecessary Things ⟡


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Shuna Kamado

Prologue - Epoch 1.1: Slateport
Thursday, September 17 {2: 50pm}

Sudden Job! Friend or Foe?!

“Stunfisk?” Shuna questioned, “And you want me to help you get them off the beach?”

“Y-Yeah. The sticks we are given are rubber-tipped, but that doesn’t mean the rest of our bodies are. I can’t even count the amount of times my feet got shocked by passing Stunfisk!” The male lifeguard complained, rubbing his forehead with a sigh, but a thought came to him, raising his mood. “Hey! Why don’t you help me move the Stunfisk?”

Shuna stared at the male for a minute before cocking her head to the side, “Why? Isn’t moving Stunfisk your job?”

“Yup. But I don’t like it, so you do it for me.”

“W-wait, I’m busy!”

“You don’t seem busy!”

“I came to the beach to train my pokémon!”

“You can do both!”

“The Stunfisk is your job!”

“Not tomorrow! I’m leaving it to you!”


As Shuna and the male lifeguard argued, Finn was playing in the ocean, swimming back and forth. He would jump around and do some tricks, however, Pidge was resting on Shuna’s shoulder, watching the ordeal. If the human didn’t like his job, why does he still have it?

“You can’t just hand it over to me!”

“Of course I can! I saw other lifeguards do it with other trainers!”

“Don’t copy them! I’m busy tomorrow!”

“Too bad! I’m counting on you!”

“W-wait!” Before Shuna could refuse, the lifeguard had left, being called to break by another lifeguard. As she watched the males leave, she was stuck and shocked at the events that just occurred.

A job. She had a small job tomorrow that she didn’t apply for and had been pushed onto, and alas…

“He didn’t tell me what time the job was or where?!” Pidge sighed, humans were interesting, but they had their own fill of drama he’d rather avoid.

*Timeskip - 6:00pm*

Shuna sighed as she sat on one of the tables on the terrace on the right side of the Pokémon Center. A small plate with some macaroons along with a cup of tea sat in front of her. Before coming to the Pokémon Center it had taken her about three hours to find the male lifeguard, whose name is Hugh, and then ask him when and where the job would occur. She didn’t know someone could move from place to place so quickly, and every time she would ask for the time and place, he would change the subject. She had a feeling he didn’t want to tell her so she would take the whole day instead of an hour or two of his job. Luckily, one of his friends was nearby and told her where he was stationed and their work hours, and from the look of Hugh’s face, her previous thoughts were correct.

“If he doesn’t like his job… then why is he still doing it?” mumbled Shuna, picking up her cup of tea as she placed her elbows on the table. She heard a chirp and turned to her right, seeing Pidge sitting next to her arms and Finn sitting on the seat beside her, eating his own macaroons.

“Because of the females obviously.” a voice replied. Pidge turned his head sharply and saw a male sitting in the seat across from his trainer, a stranger nonetheless.

“Ah, that makes sense,” complied the pink-haired, but after a minute of silence the girl immediately sat up with a squeal, almost dropping her tea. “W-where did you come from?!” The male across from her had shoulder length savoy blue hair tied into a low ponytail, held together by a yellow tie. He had light blue bangs in a similar fashion to hers and emerald green eyes. His outfit consisted of a white turtleneck with a grey v-shirt over, a red leather jacket with a high collar, floral white pants, and brown boots.

“I was looking for a free table to enjoy my lunch.” In front of the male sat a plate of mashed potatoes, rice, and corn with gravy.

“Ah, I’m sorry, but I thought you’d pick an empty table,” Shuna emphasised ‘empty,’ since when people look for a free table usually it’s an empty one.

“Too boring,” was the male’s reply. At that moment Finn had finished his food and noticed the other human sitting with them. At first he stared at the male, as if analyzing him, but after a minute he chirped and waved one of his paws. The male noticed the mudfish pokemon waving at him, but instead of doing what the pokémon thought he would do, the male sharply turned his head away, as if ignoring the pokémon. Finn blinked his eyes, registering the human’s actions before puffing his cheeks into a pout, lowering his arm. Pidge glared at the human for hurting his comrades’ feelings, his feathers ruffling up a bit.

“I see…” Shuna nervously smiled, but when she saw the interaction between Finn and the male, her eyes narrowed a bit. “...I don’t believe you. Why did you really come to this table?”

The male took a sip of his cup of coffee, glancing at Shuna before closing his eyes, then placing his coffee back on the table. “I know.”


“Who you really are… Kuchiki,” the male declared, mumbling the last word to himself.

“I’m Shuna Kamado, and I don’t know what you mean, mister.” Shuna glared, she didn’t like what the male was hinting at. It’s true, she used to have a different name, but it was changed due to… certain reasons. Pidge, as if sensing his master’s anger, also glared at the male. Finn was oblivious to it, still pouting from being ignored.

“No need for glaring, I won’t tell anyone.” The male closed his eyes, resting his chin on his folded hands, his elbows resting on the table. He then opened them, staring deeply at Shuna. “In exchange….”

“Exchange?” Shuna flinched. She didn’t know how this male was hinting at her past, he might not ever know, but she knew that she had to do whatever he said. Her grandparents warned her about her father’s side of the family and their problems. So if word got out that she was here, there’s no telling what might happen. He might not know, but she wouldn’t risk it, what if he does know of her past?

“You have to be my friend.” At his words Shuna froze before sighing in relief, but then froze again upon his words registering and looked at the male, confused.

“Friend?” Why would he ask her to be his friend, wouldn’t it make sense to ask for something more drastic with information like that? It didn’t make sense to her, but she didn’t question it. “I-I guess? But you have to tell me your name, since you know mine.”

“My name? It’s Souei Higurashi.” The male, Souei, smirked as he lifted his head, standing from his seat. ‘As long as she doesn't know what my real last name is… everything should be going as planned…’

“N-nice to meet you.” Shuna bowed her head a bit, weary of Souei. After everything he told her, she didn’t know if she should trust this person, but if he knew her old name and past, she couldn’t risk it. She had to be his friend or else, her freedom was over, and she still had the mystery of her parents. She placed her left hand over her right wrist, grasping the silver bracelet. She couldn’t lose her freedom! One of her goals of traveling was to find her parents and the mystery surrounding them! She remembered the information Arthur told her, back in Nashimity Town. The keystone is the only thing she's got as a lead and a remembrance of them.

“So, as my friend, you’re going to hang out with me tomorrow,” Souei declared, grabbing a blue shoulder bag from beside his chair and swinging the strap over his head. He turned to Shuna, his smirk turning into a grin. “We’ll meet at the front of the Pokémon Center at 10 o' clock.”

Shuna watched Souei leave, his words registering into her mind. Once they did however, she gasped and turned to where Souei went, but the male was nowhere to be seen. “Not you too!” Again, she was given no choice but to do something, and it was tomorrow too!

Pidge sighed, giving his master a pitying look. Humans and their customs are weird, but he knew enough to know that humans don’t become friends that fast, and with how his master was acting, it seemed forced too. Glaring in the direction the male went, Pidge knew that he had to keep an eye on that human, for he knew Finn wouldn’t; the mudfish was too friendly and oblivious when it came to matters like this.

Pidge turned to the mudfish pokemon and saw Finn eating some poké food from who knows where.

Current Team:

{Male}Mudfish Pokemon - Finn (Mudkip -> Marshtomp)[Torrent] - Bide, Water Gun, Ice Ball, Mud Shot {Lvl.21}

{Male}Tiny Bird Pokemon - Pidge (Pidgey)[Keen Eye] - Quick Attack, Air Cutter, Sand Attack, Gust {Lvl. 16}

  • Cash: ???
  • Camping Kit
  • First Aid
  • Snacks & Water
  • Extra Clothes
  • Mystic Water
  • Potions
  • Pokeballs
  • Berries - Cheri x1, Chesto x1, Pecha x1, Oran x1, Persim x1
  • Cover Fossil
  • Plume Fossil
  • Quick Balls
  • Honey x2


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Edison Kintobor
Saturday, September 19th
Slateport City

After returning from the beach, Edison and Sunny had some free time before picking up their licenses, so they'd gone to a small diner for a late lunch. Afterwards, they went straight to the Pokémon Center, and then to the Gym. Sunny was devastated to learn Leader Benji had already left for the day, and insisted that she get to battle him first.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but the earliest timeslot has already been reserved for tomorrow." The receptionist explained. "He'll be available for battles between 7 a.m. and noon tomorrow, but the Gym itself will remain open until 7 p.m."

Before Sunny could dramatically overreact, Edison stepped up to reserve the latest slot he could. "You say they're half hour time slots? Then I'll reserve the 11:30 battle, please. You see, Sunny? You may not get to battle first, but you'll be able to battle him before I do, at least."

"I'll take the 11 o'clock battle!" Sunny immediately brightened up. "This way we can show up together and cheer each other on!"

They parted ways after that. Sunny wanted to stay at the Gym and train, while Ed wanted some one-on-one time with his Pokémon to prepare. They agreed to meet back at the Pokémon Center for dinner.

But now, it's Saturday, and their battles are fast approaching. But not as fast as Sunny would like, it seems, as Ed finds her sprawled in a chair at the Center cafe.

"I feel like we've been here before, is it Thursday again?" Ed smiles as she glares at him, so she half-heartedly flips him the bird.

"Eddie, it's seven in the morning. I know you were trying to help, but what are we supposed to do for the next four hours? I don't exactly have a long list of things I wanna do in this town."

"I hesitate to ask, but do you even have a second Pokémon? You wouldn't be challenging a double battle Gym without one, but I've only seen Sputter."

Sunny slowly shifts in her chair, a slow smile spreading across her face as she sits up. "You... you don't know my team? Are you asking to see my Pokémon?"

Ed takes half a step back. "I... suppose I am? Oh... oh, I understand now..."

Sunny jumps up, laughing at Ed. "Well, my esteemed rival, if you wanted a battle, why didn't you say so?"

Ed sighs, but smiles and plays along. "Of course! For as Trainers, we must test our skills! But not here. Perhaps a more fitting setting for our confrontation?"

"Oh-ho! What did you have in mind?"

Ed dramatically puts his hand to his chin, as though in thought. "Why, I can think of no place more suitable than the Gym itself! We shall clash outside the Gym, and defeat the Leader inside afterwards, at the appointed times!"

"Yes!" Sunny glomps onto Ed, nearly knocking him down. "Come, my rival! Our battle will be legendary!"

☆☆Later, at the Gym...☆☆

"So, how do you want to do this?" Sunny stands at one end of a battle square, with Ed at the other. "Before, we each only had one Pokémon, so it was a simple duel, first to knock out the other."

"True, but we've captured more since then. I'd recommend we use two Pokémon each, as that's how the Gym battle will go."

"Both at the same time?" Sunny pulls out two PokéBalls.

Ed merely grabs one. "Not yet. Let's not rush this. Do you only have two?"

"Yeah, why? How many do you have?"

"Well, technically..." Ed thinks about it, but Sunny just gives him a look. "I have three. But I'll only be using two, so it's fair."

Sunny doesn't look too happy about that, but relents, putting one ball away. "Fine. Then meet Flare!" She tosses the ball, revealing her Darumaka. He chitters happily, like a mischievous monkey.

"Ah. That's new! And interesting. But I guess you already know Neodymium." Ed sends out his Magnemite, who scans the Darumaka curiously.

"Yes, I do. Hi, Neo!" Sunny waves to Neo, but they don't react. "Flare, use Rock Smash!"

"Oh, so that's who you taught Rock Smash... I taught it to my Munchlax. N.D., use Thunder Wave!"

Flare is surprisingly quick for such a squat little Pokémon, leaping forward and punching Neo center mass. The impact leaves a dent in Neo's armor, but they respond with an electric pulse. Flare screeches as the wave hits him, falling to the ground and twitching a bit.

"Oh, you're fine, you drama queen!" Sunny scolds, but she's smiling as she does. Flare gets to his feet, grinning and flashing a shaky thumbs up. "Good, now use Taunt before Eddie can pull off any more cheap tricks!"

"You mean like Supersonic?" Ed grins as Sunny fixes him with a flat look.

Neo is able to act first, releasing the sonic waves at Flare before he can hypnotize them into only attacking. But Flare is still able to act, and a dark shadow crosses over Neo's eye as the Taunt takes effect.

"Well, attacking is probably for the best right now, anyway. Use Thunder Shock, N.D.!"

"Flare, use Rock Smash!"

Neo charges up and releases a bolt of electricity, which the paralyzed Flare can't dodge in time. Both Trainers call for the same moves, resulting in the same effect. Flare is struggling to stand, which makes Sunny nervous.

"Come on, Flare! One more Rock Smash!"

"N.D., finish it with Shock Wave!"

Neo's targeting laser scans over Flare, delivering an electric shock that knocks the little monkey out. Sunny returns him to his ball. "Come back, Flare. You did good."

"He did well." Ed corrects, earning a glare for it. "He hits surprisingly hard for such a little guy."

Sunny nods, smiling at the ball. "Yeah, but his aim needs work. Apparently it's a trait some Darumaka have. They hit harder, but their accuracy isn't as good."

Ed strokes his chin in thought. "His Ability? Similar to how N.D. has more powerful attacks against foes that move before him?"

Sunny tilts her head in confusion. "Yeah. But wouldn't slowing the opponent with Thunder Wave kinda negate that Ability?"

Ed opens his mouth to respond, then pauses to consider that. His hand goes back to his chin as he starts calculating the efficiency of Analytic versus the chance of full paralysis.

