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Other FULL Youkai Academy [M][IC]

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Map of Youkai Realm

not available right now.

List of teachers

Teacher's SU's

Ryuu von Alter: Homeroom teacher and history class teacher
Divine von Alter: Sports class teacher
Marnix Trevorix: Economics and society class teacher
Selena Nekonishi: Human language class teacher


This list will be updated whenever a new NPC turns up.

Student list

Introduction Day

Introduction Day

It's been 3 weeks since you received your acceptance letter to Youkai Academy. You're either traveling towards the Academy, located in Aokigahara in Japan, or you've already arrived there. A significant detail about this location is that you have to enter a huge forest before you'll arrive at the Academy. This forest is meant to be bridge between the human world and the Youkai Realm. Your dorm roommate might or might not have entered your shared room yet, discuss this with your roommate. You will also be able to pick up a set of school uniforms from the reception desk inside the school building. You can find out what your uniform looks like in the section above. It's not common to wear your uniform after your classes for the day has ended.

Class will start the day after and as specified in your acceptance letter, Ryuu von Alter will be your homeroom teacher. It's possible to meet one of the teachers before hand. Those are played by the GM so discuss this with the GM if you want an interaction with one of the teachers.

Every location within the Academy ground is accessible. Let the GM know if you want to access a location that is currently not on the list.

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Viviana Ingram First Day at School, Woohoo...

Viviana looked at the school now looming over her with a scowl. After a long flight and a trek through a forest she was already exhausted, but the day was far from over. The school looked like a significant step down from what she was used to, but she didn’t mind that too much. She even appreciated the spooky sort of look they were going for, with the dead trees and all.

But the school was ultimately just a prison for her, a dungeon for her mother to keep her locked away so she didn't have to think about her while doing whatever it was she’d come to the youkai realm to do. Supposedly it was to ‘broaden her horizons’ and ‘enjoy something a bit more exotic’, but Vivi had been here once before and she knew nobody would come here for fun. The youkai realm was a mukhole compared to what they had in the human world. How else would she describe a place with no internet?

She could only hope her mother would get as sick of this place as she already was and take her home sooner rather than later.

Coming up to the entrance, Vivi couldn’t help but notice just how many other students there were. Some would be her classmates, and every single one of them was a fellow youkai. Her heart began to race. Mother always talked about how much of a pain it was to find another youkai in the corporate world. They were resistant to her brainwashing, and that made them a threat.

If they decided to do something to her and she wasn’t ready, there was little she could do to make them stop. Not in her human form anyway, which she was required to keep up while at the school. Even in her youkai form it wasn’t like she’d ever had to fight anyone, and that itself was a whole ‘nother can of worms. Like, what if she killed someone and all their friends came after her instead?

Her thoughts spiralled down into the depths, filling with worst-case scenarios. It was only her first day, but life here was looking worse and worse by the moment. Lost within her mind as she was, she failed to see a student rushing toward her. The student bumped into her shoulder, easily pushing Vivi’s tiny self aside without even noticing.

“Watch your psyducking step,” Vivi muttered on reflex.

“Sorry, what was that?” asked the other girl.

Vivi’s eyes went wide with panic. “O-oh, I just said you’re uh... brimming with pep! Haha…” Brimming with pep? Did people say that?

Her schoolmate grinned. “Well of course! New school, new year, who wouldn’t be excited?”

“Yup! You’re totally, absolutely right...” She tried her best at a grin of her own. The girl seemed unfazed, which hopefully meant she was doing a good job at it.

“I’ve gotta go, but I’ll see you around I guess!”

Vivi waved goodbye as the stranger ran off, waiting until she turned a corner before giving a sigh of relief, having narrowly escaped her doom. She wondered how long she’d be able to keep it up in this damned minefield of a school. She eyed each passing student warily as she slinked over to the reception desk for her uniform.

Now having gotten a uniform and taken a tour of the school, Vivi was ready to find her bed and pass out, ready to wake up to another day in her own personal hell. To this end she found herself in front of the dorms. They were quite big, and looked a great deal nicer than the main school building. She could only assume they were a more recent addition, or perhaps had just been renovated.

Just like the main building there were hordes of students going in and out of the dorms, of all shapes, sizes, and apparently genders too. She’d been mentally preparing for the different kinds of roommates she might get, but it was now clear she had much, much more preparing to do. She prayed she didn’t end up with someone loud, messy, or, God forbid, nosy. But God hadn’t been too kind to her lately, so she was entirely expecting things to go as badly as possible.

It didn’t take too long for her to find her room. She stood in front of it and took a deep breath before she threw wide the door, rushing in before she lost the nerve to face whatever lay within. Which turned out to be nothing, as she was apparently the first one in. Or her roommate didn’t own much, but what mattered was that they weren’t home. Vivi let out the air she was apparently still holding in and got to unpacking.

Vivi had been carrying a backpack and two cases of luggage, and she was glad to finally put them down. She opened the largest case to reveal her collection of stuffed animals. Well, part of it, at least. There was no way she’d be able to bring them all, and even if she could, she wasn’t sure she wanted to. The reason why resurfaced in her mind when she pulled Mikey the panda out from his dwelling.

Holding him tightly in her arms, she couldn’t help but look back at the other side of the room; the side where her roommate would be staying. Could she really trust them to be around Mikey and the others? Someone she’d never met? What about her precious laptop, or her jewelry box?

The answer was no. Just seeing that second bed made her uncomfortable in this room, in what was supposed to be her room. She stuffed Mikey back in her luggage, zipped it up, and raced out of the room. She didn’t quite know where she was going, but a place like this was bound to have someplace nobody went to, like an abandoned classroom or a hidden closet. She didn’t care, as long as she could have some actual privacy. She’d turn that into her room instead, dorm be damned.

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Harold Whiterune
Location : Youkai Academy
Species : Mage

Chapter 1
The Wizard of Odd, Descend

A single bus rode along the forest road, slowly but steadily reaching a certain old but majestic building. A young man was soundly asleep on the bus with his face covered with a book titled "Magical Herbs & Medications - Part 3", however the sleep was cut short when the there was a loud announcement from the bus "Bus to Youkai Academy has arrived, every passengers please check your luggage and belongings, thank you."

"Sheesh, they had to play the announcement so loud eh? Just when i was about to enjoy my nap." The young man grumbled while checking his belongings. The young man's name is Harold Whiterune, the man was supposed to check in at the Academy that day as new students was told to prepare for the class next day.

"It's your fault Harold, nobody told you to sleep in the last 15 minutes of the trip instead of the start." A young lady with Gothic outfit replied to him, looking a bit impatient waiting for her companion to finish checking his stuff. Her name is Elena Spalletti, next door neighbor, training partner, and close friend of Harold. She is not a mage, but rather an Esper.

"Yeah, yeah... I heard you loud and clear Ellie, I'm done, so shall we?" Harold asked his companion while smiling.

After they both step out of the bus, they couldn't help but fixate their gaze to the huge building in front of them.

"Really? A European architecture building in the middle of Japan? Are you kidding me? I was expecting something like Osaka or Odawara Castle," Said Harold with a disappointed expression.

"Why are you fretting about that? There's still a lot of things better to be thought than your Japanese castle obsession." Elena was exasperated at Harold's childish complaint.

"Yes, yes, I'm sorry that a insignificant little ant like me gawked like an idiot at your magnificent abode, Your Excellency." Harold jokingly mocked Elena's choice of Gothic outfit which coincidentally matches their academy's dated architecture while bowing elegantly.

