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Old May 14th, 2017 (3:07 PM). Edited May 14th, 2017 by Diverscope.
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    If you rename the storage box and USEKEYBOARDTEXTENTRY is set to true, than the storage-icon is not animated. It can be easiliy fixed by replacing
    (lines 989 - 992)

          [email protected]["subject"].bitmap.width
          [email protected]["subject"].bitmap.height
          @sprites["subject"].x = 44*2 - charwidth/8
          @sprites["subject"].y = 26*2 - charheight/2
    Also another bug: If USEKEYBOARDTEXTENTRY is set to true and you enter a name, which has a minimun length, you can enter a blank name (i.e you press ENTER without entering a name). An example of this is the Rival on Route 3.
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    Old May 22nd, 2017 (5:11 AM).
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      In unmodified essentials, although weather seems to be set as it is in gen VI, it is infinite ingame. Examples I've seen are sandstorm and sun lasting entire, 10+ turn battles.
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      Old May 23rd, 2017 (10:26 AM).
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        Originally Posted by Mashirosakura View Post
        In unmodified essentials, although weather seems to be set as it is in gen VI, it is infinite ingame. Examples I've seen are sandstorm and sun lasting entire, 10+ turn battles.
        When you say "seems to be", have you tested this? Because if Essentials is using the old battle mechanics (Gen 5), as it does by default, weather induced by abilities is supposed to last forever. I've just tested weather induced by a move, and that does indeed fade after five turns as it is supposed to. It's likely you're just mistaken.
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          Originally Posted by Skyefox View Post
          Mega evolution results in error.

          Intl_Messages:559:in `[]'
          Intl_Messages:559:in `get'
          Intl_Messages:670:in `get'
          Intl_Messages:707:in `pbGetMessage'
          PBItems:531:in `getName'
          PokeBattle_Battle:656:in `pbGetMegaRingName'
          PokeBattle_Battle:654:in `each'
          PokeBattle_Battle:654:in `pbGetMegaRingName'
          PokeBattle_Battle:1821:in `pbMegaEvolve'
          PokeBattle_Battle:2832:in `pbAttackPhase'
          Till now I still have this error while watching many tutorials in Youtube, Any solutions to them??
          I already have 16.2V update.
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            Using Intimidate on a Pokemon with Contrary causes a gamecrash if it is the first turn of the battle, with the following error:

            Pokemon Essentials
            Exception: NameError

            Message: undefined local variable or method `upanim' for #<PokeBattle_Battler:0x7831910>

            PokeBattle_BattlerEffects:726:in `pbIncreaseStatWithCause'
            PokeBattle_BattlerEffects:873:in `pbReduceStatWithCause'
            PokeBattle_BattlerEffects:942:in `pbReduceAttackStatIntimidate'
            PokeBattle_Battler:1061:in `pbAbilitiesOnSwitchIn'
            PokeBattle_Battler:1059:in `each'
            PokeBattle_Battler:1059:in `pbAbilitiesOnSwitchIn'
            PokeBattle_Battle:2189:in `pbOnActiveAll'
            PokeBattle_Battle:2188:in `each'
            PokeBattle_Battle:2188:in `pbOnActiveAll'
            PokeBattle_Battle:2635:in `pbStartBattleCore'

            If it is not the first turn, you get a different error, but the game continues and does not crash.
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