Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black 2 & White 2.

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Old May 18th, 2016 (9:21 PM).
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    I beat Black 2 a while back, which means I can access challenge mode in White 2 now! So I am starting a new file on that setting.

    At the moment, I just managed to defeat Hugh's Oshawott with my newly-picked starter, Brandon the Tepig.

    Trainer name: Mosie (Trainer ID=21246)

    Current Party:

    Brandon the Tepig (Adamant male, Lv. 7)
    3DS FC: 2165-7396-9005

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      I've started replaying White and just beat Elesa. My current team is:
      Servine, Lv. 31
      Scolipede, Lv.30
      Tirtouga, Lv. 29
      Solosis, Lv. 28

      I've also got a Roggenrola and Tympole sitting in the Day Care collecting exp.
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        I went back to look at my old post, and my team has changed so much. It's kind of cute seeing how far they've come.

        So in a month's time, I played through a big part of the game's storyline. I just got my eighth badge, and now we're on the way to Victory Road. A Normal mono run is actually pretty fun, because it's interesting seeing what TMs the Pokemon can use, and trying to figure out how to handle each situation.


        Squit the Unfeazant - level 44
        -Aerial Ace
        -Quick Attack

        Prizzie the Sawsbuck - level 45
        -Horn Leech
        -Faint Attack
        -Nature Power
        -Jump Kick

        Rocket Dog the Stoutland - level 44
        -Rock Smash
        -Work Up
        -Rock Tomb

        Whiskers the Watchog - level 43
        -Shadow Ball

        Shinrai the Audino - level 51

        Fluffykins the Cinccino is taking a break in the PC while I train up my Snivy so he can evolve. I need the Pokedex entries to try and get Hidden Power.
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          Went on to beat Clay, Skyla, and Brycen. Caught a Beartic and Golett, giving me a full team, and the rest of my team has evolved. Went through Dragonspiral Tower, and now I'm going through all the side areas that surf is needed for before heading to the Relic Castle.

          Current Team:
          Serperior, Lv. 42
          Scolipede, Lv. 42
          Carracosta, Lv. 42
          Reuniclus, Lv. 42
          Beartic, Lv. 42
          Golurk, Lv. 43
          Old May 31st, 2016 (8:47 PM).
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            So in Black version, I finally sashayed into Route 15 and fought some trainers and caught a wild Fearow, Kangaskhan, and Tyranitar in the grass. Next I visited the the Poke Transfer Lab and transferred over Pokemon from Platinum version. I flew to Opelucid City afterwards and dashed east towards Route 11 again and fought a few trainers. I Surfed down a waterfall and caught a wild Bisharp, then I found the Overheat TM when I climbed up another waterfall. Next I ran to Village Bridge and healed my darlings inside one of the homes and then I explored the bridge a little bit. I talked to several NPCs and caught a wild Carvanha and Sharpedo via fishing, then I got a Lum Berry at the outdoor cafe there and then I saved.
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              Having spent nearly 5 years traveling Unova in Pokemon Black, I, and all my pokemon, are officially packing up and moving to Kalos as of today. After that's done, I'll be replaying the game as a nuzzlocke.

              My Final Team
              Serpierior: Level 84
              Reshiram: Level 100
              Kyurem: Level 100
              Tornadus: Level 64
              Sawk: Level 90
              Venosaur: Level 98

              I have thoroughly enjoyed Unova, and am getting really emotional thanks to all the feels and emotional attachments to my journey and the events in it.
              Draco Knight
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              Originally Posted by reshiram9 View Post
              Having spent nearly 5 years traveling Unova in Pokemon Black, I, and all my pokemon, are officially packing up and moving to Kalos as of today. After that's done, I'll be replaying the game as a nuzzlocke.

              My Final Team
              Serpierior: Level 84
              Reshiram: Level 100
              Kyurem: Level 100
              Tornadus: Level 64
              Sawk: Level 90
              Venosaur: Level 98

              I have thoroughly enjoyed Unova, and am getting really emotional thanks to all the feels and emotional attachments to my journey and the events in it.
              That's sad when you think about it. I guess that's why some people move their Pokémon over quicker, don't wanna be attached to it :( although since you've been playing from the start - don't restart if you have any of the promotional C Gear skins (those playing from the start are most likely to have them)! That's pretty much the only reason I'm not restarting mine. Good luck on your journey for both you and your team. Don't forget them over in Kalos. :)

              Your own very Pokémon story is about to unfold.
              You'll face fun times and tough challenges.
              A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits!