Sunny realizes he might get lost in his thoughts if she doesn't intervene, so she tosses her other PokéBall. "Let's finish this, Sputter! Eddie, you still with me?"

"Hm? Oh, yes! N.D., can you use Supersonic yet?" Neo produces a noise like an error message on a computer. "I see. Well then, use Thunder Shock!"

Neo fires a shot of electricity at Sputter, and the purple flame lights on the Litwick's wick. At Sunny's command, she launches the burning Ember at Neo, knocking them out of the air with one hit.

"Drat. Still no match for Sputter, eh?" Ed returns Neo to their ball, while Sunny just shrugs.

"Not without your dirty tricks, Eddie. That fancy armor just can't stand the heat."

Ed grabs another PokéBall, a confident grin on his face. "Well, I'm actually fully prepared for you to 'bring the heat' this time. Come on out, Adipose!" The little Munchlax yawns as he arrives, but runs over to hug Ed's leg. "Ready to go, Addie?"

"Wait, he's Normal type, right? Doesn't that mean his attacks won't work on Sputter, 'cuz she's a Ghost?"

"Something like that. His Tackle or Rock Smash won't have an effect, but he has a few other surprises in store. His Lick attack, for example, will not only work, but be super effective! And he's immune to Ghost attacks, so your Hex will be useless."

"Good to know..." Sunny nods as Addie lumbers forward. "Sputter, use Minimize!"

A purple aura surrounds Sputter, and she shrinks down to a quarter of her original size. Addie licks her candle body like an ice cream cone, making her shudder slightly. At Sunny's command, she shrinks again, and this time Addie can't get her as she dodges his tongue.

"Since Eddie likes confusion so much, why don't you use Confuse Ray, Sputter? See how he likes it!"

Sputter's eyes glow purple as her flame ignites, and a mysterious light shines from it and hits Addie. Ed orders another Lick, but Addie is dizzy from the light and falls flat on his face.

"Since Hex isn't an option, use Ember!" Sputter leans forward, launching the flame from her head and hitting Addie with it.

"Shake it off, Addie! Use Metronome!" Addie picks himself up, but loses his balance when he tries to waggle his fingers, falling on his back.

"Wow... I feel kinda bad. Confusion is sorta mean, Eddie." Sunny seems genuine, but still orders another fireball, which Sputter is happy to toss.

Ed orders another Metronome, and Addie stands up to deliver. The energy forms into a cone of white light that washes over tiny Sputter, while Ed scans with his Holotch.

"Apparently that's 'Simple Beam', which replaces Sputter's Ability with one that makes status moves twice as effective. Fascinating!"

"Sputter, use Minimize!" Sunny grins as Ed sputters out a protest. "Door was open, Eddie! You didn’t have to share the info."

"But... what... I... oh, fine. Addie, go for Lick again!" Addie trips and falls on his face, at this point having hurt himself more than he's hurt Sputter or she him.

Sunny orders another Ember, which hits Addie in the face as he stands, leaving a nasty burn. "Sorry, Addie..."

Ed isn't too concerned, as Addie plucks a Rawst Berry from his fur and eats it, instantly curing his Burn. "Good job, Addie. How about another Metronome?" Addie gives a thumbs up, then falls when he turns thanks to the confusion.

"Was that the trick? Force me to use only Fire moves but give him a free Burn Heal?" Sunny smiles a little. "It's not a bad plan. Shame it only works once."

"Yes, and I didn't foresee Minimize being such a hassle, or Addie being so easily tripped up by confusion. All in all, this isn't one of my better showings, I must say."

"Par for the course when it comes to fighting me, though." Sunny shrugs. "But the battle isn't over yet, dear Eddie! Have another Ember!"

Another purple fireball, another Burn, this one on Addie's arm. He snaps out of confusion as Ed orders another Metronome, the energy conjuring a wall of water that he is able to ride on. "Ha-HA! That's Surf!"

Addie rides the wave toward Sputter, who somehow dodges at the last second, not even getting wet. Sunny and Ed both stare in disbelief, until Sunny cracks up and starts laughing. Ed echoes her laughter, still trying to process.

"Oh, man, that's great! Sputter, finish it with Ember!" True to her prediction, this last fireball is too much for Addie to handle, and he falls down from the impact. Ed returns him to his ball, letting out a sigh, but perking up as Sunny walks over.

"That was a close match, Sunny! I thought I had it at the end there." He offers her a fist, which she bumps with her own, grinning as Ed winces and shakes it off.

"Her size goes down, but her speed and strength stay the same, so Mini-Sputter is great at dodging! Not that Neo ever cared, but it's a great strategy in general."

She reaches up to put an arm around his shoulders, dragging him down to her level. "But you're correct, my rival! An excellent showcase of our power and skill! Let us return to the Pokémon Center, and prepare for our Gym battles! After this fight, they will be a refreshing palate cleanser, an after dinner mint to our clash!"

"Yes, let's. It should be an interesting match." Ed frees himself from her grip so he can walk upright, offering Sunny an arm instead, which she happily takes.



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Jacques 'Jack' Tenenbaum
Location: Jack's Room, Southern Pokemon Center, Slateport City
Pokemon at hand :
Thursday, September 17th

Chapter 1 - 2
An Endless Search For Answers

“What the hell are you doing, man? You're ruining everything.” Jack looks at his reflection in the mirror with a sad look as he remembered what he did to Katrina earlier.

Is what he said to her was justifiable? Maybe he shouldn’t be too harsh against her, especially since he is well aware that Kat has a trust issue regarding something related to her mother.

There must be an explanation as to why she’s acting like that, maybe she’s traumatized by something Jack didn’t know? The fact that he said she doesn’t know anything about him is actually the same for him, and for him to act the way he did… He groans as he throws himself to the bed.

“Damn it, I should’ve done something else…” Jack starts to roll in his bed as he mutters his lamentations. Maybe he should just stick his nose where he belongs instead of messing around with other people’s problem.

He feels that maybe his past decision to distance himself from Alice is the best possible answer, after all, considering how being too close with people like him only brings unnecessary trouble. Maybe it’s the same with Kat and that he should distance himself from her also, but as soon he starts to contemplate about it…

“Ouch!” Jack feels a small tinge of pain from his legs, causing him to stop rolling on his bed. As he thought, it was Braveheart who was nudging him gently with its sharp pointy claws.

“You really need to be careful with those claws, Pal. It hurts like hell.”

Braveheart lowers its head and floats down to the floor, seemingly looks disappointed with how Jack complains about its attempt to help Jack.

“Come on, don’t sulk. I’m not angry, I just wish you start to be more aware that you’re a Metang now, I mean your weight changed, your body shape changed also… Not to mention other differences, your approach to handling things needs some change here and there, you know? But I understand you mean well, and I really appreciate it.” Jack pats the head of his partner, all in an effort to stop it from feeling down.

Braveheart finally stops sulking as he floats upward once more to Jack’s eye level.

Geez, you’re so simple… Not that I hate it though.

Jack pats the head of the Iron Claw Pokemon once more, he’s really glad that at this moment that Braveheart is the only one out from it’s Pokeball, if others are also out they will cause a ruckus that is not suitable for the current mood Jack is in.

“Sorry pal, I need some time alone… I really need to think about some things.”

Braveheart nods, and with it, Jack finally put it back to it’s Pokeball without any worries remaining. And with that, he can finally deal with the most pressing matter on his plate.

“Okay… Now… Let’s try to think this through… Kat now absolutely hate my guts… I have no idea on how to resolve this without an apology, but I bet she won’t even answer if I message her… It’s best to leave her alone, but can I do that? Do I have the guts to let her be without any help at all?” Jack mutters alone for a bit, to no avail. He has no idea how to settle things with Kat.

I really don’t know why I’m so pissed seeing her in that situation… Maybe it’s because of … It’s just like seeing a spitting image of myself in the past.

Jack laments the stupid reasoning behind his action, just because he hates her way of viewing things that resembled his view back then doesn’t give him a license to rant on her. He should’ve kept his cool and stayed calm to help her properly, just like Alice did for him in the past.

Speaking of Alice, how is she doing? Is she fine? She’s more than capable enough to complete the journey on her own, but… I can’t help but… No, just stick on thinking about yourself, you’re in a deep muk yet you still think about others. Alice is much better than you in so many ways, there’s no way she’ll be struggling… But what if...

Jack’s pair of tired eyes gaze towards his Holotch laying on his desk. The temptation to call Alice is so great that he run towards the desk just to call her immediately.

But just as he grabs his holotch, his conscience says otherwise. Will she able to accept the fact that he lied to distance himself from her? Not even his solid justification will able to budge Alice’s view about him. Besides does he really want to chain Alice with a burden to think of instead of letting her reach her true potential? Hell no.

“Wake up, Arthur! Are you really going to spoil what she had sacrificed so much for? There’s nothing you can do for her… Besides… Argh!”

Jack slams his watch as he crashes himself on the bed once more, he then sighs while rubbing his head furiously in frustration that instead of answering the huge questions he has on his plate, he only kept piling up more issues as he tried to think more.

Too much meddling on people’s lives from his behalf only brings bad stuff, it is a tenet he had abided with for a very long time. He can only be slightly grateful that the incident between him and Alice back in Kinyo reminds him to keep people at arm’s length before he involves himself too much in other's life. Which is why he probably should split from Katrina before he goes too deep in his involvement with her issue. But should he do it now? Will she even have a friend if she acts that way again? But if he’s with her too long then…

“Argh, screw this! Maybe I need some coffee to think better…” Jack throws a pillow in anger before hurriedly rising up himself from his bed.

Coffee definitely isn’t Jack’s go-to drink, but with his back against the wall with fatigue from the journey and frustration looming over him. Maybe a jolt of energy from a cup of coffee would help him. With the idea in mind, he starts to walk towards the café at the lobby, hoping that the trip there would provide him with the answer he desperately needed.




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Katrina Purcell
Location: Kat's Room, Southern Pokemon Center, Slateport Town
Pokemon at hand :
Thursday, September 17th

Chapter 1 - 6

“What have I done?” Kat mutters as she flops down into her bed. She hugs her pillow tightly as she wails thinking about the incident with Jack earlier.

At the moment she’s so full of hatred and disappointment about herself. How can she jump the gun like that? The fight with Jack earlier made her realize, how flawed her view of other people is. Surrounded by scumbags and jerks who manipulated each other to achieve what they wanted without any reservations on how low they can be has distorted her view so much that she couldn’t see Jack’s true intention.

She can’t believe how stupid she is, that she just pushed away one person that would act kindly to her without any strings attached. Now that she looks at it, it was admirable for him to act kindly to her even with how she treated him. All the things that she thought was rude coming from him are probably him joking around, and that thought just makes her feel even angrier that she was acting like a giant douchebag.

“Arghhh! Why did I do all of that!” Kat screams loudly, awakening her Alolan Vulpix that was enjoying her beauty sleep. Realizing her trainer is still awake, she immediately jumps into the bed, eager to play with Kat. However, Kat let loose another scream, unknowingly scaring Aurora who bolts back to her initial position.

“Aurora? Is that you? Oh, I’m so sorry.” Kat rushes to her shaking partner, she quickly hugs her out of concern as fear has clearly unnerved the Snow Fox Pokemon.

However, It doesn’t take long for her attention to return to the matter at hand. Nothing changes the fact that she had hurt Jack without a reasonable justification. All because she’s too narrow-minded to accept the fact that a generous person like him actually exists. She immediately sighs as she looks up to the ceiling.

“Pi…” Aurora quickly releases herself from Kat’s embrace and tugs on her shirt sleeve.

“Aurora, why are you? Is it dinner time yet? I didn’t check the time at all.” Kat manages to quickly deduce the reasoning, after all, her parents had taught Aurora to remind her to eat her dinner without fail. It is a part of her daily activities from long before she started her journey.

“Ah, it’s already 6 PM… Thank you, Aurora…”

Kat slowly walks to the lobby with her partner Pokemon beside her. Her right ankle is really uncomfortable to walk with, but it’s not a major hindrance for her as it’s not as painful as she initially thought. The nurse who diagnosed her even told her that it’s just a minor sprain and that she just needs to be patient for 2 to 3 more days.

After limping towards the lobby, she finally able to see the exit in sight. Just a bit more and she can finally eat some good food, normally she would be happy for the chance to taste cuisine from outside her home region, but with the issue with Jack still clouding her mind, she isn’t sure that she can enjoy her last meal of the day.

However, she can’t be showing any sadness, at least not in front of Aurora. She's always been a worrywart about her overall condition. Kat has no intention at all to make her worry again, especially this early on her journey.

It's all fine when she's about to walk through the door of the Pokemon Center, unfortunately, she catches a glimpse of someone familiar sitting with his back turned to her. Normally, she’ll think it’s just a coincidence that someone else might wear the same outfit, but that indigo sweater? She's almost 100% that the person sitting there is Jack.

She now stands on the door of the Pokemon Center. Her head says that Jack won’t accept her apology and even might lash back towards her, but her heart compels her to apologize right now.

“What should I do…”


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Edison Kintobor
Saturday, September 19th
Slateport Gym

"Yeah! Check it out, Eddie! I got a badge!" Sunny excitedly hurries over to Edison after her match. Her battle was interesting to see, and Benji had been very enthusiastic during it. Seel had set up Hail that didn't bother it or Wormadam, but had been a constant hassle to Sputter and Flare. Both Fire types had focused on Wormadam, while both Gym Pokémon had focused on Flare. He was the first to fall, but Wormadam followed almost immediately after. After that, it had been a battle of attrition, but Seel's Rest, which was supposed to give it the upper hand, had only boosted Sputter's Hex, and the little candle Pokémon managed to pluck victory from the edge of defeat.