Unfortunately for his antics, Harold got a huge whack on the head by Elena using her suitcase. They both then walked inside the school where they was redirected to the dorms. In the dorms they were assigned their own rooms, Elena got the ground floor while Harold got the top floor of the dorm.

"So what are you going to do now, Harold? Nothing noteworthy seems to be happening until tomorrow. Surely you won't lock yourself and continue your research on magic circles or alchemy, right?" Elena pricked Harold with a question he already knew too well.

"You got me," Harold sighed. "But, I wish I could visit Bill in his room, but knowing him and his habits there's no chance in hell he'll be here before dusk. I'll probably just do a quick tour around the school and after that maybe spending the rest of my spare time in the Library."

"Well, I'll maybe spend some time myself. So I guess this is a goodbye for now Harold, I'll be seeing you later." Elena then decided to leave Harold alone to do her own exploring of the school ground.

Harold then checked his room, apparently there was nothing in there yet which means whoever his roommate is, he hasn't arrived yet at the academy. He then scanned the surroundings of the room. The room has a cozy atmosphere to it and he actually managed to unpack his belongings without much issue in the room, but it wasn't a proper mage's den material because of the size of it and the fact that there was only two small windows in the room, made Harold thinking twice on doing his alchemy experiment here if things gone south.

"The hell, this room doesn't even have any plugs. This isn't the Victorian Era... Geez, I really have to talk with Bill to circumvent this crap." Harold was really peeved at the situation.

To cheer himself up he decided to find the school's library, after he asked around he managed to found the library. The unique aroma of old paper wafts through the air of the majestic room filled with all kinds of books from the entire world.

"Well this at least looks promising." Harold decided to ask the librarian about magical books, and apparently that new students that just arrived could borrow books just like the older students. However, the books that can be borrowed was limited by three books at the most. After getting the information on where the magic books section was he looked around trying to find a book that could pique his interest.

"Boy, boy... Just as i expected, this academy have some interesting books. Some of these rare literature doesn't even available on the market anymore."

Harold spent quite a time choosing three books he wanted until he finally stopped and finally decided his choices. It was now 3 o'clock and Harold would be more than happy to start reading his books on the library, he was still facing a big issue. The fact he still hasn't found the perfect place to do his experiment still bothered him immensely, there's no way that the academy doesn't have a single spot that checks all of his requirements. He searched around and found a botanic garden that should be helpful for his alchemy research, however it's all useless if he didn't found a research spot already. Tired looking around, he decided to take a breather on the rooftop.

"Gah... This is going nowhere! There's no available place that fits all of my criteria! Where the heck could i find a place that--" Harold's shouting of his grievances immediately stopped by a cool breeze blowing through the rooftop, it gave him an idea unlike any other. "Or... I could just use this place as my research lab... I'm a genius mwahahaha." Harold was very elated at the fact that he could possibly turn this rooftop as his experimenting ground. After all, all of his equipment is portable, he could move it easily here anytime he wanted to.

And so it started... The crazy academy life of one peculiar wizard.


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Laguna Beach
Aokigahara, Japan

With Laguna's first day at the Academy so close, she and her sisters were making their way toward the forest. They weren't going to be attending with her, but their mother insisted that they see her off. Mostly so she didn't get distracted or lost. The hardest part of the last three weeks, other than getting used to the idea of being on her own, had been learning Japanese.

"Hola! Me llamo Laguna, donde esta la Sea of Trees?" Laguna asked a random passerby. The man looked at her in confusion, not understanding her and wary of her sharp-toothed smile.

Her sister Pebble (the gray-haired one who dressed like a punk rocker) sighed in frustration at Laguna. "That's Spanish, Laguna."

Laguna scoffed. "I believe you mean es español!" She pointed finger guns at Pebble, who responded by tousling Laguna's hair. Laguna pouted grumpily as she tried to fix her hair, flicking Pebble in the nose when she smirked at her.

Their sister Carmel (a light brunette with a preference for simple dresses) stepped in before things could escalate further. "Forgive them, they're idiots. We're trying to get to the Forest."

The man looked at the three cautiously. Their clothes were brand new, as was the large backpack Laguna was carrying instead of a suitcase. Pebble was scowling as she looked at the people passing by, Laguna was smiling pleasantly (not showing her teeth), and Carmel was looking him in the eyes, trying to be charming, but coming on a little strong. He quickly gave them directions and hurried on his way.

Carmel's flirty smile dropped as soon as the man left, and she led her sisters toward the Forest. "Honestly, Laguna, was that so hard?"

Laguna shrugged, adjusting the straps of her backpack. "Hey, you're the Siren, talking is more your thing. I'm just a Hunter mermaid." She bared her teeth at Pebble, who crossed her arms and looked away. "Aww, you guys are no fun today!"

"Because of this stupid stop over in the Human world! Honestly, if it wasn't in the middle of a forest, we could have swam there faster than this!" Carmel ranted, while Pebble chimed in with a snide "The only reason Mom made us come is because you're too dumb to follow a map."

Laguna looked between her two sisters, frowning sadly until she came to a realization. "I love you guys, too! I'm gonna miss you!" She put an arm around both of them, pulling them into a hug. They tried to escape, but were no match for Laguna's strength, and just had to accept the affection.

Carmel pushed away from her sister as soon as her grip loosened. "Let's just go, and get you to the stupid school."

The walk through the forest took longer than it should have, mostly because Laguna kept running off to look at flowers or a dropped coin or something. She had to make the last leg of the journey by herself, which greatly reduced her enthusiasm, but seeing the school itself filled her with awe. "Whoa, so cool! An actual schoolhouse! And so dark!"

At the reception desk, she was able to pick up her uniforms, which she was mostly fine with. They offered to take her luggage to her room, but she declined, so they set her up with a guide to tour the school. Actually two guides, as a twin brother and sister Neko showed her around and led her to her room. She even managed to visit the cafeteria, where they had human food in the vending machine!

And so, happily munching on a bag of chips, she made herself at home in her new room. Which basically meant she just tossed her backpack on the floor by her bed. The only things she had in there were her schoolbooks and some clothes, anyway. They had been purchased for her by one of her mother's servants and given to her when she arrived on land, so she wasn't that attached to them anyway.

She sat on her bed, enjoying the way it bounced, and looked at the sparse room. "This is fine. I'm gonna do just fine here."

And she almost believed it.


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Hael Clar

Anyone in the halls of the Yokai Academy dorms would have been treated to quite the unusual sight, of the small frame of a fairy flying very erratically through the corridors. Although Hael was pretty sure that he was flying in a straight line.

“Hey, are you alright?”

One student ventured forward, a snowman. At least, Hael thought it was a snowman. The pale,frosty-looking skin was a fairly good indicator but who really knew?

He ignored the snowman, swerving sharply to the side and then back in the other direction, taking a swig out of the tiny nondescript bottle he gripped in his hand. Although, tiny was relative. It extended up to around Hael’s elbow.

“Just fine!” Hael replied, not even turning back to look at his fellow student. Unfortunately, not looking back did not prevent Hael from still flying directly into to bare wall in front of him as the hallway ended in a T-junction. “Just fine!”

Hael took another swig from the bottle, it now being apparent to any onlookers that it’s contents were almost certainly not meant to be on the school premises. He then turned left and continued his rather hazardous flight in that direction.