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                Decided to start playing Black 2 today, and am doing a Nuzlocke run through it. It's not part of my official challenge, so updates will be posted here.

                My starter choice was Tepig. Made it through Routes 19 and 20 without issue, catching a Purrloin and a Pidove. At Floccesy Ranch, a Lillipup joined the team. There, I trained the team up to level 12 to take on Cheren at the first Gym. And lost Marazzoli the Lillipup to Cheren's own Lillipup. Still got my badge though!


                Piccinini the Purrloin - level 12

                Schop the Pidove - level 13
                -Quick Attack

                Turnovsky the Tepig - level 13
                -Tail Whip
                -Defense Curl
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                  (I thought it would be a good idea to put all the contents in a SPOILER as the post was getting too large)

                  So, after a long break from Unova , i have finally decided to play Blaze Black 2.
                  Why Blaze Black 2?
                  Black 2, in my experience is too easy. Blaze Black 2 makes it a lot more challenging. Being able to evolve and catch all of the Pokemon is another thing i love about it.


                  Name: Rahul
                  Badges: 5
                  Time: 19:18
                  Pokedex: 317
                  Current Location: Mistralon City Gym

                  15 Sep, 2016

                  As always, named myself and my rival & continued. After getting the Mystery Keys from a guy, i switched the difficulty to Hard mode, since i want some real challenge (no, i won't be doing a Nuzlocke challenge).
                  The last time iirc, my starter was Tepig, so this time I decided to go with (Modest) Oshawott. Defeated Hugh with just 1HP left, he kept on using Leer when Oshawott was at 1Hp :D Obtained the Town Map, the Bicycle & 30x Pokeballs (from Bianca). Caught a Wurmple, Starly, Bidoof. I wanted to add Starly to the team but it was Relaxed nature. So i searched for another Starly and guess what? I got another RELAXED nature Starly. Then I caught a (Timid) Caterpie. Since Butterfree's stat has been boosted in this game, i decided to go with the Butterfly Pokemon. Trained it a little and it evolved into Metapod and then into Butterfree at Lv10. Got the Exp. Share from Hugh and gave it to Oshawott, as it was just at Level 8. Found the Lilipup. Returned to Aspertia city after doing all the events. Took on Cheren and won easily. Remember that Dewott is a Fighting-type in this game.
                  Reached Virbank city. Searched a lot for (Modest) Magnemite, but no luck. After searching for about half-an hour, i choosed a (Docile) Magnemite. Teached Dewott Low Sweep using TM47 i found at Virbank Complex. Saved there.

                  The Team:

                  Dewott - Lv19 - Modest
                  - Razor Shell
                  - Low Sweep
                  - Water Gun
                  - Focus Energy
                  Butterfree - Lv17 - Timid
                  - Struggle Bug
                  - Air Cutter
                  - Confusion
                  - Sleep Powder
                  Magnemite - Lv11 - Docile
                  Item: Exp. Share
                  - Tackle
                  - Supersonic
                  - SonicBoom
                  - Thundershock

                  16 Sep, 2016


                  I took on the 3 workers in Virbank Complex and got TM94 Rock Smash from their leader. In the Rustling grass, i caught a Porygon, but i am not going to use it. Grinded a little to challenge Roxie. After grinding, i head towards the Gym & challenged Roxie. His Bug/Poison types were so easy to defeat. But, Holy Muk, he had 6 Pokemons, and his Whirlipede was too much for my team. Hopefully, Dewott was able to defeat it after Lowering it's defense with Razor Shell. Obtained the Toxic Badge & TM09 Venushock. After that, i went to the most borrrrriing part of the game, The Film Star Studios. After that, defeated the Grunts and Obtained HM01 from Roxie. Took the Ship & reached Castelia City.
                  As soon as I reached Castelia, i took the Ship to go to Liberty Garden. I caught the Victory Pokemon, Victini there. Now healed my Pokemon & saved right rhere in the Pokemon center at Castelia city.