Ed glances up from his Holotch as Sunny proudly shows off her new badge. He'd been running some last minute calculations, using Sunny's match to gather data. But her energy is infectious, and she'll probably tackle him if he ignores her, so he offers a grin and a thumbs up. To his surprise, she leaps up and wraps her arms around his neck in a tight hug, nearly dragging him to the ground.

"I was so upset that I didn't get to battle Deidre, but now we both have a badge! This is great!"

"What? Uh, Sunny..." Ed gently pushes her off of him, grinning sheepishly. "I lost to Deidre. I didn't get the badge." Sunny looks confused, so Ed keeps talking. "I probably wasn't doing as much training as I should have, and you know I've never been a strong battler. But I've been studying up on moves, and learning what my Pokémon can do, so I might have a chance this time!"

Sunny quirks a skeptical eyebrow, but shrugs it off as she slugs Ed in the arm. "Well, good luck out there! Just think of it as a puzzle and you'll do fine! You're great at puzzles!"

Ed winces and rubs his arm, but appreciates the vote of confidence. "Of course. 'Every puzzle has an answer', after all." Sunny heads over to the spectator seats, and Ed goes back to his Holotch to plan before the match starts.

☆☆LEADER Benji vs CHALLENGER Edison☆☆

The modest crowd in the Gym politely applaud as Ed steps into the ring, along with one very excited fan yelling, "You can do this, Eddie! Woo!" Ed takes a calming breath as he wordlessly waves at her.

By comparison, they are much more excited when Benji enters, and he takes a moment to wave to the gathered Trainers before giving Ed his full attention. "Welcome to Slateport Gym, Edison! We're big on camaraderie and community here. Can I call you Eddie?"

"You may not." Ed is terse in his reply. "I do not permit anyone to call me that. 'Edison' is preferable, but 'Ed' will suffice."

Benji glances over at Sunny in the audience, then returns his attention to Ed with a grin. "Noted! This will be a double battle, but I'll let you pick your pair after I've selected mine. So here are today's contestants!" He throws two PokéBalls, calling on his Stunfisk and Diglett.

Ed pauses as the two appear, running through all of his plans and preparations. He grabs one PokéBall with confidence, but lingers over the second. Steeling his resolve, he is filled with determination as he grabs the second, sending out Aster and Neo.

There are some murmurs from the crowd, some appreciative and some perplexed, and the sound of a chair falling over. Ed forces the distractions from his mind, focusing on the battle ahead. "Phase one, preparation. N.D., use Light Screen! Aster, use Confuse Ray on Diglett!"

Aster spins in midair, their core gem flashing with purple energy as they shine a light on Diglett, but at Benji's command the little mole projects a force field to Protect itself. Meanwhile, Neo's eye glows blue as they emit a force field of their own, erecting a translucent wall between the two teams. Stunfisk whips up a Sandstorm, filling the ring with swirling winds and stinging sand while leaving the other areas of the Gym unaffected. Only Aster is harmed by the sand, but they don't show any visible discomfort.

The next step is crucial, but Ed knows Benji won't make this easy. "N.D., use Supersonic on Stunfisk. Aster, a Water Gun at Diglett, please!"

Aster lands on two limbs, aiming their top arm forward and expelling a jet of water at Diglett. Once again Benji orders Diglett to protect itself, this time by digging through the floor and out of line of sight. Neo emits sound waves at Stunfisk, but a mixture of the howling wind and Stunfisk just not being there anymore cause the attack to miss. Stunfisk starts Charging electricity in it's body, a tactic that will not only empower its next Electric attack, but also provide a buffer against special attacks.

"Change of plans... Aster, get ready for Diglett to reappear, probably very close to Neo, and hit it with Rapid Spin. Neo, use Magnet Bomb on Stunfisk. It's too evasive for anything else."

True to Ed's prediction, Diglett bursts from the ground underneath Neo, bypassing the protective Screen to deliver a powerful hit to their underside. Neo reels from the impact, and Aster flies through the air, spinning like a buzzsaw and slamming into Diglett.

Neo fires off a metal ball, magnetically guiding it into Stunfisk. The small explosive doesn't phase Stunfisk much, and it Discharges a widespread burst of built up static that hits all of the other Pokémon. With it being Charged, the shock is twice as powerful, though the Light Screen diffuses the energy somewhat. Diglett is unphased, and Neo barely feels it, but Aster is blasted back from the blow.

Ed pulls up his Holotch scanner, taking stock of the arena. Both of his Pokémon are in dire straights, while Benji holds every advantage. "Phase three... checkmate." He holds up his hands, head bowed. "I concede. I think we both know where this is going. I think we all do."

He returns his Pokémon to their PokéBalls, stepping out of the ring. Benji does the same, coming over and offering his hand to Ed.

"That was a good match, Edison. You had a solid plan, and your Pokémon are in fine shape. Come back any time you want a rematch."

Ed accepts the handshake, and the compliment, thanking Benji for the match. He heads back out to the lobby, where Sunny is waiting for him. Before she can say anything, he raises a hand to stop her. "I know, I gave up. But you saw the field, there was nothing I could do. It wasn't in the cards, as they say."

Sunny just gives Ed a hug, not saying anything. He awkwardly pats her on the back, and is taken completely by surprise when she punches him in the stomach. "*Guh!* What was that for?!"

Sunny steps back, turning her back on him to hide her pout. "You were holding back before. You had Staryu that whole time, but you didn't use him against me. You could have won if you did!"

"Sunny, I... I wasn't sure of their capabilities yet, they were still untested! I went with a team I knew better."

Sunny looks over her shoulder at Ed, not mad, but disappointed. "Liar. I don't want any pity or charity from you, Eddie. Next time we fight, we fight for real. Don't pull your punches next time, or I won't pull mine." She walks out of the Gym, not waiting for him.

Ed takes a moment to compose himself before heading out after her. "If that was pulled, I'd hate to see her truly angry..."


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- A joint post with the awesome Tooi Akogare -
Koko Puffs & Kendall Douglas
September 17, Evening

Inside an entrance west of the ferry terminal, a gleaming dark marble surface reflected upon it the many bright lights of the ceiling, as well as the well-groomed spectacled young concierge currently manning the front desk. She straightened the literature in front of her again, a small attempt to relieve some of the monotony out of what had been a quieter than typical evening in the lobby.

Despite the slow burn however, her manager had given her a not-so-typical tip about an upcoming guest who supposedly was going to turn up at some point in her shift. She was instructed to confirm their identity by their reservation number, where she was then to hand them a note and let them know that their reservation was cancelled. Why the hotel was carrying out such frivolous dramatics, she was confused by. But she couldn’t help being curious about the whole ordeal; if the note hadn’t been sealed inside an envelope she for sure would have found a way to read it during a lull period.

Just then a hazelnut haired teenager with nothing but an over packed rucksack for luggage with him approached the marble desk. The concierge snapped out of her thoughts and immediately resumed her role, asking the trainer for his details with a warm smile of a professional.

“Oh yes, here’s my reservation, of course…”

The string of letters and numbers that flashed on the Holotch instantly registered with the concierge. She reached down under the table top to unearth and hand the envelope to its intended recipient.

“...err, what’s this?”

“Sorry sir, there seems to be a problem with your reservation…”

Chapter 1.4

September 18, Morning
For Koko and Kiko the early morning was a beautiful thing. It was a ritual to admire the sunrise together, thus it was no surprise Koko had partaken in the activity during her first sunrise in Hoenn. Witnessing this new sunrise and confiding in her Kiko about her worries that came with starting such a journey in Hoenn prepared her for the day ahead. Not that there was much to do, for she grew an itch to walk through the entirety of the city to familiarize herself with it; the Pokémon Fanclub, Museum, and International Market were must-see destinations for Koko.

Hoping to tackle her curiosity head on, the young trainer ventured into the marketplace first. And as she glanced and observed every open-air stall, from the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of a falling cap. Its owner, a taller individual with warm, brown hair kept short, seemed unaware of what was occurring, as if distracted. Due to facing opposite of Koko, she was unable to distinguish anything other than the trainer-esque outfit they sported, a detail that eased her into approaching them.

There was a few seconds pause, eyes glancing around to see if anyone other than herself was willing to return the hat to its rightful owner. But alas nobody came forward, leaving her to do the deed, albeit with a slow gait.

Like a good samaritan, Koko plucked the hat from the hot ground and steadily advanced toward the possible-trainer. She took in a deep breath and exhaled via puffy cheeks before proceeding to catch up with the person's quicker gait, soon matching their speed, hat loosely held by her two hands before her chest.

She lightly taps the side of their right arm. With a smile Koko begins her question. "Hellooo, good morning sir, is this your, uh…," she paused to get a second look at the headwear, arm lifting the item between her and the stranger, "red hat?"

A meek voice abruptly pierced through Kendall’s hazy headspace, though his mind was unable to discern anything intelligible out of the inquiring noise. All morning his noggin had been echoing with unpleasant sensations, like as if a hitmonchan had been using it as punching practice the night before. The last thing he wanted at the moment was a social interaction.

A wave at the general direction of where the voice came from was all he afforded. “Sorry, not interested…”

Koko hesitated in her response, gait slowing to a near stop as she debated her next course of action. The dilemma processed through her sluggish mind at the speed of a slowpoke, so much so that upon deciding to persist she found the man to be much further ahead than she anticipated.

With a desire to return the hat to its rightful owner, she jogged over to the fellow trainer and tapped the side of his elbow once more, believing in the possibility that she may have been too soft-spoken prior.

"Hello? Sir? Uh, I'm really sorry for bothering you again," she began once more. "Wasn't sure if you heard me, maybe I was too-"

The same voice pierced through again, though this time more insistent for attention. Kendall’s frizzled instincts associated it with the aggravating buzz of a stubborn fly. So he swung out to swat it away.


Stabbed by the sudden sharpness of his words, Koko did, indeed, back off. Her momentary second of shock transformed into that of hurt, both hands tightly grasping the hat against her cold chest. The occasional curious stare from bystanders did nothing to quell the emerging uneasiness, rather it amplified it.

"Aaa. . . hahaha, I'm reeaally sorry. I, uh," she had mustered out, but could no longer. She withdrew into herself, shame and embarrassment now fueling her actions from here on out.

Koko proceeded to rapidly plop the hat by his feet before straightening herself, unable to make eye contact as she spoke, inhaling a large breath beforehand. "I'm sorry if this wasn't your hat. Thought it was."

The word hat usurped Kendall’s state into one of surprise, as he quickly realised through physical examination that his head was, in fact, feeling a lot more naked than one with a garment sitting on top of it. He looked down to the girl currently with her gaze planted firmly fixed on her shoes and more realisations started to quickly transpire in his mind.

A mix of embarrassment and confusion temporarily took over. “Oh- my hat! T-thank you for returning it!” His expression changed to one of contrived astonishment.

The sudden shift in demeanor somewhat lessened the damage, melting away the cold tendrils of fear that had planted her feet in place. "Hahaha, yeeeah," she sheepishly replied, a hand scratching her scalp as a small distraction for her. But it was not enough.

Koko gave Kendall a short wave before ambling in the opposite direction, her hands massaging the tension away from her forehead. But Kendall wasn’t quite ready to let go just yet. “Hey, wait, let me apologise, I think we got off on the wrong foot here-” Out of instinct his right hand jumped out and grabbed her left wrist before Koko could even make her first step, practically yanking the poor girl towards him. And with a gasp she nearly fell on to him, regaining her balance with arms spread out a mere foot from his frame.

"O-okaaaaay… okay, okay, sorry, uh…!" Flustered, Koko cleared her throat and fixed her locks of hair, taking her sweet time in regaining composure. "I. Am. Sorry. Really really am. Didn't know you wanted to, like… apologize. You don't really have to though, you did nothing wrong, it's fine," she sheepishly grins, hoping to avoid a similar outburst to the one she had encountered earlier.

She takes a step back, her fingers interlocking with one another and palms pressed firmly before her, successfully quelling the stress. "Sorry. Yeah."

“No, no, no, don’t be absurd now, I can see I practically scared the pants off you!” laughed Kendall, in his best attempt to come off affable. “Now, let me apologise properly, how about a nice hot cup of tea, all on me? Or coffee, or moomoo milk, if you are into that sort of thing...”

At the mention of moomoo milk she perked up, almost too quick to reject the offer with hands having lifted and mouth left slightly open. His laughter was just the medicine she needed to dissipate the tension she had begun to feel, now at ease and more willing to cooperate. Furthermore, his words were also the push needed for her to see this as an opportunity for some company, at the very least.

She lets out a small giggle, albeit looking elsewhere out of the remaining embarrassment before responding. "Oh no no no, it's okay. I can pay for my milk," Koko attempts to reject the offer with an open hand gently pressed against her chest for emphasis. "I don't deserve that after having done… that, haha. Sorry, still. About that… but I'm cool going anywhere you wanna go." She throws in a shrug and takes a deep breath before grinning with some confidence, already beginning feeling some comfort around this trainer. "Anywhere."


A pair of giggling children rushed past behind the table Kendall and Koko had settled on, near the edge of the terrace of the cafe at the southern Pokemon Centre. Koko, who had easily succumbed to his offer to pay for her rather small and simple meal aftet much persistence from his part, took laughably small bites off the large brownie held by two hands. This was followed with an equally small sip from her moomoo milk.