It took some effort, and a lot of squinting, but he read the room numbers as he swayed back and forth, progressing gradually down the hall.

“04, 205, 206, 207 - wait,” Hael stopped out the front of the door. Tilting his head and staring at the door for several long moments, as though pondering something very complex, a simple fact dawned on Hael. “Ah crap. I’m going the wrong wa - I’m on the wrong floor..”

Hael turned back around in a very wide arc, flying back down the hall. He reached the T-junction once more, draining the remains of the suspicious bottle he had been carrying around. The snowman from before noticed him once more as he resumed his shambling flight back the way he came in what should have been the airborne equivalent of a walk of shame.

“Are you sure you’re okay, New Guy?” The, evidently, second year snowman asked again, looking worriedly at Hael.

“Peachy,” Hael slurred, flying past the other student and his friend’s once more and making his way back to where he thought he remembered the stairs being. As he flew on, he tossed the now empty bottle back to the snowman, who frantically caught the glass object with one hand. “That’s your problem now! If anyone asks, an oni had it!” He called back to the confused snowman student.

It took a while, but Hael eventually completed the hazardous journey through the dorm building and back to the first floor. Unlike the second floor, where most students seemed to already be pretty settled into things. The first floor had a lot more students wandering around, looking confused, anxious or excited - hoping to meet new friends perhaps, or worried about making enemies.

Hael didn’t really have either of those concerns. Perhaps if he did, or perhaps if he’d had the presence of mind to think that getting plastered on his first day on the campus and causing a stir was a bad idea, he might not have done what he did next. Unfortunately, the prying snowman from before had irked him.

Hael flew up to an anxious looking Neko.

“Hey, Neko dude.”

The Neko was apparently too busy reading a manual to notice the small body in front of him. Hael waited a few seconds, however when the Neko did not respond, his patience quickly ran out. He flew up to the other Yokai’s head, gripped his ear with both hands and pulled up.

The other student didn’t just jump or yell, he screeched like - well like a cat who had just had their ear pulled. He looked around frantically, eventually making eye contact with the drunk fairy in front of him.

“Hey, what the hell?!” The Neko groaned, rubbing his ear.

“What’s your name?” Hael demanded.

“Wait, what?”

“Name!” Hael barked. In ordinary circumstances, the Neko probably would not have been intimidated by a 27cm tall fairy swaying in the air in front of him. As it were, though, he was so caught off-guard that he blathered out a response.

“Haru!” He yelped, still wincing.

“Yeah, you’re the guy,” Hael said “There’s this sorma - snowman - upstairs. He’s looking for you. Said something about refligerating your spleen. You should probably go clear things up before things get nasty.”

“What? But i just got here? How?”

“Just go!” Hael snapped, punctuating the slurred order with a slight hiccup. The gullible, off-kilter Neko immediately sprinted for the stairs, gripping the manual tight like a good luck charm and leaving his suitcase behind.

Chuckling to himself like a madman, not noticing at all that several students were now gawking at him (or that his own bag was not with him), Hael turned and made his way down the nearest hall, looking out for his room number.

“105, 106, 10 - oof.” Hael had been focusing so much on the door numbers this time, not wanting to make another annoying wrong turn, that he had not noticed the person-sized wall of fabric and flesh in front of the next door. “Huh, who the hell are you?”


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Rin Wrangell
Chapter 1.1
Yuki Onna - 17 - ♂
That night, a passenger plane was flying high over the ocean. It was right on schedule, crossing the date change line at about midnight, and heading towards Asia.
Not many people were travelling in that plane, and most of the passengers were either asleep or working on their devices. Because of that, the flight assistants didn’t have much trouble to deal with.

There was just something off with two first class passengers, to be completely honest. One of them was a trembling young boy wearing, even inside the plane, a huge eskimo and a pair of gloves. Beside him sat a middle aged woman with piercing, almost purple eyes, who was apparently in charge of reassuring everyone who asked about the boy’s health, and telling them he was fine. She was very elegant, most likely very rich.

Now, the two had met only because of a series of friends and acquaintances: otherwise, the boy would still be living with his family, without any desire of leaving them behind… or rather, without any hope of surviving and living a good life without their help.
That woman, who described herself as a successful American entrepreneur (among other things) had offered the boy an opportunity he’d have never found out otherwise. And that journey was just another part of the plan.

The two were not human. What a big assumption to make, right? One of the flight attendants had just that impression: she was right, but she didn’t knew that for sure - the two Yokai, that’s what they were, were rather good at disguising themselves.
She stared at them for the whole flight, and occasionally tried to ask the couple if they needed anything, only to be met with a calm response from the woman… either telling her everything was fine, or asking for food, drinks, newspapers or anything like that.

Now the boy, he was actually more concerned with humans. Unlike the woman, he’d never been anywhere close to one. The thought they could hurt him or bust his… well, disguise? was ever present in his head, therefore he remained quite and only once in a while took a glance around the plane with his bright… red eyes.

Why did that woman take him on a public plane? He could only understand, she didn’t have a private jet yet (she had it in her bucket list though), and she loved to get all the comforts, including the help of flights assistants. Probably. In his mind, boarding a plane full of humans over travelling in the Yokai world, only for comfort, wasn’t worth it - but he could tell the woman enjoyed every second of it! She was much, much more accustomed with humans and with their world, and didn’t fear them at all. She… saw them almost as little tools to do anything she wanted, or at least that was his first impression.

That’s because the boy was a Snowman - always quiet, introverted, and mostly in search of a peaceful life - whereas the woman was a Lamia. A quite powerful one, too, who could easily brainwash most humans and who, after years of doing this by necessity, started to think of it as a fun little game… just like most Lamias who lived on the Earth.
She was the one who first mentioned the Yokai Academy to the Snowman, and made him, for once, enthusiastic about going there and leaving his family behind. The various natural events which ruined his home area only fuelling his desire to accept the challenge.

Of course the Lamia would have offered some help, despite how selfish she had become. She decided to take the chance and allow herself a full month of relaxation, sightseeing, and whatnot in Asia, carrying the Snowman to Japan (where the Academy was) in the process. She taught him the basics of some new human languages, she paid for the Snowman’s trip as well, and bought himself some new clothes. But, knowing she was a Lamia… why?

The trip from the airport to Aokigahara, the forest where the Academy was located, the snowman had to tackle alone.The Lamia just retrieved her, admittedly, very abundant luggage and went on her own way, leaving the Snowman by himself. Luckily, he already knew what to do in order to get to his destination. Several miles of walking and hopping on public transports later, the boy arrived to the border of the Suicide Forest. Yes, that’s what it was also called.

Overall, the whole experience was surprisingly tame compared to what the snowman expected. The first days were, if anything, a bit rough, as he had to walk across the wilderness of Alaska in order to get to the closest large city, where he would have met the Lamia… but everything else was fine, really. He also didn’t carry that many things with him, making the journey much easier. The Lamia wouldn’t have survived a single day travelling through the mountains near his home with all the baggage she was carrying.

The very last part of the journey was all by foot. The Snowman walked uphill all the way to the entrance of the Academy, which took him several hours. He didn’t meet anyone else during this journey, maybe because most of the other first year students decided to move in another day. How could he blame them? After all the weather wasn’t the best… overcast with a chance of rain.

