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Started by ThyBikerGuy March 18th, 2023 5:20 PM
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To the person who was wondering why I didn't add the written responses as long answers rather than short answer responses, it's because I believed that most people would not want to spend too much time on a survey such as this for a nobody. Having them as short answer responses is less intimidating for the average person, at least in my opinion. It encourages more people to actually complete the survey. While I wouldn't mind reading longer responses, I'm not entitled to anyone's time. The binary questions were formatted in that way for a similar reason, while I would've liked to ask for more in depth info and feedback regarding each question, logically that isn't too feasible. A lot of the responses I received have merely single word responses for the written questions, which shows me that I was correct in my assessment. If you ever come back to this page and see this reply, I hope it helps you to understand the reasoning behind my actions. Lastly, thank you for partaking in the survey.


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Answered around a week ago.

I hope that someone make a similar survey, but with open replies.
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Answered a few days ago. Good luck to you

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