She sets the glass down gently, slouching against the chair with hands now snuggling between her thighs. "Thank you for the brownies and milk, that was very nice of you," she begins, referencing the half a dozen brownies now located in her bag beneath her. "But I sorta feel bad not paying you back, you know? I feel bad for all those brownies." Despite her guilt, a small portion of her does not. In fact, she feels elated for having gathered enough sweets to sweeten herself for the next few days.

Kendall took a sip of his own cup of earl grey, the quality of which he concluded was merely adequate to his tastes. The dazed state of earlier which had subsided briefly during the incident had started to seep in slowly again, though he tried his best to mask the discomfort. “Oh, it’s no bother at all. Again, the least I could do to apologise for my behaviour,” he said, before shooting a look at Koko’s mug. He desperately wanted to share that when he threw in milk earlier he only meant it as a joke, that someone who looked his age drinking plain milk in a public space was absurd, but the few brain cells awake managed to hold his tongue. “Actually, I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of knowing your name yet, miss…?”

"My name?" she repeated his question, only to let out an ah! upon registering what he had asked. "Yesss… my name-sorry I don't know why I didn't get that- uh-" She instantly shuts herself up, straightening and unable to contain a chuckle over her own foolishness. "My name is Koko Ara. With the K instead of C, like Coco Puffs and all. And you? What's your name?"

“Kendall Douglas. Are you a local here?”

"Nah, I'm actually from Solaceon Town in Sinnoh. It's like… at the center of Sinnoh and a little to the right." Koko takes another small bite of her brownie, savoring every second of it, yet managing to speak while doing so. "How about you?"

“Kinyo, but, erm, you wouldn’t know where…” Kendall wasn’t sure if his family location was supposed to be a secret outside of their bubble, or if revealing the location to the girl in front of him would cause any harm anyway. “Erm, you’re a long way from home then, aren’t you? Are you here to see the sights? There’s a good museum here, I believe.”

"Oh, yeah, I mean not as far as Unova and other regions, but it's pretty far anyway. And I do remember there's some nice places here for me to visit, like that museum, yeah. I… I forgot the name of it." Her fingers rhythmically tap against the table, refusing to let the fleeting thought vanish. "It has the word ocean in- Oceanic!" she mildly blurts out, hands now on the edge of the table as she calms down with a sheepish chuckle. "I can't believe I forgot that aah haha… " But when she recalls how he had begun with a question, only to divert the conversation, she decides to drag that over and make it the center of attention. "Is there a place you're looking for…? I kinda don't know Hoenn too well, yet, but maybe out of pure luck I might know."

“Oh, there’s certainly one place I’m always in the look out for…” Kendall flashed a grin, his left arm now hinged and swinging freely on the back of his chair and his posture more laid back. “And it’s certainly not the museum… though, again, I heard it’s pretty good.”

"Heheh, stuff with the sea is always interesting to me, so I'm thinking of checking it out later… hopefully. We'll see what happens I guess. I wanted to see other places too, but there's always tomo~orroow." She takes a larger bite, face scrunching into that of sheer joy when the chocolate flavor melts her tastebuds.

“Yeah, definitely…”

Kendall took another sip of his drink, his mind desperately searching for something more to say, but surprisingly finding it a struggle. As seconds started to pile up without either party breaking the silence a general discomfort started to grow in him. It was only an age-old incident of a lull period within a conversation, but Kendall could not help but take it as further confirmation of his still under developed charm; he still had a lot of work to do, he noted.

Koko began to neatly fold a napkin around the brownie to better store it in her jacket's large front pocket. Amidst the process she dwelled on how to break this barrier of silence. And it wasn't until she gulped down the last half of her milk that she, at last, came around to it. "I'm thinking of visiting som- the places we talked about earlier and all? Yeah, I'm uh, unfortunately I kinda need to start getting ready soon so I can check out at least the Fanclub." With that she plucked her bag from the floor and set it atop her lap. "Really enjoyed all this, though. I don't mind not seeing all the places I want to see, by the way. I mean, I got free brownies- free as in, I mean, not that I deserve it haha, so again, thanks for that."

“O-oh yeah, of course, don’t let me keep you from the rest of your day,” Kendall scratched the back of his head, unsure if he had fully managed to turn the girl’s opinion of him or if she was just being nice. “Erm, I’m probably gonna head back to my room for now, my head’s been feeling awful all morning. At least until my trainer license becomes ready… oh, I thought you were going to visit the museum?”

"Aw nooo," she replied in a voice of concern, now leaning forward. "I really hope your head feels better later. I know how nasty they can get." Now aware of his ailment, Koko felt a twinge of guilt stab at her chest, feeling rather insensitive for leaving him in this state. "But uh, yeah I want to. Maybe after the Pokémon Fanclub. I read somewhere that members need to pay a bit of money so I'm actually kinda curious how nice it looks and what members do since they pay that much. Then I can check out the museum afterwards to cheer me up after finding all that out hahaha." She stood, steadily sliding the chair into the table.

“Really? How much?”

"Uh… actually I'm not exactly sure how much per month. Think it's something like… 30… yeah, I think it's 30k per year," she responds as she relieves an itch behind her right ear. "But that's a lot haha, right?"

An eyebrow raised on Kendall's face, though he wasn't surprised at all by the figure. A similar membership to his own region’s Pokémon Fanclub was a thing parents of his peers dangled in front of their kids as a reward for really good grades. He himself had lusted after one when he was younger due to the many benefits the card gave to trainers and travellers, though had decided for this journey to go without one as an extra challenge for himself. Then an idea popped in his head.

“Say… how about a proper apology?”

"Ah? No it's okay! I'd feel very bad haha. You got me brownies and your time of day and all that…"

Kendall waved his hand in front of Koko in dismissal. “No, no, no, that alone simply can’t do. A man of means such as myself should properly atone for my… unseemly behaviour earlier.” He collected his bag before standing up swiftly. “To the Fanclub! We are getting you a year’s membership!”


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Chapter 2: Live For Fun

Dewford Island is a popular weekend destination for residents of the western mainland and it shows in the multi-story hotel complexes on the south side of Dewford Town. People come for the laid-back atmosphere, the opportunity to tour the famous Granite Cave, the high-frequency Contests, tours of the southwestern coast, and unregulated fishing down at the Pier.

There are, functionally, four areas on and around the island that are of interest to journeying trainers.

Dewford Town, Granite Cave, Littleroot Passage, West Wilds

Aron, Binacle, Clamperl, Clobbopus, Dhelmise, Exeggcute, Inkay, Makuhita, Mawile,
Meditite, Nosepass, Pyukumuku, Sableye, Shellder, Tentacool, Treecko, Magikarp, Wimpod

Dewford Town

Dewford Town spans the eastern half of the island, anchored by Resort Cove in the southwest and Granite Cave in the northwest. The public docks are fairly central along the eastern shore; all transit leaves from and arrives there. The town itself is situated on sandy scrubland that becomes small sand dunes as it stretches toward the coast. Buildings are elevated by one story to allow tropical storms to wash under them without destroying the buildings themselves. Often, these shady spaces underneath buildings have been retrofitted to become hangout spots for locals and tourists alike. It's not uncommon to see playground structures and sports equipment tucked away from the sun in this manner.

The wild Pokémon that roam Dewford Town are docile and therefore welcomed, but also have very little competition for the area and are frequently fed by humans despite the Rangers' best efforts.

"They hardly do anything, but they clutter up the beach. TOURISTS PLEASE STOP FEEDING THEM THEY WILL LEAVE IF THEY GET HUNGRY!" [Common - 40%]

"These guys are very very cute and are quickly becoming something of a mascot for the town. There are too many, though! They love playgrounds underneath buildings." [Uncommon - 25%]

"Frequently wash up along the shore." [Uncommon - 25%]

"Easy to spot, difficult to nab before they run away." [Rare - 10%]

Breezy Seas runs service from Dewford to Slateport at 8am and 6pm and from Slateport to Dewford at 11am and 3pm daily; a one-way trip is two and a half hours long. Service from Dewford to Petalburg runs at 12pm and 4pm and from Petalburg to Dewford at 11am and 3pm;a one-way trip is two hours long.

Moonlight Tours and other tours leave from here as well.

The Pier (Fishing Spot)
IC: Fishing Spots are found all over Hoenn in places that the Rangers have deemed not in danger of being over-fished. The Pier, just south of the Docks, has and always will be one of them. There's a little shack at the end of the pier that rents poles and sells bait; $500 for an hour is a pretty good deal for a novice angler.

OOC: Roll once. 50% chance of Magikarp, 30% chance of Tentacool, 20% chance of nothing. This roll does not count toward your 3 rolls for Dewford Town. You may catch what you pull regardless of if you've caught other Pokémon in Dewford Town. You may not SCAN here but you may use your guarantee.

Dewford Gym
The gym itself is located on the southern edge of town, closer to Resort Cove than anything else. The dojo, unlike most buildings on the island, is not elevated. Its wooden floors are placed almost directly on the beach and its shoji doors are almost always open, allowing the sea breeze and fine sand to flow across tatami floors. Despite the peaceful beauty of the place, Brawley is here as little as possible. It’s not that he doesn’t love his job, of course he does! But you’re much more likely to find him surfing or hanging out with his teenage kids than at his gym. Luckily for challengers, he accepts official battles most anywhere and any time as long as someone can find a willing referee.

Forty-five year old Brawley has fully embraced being a father, to such an extent that his paternal nature comes across in interactions with challengers, who tend to be about the same age as his own children. He is kind, easygoing, and rolls with punches (sometimes literally). He will battle in any format the challenger wishes, with any amount of Pokémon. His style of battle utilizes balance and redirection of force to create opportunity for head-on attacks. He is rather lenient with challengers and has a habit of drawing battles out until challengers understand what he is doing or trying to teach them in that moment, then forfeiting the match. He gives out Knuckle Badges like candy, basically. And for those that defeat him before he chooses to forfeit, a TM for any one Fighting-Type status move.

Fighting . Thick Fat
Force Palm . Smelling Salts . Reversal . Bulk Up . Foresight . Surf

Fighting . Guts
Vital Throw . Low Kick . Counter . Bullet Punch . Dual Chop . Power Trick
Uses Power Trick to swap its Attack and Defense so it can last longer in battle.

Water/Flying . Water Absorb
Aqua Ring . Mirror Coat . Supersonic . Water Pulse . Tailwind . Surf
Aqua Ring manifests as a force-field of water surrounding Mantine.

Fighting/Psychic . Telepathy
Meditate . Power Trick . High Jump Kick . Acupressure . Recover . Psycho Cut
Uses Power Trick to boost its hits toward the end of a match.

Water/Fighting . Water Absorb
Drain Punch . Coaching . Water Pulse . Circle Throw . Hypnosis . Surf

Electric/Psychic . Surge Surfer
Nuzzle . Electro Ball . Electroweb . Electric Terrain . Teleport . Surf
Teleport can go anywhere that the Pokémon can see.

Contest Hall
Dewford’s Contest hall is small and only hosts C- and D-Rank Contests. However, this works out for them- residents of Petalburg and Slateport who are just getting into the Contest scene tend to come here rather than fight for slots in the busier cities.
D-Rank: Monday-Thursday 10am, Friday 10am, 3pm, 6pm.
C-Rank: Saturday & Sunday 10am & 3pm.

Resort Cove
On the south shore of Dewford Island, there is a sheltered little cove with a lovely private beach. Seven multi-story beach houses sit just off the sand. One of these houses belongs to the Pokémon Fanclub. Anyone with a membership may use the house at any time. Just check in at the front to be assigned a room and claim your free gift of a handmade Silk Scarf. Be respectful of the other guests. Complimentary meals are served at 8am, 1pm, and 6pm. Unfortunately, you may not purchase a Fanclub membership here.

Littleroot Passage

They say the shipping passage up to Littleroot is a useful shortcut but extremely treacherous; it is not to be braved in anything but the calmest of seas. This is a dramatization. It used to be quite dangerous, but after some work and installation of lighthouses things are not nearly as bad.

For Moonlight Tours' ship graveyard route, the danger is of course played up. From 8pm to midnight, glass-bottomed tour boats cruise the sandbars and rocky projections northeast of Dewford Town, where they cast lights down on the decades of shipwrecks lying just under the surface. Spooky stories and historical inaccuracies guide tourists to the largest shipwreck in the area- a Unovan cruise ship lost to a storm many years ago. It sits solidly in its final resting place, half-submerged and held fast by the buildup of coral around it. It's been deemed safe for guided exploration, and this tour takes advantage of that- for an hour each night, actors take their places across the ship to provide an unforgettable experience.

The local Pokémon have gotten in on the act as well, which the actors are thrilled about. Mostly because that entices trainers to buy their $2500 tickets for the opportunity to catch those that live in and around the shipwrecks. Trainers could just make their own way out there, keeping in mind that Moonlight Tours have a monopoly on paid transit to the area. As in, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who you can pay to take you there.

"The clacking of bones that tourists swear they hear are likely just Shellder opening and closing their shells." [Common - 40%]

"The thudding footsteps of ghostly passengers can be attributed to the hopping movement of the resident Binacle, or their evolution's own footsteps." [Uncommon -25%]

"Reports of ghostly, strobing lights causing dizziness and discomfort are usually the product of playful Inkay." [Uncommon - 25%]

"The many wreckages along this stretch have provided ample accessories for Dhelmise to use." [Rare - 10%]

Granite Cave

Granite Cave is a wonder of Hoenn, a beautiful, sprawling cave system that surveyors believe winds under the whole of the island. It drops deep into the earth as well, though most don't go below the sixty-foot floors. The main caverns are well-lit, a mix of skylights and artificial lamps illuminating the sea-level floor and the one just below. They're busy, too, with tourists from all over coming to experience both the natural beauty and the well-preserved art and artifacts of ancient times. People are allowed to wander fairly unsupervised through these upper levels, but for anything lower one must sign up for a tour with the Rangers at their station.

