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FireRed Pokemon advanced version Page 2

Started by m victini April 3rd, 2019 1:40 AM
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Since your ROM is 32MB instead of 16MB, you'll need the NUPS patcher to create a UPS patch. Set a 1636 (Squirrels) labeled ROM of FireRed as the original and "Pokemon advanced version.gba" as the final product, then name that UPS file "Pokemon advanced". I hope that helps!
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Sorry to double post, but the game freezes when you encounter a snorunt, it doesn't freeze immediately but on thr second turn. Also, I'm using Myboy, if that serves as any possible reason/help as to why this happens.
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This game is horrifically buggy. Certain moves can freeze the game, whether you select it or an opponent has a game-crashing move. Certain pokemon when summoned freeze the game. The balance is so off with gym trainers being underleveled, and certain trainers being overleveled, the rival in route 22 in the beginning of the game had level 25-30 mons for example. And for cramming so many pokemon in a game, encounter rates are super low, but yet you encounter certain mons multiple times. That's not fair.

Also, I just played Ultra Fire Sun and it looks like it's the exact same game, but you patched a bunch of things over it. That game is significantly less buggy, only freezing at the appearance of certain pokemon, the exact same issue in your ROMhack. It also had similar issues with balance, the level curve being wacky, but the gym leaders are slightly more challenging. Maybe Ultra Fire Sun is also yours but you revamped it to this, if not, that's really shady.

There's so much to complain about with this game, it's atrocious.


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Moderator Post
After investigating Pokemon Advanced Version, this thread is being closed due to plagiarism. We've determined that this hack was built on top of 'Pokemon Ultra Fire Sun' (which is not on this forum) with no credit attribution to its original author, or evidence that its author allowed Advanced Version to be built on top of Ultra Fire Sun in the first place.

PokeCommunity does not tolerate plagiarism of any kind. Should you wish to use another person's assets, always make sure that it is either free to use or that you have their express permission.
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