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Gold Pokemon Bronze [COMPLETED] Page 19

Started by Freako May 20th, 2012 4:20 AM
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Posted January 8th, 2020
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That moment you realized you named your rival "Cooper" instead of "Copper."

P.S. I'm playing the female version because I had a hard time finding a male version that worked.
Oh well, I like the female protagonist more anyway.
I usually go by Cuprite or Kyu now.

(The above image is a relic of what was once a Pokémon fangame.)

That moment when you realize you have way too many ideas for your own good.
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Hey Freako!
As you can see I am a bit late playing this game...but I am very much enjoying it..
I have completed all 8(+1) gyms and moving on now...

One Big there a MOVE DELETER in the game??
Either I have missed him or dont remember meeting him...

Can you please tell??
Memoria Town

Inner Rhymes

Team Skull's Hood.
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Man, I hold a lot of memories to this hack. I was in school when this came out and now I'm in my final year of college. Thank you so much for the memories freako! Used to keep an eye on the development of bronze on that Facebook group! Keep up the development with Bronze 2!
I finally released my first Official music Video of my new single Lulla-bye:

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