The wild Pokémon around the entrance and inside of the main caverns are fairly friendly and docile. Trainers may catch Pokémon here, but the crowded and delicate nature of the area means the Rangers disallow battles.

OOC: Pokémon caught here will be lower level than elsewhere. Use modifier "cave entrance" on rolls.

But if you are able to make your way deeper into the caves, you will begin to encounter far stronger and more aggressive Pokémon. Battles are still strongly discouraged, but it's sometimes necessary to fight your way out rather than be stuck or injured...

OOC: Pokémon caught here will be stronger than those at the entrance, but you must slip past the Rangers and other visitors to make your way down. Also, your character is in danger here. You will ask Anna to roll a d10. On a 2-5 you have no (GM-given) problems, 6-9 you have some problems, and on a 1 or 10 you get a Big Problem. Use modifier "cave depths" on Pokémon rolls. Pokémon in the depths have a high chance of holding an item.

"The ones up top will cutely beg for food, the ones below will bite you if they think you have some." [Common - 40%]

"In the main caves, they are shy and prefer to watch people from afar. The ones below attack on sight." [Uncommon - 25%]

"The most sociable of the four; they will interact with people constantly. Their pranks range from unamusing to genuinely life-threatening." [Uncommon - 25%]

"A few wander the rocky areas outside the cave, though they tend to be hard to spot considering their slow movement and tendency to blend in. They prefer to flee from humans, though are generally unsuccessful. Those below ground will tolerate a fair amount of abuse until suddenly snapping into a rage." [Rare - 10%]

PROMPT: guided tour
IC: Granite Cave is a popular place to search for evolutionary stones, but it's easy to get lost in the dark and twisting natural maze. Rangers take groups of up to six people into the caves on the even hours from 10am to 4pm. Tours last about 90 minutes. Each licensed trainer is allowed to take a single evolutionary stone once per year to avoid stripping the place.
OOC: You will not encounter wild Pokémon on this tour. This can be combined with "unguided tour", if you carefully sneak away before the tour guide can catch you.
Reward: One evolutionary stone of any kind, or an Oval Stone, or a King's Rock.

PROMPT: unguided tour
IC: There's a couple visiting Dewford whose conversations are very easy to overhear, mostly because one of them is quite loud in her enthusiasm. She's been saying that Granite Cave has a world of mysteries to be unlocked, specifically tied to the Key Stones the two apparently found deep in the depths of the cave. Her partner refuses to take others along during their expeditions, but that doesn't mean you can't go look by yourself...
OOC: If you would like to directly interact with this couple or need specific dialogue for them, talk to Anna. To access the depths outside of "guided tour", you must slip past the Rangers and other visitors to make your way down. You will ask Anna to roll a d10 for consequences. 1-5 you have no problems, 6-9 you have some problems, and on a 10 you get… a challenge. Use the modifier "cave depths" on Pokémon rolls.
To get the reward, your character(s) must get lost in the unlit depths of Granite Cave without any type of guide for at least four hours. Anything else is up to you. Note- there are many unmarked exits that open into the Wilds. :)
Reward: One Key Stone per trainer.

Rangers' Station
Dewford Island's Rangers' Station is located near the entrance to Granite Cave and deals primarily in tours of said cave. However, it also stands at the only true entrance to the western half of the island, and anyone who wishes to explore must pass through this checkpoint. The station employs eight permanent rangers and two rotating rangers.

West Wilds

Dewford Island is divided in half by a six-foot-deep, ten-foot-high rock wall. West of this wall is wilderness, left alone by tourists and residents alike. The only people who regularly visit the western half are Rangers. Licensed trainers are welcome to explore, though they must check in at the Rangers' Station beforehand as the amount of humans allowed in at once is limited. Do not climb any trees while in the wilds.

OOC: Pokémon in the Wilds have a high chance of holding an item. Let me know what you decide to catch here before you write it.

"Usually found amongst broken trees that are the result of its intense training. Large flying objects are frequently identified as Makuhita who have mistaken Exeggutor for trees." [Common - 40%]

"Found mostly in the cliffy areas on the north side." [Uncommon - 25%]

"All over the forest floor; easily stepped on. Something about the mineral content of the soil here allows them to easily evolve when six gather together." [Uncommon - 25%]

"Very territorial; fiercely protective of their trees. Often in conflict with Makuhita attempting to train." [Rare - 10%]

PROMPT: wrestlemania
IC: Van, a Fighting type enthusiast and aspiring wrestler, has come to the Hoenn region in search of the next member of her "ultimate Fighting force". She hasn't had any luck tracking one down and is growing frustrated. Perhaps you could help her look, or offer a battle to calm her down?
OOC: This is only available once, to one or two characters, and will be conducted via JP with Groc. Discuss amongst yourselves, I'll roll some numbers if you can't decide who does it.
Reward: Van will teach one of your Pokémon any one fighting technique. This a one-time-only deal, not a TM.

So much to do!


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Shuna Kamado

Friday, September 18 {10: 15am}
Prologue - Epoch 1.2: Slateport
Beachcomber - Part 1

“Where is he?” Shuna sat at the same table as yesterday, waiting for her new ‘friend’ to arrive. At first she didn’t want to come, but she remembered the deal she made with Souei: being his friend in exchange for not revealing her past. She was still uncertain of how he knew, but didn't want to risk the information going out to the wrong people.

While deep in thought her Pokemon sat in the same place as yesterday. Both were looking around; Finn was bored and curious while Pidge was watching for any threats to his trainer.

“You actually came?” a doubtful voice rang from behind. Shuna turned and saw Souei standing behind her, looking at her with an unreadable expression.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?”

Souei walked over and sat across from Shuna with a cup of coffee in his hands. She grabbed her own cup of hot chocolate and took a sip, moving her thoughts to her one time job.

“Don’t you have a job to do at the beach?” hinted Souei, taking a sip of his coffee. Shuna stared at the male, confused as his words were digested. Shuna perked up and took out her Holotch, looking at the time, but tensed and wearily looked at Souei.

“How did you…” Shuna placed her empty cup on the small plate, pushing her seat back as she stood up. “Nevermind. Now that you remind me, I have to go do a small one-time beach job.” She grabbed a certain pokeball from her hip bag, returned Finn and placed the pokeball back in its place, then grabbed the small plate with the empty cup. “I’ll see you later, Souei.”

As Shuna walked away she didn’t notice Souei copying her actions.

*Timeskip - 11:00am*

“Alright, so I leave it to you!” the lifeguard slapped Shuna’s back after handing her the rubber-tipped stick he always had with him for this job.

Shuna, before coming to the beach, changed out of her everyday outfit to accommodate for the hot, sunny beach. She changed into a white bikini with blue lining and a see-through blue floral skirt that reaches down to her knees, tied around her waist, with the side where the tie is seen showing the most skin. Around her waist, above the skirt, is her regular hip bag, keeping her clothes and items held inside.

Using one of her hair ties she ties her hair into a high ponytail and keeps the second one around her left wrist. Her other accessories - bracelets and lanyard pokedex - are in their usual places around her wrist and neck.

“Thanks for offering to take my place, miss!” chirped the male as he turned around, not seeing Shuna looking at him in disbelief.

Shuna hesitated a bit before replying, “N-no problem?” She didn’t know what else to say, the lifeguard pushed the job on her and he’s saying she offered? That’s not how she remembered it, but she didn’t have the bravery to correct the male. “So… how will I know that I'm finished with your shift?”

“Oh, I’ll come get you when it’s time!” The male picked up his stuff and looked over his shoulder, waving at her, then left.

Shuna stared at the male, looking at the stick in her hands after the lifeguard vanished from sight. Sighing, she turned towards the ocean and brought out Finn and Pidge as company. She noticed a suspicious patch nearby and pointed the stick, scrunching her eyebrows. “Alright, let’s get this over with.”


Finn gunted, confused, as he watched a Stunfisk flop by, jumping into the shallow waters and vanishing from sight. He turned and saw his trainer sighed, removing the rubber tip of the stick from the sand, sitting on the sand and rubbing her right foot, which was shocked a bit by the Stunfisk when human and pokemon flesh met. He gibbered worriedly and walked over, noticing that his trainer’s hair was a bit staticky from the zap earlier.

Pidge flew in and landed on her shoulder, snuggling his head to her cheek as Shuna gave her pokemon a half-smile.

“Why did you do it?” a voice queried from behind.

Shuna yelped, quickly standing and holding the stick with both hands in front of her chest. She swerved around and saw Souei behind her, his red jacket off and wrapped around his waist, revealing his turtleneck shirt to be sleeveless and the bottom of his pants rolled up to his knees. Beside him was a bipedal, feline Pokémon, predominantly white, with two blue and white tails, white folded ears, a small collar of fur around the neck, and a tuft of fur on top of the head. They have a tuft of fur on its head that is blue and curled, as is the collar around its neck, with their eyes being red with yellow sclerae.

Shuna glared, pointing the tip of the stick at Souei, the rubber centimeters from his nose. “Don’t do that! Why are you here?” She took a glance at the pokemon at his side; a Meowstic, a female one too. Their pre-evolution are not native to Hoenn, so he must have gotten it from traveling or his parents bought it from someone who traveled to Kalos.

The feline was giving her a blank look, but she felt like the pokemon was scrutinizing her.

“Friends visit each other, don’t they?” Souei shrugged, swatting the stick away from his face, smirking a bit as Shuna moved the stick to her side, her posture tense and defensive. He wasn’t too familiar with friendship, but he observed how his family and relatives handled their own, and so far, it seemed easy. He noticed how Sango, his Meowstic, was observing Shuna, but chose to ignore it and focus back on the pink-haired trainer. “I wanted to see what you were doing after our meeting, but you looked busy, so I waited. Which brings us back…” He took a look at the beach, seeing there were still some weird patches, but there was less than when she started. “Why are you doing that lifeguard's job?”

Shuna stared at Souei, confused. “What do you mean? Can’t I be doing this because I wanted to?”

“You could, but the lifeguard pushed it on you, didn’t he? And you’re still being nice by not complaining and just going along.” He knew what was going on, he was at the beach yesterday, by coincidence, and saw everything. Recognizing the girl, who then gained his interest, what other way can he get close and observe than be friends with her?

“I don’t mind,” was all Shuna said, but he saw something flash in her eyes before vanishing just as quickly. She was hiding something, and he was going to find out, no matter how long it took. He was a very curious person, wanting to know everything that gained his interest, using any methods he could.

Shuna turned around and walked over to a nearby patch, using the stick to flip over a surprised Stunfisk. The aforementioned pokémon flipped over, surprised to be uprooted from its slumber, but took notice of the human. Stunfisk jumped towards the trainer, hoping it could still paralyze her like it had planned before being uncovered. Finn however, who had moved to her side when Souei appeared, grabbed the pokemon before it could touch his trainer. He still got shocked, but being part Ground type made him immune to the pain. Luckily he didn’t get paralyzed, which he wasn’t immune to.

The Stunfisk was about to smile, but when it noticed Finn holding it, the trap pokemon jumped out of his hands. With unexpected speed, the pokemon flopped towards the ocean, vanishing from view in a few minutes.

Shuna pat Finn on the head, thanking him, before walking over to another pile, about to poke with the stick. She stopped, not feeling anything on her right hand and glanced down, her eyes widened and mouth opened when she noticed the stick was gone!

“Huh… Wonder what this one is…”

Current Team:

{Male}Mudfish Pokemon - Finn (Marshtomp)[Torrent] - Bide, Water Gun, Ice Ball, Mud Shot {Lvl.21}

{Male}Tiny Bird Pokemon - Pidge (Pidgey)[Keen Eye] - Quick Attack, Air Cutter, Sand Attack, Gust {Lvl. 16}


Camping Kit
First Aid
Snacks & Water
Extra Clothes
Mystic Water
Berries - Cheri x1, Chesto x1, Pecha x1, Oran x1, Persim x1
Cover Fossil
Plume Fossil
Quick Balls
Honey x2


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Shuna Kamado

Friday, September 18 {10: ?? am}
Prologue - Epoch 1.3: Slateport
Beachcomber - Part 2

Shuna turned her body and saw Souei poking a patch with a strange pink shell covered in small spikes prodding from the sand with the stick she was just looking for!

“What are you doing?!” The pinkette hurriedly jogs over and takes the stick from him, slapping the male upside his head. “Don’t poke what you don’t know!”

Unfortunately the poking has angered the ‘shell’, the sand around it falling as the owner of the shell dug out of it’s temporary home, glaring at the two humans. The pokemon cried out in anger at being rudely awakened and puffed up her cheeks.

“A Shellos, West Sea version!” Shuna grabbed Souei by the arm and pushed him back, avoiding the purple sludge meant for the male.

Shellos lets out another cry and spat another sludge, hitting right in front of the two trainers.

“Alright, Souei, I’m gonna need you to- Why?!” Shuna turned to the male to explain her plan, only to be flabbergasted. Souei had moved a few feet back, sitting on a reclined chair -where did it come from?!- with his partner pokemon sitting on one of the handles, both watching.

“I’m going to watch the battle,” Souei stated, placing sunglasses on.

At his reply Shuna widened her eyes, pointing at the angry pokemon who was charging a blue ball of energy in front of her open mouth. “You’re the one who agitated her! At least help me calm her down or battle!”

