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Seen September 15th, 2019
Posted September 15th, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I've recently decided to get back into Pokémon rom hacking. After not having worked on anything in at least 6 years, the new toolset has been a bit overwhelming, given a lack of comprehensive guides that are at least easy to find, if not existent in general. That said, I designed a custom world map that I wanted to import, broke it down into tiles, and put it back together in Porymap. To do this, I had to use a workaround to get the palette to even be accepted by Porymap (which requires a 256 color indexed image, but GIMP automatically reduces the color indexing to only colors that are in the image). However, this workaround caused the palette to appear wrong in game.

This is the mockup image that I created first:

This is as it appears in Porymap:

This is the screenshot from in the game (ignore the 'hoenn' and 'littleroot town' for the moment, I just wanted these graphics inserted first and foremost):

Here are my questions:
1. Is it possible to fix the color palette problem from within Porymap?
2. If not, what program can I use (preferably for linux, but I can use windows software if I need to) that can correctly export an image with the proper color indexing for region maps?

Thanks for your help!
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