The Snowman reached the door of the main building of the Academy when the sun was setting. With his large backpack still on his shoulders, he made his way to the reception, and was greeted with an annoyed look from the assistant.
“Alright, welcome to the Academy… what’s your name?”
“Rin Wrangell…”

Not without some sighs, Rin was eventually given his new uniform and room number. He figured he would only wear it the next day, so he quickly reached his new room and unlocked the door. It was all so different from his home, even for the simple fact that there was a second bed right there, in the same room! No one seemed to have claimed it though. Rin briefly wondered about who his roommate could end up being, only to be overtaken by his own tiredness.

All the Snowman really did was unpack some of his things, put the uniform and his eskimo in a safe spot inside his personal wardrobe, and have a quick shower in the bathroom. Everything else, like exploring the academy or meeting new friends, was all something he’d rather leave for the next day. Or the day after that…


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An Ode to Diana. A New Beginning.

"Suicide Forest... What a waste of life, and a disrespect to the life that flourishes here even amidst the hopeless surrenders of wounded souls." So said what appeared to be a young man entering the eery woods that marked one of the pillars linking the Youkai and Human worlds together. The soliloquy would have concerned his parents were he still with them, but one of the benefits of his new life was freedom from that burden. Kyosei loved his parents dearly, they were wonderful people and cared about him more than anybody could ever ask for, but he was no longer comfortable around them. Throughout his youth, they always worried about all the trouble he got or was likely-to-get into but ever since his accident they always worried about his lack of enthusiasm and that boundless energy that used to rule his every moment.

The truth is, he still had that enthusiasm, it had simply shifted focus and become more subtle. Kyosei's curiosity, however, remained exactly as it had always been, bottomless and powerful. It was this curiosity that caused his eyes to light up as soon as he passed that invisible point that separated the area around Youkai Academy from the rest of the world and all the withered, dead or dying trees were replaced by a Youkai Botanist's paradise. Locustboughs, Blackburns, even the eerily beautiful Rimewood trees, resplendent in their shimmering ivory bark and perfect snowflake leaves, and that was just the trees! The Youko put away his copy of Beelzebulbs: A Primer and began flitting from plant to plant like he was a kit again.

Carnivenus, one of the more mundane plants of the youkai world. Truthfully it was little more than a giant venus flytrap, with a much more powerful, sweet scent to draw in prey and a much less discerning appetite, glad to palate whatever creatures were foolish enough to draw near. Kyosei was not one such fool and only got close enough for the chlorophyllic carnivore to wiggle before he jumped back. Next were some Hogweeds, pinkish rooty little bushes with flowers that looked like pigs' ears and sported a slight bacony scent. They had once been the favorite food of the Bumblefrump, a curious creature, long-extinct with nothing aside from its odd name remaining in books here and there.

As amazing as discovering all these obscure treasures so close to the school was, they paled beside Kyosei's next find. Just before he reached the edge of the forest and the final stretch of the path to the school campus, Kyosei's nose twitched at a faint but enticing scent. The scent of... the night sky in the heart of spring? That doesn't really sound like a particular smell, yet that was all he could imagine as he took it in. The alluring aroma led him to something he never thought he'd see in person: a Moonwisp. The flower was just over six feet tall with a stem as thick as Kyosei’s arm and massive purple-trimmed snow-white petals that spread out like the inverted skirt of a beautiful frilly dress, glowing faintly in the eternal dusk granted by the forest’s thick canopy. Amazement stole the young man’s breath at the sight, only for a painful realization to scar the occasion with disappointment.

“The Moonwisp lives entirely on lunar light and blooms only after soaking in the moon’s gaze enough, not even remaining open for a full day. If the petals are out, it must have already bloomed last night… I wish I’d been here.” He drew closer to the flower and felt its petals, impossibly soft, yet sturdy. He took another whiff of the utterly unique smell and sighed. Diana is a beautiful name. Fear not, you won’t be forgotten. Kyosei gasped as his finger bumped one of the petals oddly and knocked something off of it, desperately fumbling to catch it. Looking down into his palm, his eyes widened and he took off.

A large colorful fox shot out of Aokigahara Forest, four tails blazing behind it as it all but flew to Youkai Academy’s botanical garden, then to the school’s main building moments later. The receptionist certainly raised an eyebrow at Kyosei’s impatience to get his uniform and go, but ultimately chalked it up to excitement for starting school and let it go, though that didn’t stop their surprise at the way the red and white kimono he wore seeming to melt away and instantly be replaced by one of the uniforms as soon as he received the.

Kyosei regretted having to deny the offer of a school tour, but at least he found the dorms and his room more easily than he expected. Students he passed along the way looked on in concern at how exhausted he looked, shambling through the hallway, but he didn’t even notice. So oblivious was he at the time, in fact, that he didn’t even notice the sea salt-tinged smell that should have let him know he wasn’t the first one to the room. Kyosei pushed the door open, walked straight into the dorm and put a small clay pot with a pristine white bulb poking out of the soil within on the largest windowsill, smiled at it, then let the air whoosh out of his lungs all at once and dropped face-first onto the free bed.

"Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."


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The building stuck out like a sore thumb. Sure, it was perfectly well hidden right under the human's noses, but it couldn't quite hide what it really was. The building may have been human architecture, but there was no disguising the near lack of human scents coming from the building. It was too clean, this was a den of Yokai.

Still, it was probably the best place for someone like Kenta to actually get a legitimate "in" to the human world. He had left his village a little early to try and get some form of grasp on the humans before he was required to arrive at the academy. What he gleamed from his time was that he would need some way to make money if he was to survive, the amount he gained from trading the various pieces of jewelry he brought with him wouldn't last him long. It was at least enough to get a few things that would help him blend in for now and some form of human club for protection.

Kenta continued staring at the academy from a relatively hidden spot at the edge of the woods, as he had been for about half an hour from his guess. If anyone asked, his sake he procured from that human city in was contraband and he would prefer to finish his drink before it would likely get confiscated. He couldn't keep from watching the students arriving to confirm that this actually wasn't a human trap, however.

Deciding he had enough stalling the inevitable, he finished the last of his drink in a large gulp, and made his way to the path. All this hesitation was making him feel more blue than red.


"You're telling me that you play baseball."

He had barely managed to pass the door before he was stopped. An older man he could only presume was one of the professors had stopped him. The fact he decided to save money by not buying a bag for the obviously metal bat he was carrying was now coming back to bite him. He would have to remember that just carrying around something like this probably made him look a little suspicious, although he's not quite sure why no one in the city ever stopped him for it if it is such an odd object to bring around.

"I absoluelty do," Kenta said, lying. Well, halfway lying. He didn't play baseball currently, but he would need some form of stress relief in the future and it fit the bill well enough.

The older professor looked him over again, his eyes critical and entire expression doubtful. "I'm fairly certain I remember your application, weren't you born and raised outside of the human world? What would draw you to a human game already?"

"I very much enjoy hitting things with a large stick," Kenta said, honestly. "I've already said I'm using it for sports, can I please go to my dorm? It was a long walk to get here."

"Hm, I suppose this is fine." The professor finally relented, his face softening a tad. "Just please don't misuse it and make us confiscate it."

"Wouldn't dream of it."


The whole introduction process felt like an eternity and the uniform was too restrictive. Worst of all, he was having issues with the tiny lock on his door. Why the hell did humans have to make their locks so small. He needed a second to calm down, he had been on edge all day for no good reason. Everyone else here was like him in some form. The person they paired him with was probably just as lost coming in from the yokai world. Tommorow he could let his guard down and actually act like the proper Red he was. For tonight he just had to get along with the roommate that was probably wondering why he was so late.