“Nah, don’t want to waste energy on it. Not worth our time,” Souei interjected, moving his sunglasses down a bit to look at her, then moved back to their place. “Besides, Sango was just groomed this morning. Don’t want sand all over her.” Said pokemon nodded her head, watching Shuna, her pokemon, and Shellos eerily.

The pinkette stared at Souei for a few seconds before closing her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose. She sighed after a few seconds, releasing the pressure and opening her eyes. She really wanted to ask Souei, but she didn’t have the time; defusing the problem was priority and that meant calming down the Shellos. Battling it might be the quickest way, she had a job to get back to!

Shuna turned around and saw Shellos shooting a spiraling stream of water at her, the pinkette jumping to the side in time to avoid it. It was heading for Souei, but somehow, his chair was moved out of the way, the occupants avoiding the move completely. She stared at the male, weirded out, but ignored the mystery and turned back to the Sea Slug Pokemon. She motioned for Finn to stay back as she called Pidge, said pokemon placing himself between the angered pokemon and his trainer.

“Quick Attack!” Pidge soared towards the Shellos, hitting the sea slug’s body and pushing them back. Shellos cried out as her body fell sideways, kicking up some sand, but she got back up and fired sludge, hitting Pidge’s right wing. Pidge flinched at the attack, letting out a small cry of pain, but otherwise, continued to flap around.

“Air Cutter!” Pidge flapped his wings, releasing a stream of light blue ‘x’ shaped blades from the tip of his wings. The blades hit the general area the Shellos was at, the first two hitting Shellos dead on and the rest around, kicking up more sand. As Shuna thought of her next move, the fleeting sand was gutted by a spiral of water, the move surprising the Tiny Bird Pokemon and hitting him on the chest. Pidge cried out, falling to the ground, but managed to straighten himself up before impact. The sand in the air settled, revealing the Shellos standing with a bit of trouble with exhaustion slowly creeping up.

“Quick Attack!” Pidge, once again, soared over and hit Shellos, but headbutted the sea slug instead of body slamming, causing more damage than they thought, ensuring a critical hit! Shellos cried, stuttering back and shaking her head to get rid of the pain. She turned her head and spit out a sludge randomly, getting Pidge off guard and hitting him on the chest. Pidge flinched, but kept his cries inside, but the damage was done and a visible purple pigment was shown on the bridge of his nose; The sludge move afflicted Pidge with poison, she had to finish the battle soon!

“Gust!” Pidge flapped his wings in Shellos direction, creating a small tornado; The attack absorbed Shellos in, causing damage as the pokemon was rotated and pushed around inside the rotating winds being moved higher up the tornado. After a few seconds to a minute, the tornado vanished, releasing the trapped pokemon, but doing so caused it to gain some damage from the slightly high fall. Shellos lands on her side, but stretches her neck and turns, spitting out a sludge aimed at Pidge. The tiny bird managed to dodge it, but the attack soared past and half hit Shuna on the shoulder, the rest went behind her and landed in front of Souei. The girl flinched, but only used a hand to push the leftover sludge off her shoulder, focusing on the battle rather than her health. However, Souei noticed that due to the contact, it began to poison the girl, noticing her flinch seconds later from the effect at the same time as Pidge.

“Hey… That sludge poisoned you, aren’t you going to cancel the battle?” puzzled Souei, seeing as Shuna continued the battle. She had to go to the PC to get healed; the poison was mild for now, but if left alone, it could get more potent and worse.

“I can’t leave the Shellos enraged, she might attack someone else! I have to calm her down before then!” Shuna protested, feeling the effects of the poison, but refused to show weakness. “Pidge, Quick Attack!”

Pidge flapped his wings, narrowing his eyes as he soared swiftly, hitting Shellos from the back and sending the pokemon falling forward. When he flew a bit away, he flinched once again, the poison taking some of his health.

Pidge heard the conversation the humans were having and noticed that his trainer also had the same purple tin he did when poisoned. She refused to leave the battle, clarifying her reason, and Pidge agreed, but he had to finish this fast before the poison got worse; he didn’t know how humans processed it and could become worse!

The Shellos managed to get her head unstuck from the sand and let out an angry cry! She turned to where Pidge was and narrowed her eyes, but closed them, her body faintly glowing green.

“Good luck then. That’s Recover, basically restarting the battle to step one,” remarked Souei. Shuna didn’t reply, but nodded her head to show she heard his comment.

“Air Cutter!” Pidge flapped his wings and sent out the same light blue blades, two out of four hitting Shellos, the rest causing sand to dust up the area. Pidge flapped his wings, sending strong currents of wind to push away the small sand storm, revealing Shellos. The sea slug puffed up her cheeks and sent a spiral of water at the tiny bird.

“Quick Attack!” Unfortunately Pidge managed to skim past the water, getting damaged a bit, and tackled the sea slug, pushing her back on to the sandy ground. Pidge flapped backwards, landing in front of Shuna with a flinch. The poison was taking his health once again, he knew he was reaching his limit and his health was very low, he had to finish it after this turn or else…

“Pidge!” At his trainer’s calling, the tiny pokemon turned, only to see two berries land in front of him. A pink one, shaped kinda like a heart, and a blue round one: a Pecha and an Oran Berry. He turned his head and looked at his trainer, who gave him a small smile despite her condition. “They’re all yours!” Pidge accepted her words and flapped his wings, grabbing the two berries in his claws. He flew upwards and ate the Pecha berry as Shellos got up from the attack, glaring at the aviary. As he started to eat his second berry, Shellos spit out a sludge at him, hitting his left wing. Luckily the two berries restored some of his health and removed the poison from his system, making the battle a bit easier to deal with.

“S-sand Attack!” Shuna stuttered, losing focus for a second, but shook her head to regain it. Not good, the poison was spreading, slowly making her more miserable. She felt a bit nauseous and knew a fever was starting, luckily she wasn’t vomiting… yet.

Pidge landed in front of Shellos and turned, using his feet to kick back sand at her face, irritating the sea slug. Shellos cried, shaking her head with her eyes closed, trying her best to shake away the sand thrown at her face.

“Q-quick Attack!” Pidge swiftly tackled the Shellos, sending her to the ground once again. The sea slug quickly got up and puffed up her cheeks, her eyes half-lid since her eyes stung from the sand earlier, so her vision was a bit blurry. She opened her mouth and sent a spiral of water, hitting Pidge from point-blank, pushing him back and away a few feet, earning a cry.

Shuna was about to call a command when she felt nausea kick in, collapsing to her knees, one hand on the sand below and the other on her knees. Finn jumped and gibbered frantically, grabbing her shoulder and gently shaking her. Shuna lifted her head and pat Finn, giving him a reassuring smile.

“I’m alright, just tired buddy.” Shuna felt worse than that, but she didn’t want to worry her pokemon, especially since one was in the middle of a battle. Her health didn’t matter at the moment.

Pidge landed in front of his trainer, immediately taking notice of her condition, berating himself for not finishing the battle sooner. His trainer was poisoned and he said he’d finish the battle in one turn, but he took two turns and the battle still wasn’t finished. He needed to be faster and stronger, enough to defeat Shellos and end the battle before the poison got worse.

Pidge stood straight and turned, facing the upset Shellos, narrowing his eyes. He had to defeat this pokemon before anything else, his trainer’s health depended on it. She refused to leave them behind, the words warming his heart, and in her stead, he’ll finish the battle quickly and swiftly as possible. He joined her party and accepted her as his trainer to get stronger, allowing Shellos to best him wasn’t what made him mad, but it was the fact that he was taking too long to finish the battle while his trainer was poisoned by said pokemon. Her health was more important, and if finishing the battle was the only way, then that’s what he needed to do.

Current Team:

{Male}Mudfish Pokemon - Finn (Marshtomp)[Torrent] - Bide, Water Gun, Ice Ball, Mud Shot {Lvl.21}

{Male}Tiny Bird Pokemon - Pidge (Pidgey)[Keen Eye] - Quick Attack, Air Cutter, Sand Attack, Gust {Lvl. 16}


Camping Kit
First Aid
Snacks & Water
Extra Clothes
Mystic Water
Berries - Cheri x1, Chesto x1, Pecha x1, Oran x1, Persim x1
Cover Fossil
Plume Fossil
Quick Balls
Honey x2

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Thursday, September 17, 11;00 am-1:00 PM

Calamity Lvl 18


A full day of travel, First; A bus to Cherrygrove. Then, a ship to Akurnai, alongside a sleepless night in the pokecenter. Jay is already sick of traveling. After boarding the ferry. He headed to the buffet, grabbed plain pancakes, apple slices, and a glass of milk. He also grabbed a hand full of the tourist brochures, and made his way to a secluded seat overlooking the water.

He consumed the pancakes, apple slices, and milk voraciously. They were not like his grandmother's apple pancakes, but they definitely satisfied his desperate craving for them.

"Only 3 hours left till we reach Slateport." Glancing between his phone and Calamity's pokeball. "We haven't swam in days, and I'm so tired of being cramped up, I can't even imagine how Calamity feels." Guilt consumes him. He looks out to the water. "I wish we could just jump in."

To distract himself, Jay opened the case his grandfather had given him as a present, Inside were the 5 project pokeballs that his grandfather made. Jay had already completed them during the trip to Kinyo, and had started etching swirl patterns onto them. "I wonder what kind of friends we will make in Hoenn." The thought drew his attention to the Hoenn pamphlets. After skimming the rules of Hoenn, and the prices of accommodations, he looked into his wallet, "I cannot afford to lose! well... at least not more than twice!" His sudden realization that his funds would not last long, and would need to be supplemented some how. Upon looking at another brochure he saw a very familiar looking building, at first he could not figure out why he recognized it. But Then it struck him.

"It can't be!" He went back into his wallet and Took out the old photo of his parents. "Mossdeep Space Center... That's it that's the building that's behind them! This photo was taken in Mossdeep! His energy levels rose. For a moment, but then he became concerned. "They went missing in Hoenn, this photo was taken 3 years TO THE DATE before they went missing. Why were they there then, Why were they there when they disappeared? "

His mind reeled, He dropped the pamphlets, Picked up his things, and he walked to the Bow. "I Don't know what I'm doing, was this a Mistake?, should I have stayed home?" He Punched himself. "No, We have to find out why they disappeared! We need to know. I owe it to them. I owe it to grandpa, and grandma, they need to know what happened to their daughter and her husband."

"Are... Are you ok mister?" A small girls voice came from behind him.

"Uhhh yeah im ok. I think." Jay turned around, and saw that his shouting and striking himself had caught the attention of a large number of the passengers. His eyes then lowered To a small girl holding a wriggling magikarp. "Hey! you have a wonderful magikarp!"

"Thank you, His name is wiggles" the girl squeezed her magikarp and blushed.

"Makes sense. I used to have a magikarp, he's a gyarados now though."

"Really?" the girl, now excited, asked the one question Jay wasn't prepared for "Can I See it?"

"Uhhhh….." Jay looked at Calamity's pokeball. Every inch of him knew this was a terrible idea. But Jay was ridden with guilt about keeping Calamity in his pokeball for so long. "I don't know..."


"Ok." The water looked so refreshing, He knew Calamity needed some time out of the pokeball, and he figured 'what's the worst that could happen, I let him out for a couple minutes, he gets to swim, and the little girl gets to see a Gyarados. Right?'. "Come on out Calamity!"

The pokeball opened and gyarados appeared next to the ferry.

"Awesome!" the little girl spun around with glee, and gave a wave to calamity."

"Hey calamity! How are-" Before Jay could finish his sentence, the now very confused Gyarados grabbed Jay with his mouth, and made a B line for the shore of slateport.

"Goodbye Mister!" the girl waved as Calamity and Jay swam out of view of the ferry.


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Avril Reese

16 - ♀ - Laverre City

Written with Groc as Natsuko Soyokaze and Cubism as Jordie Hughes

Pokémon / Inventory:

🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) - ♀ - lv. 15
Flower Veil
Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Razor Leaf, Lucky Chant

🌼 Hydrangea (Shellos) - ♀ - lv. 15
Storm Drain
Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Recover, Mud Slap, Mud Sport, Harden

🌻 Sunshine (Ponyta)
🌻 Sandygast

🍀 Gabby (Solosis)
🍀 Neon (Stunfisk)

🌼 1x Pokéballs
🌼 Holotch (phone)
🌼 Fanclub Membership card
🌼 Eviolite
🌼 Various clothes and commodities

Jordie, Shuna, Tsu

🌼 Character art made with https://picrew.me/image_maker/94097
Fight for the Apple!
Friday, September 18th - 11 to 11:20 am - Slateport City Beach, approaching the Jetty
“So, this is the place?” Avril looks with interest at the jetty, which continues into the sea for a long distance before ending with a tall lighthouse. She lets Poppy free, and in return gets an excited chirp, before the Fairy Type starts to float around her and look around the area. “What should I do now? I don’t see many Pokémon, and those that are here don’t seem interested in us at all.” The blonde girl turns to her friends, pointing to different areas and spots as she speaks.

"Yep, this is it!" Natsuko pulls out her phone, snapping a selfie in front of the lighthouse. She then takes a better picture of the towering structure, while Sunshine gingerly picks her way across the rocks. "The jetty keeps the beach calm and safe, while the lighthouse guides ships safely to shore! You can just feel the security, like a warm hug."

“Right, this is a nice place.” Jo adds as they explore the place with Gabby by their side. “Not too many people, and a few wild Pokémon. It’s perfect for training and relaxing at the same time.” Jordie then looks back at the blonde. “Do you know how to use the scan feature?”

