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Powder Keg
Gunpowder Part II

Hell on Earth. That’s how the south of Jeimas has often been described. A poverty stricken desert overrun by crime and dependent on morally questionable bounty hunters because of underqualified and overworked law enforcement. While the north is and always has been a temperate, prosperous land, the south has long been seen as a blight. Now it’s even worse.

Two months have passed and the deaths of Borya Bogden, Sister Tess, Felix Grffin, The Night Wolf and Veralice have left the balance of tower between the most dangerous criminal factions destabilised and have prompted other criminals to rise up in an attempt to seize those positions or spurred others into action.

“Undead” Lachlan Buzzard has all but seized control of Ironhaven, the largest city in the south and now criminals run rampant within its walls. Anima and his holy order have risen to the ranks of the Big Bads and more and more people are flocking to his twisted religion as the situation in the south declines further and further. Aaron Fletcher has greatly increased his activity causing a regression in how goods are transported with many choosing to return to horseback convoys as he is known to only target trains. Unfortunately, this has also lead to the suspending of plans to link the independent rail system within the Grand Chasm to the greater Jeiman system. This is all in addition to the large numbers of smaller gangs who are all fighting to cement their positions or seize greater control in the power vacuum created by the Big Bad deaths. The Dead Priest Gang, Sangre Clan and the Dodgy Gang are but a handful of examples of deadly smaller gangs who have been seen on the move.

What is most disturbing for southern Jeimans however, is the activity of the most notable Big Bads. Self-proclaimed revolutionary, and the most wanted man in Jeiman history, has formed an alliance with Jessica Wilcox and Bonnie Cassidy, two other dangerous Big Bads while the man known only as Demon has been conspicuously absent from recent events with many suspecting this is the calm before the storm before he wipes out another settlement.

With tensions this high, now would be the opportune time for the Jeiman government to increase peacekeeper presence in the south, however in a striking move all peacekeepers have been recalled to key locations such as South Bridge and Earnest, some of the southernmost cities in the north.

The south of Jeimas is in a period of change and tensions are higher than ever. History is being made and only time will tell what will be left when the gears of progress are done turning.


Jeimas is a small, isolated, island continent in the eastern hemisphere of the planet. Originally a land populated by numerous distinct native tribes, hundreds of years ago it was colonised by travellers who arrived from the larger continent in the west and would eventually develop to be its own independent nation at the forefront of both technology and magic.

The majority of Jeimas, about the top two thirds, has a temperature ranging from temperate to alpine and is dominated by open green fields. This is considered north Jeimas and is dotted by wealthy, prosperous cities with low crime rates and booming economies thanks to abundant food, large numbers of raw materials transported in from the south and access to quality education, magical or otherwise.

The lower third of Jeimas, the south, is covered by a vast arid desert and temperatures here are extremely high. Although there is an abundance of ores and minerals here, the people in the south are for the most part extremely poor as companies in the north such as Walthum Industries control most of the southern mines and the land is ill suited to farming all but the sturdiest produce. The south has a catastrophically high crime rate that local law enforcement cannot keep up with and as such bounty hunting has become a prominent profession there.

Spoiler: Map

The Barren Lands: The enormous desert covering the south of Jeimas. There is limited access to water here and the landscape is largely very flat and covered in brown and orange sand and rocky plateaus. Those who live in the barren lands are primarily farmers and miners.

The Great Chasm: The Great Chasm is an enormous crater located deep into the Barren Lands. Nobody is sure exactly how such a large crater came to be but since its discovery several small settlements have sprung into life within the Chasm due to it’s rich mineral deposits and easily defensible location. Most towns inside the Chasm are only hours away from each other by horseback.

Spider's Hollow: Spider’s Hollow is a small but rather central town located in the Great Chasm. It is notable only for it’s popular tavern and for the bounty-hunting agency located there. Most of the breadwinners from Spider’s Hollow earn their income trading with the many travellers who pass through or by working in other nearby towns such as the mining town Gilded Brook.

Gilded Brook: A town slightly larger than the nearby Spider’s Hollow that is populated primarily by miners and their families. The town got its name when prospectors discovered gold by panning the nearby river, something that lead to the discovery of rich gold deposits nearby. Gilded Brook is frequently targeted by bandits raiding the stores of gold. An attack orchestrated by Aaron Fletcher lead to the destruction of its railway which as of yet has not been repaired with merchants now primarily using horse convoys to transport their goods.