A small click and the turn of the knob, and Kenta opened his door to an empty room.


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Laguna and Kyosei
Fox/Fish Dorm Room

Laguna was looking at the dresser on her side of the room, wondering what she was going to put in it. Probably clothes, but how many of those was she going to need? Maybe some snacks, or she could try collecting baubles like Pebble…

She was so lost in thought that she barely noticed the door open when her roommate came in, set a potted plant on the windowsill, then collapsed onto his bed. Laguna glanced up at the sound of impact, taking a second for it to register. "Huh?" She went over to the bed, looking at the facedown boy there, then grabbed his feet and moved him fully onto the bed. "There you go, buddy. You okay?"

A shiver of shock ran through him so intense that a white fox tail popped into being and he flipped over, revealing fox ears that matched his hair. A yip that didn’t have enough energy put into it to be anything more than a groan issued from him. “Wh-uh, oh, right.” He started to sit up, then decided it was too much effort and pointed over at the flower pot he’d brought in and the little white bud poking out of it. “That came from a very rare flower I found in the forest. A Moonwisp. The one I found was still bloomed and there was one last seed, but it must have been there for hours before I found it, didn’t have much of that residual moonlight left. I shared my life energy with it to keep it going till I made it here. I must have overdone it for it to already have a bud.”

He smiled weakly at the flower, then his ears twitched as his own rudeness struck him. “Oh, my name is Kyosei, sorry for the bad manners. Are you my roommate?”

She smiled at him, cute but for the sharp teeth. "I sure am! I'm Laguna, and if you're Kyosei…" she walked over to inspect the Moonwisp. "Then this little guy is Buddy! Get it? Because it's already budding?" She delicately ran a finger over the plant, entranced by the feel of it.

"I'll admit I don't know much about plants, but it sure is pretty. And it doesn't look as toxic as some of the plants where I'm from." She sniffed at it, tilting her head at the peculiar scent. "You must have some good life energy, because it feels kinda warm, and nice."

“I guess that’s the heat from my ‘inner flame’ as mom liked to call it.” Kyosei responded. “The Moonwisp has always been one of my favorites ever since I first read about it, they can live potentially forever if they keep soaking up enough moonlight and the area around them isn’t too dry and dead. The best part though, is how often they bloom is only related to how much moonlight they have stored up, and the way they bloom is where their name really comes from. I hope you’ll get to see Serena bloom soon.”

Kyosei was starting to feel a bit better and managed to sit up. “Laguna is a nice name, very fitting for someone with such beautiful blue hair. Buddy isn’t bad either, that can be her nickname. What species are you, Laguna?” He tilted his head and rubbed one of his fox ears a bit before his tail swished and he tucked it behind him in embarrassment. “As you might have guessed by now, I’m a Youko, a fox.”

"Ooh, a fox." Laguna turned back toward Kyosei, looking at his fox ears. "Well, I guess that makes me a fish!" She hopped backwards, a blue shimmer flowing over her legs as they transformed into a fish tail. Her ears turned into gills, the scales on her tail and gills an exotic light blue. She landed on her bed, giggling as she bounced a bit. "Well, mermaid. So you don't need to worry about the room being too dry!"

She waved her tail around playfully, noticing something dangling from the end. She blushed a little when she realized it was her underwear, quickly grabbing them. "Oh, I uh… guess those don't transform with me. I don't normally wear clothes, you see…" She rubbed the back of her head, laughing nervously.

Kyosei was too surprised to notice the article of clothing before she’d tucked it away. “A Mermaid, wow, I’ve never met one before. I’ve heard lots of stories, though. You guys are really popular in human stories - I’ve spent a lot of time around humans. That’s why I’m pretty used to wearing clothes, though my parents always had me dress pretty formally at home. They’re old fashioned that way.” He watched her tail move, then found himself looking back at his own to compare.

“Fire and water, land and sea, fur and scales. It seems like such a binary grouping when you just look at our species, totally on opposite ends of a couple spectrums. I wonder how random the sorting for the dorms actually is, because we’d be one hell of a coincidence.” Kyosei said contemplatively.

"Opposites attract, or so they say." Laguna shrugged, lounging on her bed. "Maybe it was fate. Or the guy who plans these things has a sense of humor. Oh, can you imagine if you'd had a snowman for a roommate? Poor Buddy! Or Serena? But your plant!" She changed back to human form, looking at the Moonwisp in concern. "Let me know if you ever need water, little one. Auntie Laguna will take care of you!"

Her optimism and friendliness were certainly infectious, judging by the goofy smile Kyosei had grown. “You wanna see something really cool? If you can control water like I’ve heard, try floating just a bit of it near her.”

"Oh, sure, let me just…" She went to her backpack, pulling out a water bottle. She twisted off the cap and took a sip. "Tasty!" She focused on the water in the bottle, causing a small blob of it to rise. With a wave of her hand, the water slowly floated over to the plant. A light force began to pull against Laguna’s attempt to keep the water in place, when she let the flow go as it wished, the blob stretched slightly towards the flower pot, then floated into the soft soil and was absorbed.

Kyosei’s ear twitched happily and he nodded. “The moon’s connection with water is strong. The Moonwisp’s lunar energy let’s it call water to it. Normally it is a much slower process but since you were kind enough to ‘float’ a donation, she had an easier time of it.”

"Whoa! Land plants are so cool! Much cooler than boring old ocean plants! Why is everything so awesome up here?" Laguna hopped back onto her bed, fluffing one of her pillows. "Can you do magic, too? Or just the fluffy floof?"

“F-floof?!” Kyosei’s tail poofed into a ball of frizz even faster than his face reddened, and his ears ruffled. “I… I’m not-” He pat the top of his head, then began smoothing out his ears and tail in a panic. Once his fur was all properly in place, he cleared his throat and it poofed away, leaving him looking like a pure human again. “I’m not all that powerful, but nearly all Youko can create and control fire, my mom liked to call it our ‘inner flame’. I’m pretty tired but I should be able to…” Kyosei closed his eyes and concentrated, then four fist-sized spheres of flame winked into existence above his head, all a blued ocean green with a ghostly transparency.

The wisps cast the room in an eerie yet pretty light even with the sun shining through the window. One floated close enough to Laguna’s face to warm her cheeks and the other three floated around Serena, circling the flower and occasionally bouncing in different tempos like some sort of dance. “How’s that?” Asked Kyosei, wiping some sweat from his brow.

Laguna gasped in delight, her eyes sparkling as she watched the flames. She reached out for one, pulling back before she could burn herself, laughing as they danced. "Your dancing lights are so pretty! I wish I could do cool magic like this!"

She reached out toward the water bottle again, scrunching her brow as she concentrated. The rest of the water slowly rose from the bottle, forming into a globe that came to hover between her hands. She grit her teeth as she made the water clumsily dance with Kyosei's fire, keeping it away from Serena so she didn't drink it all.

Kyosei was just as impressed. “Looks to me like you totally can! You’re just too used to it to be dazzled by your own abilities. On land, water floating through the air is a pretty rare sight and everybody knows water is beautiful.” His flames began to flicker and he wiped his brow one more time before allowing them to vanish. “Hoo… that’s all I got, I think I need a nap.” He punctuated his sentence by dropping back against his pillow and letting the air whoosh out of his lungs. “It’s been nice meeting you Laguna, but I don’t think I’m gonna be good for anything else for a few hours.”