"It's… this one, I suppose." Avril fiddles with her Holotch for a bit, finally finding an icon that looks promising. Sadly, she hasn't used the app before and doesn't know how to continue. "Uhm, no, I've never used this before. But it's waiting for a name, right Jo?" The blonde girl shows the screen to her friend.

Jo goes by her side and taps on their X-transceiver to open the Hoenn Ranger Database. “It’s uh… here! You see, this app shows you which Pokémon are possible to catch in Hoenn. Do you have it? The receptionist at the Pokémon Center should’ve told you to install it once you went to do the license paperwork.” they scroll through the different names and pages of Pokémon available near Slateport before finding the catchable ones. “What about… Stunfisk?” Jordie laughs.

“Oh, so I just need to pick from h-” Avril looks at Jo’s device with interest before stopping in the middle of a sentence. “No! Not that thing! I’ve had enough.” She vocally complains. “Look, I heard of trainers who can befriend things like Rhydon in minutes, but me? I don’t know. What else is there?”

"No, thank you, we've had enough Stunfisk." Tsu goes to Jo's other side so all three can look at the device. "There's Sandygast, but they're kinda spooky. I don't think they're your type. No offense."

“That’s what I thought. So that leaves me with these two, right?” Avril looks carefully at the last two options left on the screen of Jordie’s device. “Staryu, I think I’ve seen some around my region, and they look chill actually. Shellos is new to me instead…”

“Well, knowing me, I would go for what is new. But I can’t catch anything so it’s about you. Staryu are cool, but a lot of people have them, and for good reason, they are relaxed, easy to train and strong! Shellos on the other hand, like to eat a lot.” they laugh “They are often taken lightly, but honestly they can be very dangerous and annoying in battle… I honestly don’t think they are too cute either.”

“Well…” Avril listens to Jordie, almost mesmerized. “You sure know a lot! But thinking about it, Shellos do look cute after all. Staryu on the other hand, I never seem to understand what they’re up to or how they feel, even after seeing many. And…” The blonde girl pulls out an apple from her cloth bag. “If what you said is true, maybe I can make friends with one before I catch it. I wonder… would this plan work?”

"Absolutely! You made friends with me over food, right?" Tsu reassures her, looking at the picture of Shellos. "I mean… I think Shellos is kinda gross, but it's sort of cute because of how ugly it is? It even has a little hat!"

Avril looks at Tsu, puzzled. “Wait… what?” She mutters, not really understanding what she means, before taking a heavy breath. “Maybe all I need is to take a closer look at a real Shellos. So this is the button to press if I want the app to locate them around me, right?” She looked at her device, feeling more and more excited.

"Boop!" Tsu reaches over and presses the button herself, initiating the scan. "We have our heading! Lead the way, navigator!"

“O-oh!” Avril nearly loses grip of her device, as she doesn’t expect her friend to reach over and start the scan herself. Luckily, the little latch she added and then worn around her wrist prevents the Holotch from plummeting onto the sand. “Apparently there are some Shellos further from the sea, this way!” the girl then declares once she regains her composure, and starts walking parallel to the jetty as Poppy flies right above her, just as excited.

Jo walks behind her and Gabby follows them, and both start looking around to see if they can find the wild Shellos. Not too far away from the lighthouse, Jordie manages to spot some pink… hair, though it wasn’t really hair, but they didn’t look like horns either. Maybe that was the hat Tsu talked about? Jordie walks closer and sees 3 pink Shellos behind some rocks. “Avril, come! I think I found them!” Tsu and Shiny follow behind the others, camera at the ready.

The blonde girl comes closer to the rocks, gushing. “They look cute enough to me!” she laughs, still failing to get the attention of the Water types. “I think I’ll just put this somewhere… here? And they’ll come closer. Get ready, Poppy!” Avril starts to get more excited as she puts down the fruit on the sand and takes some steps back towards her friends. Her eyes jump between Jo, Tsu and the apple, in search of approval.

In the meantime, one of the Shellos starts to peek around the rocks and slowly crawls closer to the apple, with sparkling eyes. The other two follow it closely as well, but eventually start bickering. Or at least that’s what it looks like. The apple, still uncontested, is laying on the beach as the three Sea Slug Pokémon start headbutting each other, and still remains in its place as one of the Shellos moves back and fires off a Mud Bomb towards the other two. “Oh no, it was working alright…” Avril complains, looking once again to her friends. “What to do, what to do…” she mutters as Poppy flies closer to the ongoing ruckus.

Tsu takes a picture as the first Shellos approaches the apple, switching to video once they start fighting. "Um, Avril? Do you have any more apples? I don't think they're keen on sharing…"

“Uhm, I… don’t think so, that was supposed to be my snack!” The blondie complains. “But maybe you… oh no!” Poppy has already switched to Plan B, much to the dismay of her trainer, and fires some sharp leaves right at the Shellos. Now they’re focusing on the little Pokémon twirling in front of them - one of them is bold enough to shoot a Water Pulse attack at the Fairy type, which dodges easily. But that doesn’t seem like a good situation to be in regardless. “H-Help?” Avril yelps, unsure of what to do next.

"There's three of them and three of us, it's a fair fight!" Tsu keeps filming the fight, eager to catch her first Triple Battle on camera. "Start off with Sunny Day, Shiny!" Sunshine trots up beside Poppy, throwing the glowing orb into the air. The heat shines down on all of them, reducing the power of the Shellos' Water attacks.

Jordie looks back at Gabby that was hiding behind them and both nod at each other. Gabby floats in front of the three Shellos and charges energy inside her bubble to strike one of them with a Psybeam.

As the central Shellos gets knocked back, the other two are hit with another Razor Leaf from Poppy. “I believe we have to catch one and yet we’re fighting like this? Poor thing…” Avril complains in the meantime, shrugging. Her apple is being thrown around the beach but looks still somewhat intact. “Uhm, maybe we keep that one busy for now?” She asks her friends.

"I'm on it! Use Tail Whip, Shiny!" Shiny runs past the other two Shellos to smack the central one with her tail. This pushes it away from the others a little, keeping its attention on Shiny.

Jo looks at the other two Shellos and commands Gabby to use Psybeam on the leftmost one, leaving the other one to Poppy and Avril. But if Avril wanted to catch that one Shellos, then using Razor Leaf against it all the time wasn’t the smartest thing to do. “Avril, Poppy will probably keep using Razor Leaf on those Shellos! If you want to catch it, then using Grass-type moves isn’t the smartest thing to do! You have to order her to use other moves!”

“Oh, good id-” Avril replies, but is interrupted by a cry of pain coming from one of the Shellos. Poppy has aimed for the left Shellos as well, hitting it with another strong Razor Leaf and leaving it no chance to retaliate. The Water type now looks very weak, as if it’s about to faint.

“N-no, what have you done!” Avril tries to scold her own Pokémon, who instead shrugs it off and looks at her proudly. After all, that was the Shellos who first attacked its brethren - at least in Poppy’s mind, that’s not the one she should catch. Unaware of this, though, the blonde girl follows Jo’s advice. “At least use Fairy Wind on the other ones!” She commands her Pokémon, who promptly uses said move to proper herself around the air, twirling around her opponents.

The Shellos by itself spits water at Shiny, and even with the effects of Sunny Day the little pony reflexively recoils. She swishes her tail at Shellos, like swatting a fly, which only serves to annoy it further.

Meanwhile, Gabby and Poppy keep battling the other two Shellos together. One of them shoots a Mud Bomb at the Cell Pokémon, covering her bubble in mud and thus affecting her eyesight and the accuracy of her moves. Gabby answers with another Psybeam that misses by a few inches, but still gives Poppy the opportunity to strike. Her leaves finally knock out one of the Shellos for good, and deal some more damage to the other one. No matter how many times Avril tells the Fairy type to hold back, she doesn't in fact listen and keeps circling around her opponent, ready to hit once again.

Shellos spits a Mud Bomb at Shiny, who cries out in despair as her beautiful coat is covered in muck. She stamps a hoof in frustration, but follows Tsu's instructions to use Tail Whip. Tsu looks back at Avril and Jo apprehensively. "How are things going over there? You all good?"

Avril is definitely more concerned by Tsu’s expression than her words. “Oh… Poppy, let’s help Tsu out!” She maneuvers around the boulders and the Shellos, following her Pokémon with her eyes, before making sure that Jo is also doing alright. They seem better trainers than her anyways.

Without the need for any command, Flabébé just twirls around in circles around the other Shellos, using Fairy Wind to keep it busy: and this seems to give Avril a big enough hint about her intentions. “You want me to catch this one, right?” The girl asks, just for confirmation, before getting back an excited chirp.

“You got this, girl! Go get ‘em!” Jordie cheers with pride in the background. There’s nothing else they can do, this was Avril’s moment to shine since the beginning and in their eyes, she did great. Definitely needs to have more control over her Pokémon, though, but she’s just starting, it’s fine.

The blonde girl fiddles with her bag and pulls out a Pokéball right as Poppy lands a full blast Fairy Wind on her opponent from above. The Water type tries to retaliate with a Water Pulse, but can’t quite fire it with enough strength to make it reach Flabébé. It decides to wait for the attack to fall on its body, though, and this helps it to charge another, more powerful Water Pulse - this time aimed at Shiny.

"Shiny, look out!" Tsu tries to get in between Shiny and Shellos, but almost slips on the wet rocks. "Uh… Flame Charge!" The flames on Shiny's ankles flare up as she charges forward, dodging the aquatic orb and leaving twin trails of flame in her wake. She leaves the Shellos behind as she gallops over to Natsuko. "Whoa… that was cool!"

Shellos seems to shrug as it turns its attention to Poppy once again. The Fairy type in the meantime has just been chanting her little protective spell, trying to help Shiny out, but now is ready to fire another Fairy Wind at the Water type.

“Tsu?” Avril yelps instead, her eyes letting go of Poppy for a bit as she walks closer to her friend. “Hope you and Ponyta are ok!”

"No need to worry!" Tsu gives Avril a thumbs-up as she gently pats Shiny's cheek. The little Ponyta is breathing hard, but still ready to help if needed.

The blonde girl lets out a sigh of relief in response. “Uhm, let’s get this done before… that happens again, alright?” She asks as she tries to aim for the Shellos with her Pokéball. “Will you tell me when it’s weak enough?”

In the meantime, Poppy is essentially playing some sort of whack-a-Diglett with Shellos. She’s not even trying to harm it, she’s just teasing it and then dodging all its moves with Fairy Wind, something that is definitely easier to do when you’re a tiny Pokémon twirling in the air. This goes on for a little, but the Shellos looks more and more bored. It starts to look around the area, trying to find that apple that the blonde trainer dropped some minutes ago.

Tsu follows Shellos' gaze, noticing the apple behind it. "Shiny, get me to that apple!" She hops onto Shiny's back, laying flat as Shiny uses Flame Charge to dash over to it, trampling Shellos as she does. Tsu slides off, tossing the fruit to Avril. "Now's your chance! Catch it!"

The other Shellos goes to the other trainers with the intention of getting the apple from her. Jordie is quick to answer though and tosses Neon’s Dusk Ball at it. It opens and bounces back to Jordie. Green sparks float upwards and the trap Pokémon appears. “Ok, let’s see how strong you are. Use Thundershock!” Neon looks at Jo and frowns, then he shoots a barrage of mud at the Shellos’ eyes instead that slow it down a bit. The wild Pokémon shoots a Water Gun at the sky that falls on its eyes, retiring the mud from them and the water also being instantly absorbed by its body.

“Gabby, last shot! Use Hidden Power on it!” Jordie calls, seeing how the wild Shellos was too concentrated in the Stunfisk to pay attention to Gabby. The cell Pokémon stores and sends greenish balls of energy at the Shellos, finally knocking it out.

“Ow!” Avril yelps as she clumsily catches the apple not with her free hand, but in between her arms, something that ends up being a bit more painful than expected. She then gets ready to throw her Pokéball at the Shellos, who seems to have noticed the fruit’s new location and is now slowly crawling towards it. Yes… even after Shiny’s powerful blow.

“Poor thing, all it wants is some more food! And well, I’m the right person for it!” Avril chuckles, adding some self promotion before finally throwing the Pokéball. The device hits the Water type right on its head, pulls it inside, and shakes once… twice…

“There, I caught it, didn’t I!?” Avril looks at her friends eagerly, before picking up the now motionless Pokéball from the sand. She is still holding onto that apple which, although is quite battered and not as fresh as it used to be, will hopefully be a good snack for her new companion.



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Katrina Purcell
Location: Southern Pokemon Center, Slateport Town
Pokemon at hand :
Thursday, September 17th

Chapter 1 - 7
My Toast!

“Excuse me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Kat steps back as she realizes that she is blocking the exit. However, it doesn’t take long until she falls back to her contemplation. She knows that Jack deserves an apology, but will he even accept it? She tries her best to think about how should she approach Jack so he will accept her apology.

Aurora is feeling nervous. After all, she isn’t a stranger to her trainer’s tendencies when she wants to skip lunch. Fearing for the worst she decides to spring into action by biting on her trainer’s shoelaces until they come undone.

“Aurora!” Kat hisses as she tries to contain her voice before Jack realize that she is there. Fearing that Aurora will eventually cause Jack to notice, she decides to steel herself and hope for the best as she limps her way towards him.

Please don’t let him be mad… Please… With shaky hands, she taps the man with the indigo sweater on his shoulder.

The man in question is indeed Jack, he's busy biting on to his Chilli Cheese Toast with Avocado and Artichoke as he looks back towards Kat with his face slightly red.

