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Battle Center Guidelines
Welcome to the Battle Center! These guidelines are here to give you a quick understanding of how the forum works, what the rules are, how to make certain threads, and where other threads belong. In BC's main forum you may discuss Pokémon battling, ask for battles, and share battle logs. In BC's sub-forums, you can organize battle events or groups with other members of the community and receive help on your team. Threads related to Pokémon battling that do not fit anywhere else can be posted in BC's main forum. Anything that incorporates battling strategy can be posted here regardless if it is competitive, casual, or in-game. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any of BC's moderators: Wolflare.

— Do not disobey the PokéCommunity Rules.
However, thread revival is allowed in BC's main forum, but the rule still applies in the team help sub-forums.

— Do not make threads that are not specifically related to battling or team building.
To clarify, do not make threads regarding game mechanics (i.e. "How do EVs work?"), what to do in a Pokémon game, and other topics or questions related to the Pokémon games themselves. Please post in the other Pokémon gaming forums instead. For example, asking questions in the Pokémon B2W2 forum will provide you answers with the most recent information.

— Do not ask for battles in anywhere other than the Quick Battle Requests thread.

Tips on Creating Threads
— When posting a metagame discussion...
It is recommended to give a brief explanation on what the metagame is like. A good first post helps introduce the reader to a new metagame, so they have an idea of what to expect. Presenting which Pokémon and strategies are common in the metagame, and including useful links like usage statistics are very helpful. Vrai's NU Discussion is a great example of a good metagame discussion thread.

— When posting a warstory...
Post a thread in BC's main forum for your warstory. A warstory is a battle log with commentary throughout the battle to explain the player's decisions and to entertain the reader. Be sure to remove unnecessary parts of the log (like Leftovers recovery) and make the format appealing and easy to read. Choosing an entertaining battle is important as well. Battles that end in a landslide sweep with no competition tend to be very dull. A good example of a proper warstory would be Opposite Day's "Speed is fun - 'till it kills!" Warstories will be showcased in the Warstory Archive as long as they meet said qualities.

— When posting a guide...
Make sure it is actually related to battling, and not about game mechanics such as EVs and IVs. Your guide belongs in the other Pokémon gaming forums if it is about the game itself, and not battling strategy, team building, and so on. Please do not post a guide similar to one that already exists in the Guides & Resources thread. If you want to improve upon those guides, send your suggestions to the user that made the guide or post them in the BC Discussion & Feedback thread.

General Battle Rules
These rules must be followed in any battles hosted through BC and the PC Battle Server. Here, a "standard battle" is a battle that follows the rules Smogon's BW OU (aka the fifth generation OverUsed tier) enforces. For more details, look at Smogon's ban list. If you have no idea what a tier is, this article might enlighten you.

— Do not disobey the standard clauses.
These include the Species, Sleep, Evasion, and OHKO clauses. For more details, check out Smogon's ban list. In the case of battles that are not completed in events with specified rules, you may battle without the standard clauses if both you and your opponent agree to. In addition to that, certain metagames do not require the standard clauses (i.e. Hackmons).

— Do not use illegal hacked Pokémon.
However, you may use them if your opponent or the event you are battling for is fine with it. Pokémon with typing, stats, ability, height, weight, and moves that cannot be obtained in-game without the use of an external device (such as Action Replay) are considered illegal hacks. Though, Pokémon made using an external device with normal features (legal hacks) are allowed.

— Do not help players make decisions in a battle.
This is called "ghosting." Players should be making their own decisions. Do not tell a player what move to make in a battle, and do not make your moves based on another person's suggestions. If the battle's end result has no meaning (as in, it is not an event or ladder battle), this rule can be ignored assuming both players do not mind.

— Do not use any battle server other than the PC Battle Server.
If our server simply does not support the conditions required for the battle, you may use a different battle simulator.

— If a disconnection happened, recreate the situation when it occurred.
If this is not feasible due to unreasonable battle length, highly improbable circumstances, or some other reason, the player who did not disconnect may choose to rematch with either the same teams or new teams. Timing out is still classified as a loss, unless the reason for timing out is a disconnection. In the case of events, if there is any suspicion that a disconnection was carried out deliberately to take advantage of this rule in any way, the event host reserves the right to report them.

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