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HeartGold Pokémon Heart Red - Red/Blue Remake for Nintendo DS Page 15

Started by TriggerHappy187 June 16th, 2014 10:18 AM
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Posted August 6th, 2019
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I'm thinking about replaying this.
can't continue my last save considering that the computer I used died long ago and was thrown away by my mom also long ago, so I won't have Noctowl, Sadly.
still hyped to play this once more, as the game is already halfway through Kanto, but I'm kinda more hyped to the added pokemon version.


Hau'oli Outskirts
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are you still working on this? sorry if i seem like a pest... i just am really looking forward to this game, and i know it'll be a while before completion if you are
I love to try out Fan Games and ROM Hacks (though, I'm not that big on unfinished games unless I'm utterly amazed and have to check it out, though) Currently I am supporting these games in development:
Pokemon Cosmos (no beta/alpha), [ROM HACKS] Pokemon Ancient Ruby and Ancient Sapphire, Pokemon Black Redux, Pokemon Heart Red, Pokemon Ruby 2 and Sapphire 2 (no beta/alpha), Pokemon Saiph, Pokemon Ancient Platinum (no beta/alpha), Pokemon Saffron, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Advance (no beta/alpha), [FAN GAMES] Pokemon Alabaster, Pokemon Empyrean, Pokemon Red Lion, Pokemon Jade, and Pokemon Dark Rising 3 (not on PokeCommunity)
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Posted September 7th, 2019
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Found and added versions and to the collection, also I included a changelog for each version of the hack! Link of the collection is below, remember that you will need xDeltaUI or xDeltaGUI and the original dump of Pokemon - HeartGold Version in order for the patches to be applied and work the way they are supposed to.

Required Dump: (Proper)
File: Pokemon - HeartGold Version (USA).nds
CRC-32: C180A0E9
MD4: 31294C88AB5CB87360993591A1E9F74D
MD5: 258CEA3A62AC0D6EB04B5A0FD764D788
SHA-1: 4FCDED0E2713DC03929845DE631D0932EA2B5A37

Pokemon - HeartRed Version Collection:!cUhVhSTJ!qfaNXFeNtUeiWSoofDRfLA
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