Ironhaven: Located several days away from Sinking Road, the entrance to the Great Chasm, Ironhaven is one of only two true cities in the south of Jeimas and is the only city in the Barren Lands to be considered particularly large. Characterised by its enormous stone walls, in the past Ironhaven was noted to be the only place with much government presence as was a hotspot for merchants and traders as well as the best place in the south to learn magic. In recent months, Ironhaven has all but totally fallen under the control of Lachlan Buzzard and is an extremely dangerous location. Locals who are not prepared to defend themselves, their families or their homes have been advised to flee.

Larkin: Larkin is the largest town in the Great Chasm and the closest to Sinking Road. Merchants and tradesman from the smaller towns in the Chasm flock to Larkin to conduct business. Recently Larkin has begun to slowly expand outward and has become quite overcrowded as a result of the destruction of Wrench and those fleeing from Ironhaven.

Wrench: Formerly a small mining town in the Great Chasm, Wrench was destroyed by the now deceased Veralice and was in the process of being rebuilt when the Big Bad once again obliterated the town shortly before her death. Now the town itself has been abandoned as only a few heavily damaged buildings remain. The mines nearby remain active and limited on-site accommodation has been set up during the past two months but the families of minors are now forced to reside in Larkin.

Silverston: Silverston is a small city located several days ride out of the Great Chasm to its west where it sits between the Chasm and the coast. It is predominately a city based around mining for various ores, in particular silver and gold. After the deaths of Borya Bogden and Felix Griffin, Silverston has been living in fear of the rapidly growing Holy Order of Guardium who reside in lands nearby.

Fairbell: Located only a few hours out of Spider's Hollow, Fairbell is a small and highly religious town that in the past was known for the small but beautiful church located there. The church was destroyed in a conflict and a replacement is now getting close to completion. Religious residents of other Chasm towns often visit Fairbell.

Orhurst: Situated far to the north of the Great Chasm, well outside of the Barren Lands, is the city of Orhurst – the capital of Jeimas. This city is enormous with many well-maintained cobble streets and is the home of many government buildings, businesses and houses – although only the richest live in the large inner city houses. Most residents live on the outskirts of the city with farms and plantations being the furthest out properties. Orhurst is home to the greatest educational facilities in the world including Skyrith Academy, a school and university dedicated to not only educating people, but also producing great sorcerers.


Gunpowder is a bit different to most RPs as it is both sandbox in nature and plot heavy. You will have a lot of freedom and be able to pursue your characters personal stories throughout the entirety of the Barren Lands (Ironhaven and below) but there is an overall plot that will be going on through the RP that I may pull you into or execute around the actions of your characters. In addition, it is preferred that we maintain active communication with each other and that you discuss your plans with me so I can alter the way the plot flows in accordance with what you want to do.

Much like in Part I, there are mechanics to consider in relation to your character's spells. This primarily takes the form of a level system that determines the number of spells available to your character, the number of elements those spells can belong to and the rough power level of the spell. There have been a few small changes to the system however. Unlike before where a certain number of pre-made spells were required, all spells are now custom to your liking. The exception to this is returning characters who must possess the same spells and level as they had at the end of Part I. Returning characters should be ranked at level 3 or 4. I will determine when characters can level up, but you are not required to play a magic character.

Initiate: 5 spells (Non-elemental/one element)
Novitiate: 8 spells (Non-elemental/one element)
Moderate: 12 spells (Non-elemental/two elements)
Accomplished: 15 spells (Non-elemental/two elements)
Veteran: 20 spells (Non-elemental/three elements)
Superior: 24 spells (Non-elemental/four elements)
Master: 27 spells (Non-elemental/five elements)

Non-elemental magic is easily accessible to all, while most people gravitate more to certain elements than others. The typical elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Electricity but on occasion mages will develop magic of a non-typical element such as sound, darkness or gravity.