Laguna let out the breath she'd been holding, releasing her grip on the water. It fell to the floor with a soft splat, leaving a puddle between the two beds. "Oops." She tossed the cover to her bed over the water, sopping it up. "It's been fun, Kyosei. I can tell we're gonna be friends." She stood and stretched, feeling a little tired herself. "I'm gonna go get some food, but I'll see you later." She waved over her shoulder as she went out, heading for the cafeteria.

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Lena Fujikawa

Today was a good day for
藤川 レナ
. Although not technically the first day of school, she was still entering high school in the company of two friends. Admittedly, it also made not getting distracted today a bit easier.

The first was
Haruka Akiyama
秋山 春花
, attending Youkai for her second year. In her true form, Haruka was a fairy who lived in the human world for a little over twenty years, and Lena had known her for ten. They'd been best friends for most of that, and even closer for a time. Haruka's

In her human form, Haruka was a little shorter than Lena at 5'4, and had about shoulder-length black hair and dark eyes. The coloration was the product of her race's illusion magic, however. As a result she had an ethereal sort of look to her that made her seem like she'd disappear if you touched her.

As for the second, her name was
Rei Nekohara
猫原 鈴
, a quiet girl, maybe 5' tall. The two were friends since their first year in middle school, and Rei was a cat-like youkai called a neko.

Rei's human form only really amounted to disguising her cat ears and tail. Her long white hair was left unchanged. Additionally, though she'd worn color contacts so her eyes matched when she and Lena first met, she quite liked her odd blue and gold eyes, and hasn't hid them in a long while.

Unfortunately, being born and raised in the human world, the rest of Lena's friends were all too human, so they certainly weren't getting into a school for non-humans. On the other hand, they each split off and went to a couple different high schools anyway; one even went abroad. Two was a number worth celebrating.

Being in her second year, Haruka had her own affairs already taken care of, so her goal today was to get her freshman friends situated and show them the dorms. Since they were carrying luggage, as well, she left any tours for after they got settled.

"Do keep in mind that you're to maintain human form to the best of your ability while wearing your uniform," informed the faculty member behind the desk. The warning came when they were handed their uniforms and room keys, and it seemed obvious enough. The clothes weren't going to transform with the person. Not that it was an issue for Lena or Rei.

"No problem."


Leaving the main school building, the three were greeted by the sight of a stretch limousine pulling into the courtyard. A fancy one, at that. The lustrous violet body was waxed and polished very recently, down to the hubcaps with some sort of emblem on them; and the windows were darkened to obscure the VIP within. It was clearly for a member of an exceptionally wealthy family—and if the bats surrounding the limo were anything to go by, probably a vampire. Lena never expected to see a limo in the youkai realm, a sentiment shared by the other two. They didn't stay to find out who the passenger was, though, heading for their rooms after a moment.

They found Rei's first, so Haruka and Lena left her to unpack and headed for the latter's room. As a side note, Haruka had to help Rei carry her things up until now. Lena herself had a backpack, duffel bag and suitcase.

From there Lena's room wasn't a long walk, which she was happy for. It was close to a friend's room, and it was starting to get tiring lugging her stuff around.

"I'll show you around after lunch," Haruka told her while she set her bags on the floor. Lena reached into the backpack, pulled a 100 yen coin out of her wallet, and tossed it up.

"That'd be great."

Heads. Lena unceremoniously flopped onto one of the beds, evidently decided by coin, sighing contentedly as she sunk into the mattress.

"These beds are comfy. Haruka, wanna join me?"

Still standing by the door, Haruka refused Lena's outstretched arms and turned to leave. "If I say yes, I won't get out of here until dinner. Besides, I've gotta talk with one of the teachers while I've got the chance. See you later."

"See ya." After Haruka left, Lena leaned over the bed and pulled her phone out of her backpack, spying an outlet hidden underneath the desks at the same time. She was amazed that she got any reception at the academy, too—they even had a Wi-Fi network—and already had more than a few unread messages and notifications. From her mom; a group chat with her friends; a mobile game Rei got her into. Lena took time to send replies, and waited to meet her new roommate before she worried about unpacking or checking out the campus.


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Diaries of a Vampire || Olivia de Roosevelt

Perhaps if Death is kind, and there can be returning,
We will come back to earth some fragrant night,
And take these lanes to find the sea, and bending
Breathe the same honeysuckle, low and white.

We will come down at night to these resounding beaches
And the long gentle thunder of the sea,
Here for a single hour in the wide starlight
We shall be happy, for the dead are free.

We Vampires.
Denizens of the Dark.


The sounds of many bats whom have flapped through the sky signaled the arrival of a violet, long limo. It was an odd sight, as most bats are nocturnal, but nonetheless, they were grouped, seemingly following the long car. The limo drove through the nearby forest and had eventually arrived to the academy's drop off section. The bats all circulated up above the limo, as it came to a full stop.

A door opened, seemingly from the driver's seat. The driver looked to be an elder man, wearing a simple dress shirt and vest, with matching dress pants and shoes. He ignored the bats that were fluttering nearby, to walk down the limo until he made his way to the back passenger's seat. He then whistled, and clapped his hands. A couple of more individuals who were dressed like him all exited out from other doors from the limo, carrying what it seemed like... a purple carpet that was a darker shade than the limo. They dropped it, and rolled it out all the way to the academy's entrance to make it look like a pathway to walk on. It seemed like this was all rehearsed, as they all then took positions from each side of the carpet.

The driver nodded, as he then gently opened the last passenger door. "We have arrived, Lady Olivia," he said. "Youkai Academy, Aokigahara, Japan."

Olivia, the young indigo-haired vampire stepped out of the vehicle. She gracefully brushed her hair aside, basking in the gentle breeze that flowed through it. The other servants nearby all bowed, welcoming their lady to their destination. Olivia looked up at the sky. The bats started to flutter closer to her. "It's time to go home now, my friends," Olivia advised. "T's the time for your sleep. Go on, now." The bats all grouped, and flew away to the sky, and out the distance, with Olivia watching by. The old driver, her servant, meanwhile opened the trunk of the limo, and got out a indigo-coloured suitcase.

"Shall I carry it for you, madame?" he asked brazenly. Olivia shook her head, and grabbed the handle of it. "Escort you, perhaps?"

"Nay, Reginald. Do not worry about me," Olivia reassured. She then looked to her other servants, especially the rolled up fancy purple carpet. "This is all too much..."

"By order of your father, thy are to be given the highest of treatments upon your arrival," Reginald the servant explained. "As the head of the family's humble service, I have doted myself to making that experience comforting, my lady."

"...Ah, but of course. In father's name..." Olivia winced. "But come now, I am not a child anymore. I can perfectly look after myself this time. Surely thy can have a bit more trust in myself?"

"Forgive me, my lady. As you know, I have been serving your father for about 300 years," Reginald explained. "I've always watched over you, even when you were a child. It dotes my heart seeing how quickly you have grown. I have the utmost confidence in thee, Lady Olivia. But, if thy have any inquires, do not hesitate to call."

"Of course," Olivia agreed. "Tis' only a shame hat father could not have seen me off, however. But, as representative of the household, I do not need words to convey that I shall bring only my very best to honour our family."

"...I shall send for your other possessions later on," Reginald explained. "Please do take good care, Lady Olivia."

