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Seen February 14th, 2019
Posted February 14th, 2019
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246 Days
Hello everyone, how you guys been? It's been a while. Anyways, You may already know but a probably "Pokétuber" named Scared was playing through this game and I just want to say a huge thank you to him.

But the main reason I'm here today is to apologize for all the silly glitches and grammars that are in the game. I got to be honest with you all, this game was rushed and some may already see that. I was rebooted from this year's January to June so this rebooted process did take about 6 months.

About my grammars, though I was born in the UK, I wasn't the best at English Language and I have got a grade 4 (which means a C in GCSEs though you Americans may not understand our education system as I know you Americans education system is really different).

But now I'm not sure when I would come back to this project yet since now I'm retaking my AS levels since I was struggling with them this year as I didn't get the best results. The reason is not this, I just do this as spare time. The reason that I'm retaking is that I picked really difficult subjects that destroyed my mental health. The subjects were Maths, Chemistry, and Physics. I'm still doing Maths, but not the other two.

But I'll try my best to come back as soon as possible and make you guys happy.

Thank you for understanding. :smile:
I fully agree with you that the education system is completely different and difficult to adapt. Perhaps your game will need help in writing and or the math component of code analysis, you can get math through I think you can always get help if you have any difficulties. I wish you good luck in development.


Nuclear City
Seen August 11th, 2019
Posted August 11th, 2019
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2.3 Years
I really love this hack and it's the first time I'm having problem deciding my team. I always catch more Pokemons and then switch with other ones.

By the way, a Blackbelt at route 6 says, "Go Roggenrola go!" And he actually sends out a Makuhita (Thanks a lot for making Makuhita a Fighting and Ground Pokemon).

Also, a Bug Catcher at route 20 says, "Pinsir go!" But he sends out a Heracross.

It's not a big problem (or a bug) but maybe some players have problem with it. Just telling you because I love this hack and it has everything I wanted in a hack.

If you won't mind, can you tell me how can we evolve Rockruff? I love all forms of Lycanroc but just trying to be sured.

(Sorry if I made Grammer mistakes or hurted you feelings, I know it's very, very hard to make such an amazing ROM hack)
Seen July 20th, 2019
Posted June 7th, 2019
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183 Days
Hey so I’ve managed to nuzlocke the game and I did enjoy it. Mega porygon was the coolest thing I saw on the hack. However they’re are tons of bugs and errors and just general improvements are needed.

-so many invisible walls (without walk through walls can’t complete game)
-random pixels are glitched for no reason
-2nd to last island the guy with egg refuses to give me egg
-overworld sprites need improving as they look muk
- wayyy too easy like compared to other hacks I’ve played recently it was a cakewalk lost no mons on nuzlocke without any serious need to grind
-increase amount of Mega’s you fight as it’s a sellpoint of this hack and u fight like 5 max
- the map and flight paths are completely psyducked most times and the general direction of where u need to go is so up in the air that it makes no sense where u need to go
- also the routes are way too small I appreciate this is a beta but I hope you take these points to mind when you update it
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