All mages possess innate magical ability, but to cast any kind of magic, a spellcaster must be in close proximity to their personal spellbook. There are exceptions to this rule, but these are very rare. A spellbook is talisman in the form of a small book that automatically records the spells you have access to. The further away from your book you are the weaker your spells will become until after about 5-10m depending on the person you will be unable to cast spells entirely. For this reason criminal mages have their books burned upon being captured. Replacements are very hard to come by.

Sign-Up Sheet

Age: 16+
Alignment: Outlaw or Bounty Hunter

Background: Doesn't need to be a novel. Returning characters should include a brief summary of major events they were involved in during Part I.

Weaponry: Roughly equivalent to weapons available in the mid-late 19th century.
Spell List:


I most likely will not be accepting SUs from people who were not part of the RP at the conclusion of Part I and as such this RP is listed as closed. That being said, I am open to the introduction of new characters from returning participants and I'm not totally dead against new blood if they can provide me a particularly interesting character and have proven themselves to be reliable posters.

gimmepie as Alex Rose and Elias Stork

IC | Character List | Google Doc
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Not going to join, but psyducking rad that you're continuing this! oh and might wanna tag this as open instead of full
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Name: Azael Aeeb aka 'Zel' and 'The Judge'
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Status: Outlaw

Personality & history:

Somewhat condescending in tone and attitude, Zel hardly ever speaks but when he does it's usually to put someone in their place with a rasping and wheezy voice. He shows no remorse in killing, and even has been known to take enjoyment in various torture methods from time to time. The man often has a hard time recalling past events, even things that happened just weeks or days beforehand. The Outlaw is often subject to excruciatingly painful headaches and phantom limb pains when he tries to recall anything beyond his joining up with the gang he's currently a member of. He is neither the smartest nor strongest man in Jeimas, however he has found a home in the up and coming group of outlaws called the Rainy Days. While the group sounds like a bad name for a comedy or singing group, The Rainy Days are nothing to scoff at. Currently sitting at seven members strong, and continuously searching for ways to strengthen their ranks, The Rainy Days are quickly rising up the ranks on the bounty boards. Zel joined up with the group roughly a month ago, just as they were getting their start. The group initially consisted of two magical adopted brothers known as Jacques "One" Bourgeouis and "Pastel" Pete George, but were quickly joined by a blind native swords master by the name of Roe before Zel found himself amongst their numbers. Joining up after him are a number of other magical and non-magical men and women alike the likes of which include a number of fodder level followers whose names are casually forgotten by the higher ranking members of the group. The group currently has put their plans for domination on the back burner as they travel across the region, following a map which their leader was sold upon first reaching Jeimas. The mystical map is an enchanted item which is inconsistent and usually completely illegible, but at times will show the locations of men and women who exert above average magical powers.


Aside from what's visible in the pictures, his skin is charred black due to previously sustained burns. His ears are now simple flaps of skin fused to his face and no longer bearing a resemblance to their intended forms, while his nose is riddled with holes and missing chunks. Both arms and legs have also been replaced with enchanted mechanical versions. Zel wears a rather bulky hodgepodge of pelts and furs over his bandages, which hides his unique choice of weaponry.

Element : None


- Mechanical limbs for upgraded strength, speed, reactionary time, stamina and durability. They must be re-enchanted every so often by a specialist.

- Two generic .44 revolvers which are holstered around Zel's waist.

- The Z's favorite. A custom made gun which is practically a hand-held cannon. The weapon weighs roughly 80 pounds on its own, with each round it fires weighing in at an additional 5 pounds. The weapon can only carry and fire one round at a time, however that round consists of a large canister filled with 20, 10-gauge shotgun shells which are arranged within the canister in three rings which are set within each other. The gun is held on a sling across Zel's back when not in use along with a sling of ammunition for the weapon.
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Rory Ryder West
19 | Male | Outlaw


Having had his hand forced into action by his mysterious benefactor, Rory had begrudgingly set off for the town of Gilded Brooke from Larkin. After an incident with a rookie, or perhaps would be bounty hunter, Rory left the train unmanned and on a crash course for the train station. Which it hit. And psyducked things up. Really bad.

