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Old September 15th, 2018 (3:46 PM).
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Originally Posted by Nah View Post

pretty sure it's been better than this, but not by too much

still ass either way
It's still faster than mine like a month ago. I remember 9ish years ago, when 1mps was blazing.

Back then I literally had 26kb/s
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Old September 17th, 2018 (12:38 AM).
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    Old September 29th, 2018 (8:45 PM).
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    How did I get here?
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      Our internet here is whack. I should be ashamed of myself for posting it here.
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      Old 3 Weeks Ago (1:12 AM).
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        Not sure how to display the result like the others, but here is my test result
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        Old 3 Weeks Ago (3:16 AM).
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        hmmm i swear that this used to be better? am i being scammed by my isp and losing speed??? >:c
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        Old 2 Weeks Ago (9:55 AM). Edited 2 Weeks Ago by Palamon.
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        Apparently, the work internet isn't bad lol.
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        Old 2 Weeks Ago (10:18 AM).
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        Faster than my house.
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        Old 2 Weeks Ago (11:37 AM).
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        now mine sounds fast from these results, and i thought mine was slow. riip

        i guess its still pretty slow, i swear it use to be faster honestly. idr what my last one was
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