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my ultra sun playthrough

Started by popplio25 January 9th, 2018 4:17 PM
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Posted May 8th, 2019
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09/1/18 - i've finally started ultra sun... so it might take a while for me :)


you have a message from the alola regions own professor kokui

kokui: hang on now. gimme just a sec

he waves

kokui: hey there good afternoon!

so the day has finally come that you're moving to alola!

alola is a region made up of several islands

that could be the reason the region is chock full of nothin' but rare pokemon, yeah!

he holds a pokeball...

kokui: there's no shortage oc cool pokemon out here in alola, either!

such mysterious creatures!

he throws the pokeball & rockruff comes out

kokui: you find 'em all over... in the grass, in the caves, in the sky and sea...

here in alola, we love our pokemon and we depend on the them heaps too

some of us even battle with em, if we call ourselves pokemon trainers!

*rockruff wants to play.. lol*

rockruff! cutiefly! i'll play with you later, so cool your jets!

rockruff: ruff!

kokui: allright, i gotta ask you some questions about yourself so i can introduce you to everybody!

me: sure :)

kokui: so which photo should i use for your trainer passport?

me: hmmm...

*4 photos of boys & 4 photos of girls come up on the screen*

me: hmmm... i choose the girl one with the blue eyes :)

kokui: you ok, with the one you chose, yeah?

me: yes, i am..

kokui: all right, then.. i'll let you spell out your name for me.

me: my name is charlotte..

kokui: that's your name?

me: yes


kokui: 10-4, good buddy! i'll let everybody out here know you're on your way!


yeah, that's a name that hits you like a trop kick right to the head! woo!

can't wait to see you in person then, cousin!

he waves goodbye & turns off the screen
mom: charlotte! come help me with these boxes!

i go to help

& screens in on the book


lillie runs away with the aether paradies people on her tail.. her with cosmog in her bag..

cosmog then telepots them away.

the title then appears..

three months later


it shows the island .. with a alolan meowth & a boy running around

mom: ahhh! can't you just feel that warmth? the first day spent under alola's sun!

it's so warm and bright here!

but that's enough of that! time to unpack all these boxes!


meowth? go get charlotte for me, would you?

meowth: meow?

he goes to get me
....he enters my room

meowth: mrow!

*i'm still asleep*


i wake up...

i say hello to meowth

meowth: mrow!

*saving data*

*hope i can still get rockruff*

*went on main menu... Mystery Gift, then, Receive Gift

searching for gift.... turns out i could still get 'her'.. even though it's 9 min past midnight on 10/1/18.. yay!

clicked on a special rockruff
...receiving your gift
...recieved rockruff.. yay!!

thankyou for playing pokemon! please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any pokemon center.... date recieved: 01/10/18

me: okay :)

*a special rockruff... this rockruff will evolve into dusk form lycanroc when leveled up to lv 25 or highter between the in game-times of 5:00 pm & 5:59 pm. *

i click the a button: done

i back up with the b button & go back to the main menu

i then get a message...

'there is a gift that you have not recieved. please start the game and pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any pokemon center'

me: yeah i already know that :|

i then start up the game again

i'm back in my room..

i go & look at my snorlax cushion

'a snorlax cushion! it's said to be so ruinously comfy that you could waste away your whole life lazing about on one!'

i save the game again...


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Hi, moved your thread into Challenge Logs :) I hope you'll enjoy your adventure in Alola!


Age 28
eastwood, essex, uk/johto
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Posted May 8th, 2019
319 posts
2.5 Years
10/1/18 - i start my game up again

i leave my room

mum comes .

mom: you were out like a light, weren't you?
you ought to be full of energy by now!

and just look! it's already daytime here!

it's completely the opposite of kanto. but then we are so far away here in alola

so charlotte! are you excited to meet some alolan pokemon?

me: yeah, i am!

mum: that's right! i want to hurry up and meet some too!

we're living in the alolan region now! the beautiful islads everyone wants to visit!

i'm sure the pokemon living in a place like this must be friendly, right?

it might now be a bad idea to go out and see for yourself just how friendly pokemon here are

right charlotte? go and get ready for a bit of exploring!

your bag and hat and things should be hanging on your coat stand in your room

and didn't your leave you copy of adventure rules on your desk too?

so i go back into my room

i took my hat & bag off my coat rack & put them on.. * i look pretty good*


mum: now you look ready for anything!