Arriving shortly after his present for the town, he set off to hunt down the man whom he'd been tasked with terminating. Alonzo Reed, a rival towards Rory's patron. After a quick scuffle at what once had probably been a relatively nice manor house, Rory had stumbled off into the town to find a doctor to patch him up as he'd sustained a few nicks and bruises in the last day of work. After getting stitched together by an obnoxious man with a problem where words kept coming out of his face while Rory was pissed off, a well dressed boy by the name of Levi walked in and sparred the doctor a gruesome death at the hands of the hot headed Outlaw. After which, Levi explained that Rory's newest job was to be Levi's bodyguard and to hunt down his previous one, a man by the name of Boone Cooper whom had taken off with a train full of guns that Levi was overseeing for his father.

As the new duo began to depart from the town, a gang of thugs belonging to an Outlaw known as Virgil Wayne began to fire upon the town. After blasting their respective supplies of ammunition into gang members, the duo had to make a hasty escape in order to restock and go after the thug that had made a fool of the young crime lord.


Rory's personality is likely the result of growing up without a father, after his mysteriously vanished when he was a young boy. As a result, he never had anyone around to smack him upside the head when he did something stupid, and these small stupid things eventually became big stupid things when he became a teenager, such as getting addicted to a strange substances, mugging, and later... murder in the first degree.
Originally Rory was a happy child, however after losing his father he become secluded and quiet, often never speaking a word to anyone spare his fragile mother, Eliza West, for whom he cared, and seemingly enjoyed caring for. This is perhaps the sole thing that allowed him to retain his humanity for the past ten years or so.

This personality can rapidly change, most noticeably while intoxicated or high, but occasionally without any need for substances, generally when irked... he once again becomes quite happy, but not in a good way, as it comes with a rather terrifying unquentiable bloodlust that allows him to not only kill without remorse, as he could do that before, but to kill in such brutal ways that some might call them demonic or animalistic. But the icing on the cake is of course the fact that his addled brain causes him to enjoy "toying with his pray" and playing ventriloquist with the corpses of his victims infront of their comrades is only one of his many terrible habbits.

Roughly eight months ago, Rory returned to his mother's little shack in Fairbell to find the place a complete disaster, the door had been kicked in, chairs knocked over and his mothers most prized possesion, A jade crucifix, sitting on a table with a note beneath it reading:

"If you don't want to find your mothers head in a box, You will wait here untill nightfall and someone will contact you. Do everything they tell you or she'll be making peace with her devils."
Pissed off and incredibly angry, he sat and fumed in the little shack for several hours until a knock on the door was met with a shotgun blast that scattered someones brains across the sand. The body of said person contained yet another letter, this one congratulating him on "a job well done" and that the bearer of the letter had been caught stealing from "The boss", and that Rory should head to Larkin where another job would be waiting. The letter also contained a not so friendly reminder about how if he didn't do exactly what they told him to do that his mother would be slowly dissected and given to him piece by piece.
...And so Rory's duty to save his mother forced him to work with the mysterious man, doing whatever dirty jobs the kidnapper required of him. However, the thought that burned at the edge of his mind while he did the work was... was he actually enjoying it?


Red eyes and Black hair, Tanned skin. His face is covered with a black bandanna and his jacket is a dark brown leather with tattered edges and his shirt is a simple white cotton. His hat is quite large and triangular in shape. He wears a calfs skull where a sheriff might wear their badge, and another has been made into a belt buckle. On his neck he wears a jade crucifix, not because he grew up in Fairbell or because he was religious, but because it is his religious mothers most prized belonging and she would kill him if he lost it.

  • Sawed off Shotgun I
  • Sawed off Shotgun II
  • Revolver I
  • Revolver II
  • Knife

  1. Blink: Teleport to a nearby location instantly so long as it is visible and not magically protected.

  2. Short-Distance Portal: A portal that allows you to move from one side of a wall or locked door to the other.

  3. Summon Moderate familiar: (Lynx)

  4. Moderate Healing: Heals moderate wounds with ease and with time and severe wounds relatively well. Still can't heal near lethal wounds.

  5. Elemental Burst – Fire: A fireball is launched at the target.

  6. Elemental Burst – Electricity: An electric shockwave is sent at the target. It has the capability to stun those it hits.

  7. Elemental Shield – Fire: Causes a ring or dome of flames to form around one’s vicinity. This is effective at stopping physical or most average magical attacks but can’t stop bullets.

