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Favourite character animations

Started by the_fast_reader August 31st, 2019 6:23 AM
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Either in their battle poses or idle while at the Pokemon Center some characters be it Sync Pairs or random NPC have some great or funny poses.

Some of my favourite ones:
- The scientists. Everything they do looks hilarious, but especially the one where they spin their arms all confused.

- Pryce's badass "come at me" taunt with his hand.

- Brock crossing his arms (and spontaneously losing his shirt) to look like his Red/Blue sprite while using his Sync move. He seems to be the only one they did something like that (from what I've seen until now) and it gave me a little "awww" moment.

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Claire's Dragon Pulse Sync Move looks really good!

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This is fine.

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Agreed on the scientists. One time battling a group of three post-battle they were doing some weird animations, and the game was stuck loading, so you could see them continuing that in the background. Happened again with someone waving 'bye' at me, which went for way too long, haha.
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