                  The Team:

                  Dewott - Lv20 - Modest
                  - Razor Shell
                  - Low Sweep
                  - Water Gun
                  - Fury Cutter

                  Butterfree - Lv21 - Timid
                  - Struggle Bug
                  - Air Cutter
                  - Thief
                  - Sleep Powder

                  Magnemite - Lv21 - Docile
                  - Spark
                  - Magnet Bomb
                  - Thunder Wave
                  - Sonic Boom

                  Victini - Lv15 - Quirky
                  - Incinerate
                  - Confusion
                  - Quick Attack
                  - Endure

                  17 Sep, 2016


                  Well today i was not feeling well, so i kept on playing Blaze Black continuosly for about 4-5hours. I've got all the 6 Pokemon i want in the team & most of them have evolved. And since i've progressed too much today, i won't be able to write everything that i did.
                  Castelia City
                  I loaded my save file, which was in the Pokemon center of Castelia City. The first place I went to was The Gym to challenge Burgh. But wait..... He is not in the Gym, said the Guy who take cares of the Gym and Iris has to show up. She went & i followed her up. In Castelia Sewers, i teamed up with Hugh & defeated two Team Plasma Grunts. Obtained the HM04 Strength from Hugh. He went from the Sewers & i went to explore the Sewer. Found some items i can't remeber of. Caught an Eevee & other Pokemons in the Upper Part of Sewers. Escaped from that damn place & Healed my Pokemons. Now I thought of exploring the City. I visited every Building to make sure i don't miss any crucial item. In a building, a guy was ready to give me one of the 4starters, depending on the season. So, i immediately changed the Date to June 17, so it's summer. Obtained a Bulbasaur. Let him hold the Exp. Share, so it will evolve soon. Went to Castelia Sewer again as i wanted to catch Larvitar from Relic Castle. Caught 2 Larvitar, Boldore, Diglett & other ground types i could find. My Bulbasaur had already evolved into Ivysaur in the Castle. Picked up the TM24 Smack Down. Went to the Pokemon center & opened the PC to see if i found the Nature i wanted to have with Larvitar or not. Argh! A Hasty & a Naughty Nature. I wanted a Adamant, Jolly, Impish or Careful nature. But no problem, i went with Hasty one, since Tyranitar will have Dragon Dance & it gets benefit from a +Speed Nature. Next up, i found that another guy was giving one more starter based on the Season. This time i thought to go with Turtwig by relacing Ivysaur as Poison type have no use in this game. Got a Careful Turtwig & removed Ivysaur. Sorry Ivysaur, but you gotta go Gave the Exp. Share to Turtwig & grinded for some time inorder to take on Burgh. My Turtwig evolved while battling with the trainer's of the gym. Went to the gym and challenged him. You know what? I am in love with my little Butterfree. She is awesomely strong. She defeated 5 Pokemons of Burgh. He started out with Accelgor while I sent out Butterfree. Foolish Burgh let it use Rain Dance & Butterfree OHKOed it with a Critical Air Cutter. He then sent out Masquerain. Butterfree used Sleep Powder. Yay, Compound eyes won't let it miss. Air cutter once again Crit. & OHKOed it. He then sent out Scyther. I knew it's faster than Butterfree so i switched to Larvitar. Scyther used Swords Dance and I countered with Rock Slide and it's a OH..... Wait, what the? What happened. It didn't killed it in one shot. Oh yeah, i got it. It's holding Eviolite. Burgh used a Hyper Potion while i continued with Rock Slide. Oh god! It still survived that with about 20% HP and then OHKO'ed Larvitar with X-Scissor. I sent out Victini & used Quick Attack. It still survived that & Did like 95% damage to Victini. Another Quick Attack knocked it out. My goodness. He sent out Leavenny while I switched back to Butterfree. Leavenny hang on the Crit. Air cutter with a Focus sash but not for much. His Last Pokemon, Vespiquen was too countered by Butteefree's Sleep Powder + Crit. Air Cutter. What? are you surprised? So many crit. hits? How could that be? Okay, i'll tell you... It was holding a Scope Lens. Alright Burgh, give me your badge and your TM. Now lets heal the Pokemon and head to Route 4. Colress wants to battle me & i accepted it like it's nothing. Easily defeated his Magnemite, Klink, and Metang. But that Speed Boost Rotom-F was a pain. Dark Pulse flinch was a non-sense as in the previous turn, neither Paralyses nor Flinch happened to that thing even though it was paralyzed. But I was able to defeat him somehow. His Porygon was just too much. Damn, Eviolite+Recover just killed me off. I challenged him again & was able to defeat him this time. He ran off. I explored the Desert Resort and then Reached Nimbasa City.