oh, but even so charlotte... try to be careful walking through the tall grass!

still, i have to admit that i'd love to have a new pokemon around...

why don't you head up toward iki town and see what you discover in alola?

meowth: mrowr

so i check my bag... i have 5,000 pokemoney
i save my game again

& then i leave the house

& so the adventure really begins...


so i go left from my house...

i then notice a boy & his rockruff..

i save again.. & keep going to route 1

he talks to me..

boy: wait it, cuz! it's dangerous to get to close to a pokemon while it's using one of it's moves!
rockruff: ruff!

me: ok :)

so i go for a little stroll the other way to hau'oli outskirts & a wingul passes me *this place has changed a bit.. it's pretty :) *

i talk to a boy & his alola meowth

boy: you can go with me! if you dash with b!

wihat do you think of my song?

alola meoth: hsss! *meow*

& on i continue to route 1


man says: the power of science is amazing! you can enjoy a festival with people from around the world without taking a step! every day is a festival when you can do that!

i then save my game


something is coming at you from the tall grass!

a yungoos comes at me.

yungoos : yaahhh!

he comes to me

rowlet, litten & popplio then come & guard me

rowlet: hooo!

litten: mraarr!

popplo: bawrk! bwark!

yungoos: ya...yah...

he runs away

rowlet, litten & popplop rejoice & are happy to see me

kukui waves...

i then turn around and see kukui

kukui: hey there cousin!

i go to him

kukui: hang on i know you... you're charlotte, right?!

you ok? i saw you get attacked like that!

me: yeah, i got a bit of help

kukui: looks like you did! though i sure didn't expect that, yeah...

i didn't think these little fellows would dash out on their own to help save a stranger! but i guess i'm getting ahead of myself.

welcome to alola, the pokemon paradise! that's what i'm supposed to be saying. i'm kukui, yeah. the pokemon professor

rowlet, litten & popplio come over * i already know which i'm choosing... rowlet.. i choose you, girl :) *

kukui: people and pokemon live and work together here in alola, too. don't you ever forget... you can go anywhere, yeah, as long as you got a pokemon in your corner! wild pokemon could be lurking in the tall grass, yeah, just waiting to leap out and bite you, you'll be find if you've got a partner of your own!

hey there! hey let me introduce the pokemon that helped you just now

i then go to choose my starter...

kukui: this is the grass type pokemon rowlet..

rowlet: hoo!

and the fire type pokemon litten

litten: mrawr

and the water type pokemon, popplio

popplio: bwark?

kukui: y'see, the fact of the matter is... one of these pokemon will become your first partner, woo!

heh.. maybe that's why they wanted to save you? go on and choose the one you'd like to keep as your partner, cousin!

me: ok! :) *i'm not going to stop till i've got my female, calm natured rowlet :) *

me: hmmm... i choose... rowlet! :) rowlet, i choose you, moku, girl :)

rowlet: hoo?

kukui: rowlet can fly up on it's enemies real guit like, yeah & catch em by surprise!

so you wanna go with the grass type pokemon, rowlet?

me: yeah, i do.. i've always decided on rowlet :)

i pick up rowlet... 'she's' happy

'you chose rowlet'


kukui: so you went with rowlet! who, what a fine looking team you two are!

now that you can have pokemon battles, you're what we call a pokemon trainer! here's a pokeball, too. it should feel nice and cozy in there...
i put the pokeball in my bag..

kukui: allright! then let's get going up to iki town, charlotte, woo! time to meet the island kahuna!

me: island kahuna?!

kukui: truth is, that partner rowlet of yours is a gift from the kahuna, not me.. so let's go show it off and say a proper thankyou, cousin. it may not be the only gift you get! in case you hadn't heard, the kahunas are all crazy-strong pokemon trainers. be careful about getting into a battle with one!

i follow kukui with rowlet fluttering behind me *that's so cute :) *

kukui: iki town is right up here!

get rowlet there in that pokeball i gave you!

*i put moku in her pokeball*

ok, now i'm checking her nature..

ok, i ended up getting a gentle nature, which isn't too bad.. i like a gentle nature...

i then walk through the grass & a yungoos jumps out at me..

but i run away, since i have no pokeballs yet..

i then head to iki town...

*i think i'll stop here.. cause i think this'll take too long *
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