  8. Moderate Nullification: Nullify mid-tier jinxes or hexes and slightly weakens more powerful ones.

  9. Summon Small Object: Summon a small inanimate object. Along with the next, this spell is pretty much the reason criminals now have their spellbooks burned. It is far easier to summon an object you are familiar with.

  10. Hex of Pain: If this spell hits it causes pain throughout the targets body.

  11. Ignition: Ignites the caster ablaze with a roaring red flame, without causing any harm to him.

  12. Thunder: A bolt of lightning strikes the caster and can be redirected through the casters body.

  13. Smokescreen: Causes the caster to cough up a thick black smoke. Acts like normal fire smoke. (IE obscures vision and hampers breathability)

  14. Fire breath: Expels a breath of flame from the casters mouth.

  15. Magnetism: Can draw mattalic objects towards himself or deflect them away, most notably bullets. (Doesn't work if he doesn't see the gun fire, IE from behind)


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    Elias “Luck” Daniels

    --=-- Age: 21 --=--=-- Gender: Male --=--

    Alignment: Bounty Hunter

    Personality: Given the almost constant failures of his father’s business, and from moving from the northern portion of the country to the south, it’s certainly safe to say that Elias doesn’t really trust people, at least no more than he must. With his family going from relative financial security to near destitution, he’s taught himself that the only person he can truly rely on is himself. And yet at the same time, he holds a slightly optimistic view of people. His father might be a terrible businessman, but not a bad person. And he realizes that most people are just trying to get by as best they can, however that may be. That being said, Elias holds little respect for those who go against the law, who take advantage of others for personal gain or glory. Others may call his sense of justice outdated or naïve, but he still holds true to the belief that outlaws deserve every punishment the law intends for them, and he sees himself as part of that solution.

    When it comes to other people, he often appears to be a bit more aloof. Much of this is due to his family’s position in the south, not because he thinks he is better than anyone southern born, but more because of the way that southerners treated him, often disliking him and keeping their own distance from him. Because of this he tends to keep his distance from others, preferring to keep others at arm’s length. The only people he truly keeps close are his own family, or at least his siblings.

    Appearance: Shaggy brown hair covers Elias’ green eyes, along with a thin wispy goatee betraying his youthfulness. He prefers to wear vests without sleeves, finding them to sometimes get in the way mid-gunfight, instead opting for a dull brown cloak perfect for camouflage over his favorite blue vest. For convenience, the cloak also has a clasp on one shoulder allowing him to drop the cloak at an instance for even more option for maneuverability if he needs it. A strap along his chest and a belt complete his outfit, custom made to specially fit his guns, allowing both comfort and utility.

    Background: Born in the northern lands, Elias had the misfortune of being one of the few children to not be well off. His parents weren’t poor per say, but neither were they as rich as many of those around them. A great deal of this was because of his father’s poor entrepreneurships. Kendrick Daniels was a man with a great many ideas, and the will to see them come to the light of day, but not one who was terribly successful at making said ideas profitable. Eventually a string of these bad businesses left Elias’ family with hardly enough money to keep their standard of living in the north country. And being the entrepreneur that he was, Kendrick put all his eggs in one basket again, hearing about the discover of the Great Chasm and the riches of ore stored there, decided to take out a loan and move south to a mining town, starting up a new mining operation just outside of The Great Chasm.

    At first Kendrick’s business fared decently well, shipping processed ore from the Chasm via heavy buggies up to Ironhaven, and from there to the north. The Chasm was plentiful with its riches, and Elias’ family was paid well for their work. From the time the Chasm was discovered until Elias’ late teens, business prospered (though banditry was always a problem), and his family became the most powerful family in their small mining town, employing over half the population of the town of their operation. That was until everything went to hell in a handbasket of course.

    Elias had been working for his fathers accompanying the stagecoach divers, partly as supervision and partly as protection. Times had been getting worse and the bandits had been attacking more and more frequently. Word was that the planned railway to the Chasm was going to be postponed or even canceled if things got much worse. And get worse they did. Returning from a trip to Ironhaven, he came to find the manor house his father had constructed for their family half burned, his two sisters missing and his father and mother trying to douse the flames. As it had happened, his father had been paying off one of the larger bandit groups in order to secure at least a modicum of safety for his stagecoaches and shipments. But there had been a major shifting in power of the bandit groups, and one had taken notice of the weakness, and decided to raid Elias’ family business and home.