                  Nimbasa City
                  Battled with the Battle Subway Bosses with Rosa. Defeated them easily. *Grinding Grinding Grinding* *Larvitar evolved* *Grotle Evolved* I guess i am ready to take on Elesa. It OHKO'ed my Dewot -.- Sent Pupitar that just evolved & used Rock Slide. Her Emolga used Light screen. Another Rock Slide did the Job. Defeated her Zebstrika, Electabuzz easily. Her Ampharos was too much for my team, specially with the Hax it was doing with me. It kept on using Confuse ray on my Torterra and I couldn't do anything except of watching it in pain. What's more? It used Focus Blast 5 times and it HIT ALL THE 5 TIMES. 2 of which were critical's. But I kept on using Super Potion and the Leftovers+Leech Seed helped a lot to recover. Galvantula was easily defeated by Torterra & Victini. Got the Bolt Badge & TM Volt Switch. Now omw to:

                  Driftviel City
                  As soon as I reached the city, a Team Plasma Grunt was trying to manipulate a Ex-Team Plasma member. Hugh showed up & ran off the Team Plasma Grunt.
                  The Ex-Team Plasma Grunt told me something blah blah blah. And asked to come to the Upper Part near the Gym. I Healed my Pokemons and purchased some Red, Blue, Green, Yellow Shards as well as some Heartscale. I went to the Move relearner and Teached my:
                  Victini - Thunderpunch
                  Butterfree - Signal Beam
                  then I obtained the Expert Belt and gave it to Victini. I thought it would be better if I train my Pokemons. Clay isn't going to be a easy one. So I kept on Battling with the Breeder in Route 6 until all my Pokemons were at least Level 35. Then I went to the Gym and Challenged Clay. He started with Hippowdon. I defeated it with Samurott. Next up was Seismitoad, which was a easy shot for Butterfree. Then he sent Nidoking. Well this thing was overpowered. It could OHKO any of my Pokemons with BoltBeam EarthWave combo. I sent Magneton against it and used Mirror Shot, hoping for a Accuracy Drop until it breaks Magneton's sturdy. Yep! It's Accuracy was lowered. It's Attack missed while i continued to hit with Mirror Shot. Next turn, Thunderbolt hits, Magneton fainted. Then I sent Butterfree, and Nidoking again OHKOED it with Tbolt. My sweetie Then i sent Samurott and used Aqua Jet. It survived that and used Thunderbolt again. Hurray, it missed and I used another Aqua Jet and finally killed that thing. Next up was Krookodile, which was easily defeated by Torterra. Then he sent his last Pokemon, Excadrill. I sent Samurott and used Aqua Jet, just to pop-up it's Air Balloon. He One-shoted me with Earthquake. Then I sent my Full HP Torterra. I was surprised that he had X-Scissor which, did UpTo 90% damage. But my Earthquake OHKO Excadrill, making me the winner of that battle. Finally got the Earth Badge and TM26 Earthquake. He invited me to PWT. I went there, Teached my:
                  Victini: Fusion Bolt, V-create
                  Samurott: Water Pledge, Megahorn
                  After that I did the PWT event. After that, Hugh ran after a Plasma Grunt which was followed by Cheren and me. There we entered the Ship & fought some Team Plasma Grunts. Then Came the Shadow Triad and kicked us out of the Ship. Holy muk. I was ready to kick some more Plasma Grunts. Why did you do that Shadow Triad? Whatever. I continued to Route 6 battling with the Trainers. Entered the Chargestone cave. Nothing special was here. I will just skip this part.
                  Mistralton City
                  As soon as I reached here, I entered the PokéCenter to heal my Team. I meet Prof. Junifer here. She handed me the Ultimate Ball of all, the Master Ball Then i meet with The Gym Leader of this city, Skyla. Went to challenge her, and she SWEPT me with just three Pokemons as it was a Triples Battle. Trained a little and then Challenged again. Holy muk, she beat me again. No that's not going to happen again. I grinded grinded and grinded. My Pupitar Evolved <3 Challenged her again. and guess what? She defeated ME AGAIN. Wtf? I forgot to teach my Tyranitar Ice Punch and Gliscor just defeated me. Teached Tyranitar Ice Punch & challenged her again. This time I beat her easily. Thank you Tyranitar. Got the Jet Badge & TM of Acrobatics. Now on my way to Reversal Mountain.