Reginald bowed, seeing his lady off. Olivia dragged the suitcase behind her as she walked along the purple carpet. Reginald and the other servants got back into the limo, started it up, and drove away. Olivia wasn't an average youkai; she was a vampire, one of the noble class. For generations, her family was one of the wealthiest and most powerful of the vampire race who had occupied territory in Europe. Olivia had experienced many of the high life, servants at her beck and call, as well as many extraordinary activities. Now, Olivia was in her first year, entering the renowned Youkai Academy.

The world outside was not unfamiliar to Olivia as she read all about some highlights in books, but experiencing it was another task altogether. Olivia witnessed many Youkai enter the main academy building. Some stared questionable looks upon her; it was pretty uncommon for someone to have a luxurious carpet to walk on as part of their first visit to school. Olivia always viewed this as unnecessary, but as surprisingly common place in the society she grew up in, she was used to this concept. She then saw a few others were lining up near a reception desk. She knew that he had to wait as well, thanks to the letter's instructions. But still, waiting was not something Olivia was familiar with. Though she was not impatient, but rather, curious. Perhaps this was more common for the common-folk. Whatever come what may during Olivia's life in the noble society, she was now among the common Youkai students.

She finally received her uniform, and now, it was time to head for her new home for the moment, her dorm. It wasn't a long walk, fortunately, as her room was located very quickly. "So, this is it," Olivia recognized. She calmly placed her hand on the door's handle, after unlocking it. She then twisted it. "Let's see..."

Entering the room, Olivia was greeted by the girl she assumed she'd be spending the next year with: an eye-catching blonde with steel gray eyes. "I guess you're my roommate," she started with a smile.

“Ah, lovely day to you!” Olivia greeted with an equally friendly smile. “I am Olivia. To whom do I have the honour of speaking?”

The girl briefly paused to stand up from the bed she was sitting on, then took a few steps to meet Olivia proper and offered a handshake. “Lena. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Olivia.”

Olivia took Lena’s hand and shook it firmly with her own. “The pleasure is all mine,” she replied. “Lena is a beautiful name.”

“I could say the same to you. So tell me about yourself. Best we get to know each other sooner rather than later.” Lena returned to her bed, bringing Olivia with her. Olivia set her suitcase down by the bed that was left free and took a seat.

“Myself?” Olivia said, with a slight blush. “I am not used to talking about myself before, hehe… but to start off…”

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Divine von Alter

"There she is...

Every step made with grace as her feet gently touch the ground with the little frills on her heels adding to the majestic sight. Her beautiful sky blue hair, flowing along the autumn breeze like waves on the ocean during a tender storm. Her eyes like petite blue diamonds, so sparkly that just looking into them feels like you're getting lost at sea with no compass at hand and a map non-existent. And her tiny body... that of a goddess and her voice so sophisticated, it would make a nightingale unprecedentedly jealous.

That's who Divine is. A woman so beautiful, just watching her from a distance fills my heart with a warmth that can be compared to a summer sun. I'm watching her every day as she leaves that accursed forest that no mere mortal with a sane mind would enter. Watching her... as she enters that same forest again, only to repeat the same routine again the day after. I studied there once. So I know that after today, she probably won't come back here for a while. It makes me feel... wretched. Never knowing if today will be the day I will lay my eyes upon her for the very last time.

I love her so. She is so very dear to me. I once called her mine but she is mine no longer. It has been 8 years since I last held her. It has been too long since I felt her presence escaping my lips and her heartbeat on my chest... but it was my own fault. Only I am to blame for this predicament that I am feeling. I wanted to know more about her, I felt the need to... to investigate about her. I wanted to unravel every mystery that was Divine. I got nosy, I got too close... and that is why she ended us.

Just talking about our past relationship leaves me miserable.

My hair shows more gray locks with the day and my joints start to ache more and more. Yet she remains unchanged, her hair still glossy, her skin still fresh, her every step still sprightly. Time doesn't touch her and yet I love her still."

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Hael and Harold
Hell Dorms

Just as Harold was going to open the door to his room, his right arm was feeling a light impact. He immediately looked at the source which apparently was a male fairy, the fairy asked about his identity in a slightly rude tone. “My name is Harold Whiterune, I’m a mage and this is my room. If I may ask, who are you?” Harold was trying to keep the conversation polite, after all the fairy was probably being grumpy due to a bad day.

Hael looked carefully at this “Harold”, scrunching up his nose and squinting at the human-looking character as though he was trying to decipher something concealed on his face.

“But hiss iss my room,” Hael slurred, tilting his head curiously to the side. “Waddaya mean your room? Are you tryin’ to steal my room?!” He punctuated this drunken tirade by jabbing his finger at Harold accusingly.

This time Harold was the one who squinted his eyes at the fairy.

What the hell... is he drunk? This isn’t even the first day yet. I have a bad feeling about this. Harold thought to himself.

“Uh… I think you accuse me with baseless assumptions, mate. There are two beds inside, which means that this room is supposed to be inhabited by two people. Are you my roommate?” Harold warily asked as he doesn't want to accept his theory of this fairy being his roommate.

“Oh. Right. Roommate.” Hael, turned away from Harold toward the door, almost as though he had forgotten the other student was present. He then proceeded to fly directly into the door in much the same way he had collided with Harold earlier. “Sstupid door.”

“Oh my...” Harold opened the door for the fairy. “Just be more careful next time, kay?”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Hael snapped back, glaring at his roommate. Then, just as quickly as the irritation had appeared, it quickly left his face and he sluggishly flew into the room.

Oh boy, he have mood swings too? Dear God, why the hell did this happen to me. I’m here to make friends, learn more magic, create something useful… Not taking care of a grumpy old drunkard. Harold rolled his eyes, sighing as his good gestures were reciprocated by an irritated reply. He decided to tidy up all his stuff without talking to the fairy, for Harold it was the best course of action to do.

Hael did not pay any attention to Harold’s fussing about with his things, nor pick up on his discomfort - not that he was liable to act much differently if he had. He flitted across the room and then abruptly stopped the rapid flapping of his wings, dropping face down onto the small bed with a light thud.

He remained motionless for several moments, eyes shut and probably looking like he’d just died. However, a sudden flash of memory had him roll onto his back and then very abruptly sit up.

“Ah crap. Hey, you,” Hael said abruptly, attempting to get his roommate's attention.

“Yeah, what is it?” Harold who was finishing his table arrangement turned back his head to the direction of the fairy.

“Did I come in with a… thing. A bag,” Hael asked, floundering for the correct word for a moment through the fog now taking up residence in his head.

“A bag? Nope, you didn’t bring a bag when you and I met earlier. Maybe you left it on the reception desk? Or did you go anywhere before coming here?” Harold said, turning his body back to the table where he started finishing touches.

“No idea,” Hael said flatly, flopping onto his back once more and staring idly at the ceiling.

“Welp, can’t help you then. Maybe you should just go to the reception desk and ask if somebody found your bag? What is in your bag anyway?” Harold asked, curious at what the drunk fairy brought to the academy.

Hael propped himself back up slightly, looking at Harold like he was daft.

“What do you think is in my bag? Clothes, books and boo - other supplies. What’s in your bag… and more importantly what the hell are you doing?”

I bet it's mostly booze. Harold wasn’t very optimistic about his new roommate.

"I'm tidying up all of my stuff, you know? Books, writing utensils, some tools… Hey, now that I think of it. You didn't introduce yourself to me when i asked about your name. So, would you introduce yourself, please?"

“Hael,” the fairy responded bluntly, not bothering to stifle a yawn. “Tools huh? What are you then?”