"O-oh, Katrina. I didn't expect you to be here." The young man awkwardly put down the toast on his mouth.

Meanwhile, Katrina is very relieved, after all, she can't imagine how ashamed she would've been if the man he tapped wasn't Jack. Also, she’s quite surprised that he actually wears sunglasses indoors. She wonders if that’s new trend… Or maybe his eyes are tired?

“H-hi, am I interrupting your dinner?”

“Well, technically yes. But, I don’t really mind… Oh, please sit.” he quickly tries to stand from his seat to help Katrina.

“No, no… I can do it by myself.” Katrina hurriedly grabs the chair before Jack has the chance to stand up.

Both of them sit on the seat across each other, awkwardly averting their gazes to avoid speaking out first. Kat wishes that Jack will speak first, but unfortunately, she quickly realize that is only wishful thinking on her part. Silence ensues from both parts, but not long after...

“Pi! Pi!” Aurora barked loudly towards Jack thinking that he is the one behind her trainer’s slump, besides he’s the only person who was visibly conversing with Katrina during the ferry ride. She then jumps on her trainer’s lap before trying to climb up the table.

“Aurora! Please!” Kat grabs the Snow Fox Pokemon before she can cause issues, she already needs to apologize for what happened earlier that afternoon, no way she’ll let Aurora add more problems to the mix.

“Um… Do you have somewhere to go? We can just talk later…” Jack tries his best to dissuade Kat from forcing herself to sit with him.

“No, no… It’s nothing important, really… Hey, Aurora… Geez.” Kat struggles to keep her Snow Fox Pokemon causing her to try her best to grab Aurora’s Pokeball.

“I insist, beside-”


Jack’s objection suddenly interrupted by a loud noise of a falling plate. To make it worse, it is his plate that’s now laying on the floor. Aurora manages to let loose from her trainer’s clutch causing her to dash towards Jack but not before she accidentally knocked over Jack’s dinner.

“M-my toast…” Jack tries his best to compose himself, visibly biting his lips while trembling.

Aurora continues to bark, but then her expression of anger turns into fear as she feels a powerful grip on her body. She slowly turns her head while shaking to find her trainer looking at her with a piercing gaze.

“Aurora, you…”



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Jacques 'Jack' Tenenbaum
Location: Slateport City
Pokemon at hand :
Thursday, September 17th

Chapter 1 - 3
Night in Slateport

“Sorry I had to impose on you like this.” Kat sits down on the wheelchair I borrowed from the Pokemon Center.

Thankfully even if my regional license hasn’t been out yet, I still can use my current trainer’s license to borrow the wheelchair. It’s nothing fancy, but it looks reliable. She did refuse me several times on my offer, but no chance in hell I can watch her limp like that while hiding my expression. Besides, it’s not dangerous for her to walk far without this wheelchair. For someone who is partially responsible for her falling and hurting her leg, this is the least that I can do."

“Eh, don’t worry, I don’t mind.”


“Hey, you’re the one telling me that I can ask for anything.”

“But still, I can’t accept…”

“Shhh…” I make a silent gesture with my right index finger, prompting Katrina to immediately stop her complaints.

I expect her to be cheerful again like when we rode the ferry together, but for some reason, Kat lethargically slumps over instead. Is it because I told her to stop complaining? Nah, can’t be… Maybe she still thinking about what happened earlier?

“Hey, you’re okay? Don’t worry people won’t remember it.” I try my best to console her.

“Are you sure about that?” Kat turns her head back towards me.

Gah, what’s with that Baby-doll eyes? This is messed up, how am I supposed to lie if I have to fight against that? Oh well, maybe this time giving out the truth won’t be that bad. I’ll just have to tread carefully and then I can segue it to a much cheerful topic.

“Uh… Yes… Okay, maybe… Well, your scream back there is kinda terrifying, to be honest.” I try my best to hold my expression when recounting that hair-raising experience. “But don’t worry a lot of things happen, they’ll forget it sooner or later.” I warmly smile to ease Katrina's anxiety.

Did it do the job? Finally I can...

"Maybe, right?” Kat answers my question with an uncertain voice.

ARGH! WHY!!! WHY CAN’T I JUST ANSWER FIRMLY!? Fine! I’ll just have to wing this. I try my best to continue smiling while hiding my anxiety.

“Ugh…” Despite my initial enthusiasm that I can handle this, I’m not sure what kind of answer can help her calm down. This isn’t how it goes on my ‘Easy Ways on Making Friends’ book, should I just-


"W-well, what do you expect? Not even my late mother screams that loud…" I jolt as I realize what I just uttered out.

"Your late mother?"

Yep, I’ve blundered so badly… Not only I accidentally mention my late mother, but I also had to do it in front of a girl that’s actually having trouble with her mother, yay me. At this point, I’d rather be truthful, hopefully, it’ll make her feel more comfortable.

"Yeah, she's the most graceful and refined woman I've ever known in my life. Unfortunately, she's also the scariest among the people I've ever known when she's pissed." I try to laugh it off, even if in reality I’m feeling really sad when I remember her and her warm smile. However, if I can help Kat feeling better about her mother, then it’s all worth it.

"Is that so…" Kat lowers her head in reflex, but as she realizes she is still with me she quickly turns her head back towards me while shaking her head in what appears to be a panicking expression.

“Oh… It’s great that your late mother was such a wonderful lady… My mother is also the same, you know… She’s pretty reliable… Also uh… Well, I’m happy to have her as my mother…”

Liar. That tone of voice… I know it all too well.

“You don’t have to talk about your mother if you don’t want to.” I try to comfort Kat.

“Sorry, it’s not fun hanging out with a people like me, isn’t it?”

Argh! I have to do something! But what? My jokes are mostly Trubbish quality… Well, I don’t have any choice than this… Sorry, Kat...

I take a deep breath before I start opening my mouth. "Hey - hey… I didn't ask you on a date so you can mop around like this.” I try to look as confident as possible.

“H-huh, what?” Kat’s face turns crimson red as she turns her face towards me.

“Well I mean, there’s no one else besides us on this trip, and we’re even going to eat together at a restaurant. Isn’t this basically a date?”

“B-but you said before that it’s just going to be a-a normal trip… What’s gotten into you?” Kat stutters badly, which shows my genius strategy is working really

“Eh, you’re not wrong… But still, Kat…” I stop pushing Kat’s wheelchair to deliver the final line.

“U-um... Jack?”

“You have pretty eyes, you know that?” I smile widely. I feel so much relief that I manage to properly execute the teasing properly. Now she’ll complain about my compliment and I can just tease her with that.

“Thank you…” Kat’s face turns even redder than before as she sheepishly give thanks to me.

Ah... She quickly averted my gaze, just like… Wait no. Something’s not right here... This isn’t how I envision the teasing goes… Wait… F-flushed cheeks? No way! NO FREAKIN’ WAY! W-WHY DID I? D-DID I JUST WOO HER!?

I abruptly stop pushing the wheelchair as I realize what I’ve done.

“J-Jack? Is something the matter? Why is your face so red?

“AAAAH!!!” I let out a loud scream as I crouch down, embarrassed as hell.



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Emilio Estéban Grácia

Slateport [Saturday, Sept. 19] Afternoon

From inside the gym Emilio emerged having witnessed a trainer going by Marie floored, a sight that only reinforced Emilio's grim outlook of his own first steps in his journey. Furthermore, he has yet to get around to their first training session. And while he is aware that in order to ever hold a candle next to the champions of the pokémon world - of whom can stand their ground against the legendary beasts - the months it would take to even make a dent amongst these elites is daunting.

...maybe he will meet the criteria for the next gym he encounters.

The sound of vigorous drumming erupted from his back pocket, prompting him to quickly fetch his pokégear. Galarian Ponyta inched closer, curious about the caller's identity.

It was a dear friend of his, an unexpected surprise. "Oooooiiii, qué pasaaaaa," greets Emilio with a booming voice, leaning against the gym wall as he begins to tie his shoes.

"Yooooooooooo, hoooooola," replied a young man with a hint of exhaustion. "What's up?"

"Nothing much. Just checking out the gym and seeing pokémon fights."

"Hahaha yeah I know bro. I see you." Emilio shot up and glanced over his vicinity, yet could not recognize his friend out from the crowd.

"Oh yeah?" Emilio replies, doing a sudden, backwards somersault that ended in him yelping and landing on his back. There he remained, sighing before raising the device to his ear with a giggling Ponyta. "Then what did I do?" Finding her trainer endearing, she circles around him before deciding to sit next to his waist, happily smiling to curious passerby.

"What? What are you doing?! Hahaha."

"S-shut up!" replied Emilio in a vexed tone, albeit luckily for him Elliot knew him well enough to disregard such. "Where you at? I didn't know you were already here. I thought you were coming over next month." Preparing for a much needed encounter, he leaps up and signals to his companion to follow amidst the conversation with some whistling, blindly trusting the mare as he walks on ahead.

"Hahaha you'll see."

"Tell me so I know where to walk."

"Towards the north Pokémon Center. Coming back from visiting the lighthouse and got something small from the center-"

"The lighthouse?" Emilio repeats, briefly pausing before continuing forward, somewhat hurt. "You went to the lighthouse and didn't invite me to a date?" He plays off the stinging feeling with jokes.

"You wouldn't wanna go, it was boring, man."

"But we could've been bored together."

"Hahahaha nooooo!"

Between the laughs his ponyta observes the happiness with a hint of sorrow emanate from Emilio. It was refreshing to see him glisten and participate in some banter. However, instead of glee and joy the pony felt … alone and with a desire to interact with the familiar man. Normally he would suffocate the mare in love and affection, but after the passing of ponyta's original trainer the change in him was hard to miss. Unprecedented, even.

Emilio stops upon eyes laying on the sight of the friend before him; Elliot Wingins. The peer was a light-skinned ginger with metal-framed, rectangular glasses over sandy brown eyes. Freckles dotted beneath his eyebags, nosebridge, and upper portion of his pale, twig frame, broken only by a white tank top and khaki shorts. Emilio could make out his sandals shifting and clacking against the hot pavement.

"SEXY," hollered out Emilio to the ginger, the latter of which spread out his arms in response.


The two jogged and met halfway, greeting one another with hands slapping into a tight grip that pulled the other into a hug. The arm barrier between the men prevented any discomfort as they patted the other's back before breaking away, clicking tongues to finish this unique ritual.

"Hahaha yeah! Hey, isn't that your aunt's Ponyta?" Elliot pointed to the curious mare. She took a step closer, hoping to be included in the following conversation.

But with the roll of his eyes and a sigh Emilio turns and allows for Elliot to move on ahead towards his apartment, unwilling to be reminded of the loving woman. "No, it's Death the Impaler, the Pikachu."

Elliot's hands spread out briefly in front of the disappointed Galarian Ponyta, immersed in the moment. "Haha, conqueror of the seven seas!" As he led the way, the pale teen rummaged through his short's large pockets, smiling upon his thin fingers retrieving a pack of cigarettes. "Bro, I brought my games over-"

Emilio threw his hand forward and into his friend's peripheral vision, stopping the ginger in his tracks. "Say no more. You know I'm down for games anyday. Any- yo, you said you wouldn't smoke anymore, you know I just quit," he reminds the young man, watching as he plucks a single cigarette from the pack.

"Sorry man, I know. I just got really in the mood for one."

"You know I f*cking crave one when I see them," Emilio explained further, growing frustrated as he felt the craving for the unhealthy habit re-emerging once more. "Sh*t."

"Want one?" The question was rewarded by Emilio's peeved expression, the two now having halted in their tracks amidst a mildly busy city. "Just one. It's just one, it isn't going to hurt." He hands Emilio two cigarettes, fidgeting with them as he waited for them to be picked. But the wait and silence extended into a minute. Elliot figured his darker friend mentally debated against his need and want, changing expressions revealing the obvious turmoil.

It would take another minute before Emilio snatched the two cigarettes, sliding them into his pocket. "Fine. But not now. Only when I'm really f*cking craving them."

"That sounds cool to me."


"That's rough, man."

"No sh*t."

Sitting inside a rather filthy, small bedroom were the two young trainers. Contrasting with the cheap furniture and lack of hygiene was a 75-inch plasma, curve television connected to a high 360° wall mount. Flickering on its monitor was the 'continue?' game screen.

"Is that why she doesn't have a name yet?" inquired Elliot, referring to the dormant ponyta in her pokéball. Emilio took a hot minute prior to leaning forward, setting the controller on the messy coffee table.

"Yep. Tía called her Gala."

"Gala? Sounds so anime-ish haha-"

"Heh, stop that sh*t," Emilio shot back playfully, mildly pushing Elliot before standing up. He proceeded to stretch, rotating his waist and extending his arms upward until he felt the satisfying crack from his bones.

"Call her Death the Impaler then." The addicting scent of Elliot's smoking reached his nose, causing him to swiftly twist to face the friend.


"Just this one." Emilio sighed, staring at a random corner of the television, mind wandering off to a compilation of his aunt's quirks and smiles. "Sorry bro. It helps me stay calm."

An immediate sense of dread began to creep up Emilio's spine. The ensuing desperate need to fend off the incoming wave of sorrow caused him to succumb to the cigarettes stored in his back pocket.

Coughing, Emilio apologized and walked out of the apartment and into the hallway to better clear his lungs. Here he solemnly stared at the addictive substance in his hands. Despite the stigma with such, he gave in to the desire.

He shoved the thoughts aside and returned inside. "Yo, I'll smoke with you."

Images credited to Tango Sasayama in Picrew.me (: <3