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Old February 1st, 2006 (2:11 AM). Edited February 1st, 2006 by Syousuke.
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    Problem solved! Theres nothing here now!
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      printing out the cards
      hmmmm, have u got good quality photo paper?
      and then all u need to do is print of the cards as i size u think is right, print it out and and if it isn't right try it again
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        Originally Posted by Syousuke
        Normally I should leave this for PM, but I guess I need everyone's opinion on this.

        Ok lets see, since PC doesnt have what Zeo has (A Fakecard 911 area), I will have to post this here.

        Ok heres the thing. I want to know how to print out fake cards on a HP photo printer.
        Thing is, I dont know how.
        1. dont know how to make it good quality with no ink popping out.
        2. Don't know how to make it the proper size.
        3. Etc.

        I'm printing them only for show and for friends and that stuff, not for making a profit or duelling people with them.

        Either way, I need to know how to print them. Like, how to get the right size, how to get the quality just right, what paper to use. Etc.

        If anyone would like to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

        Thanks in advance.

        I'm not exactly an expert, but I do know a bit about printing. First of all, use some good quality photo paper, probably the glossy kind. And print using the best quality possible.

        The proper size depends on:
        A. Your printer's maximum DPI (dots (pixels) per inch) Usually 300 DPI is sufficient for printing cards, and since enlarging an image can disort it, that might be ideal. To make the text really sharp, you'll want to use 600 DPI, but your printer might not want to print that high.
        So for 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches you will need 1050 px by 750 px for 300 DPI. For 600 DPI it's just double that (1500 px by 2100 px)

        B. Your program. You have to make sure that whatever program you're using doesn't print out your 600 DPI card at a full page! Just check the page properties and set the width to 2.5 and the height to 3.5 inches.

        If you want to have a back to the card, you have to figure out what way your printer prints, do a few trial prints to get the alignment right before you use your glossy paper and maximum ink. Usually the paper has two sides, one glossy and the other not as much, but it doesn't matter with side you use too much, but I'd figure you'd want the glossy side for the card. Usually if you have a front tray printer you have to turn the paper upside down, and if your paper tray is in the back your paper has to be loaded with the printing side up. If you're having trouble seeing which way your printer prints, draw an arrow on a page corresponding to the direction you load the paper and print out a page with maybe a little bit of text on it. Then figure it out from there.
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          Whoa there! Thanks Pokedragonfire! I love you!

          I printed a few of Cascade's cards, and they look great. And all that thing about DPi, my default is 300. And I just resized the image on MS word. Pretty spiffy huh?

          Well thanks again. This thead no longer has a purpose. =O

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