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Do You Nickname your Pokemon? Page 2

Started by Palamon July 27th, 2019 10:24 PM
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I always do! The theme varies, but I try to keep it consistent within a game. If I'm doing a challenge, I usually link the names to that. Otherwise, I might go for normal human names, words that fit the Pokémon, or something that I think sounds cool and fits but is actually utterly meaningless.


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I always do. Usually, I follow themes such as naming after my heroes, crushes... even after friends or people I'm close to. It really just depends on the mood I'm in or whatever.



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I always nickname pokemon in a fan-game and sometimes in the main series games
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Posted September 11th, 2019
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I didn't do it at first but when X/Y came out I decided to try naming my Pokemon for the first time. I really liked doing it so I never stopped since. I only name the Pokemon I'm planning to use on my team, it would be to much work to name every Pokemon I catch lol. I usually name my Pokemon after characters from ancient mythology, movies, TV shows, comics, books,...

Some of my favorite names over the years were: Leonidas the Tyrantrum, Cleopatra the Salazzle, Shazam the Raichu, Nightwing the Crobat, Malia the Midday Lycanroc, Jadis the Jynx and Spartacus the Kommo-o.


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Posted September 9th, 2019
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I always nickname Pokémon I plan on using! But every generation that has either Pokémon I HAVE to nickname Zorua Oingo and Buneary Boingo regardless of whether I use them.



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In my childhood i didn't like nickname pokemon, but now i do. so occasionally. I mostly nickname them in fan games
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It depends the situation. Most of the time No. But if I wanted to give it a personality for a specific reason (idk what a "reason" would be but whatever) then sure maybe.

The two specific reasons I remember nicknaming my Pokemon is my team in my Blue cartridge cause younger me thought it was funny, and my VC Crystal for a future comic. Otherwise no.
Once you give a Pokemon a personality, you can't go back depending on the severity and purpose of it. It's no longer just a "pixel" in your box.


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I didn't used to back in the day, but nowadays if I think I'm going to raise it on my team, I give it a nickname. It usually takes me a little while to come up with them, though, and often I'll use real names, such as through the website Behind the Name, or try to put something together using the letters of the final evolution's species name. Sometimes it just comes to me the second I look at the Pokemon though, such as the Treecko I raised for my first play through of Alpha Sapphire, whom I nicknamed Richard simply because he looked like a Richard to me.

As far as the nicknames of my main 3DS team? Scarlet (Delphox), Abyss (Absol), Cairo (Lucario), Lycea (Lycanroc [Midnight]), Ysayle (Ninetales [Alolan]), and Emma (Noivern).
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