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How would you improve the game?

Started by Sheep September 8th, 2019 11:26 PM
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It's pretty obvious that Masters has a lot that can be improved on. If you were in charge, what would you add to the game to make it better?

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- Make the coop battles more strategical and not simply a rush to kill the main "boss" pokemon before he uses his OP sync move.
Pretty much the only strategy right now is having hard hitters which means certain particular Sync Pairs or you can do nothing or very little.
Of course it's a gacha so they want to get the players to spend money to acquire certain characters, but that makes pretty much all the other characters useless.

- The enemy Sync move. At the beginning of the game, I thought that the enemy Sync moves hitting my whole team were simply because those particular character moves being like that. Nope, it's just a matter of the IA having access to it.
It also boosts itself while removing your buffs, so after a sync move you're in even more a disadvantage.
But ok, that could be part of the strategy, you would have to time your sync move so it erases the enemy's buff and rebuffs you... except I don't think the enemy's buffs are ever removed in coop challenges. (I could be wrong)

The coop battles in general feel like a blind rush to kill the boss pokemon before it can use a sync move and buffs itself so much and then oneshots every single thing. There is no strategy, no possibility to explore different character combinations with your team mates.
The other two pokemons are basically there only to make the boss use his sync move faster and buff it even more.

I hope they change it up a bit in the future because it's a bit sad to have all these characters and not get to use a lot of them after you finish the story. You could do some cool things with the battle system.

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as far as i know DeNA isn't very generous with gems in this game and it oftentimes feels like 10-pulling is neigh impossible unless you save up for weeks. if it were up to me, a single pull would probably fall within 100-120 gems, while a 10 pull would be somewhere in the realm of 1000 gems given how much of a chore it is to grind through gems.

also the in-game currency is useless beyond getting the fifth move gauge because the store is an absolute joke. DeNA needs to get better at figuring out better values for exchanges.


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Remove co-op as it's just a bad joke right now. Or at least don't make events co-op exclusive. Better rewards for both missions and for in-game currency. Right now I'm just selling Pearls one per day to complete the daily mission, otherwise I wouldn't have reason to exchange items at all.
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