    His father barely able to scrape enough money together to keep the business afloat (he had foolishly kept over half his funds in a single chest), Elias decided to leave his father’s destitute entrepreneurship. Knowing that the bandits had likely taken his sisters somewhere, and wanting revenge, he immediately signed up as a bounty hunger, the only form of law enforcement in the land (or near enough). Leaving home with only his Gewehr 71 rifle and his Colt Dragoon Revolver.

    Weaponry: Elias' weapon of choice is his Gewehr 71 sharpshooter rile. Not being a spellcaster, he recognizes his disadvantage against many outlaw spellcasters, and as a result he's found it useful to keep his distance and attempt to take out his targets before they even know he's there. However things are rarely that easy. For more close range combat, he tends to lean on his two .44 Remington revolvers. He also carries two throwing knives, though he's not exactly proficient with them, as well as one larger hunting knife.

    Spell List: Elias isn't a spellcaster, and as such finds himself at a major disadvantage compared to others both in his line of work as well as his enemies. As such he has done everything he can to find an edge, mostly buying whatever magically imubed items he can afford, namely enchanted gunpowder. Such items are quite rare and expensive due to the difficulty most spellcasters have with this type of magic, but having a family originally from the north gives him the advantage of a bit more expendable income than most. He also tends to use his own ingenuity to try to create anything that might be beneficial to him.
    Hot Shot: Elias fires an enchanted bullet from his Gewehr that rapidly heats upon being fired. Upon hitting a target, a small cloud of flame is released burning the target as well as whatever clothes or other flammable items they may be carrying. Interestingly though, this is sometimes used to incapacitate more than kill, as it also tends to cauterize the bullet wound, and the target has less of a chance of bleeding out, but the burns keep them busy for a decent while.

    Corrosive Lead: Enchanted bullets that activate upon firing from his revolvers. The bullets travel significantly slower than normal rounds with the intended purpose of getting lodged inside the targets body. The bullets react violently to flesh, corroding away the targets body slowly. They are enchanted with enough energy to burn away about a baseball sized amount of the body.

    Thunder Shot: Large bullets only fitting in his Gewehr rifle, his Thunder Shot rounds have high explosive potential that blast people back away from him within about twenty or so feet, with those in extremely close range taking minor burns. Not intended to kill, the blast is really only intended to give him some space if need be. It also has a ridiculous amount of recoil, blasting himself back somewhat and can leave some nasty bruises.

    Cloud Shot (Non-Magical): Elias has a small number of bullets with a very thin outer casing with a delayed fuse on the inside. Upon firing, the outer powder ignites, firing the slug forward, then the delayed fuse ignites the special powder inside the thin casing a moment later creating a smoke cloud. The slug usually ignites and creates the cloud after traveling about fifty feet after firing, or can be fired at the ground for more pinpoint accuracy.

    Flashbang(Non-Magical): Revolver rounds similar to cloud shot rounds, but are filled with magnesium and several other metals that cause a brilliant flash of light when fired, stunning anyone who happens to be looking in his direction and possibly blinding them temporarily.

    Enchanted Bandages: Injuries being common in his line of work, Elias has a small supply of bandages imbued with magical essence that accelerate the healing process, though using them requires that the bandages pull their energy from the person being healed as no spellcaster is actively providing energy for the spell. As such, healing even minor wounds leaves the victim feeling weary, with larger more dangerous wounds leaving them extremely weak. Using a section of bandage drains the magic from it and makes it useless.
    All of these are in quite limited supply for Elias, and he rarely has the coin to be able to pay a skilled sorcerer to make more. The more mundane items are slightly easier to obtain, and he has a couple of gunsmiths he goes to for those, but their services for specialty ammo are still expensive. As a result, he rarely uses these resources unless he thinks he absolutely needs to, or if the job he is working pays enough to replace his used resources with a bit extra on top.

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    Originally Posted by Im_Dusty View Post
    Okay! SU is cleaned up, added the "spell" area and added some description to the weapons area. Looking forward to getting this started :D

    You'll probably want to be able to be in the Discord chat.
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