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The last episode of Sun and Moon aired today. Everyone had emotional goodbyes, and it was time for Satoshi to be on his way to his next adventure.

I want this thread to be like a discussion about all the epsiodes and adventures from the Sun and Moon series. What did you think of the Sun and Moon saga as a whole? What were some of your favourite and most memorable moments? Feel free to discuss!


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I’m Ok with Ash leaving all his Pokémon in Alola. Ash’s alolan Pokemon May have been his most “house trained”Pokémon to date. And honestly I can’t see them living in oaks lab Incenroar and lycanroc would of lived in Ash’s home had they went to kanto with him especially the bond incenroar has with ash’s mom.
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I really enjoyed the Sun and Moon series from the characters to the funny moments and even some of the battles, this series was pretty fun to watch and it's sad that it's all over now. I do really hope we return to the Alola region again in the future and see some of these characters again, these last episodes were pretty good imo and Alola really felt like a second home for both Ash and Pikachu and not just only them but also for the Team Rocket Trio.


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I cried like a baby; Still I found it overly rushed, there wasn't a proper goodbye to Ash's Pokemon at all, which I was looking forwards to.
To be honest I didn't really liked the idea he did not bring them back to Kanto still, I'd love to see interactions between the Alolan ones and his older Pokemon.

Seemed like it was just yesterday I set off on my journey to Alola ingame with Ash.

People dissed the anime for its "bad drawing" but I actually enjoyed the Alola series the most.
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i wanted to cry watching this ;_; but i kept it together knowing Ash would return with Go at some point, since the next series is about traveling all regions (Alola included). so many emotional moments... seeing everyone move forward with their own dreams made it so touching. especially Lillie waving goodbye to Ash as her ship left the port and thanking him for all he did. then there were the touching scenes with Mimikyu and TR/Bewear, Ash and his friends, and finally Ash and Kukui/Burnet in the airport with the setting sun. also the end scene with pregnant Burnet omg?! this is amazing

some people are upset Ash once again left his Pokémon behind but I think this time around it makes more sense than in any previous regions. Rowlet still has its Pikipek line family in Alola, Meltan wouldn't want to go somewhere if Rowlet weren't there, Lycanroc was already living with Kukui when it was a Rockruff (and who knows how long it's been!) before Ash captured it, and Torracat (now Incineroar) still has a rival in Kukui's Incineroar that it would probably want to challenge again. they all had a home in Alola and Ash isn't the type to be selfish and drag them along for his own dream.


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This scene touches me

I love how the anime gives ash a fatherly and motherly figure, Burnet feels ask like son to her and it was sadden that ash have to leave.
Since previous episode tells what ash going to do during his vacation and burnet gave him clear instructions on what his purpose. Everyone in life have different dream and path to take to and departed their way
- Sophocles and his cousin goes to Hoen, where mossdeep space center is
- Kiew decide to train
- The rest of lilies family pursuit their dad, while leaving rottom in charge in aether foundation
- Mallow makes restruant dream come true
- Ash obviously leaves the region
- Lana pursuit her research under the sea
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I really enjoyed the entire series overall. It was always something to look forward to on Sundays for me. I'm quite sad that it's over now though, I definitely felt more attached to the characters in this series than in previous ones.

I liked how Team Rocket handled their departure and it felt like it made sense to a degree with them. With Ash it seemed quite rushed, almost as if a whole episode worth of content had been cut due to time restrictions of sorts? I would have liked a deeper farewell to his pokémon as he kinda just left without really saying anything to them which was pretty weird.

I like how they gave all of the other characters mini epilogue shots too, it was nice!

Other than that, I'm excited for the next series to start in a couple of weeks and I hope that we'll get to meet some of the characters again in the future!
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Sun and Moon will never be my favorite season, nor top 5 sadly. It is really disappointing. I loved the idea of Lillie and all of Ash's friends. I loved how it was more friendship based than other series. And I love the ending, however, even though Ash won the league. It was disappointing. In my opinion, he shouldn't have. I like how everyone was in the League, but I wasn't a huge fan of the one on one battling.

The pros, the story arcs were nice. However, this is the one series I will probably never watch a second time at all. I will miss Lillie the most, all the other characters, I don't really care about. I think Mallow got shafted. And Lillie got shafted after her Arc. There wasn't enough actual action. There wasn't enough captures. And there wasn't enough meaningful battles.

The Ultra Recon Squad never showed up. Team Skull didn't really play a massive part in it. Aether was kinda eh. Rainbow Rocket didn't show up, which could have done wonders. Bringing all the bad guys to Alola in an arc and bringing back Ash's friends or even character from the games. And we got a massive amount of fillers in my opinion.

I will say, I did like all the sports and racing episodes. It gave life to the region.

So. I will never watch this series ever again. And it is the first series I never really followed. The only other time this happened was Pokemon Decolore Saga and Sinnoh Saga between 7th and 8th gyms. Even then I watched them more than SM. Even though I am going to miss Lillie and Mallow, I am glad the series is finally over. And extremely glad that Rotom is gone. If Rotom had never been in the series, taking up the spot light on knowledge, I think all other character would have benefited from it.


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It's good... May not be started well but it ended in a high fashion...


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(unnecessarily) dramatic mini-essay incoming:

i'm externally emotionless when watching obviously sad episodes but internally, I'm crying a river. the alolan arc was a special one for me, since its the first pokemon series where I actually watched each episode as it aired. It's a bit dramatic, but I swear just last week we were at episode 79 or something. didn't even hit my head that we were episode 140+ and then the ending. the episodes came by quickly. some were bad and boring, some were just entertaining, some were plain awesome. it was such a memorable and unique season that it's just painful to see it go away although I knew (and sometimes wished) it would eventually end. I already miss Ash's alolan pokemon - especially rowlet (such a cutie. I was upset when they decided it won't become a decidueye but gen 5 already toughened me up with these kinds of situations). each of ash's pokemon had backstories and that gave a little more depth to the show, we all remember the stoutland/litten arc right?

the battles weren't all awesome but a handful is great. ash's battle against nanu and kukui are iconic imo i'll never forget. admittedly, ash's championship battle was a bit anticlimactic since it was plain predictable but at least he won, right? *blast burn bs flashbacks

overall, I will never forget this season. this season was so hated but it was just so fun. On to the next one!


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*long tired sigh, rubbing temples*

SM tried.

It did new things with its story and characters, and unfortunately, for the most part, failed spectacularly. Its highs were extremely infrequent, its lows were some of the lowest the series has ever gotten, and many of the game elements were extremely poorly implemented, whether it was Ash depriving Lillie of character development, the lack of trial captains, or the butchering of the Aether, Necrozma, and Ultra Beast plots.

SM had a little bit of everything for everyone, but in trying to please all watchers, it satisfied none of them.

Having 19 Filler episodes in a row (SM78-96) would sour anyone's mood.
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