"Full time mage, part time alchemist. Weird, but that's the truth." The mage put out few knives with rune engravings from his bag and proceeded to examine it.

“Explains why you look human I guess,” Hael responded sleepily. “Got a spell that’ll find my bag?”

"Sadly no… However, I have some errands to run later. I'll try to ask around. Why don't you take a rest now? You look tired, mate."

“I’ll get right on that mum,” Hael said irritably, despite laying back and shutting his eyes. He clicked his fingers as he drifted off and was and as he fell asleep, the items on Harold’s desk began to very noticeably begin sliding slightly to one side, the ground underneath the desk no longer quite as even as it had been a moment before.

"Damn,” Harold quickly pulled out a talisman from his trench coat pocket. "Barrier!" Harold created a small barrier on the lower side of the desk preventing his items from falling off the desk.

Harold huffed at Hael's action. "Sweet dreams, pesty drunk oldboy."



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Karma Arameia
Aokigahara Mori


"Isn't that the place where-"

"Yes," Karma chimed in, interrupting the voice playing from her phone. "No need to remind me, I spent basically all of last night laughing over that. Which you would've known if you'd answered my calls."

"Heyheyheyhey some of us have to study for the science exam that they had to make-up because someone went all Beast Boy on their parents."

"I dunno, the way your dad described it made it seem more like Lilo & St-"

"Stitch never tried to maul anyone to death."

"Neither did Beast Boy!"

"Rattata you only watched that goofy TV show! In the comics he goes totally- psyduck I'm gonna miss you and your dumb ass." Yisa let out a heavy sigh. "Your cute dumb ass." Karma smiled "How are you not totally stressed out right now, anyway? The ground's basically paved and crafted by the flesh and bones of dead kids and you don't even know if this school's real and-" She paused. "You're totally playing Duel Links, aren't you?"

"Against a disgusting Six Samurai user, too, what a loser," Karma chuckled, tapping wildly at her phone. "I'm sorry babe, were you saying something?"

"So much for me being worried," Yisa responded with a relieved sigh. "Well at least-" She suddenly stopped.

"Hun?" Karma continued to play her game mostly undisturbed. "Babe?" She stopped tapping. "Lisa?" She looked up waiting a response. "Damn, that one usually gets her. Guess that answers my question about reception." She dejectedly put away her phone and, upon doing so, realized that she wasn't where she had been previously. She was taken aback as a large campus loomed overhead. "Holy muk," she said aloud inadvertently. She was stunned, with the sudden teleportation and the slow, creeping realization that she wouldn't be able to hear her girlfriend's voice for who knows how long. She was alone in an unknown place and that hadn't happened to her since she first went to high school. She took a brief breath through her nose, reached into her pocket, and "Find Match."

Sometimes difficult situations had really simple solutions.


A few hours had passed and Karma had gotten basically nowhere. She lost herself in Duel Links to get over the existential dread she'd be feeling otherwise, but that was tested once her battery suddenly decided to turn against her. Her phone went dark suddenly and she let out a deep gasp. As she did, once again, the world revealed itself to her, and upon doing so she realized that her family really, really didn't prepare her for what was to come. She'd never seen a youkai before, other than herself. For her though all there was to deal with was a third eye, and she'd known that her life. But here, in the middle of the campus grounds where she found herself, she couldn't help but find herself gaping and gawping at pretty much everyone. Many of them did look human, after all, but a lot of them looked very "Human, but also..." as she would have put it. She was visibly freaking out to say the least, and even though she was in the type of place where she should have blended in easily enough, she found herself attracting attention to herself by basically being the human among them. Fate's a crazy thing.

Noticing that she was attracting looks, Karma looked down at a map that she was given by her parents. She was actually pretty close to her dormrooms, and she wanted to get there ASAP because frankly she couldn't stand being anywhere other than a pillow at that exact point in time. She started fast walking her way to her destination, making her way inside and finding her room. She cautiously stepped inside, only to find something more more horrifying than anything else that she had experienced up to this point. That was, other than that the dorms had joint rooms, ducks. Bright yellow ducks. Baby ducks to be precise, all bright eyed and bright furred. She was aware that her parents were planning on sending her stuff ahead of her to school, such to the point that they already adorned her side of the room with probably the most embarrassing blanket she didn't remember she had from her childhood, as well as sheets and her uniform, as well as spare clothes, underwear, etc.

"I wonder if I can summon something to claw my eyes out..." She looked at her grandfather's coin and sighed. Karma sauntered into her room, quickly taking a peek at the other side of the room. It seemed like her roommate had yet to arrive. Or was already way ahead of her. That was something she would have to deal with. And this was basically the last thought that passed through her had as she crash landed onto her bed, directly on top of her uniform, dropping some other stuff such as school supplies and underwear on the floor. She didn't care, she'd pick it up. At the moment all she really wanted was to be basically anywhere else than where she was, and it was that idea that almost aggressively pushed her into incapacitation.
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A whole day has passed since the students of Youkai Academy arrived and settled in their assigned dorm rooms. Some were able to make new fond memories with their roommates, others declared a war. The only thing they really shared, beside their appointed dorm rooms, is that they were all going to have class the very next day.


The sound of the school bell rang through the academy grounds, announcing that the first class of the day was going to start. For 1-A it meant meeting their homeroom teacher, R. von Alter. A man between looking like he was nearing his thirties even though his way of speech suggested he was much older. He looked calm, like he always was, while his daughter stood somewhere in the back of the class to meet the new freshmen as well. His daughter was Divine, someone who looked like she would be a student herself but in actuality she was class 1-A's sports teacher. They nodded towards each other before allowing the students to enter the classroom.

"Welcome" could be read on the blackboard that sir von Alter stood in front of.

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Laguna Beach
Dormroom 2

An unfamiliar ceiling greeted Laguna when she woke up, and it took her a moment to remember where she was: her dorm room at Youkai Academy. She yawned loudly as she sat up, doing her morning stretching. She thought about that as she went to go shower, unsure of how the day would unfold. The shower was hotter than she expected, so she turned it all the way down to cold. The cold water reminded her of home, although it was fresh water instead of salt. She thought about how different Academy life would be from ocean life. She also thought about pajamas, and let her mind wander to that.

Why not just sleep in whatever she had been wearing when she went to bed? Why change into separate clothes just to sleep? Carmel had insisted that it just wasn't done, and the blue nightgown she'd been given was pretty comfortable, so she decided there was no point in arguing. From that topic, she remembered she would have to wear a uniform, which she guessed was also fine. Her sisters said appearance was very important, but fashion was confusing, so at least she wouldn't have to worry about that too much.

Getting out of the shower, she shook the water from her hair with one majestic hair flip, one of the perks of mermaid magic. Underwater she would wear it loose, but on land she tied it up into a high ponytail. She looked around, feeling like she forgot something... "Oh, right, that towel thing." She focused on her magic, pulling the water off of herself and forming it into a bubble, which she let splash harmlessly in the sink.

She popped back into the main room, grabbing her uniform. "Forgot my clothes, sorry! I'll be done in a minute!" She ducked back into the bathroom, getting dressed quickly. Looking at herself in the mirror, she flashed a shark toothed smile and pointed finger guns at her reflection. "Lookin' sharp!"

With that done, she left the bathroom again, giving her roommate a thumbs up. "Bathroom's all yours, Kyosei. You wanna get some breakfast when you're done?"
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