                  The Team:


                  Samurott - Lv43 - Modest
                  Item: None
                  Ability: Torrent
                  - Water Pledge
                  - Sacred Sword
                  - Aqua Jet
                  - Megahorn

                  Butterfree - Lv41 - Timid
                  Ability: Compound Eyes
                  Item: Scope Lens
                  - Hurricane
                  - Signal Beam
                  - Giga Drain
                  - Sleep Powder

                  Magneton - Lv49 - Docile
                  Ability: Sturdy
                  Item: Eviolite
                  - Thunderbolt
                  - Flash Canon
                  - Volt Switch
                  - Thunder Wave

                  Victini - Lv38 - Quirky
                  Ability: Victory Star
                  Item: Expert Belt
                  - Flame Charge
                  - Fusion Bolt
                  - Psyshock
                  - V-create

                  Tyranitar - Lv55 - Hasty
                  Ability: Sand Stream
                  Item: Leftovers
                  - Rock Slide
                  - Crunch
                  - Ice Punch
                  - Dragon Dance

                  Torterra - Lv43 - Careful
                  Ability: Overgrow
                  Item: Leftovers
                  - Earthquake
                  - Wood Hammer
                  - Curse
                  - Leech Seed

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                    I just played through Black, and have been playing through Black 2. I've played White and White 2 once each (at launch), but I'd never played Black or Black 2.


                    I beat Burgh and have been going through Route 4. Last night, I was going to add a Zubat to my team in Castelia Sewers, but then I remembered that Eevee is available in Castelia Garden, and I don't generally like to get catch two Pokemon for my team really close together.

                    I'd recently used an Umbreon in Moon, so I ended up getting an Espeon. I ran around Castelia last night to get it's happiness up, then I went to sleep, and raised it one level to evolve it into an Espeon.

                    I started with Tepig, so Burgh's gym was really easy.

                    Boarbeque (Pignite) - level 23
                    Quackers (Psyduck) - level 21
                    Fe3O4 (Magnemite) - level 22
                    Two Forks (Espeon) - level 21

                    Fe3O4 is the chemical formula for magnetite. Also, the font in Gen V doesn't easily distinguish between an "O" and a "0". Combined with the lack of subscripts, which unfortunately leaves Magnemite's nickname looking like Fe304. Oh well.


                    After getting to Nimbasa City, I decided to add a Roselia to my party before taking on Elesa. I actually had a lot of trouble with Elesa, mainly because she is the luckiest person in the world. Every time I would try to set up at the beginning of the fight, then she'd get a Critical Hit and the battle would go South from there. It took about five tries to manage to not get taken out by a well-timed critical hit.

                    After going to Driftveil City, and then immediately to the route afterwards, I found a Shiny Stone. After verifying that my Roselia didn't learn any more moves by level up I had any interest in, I evolved it, giving me my second fully evolved Pokemon. When I noticed that I had access to Chargestone Cave, I decided to go ahead and fully evolve my Magmemite. I only had to level up once to get a Magneton; one more time got me a Magnezone. Psyduck was also really close to evolving, so I decided to take the time to evolve it as well, leaving Pignite as the only member of my team not fully evolved.

                    Boarbeque (Pignite) - level 30
                    Quackers (Psyduck) - level 33
                    Fe3O4 (Magnemite) - level 31
                    Two Forks (Espeon) - level 30
                    Thorn (Roserade) - level 30

                    I don't plan on getting a sixth team member, so my team should be complete (save moves) in a few levels when Pignite evolves.
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