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An "old" thing you like more than a "new" thing?

Started by polymorphism June 19th, 2019 6:19 PM
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Posted July 4th, 2019
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What's something that's old and has been iterated upon and upgraded but you still prefer the old thing? For me I really enjoy film pictures. My second job ever was processing 35mm film and I just really enjoyed it and there's some qualities about the grain and color that is just so appealing about film to me.

I know a bunch of my friends (especially since they play "hardcore" video games) prefer CRT televisions for almost everything.


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I'd have to say movies. There are some movies that I prefer that are old, and then they have been made into "remakes". A perfect example of this would be Aladdin. It's hard for me to go see this because I grew up and loved Robin as Genie. I'm not hating on Will Smith at all. I think he's an amazing actor. I just can't do it because of Robin Williams. D:
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imessage on ios11 was as good as it gets


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I got to say music here, tbh
Even if I don't entirely dislike today's music, I still think the quality of music compared to before has decreased somehow, mostly bc I grew up with the 70s and 80s rock and pop bc of my mom. Even when I start listening to a new band either because of recommendations or because I want to try something new, I realize they are still from back then.



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kinda miss the internet circa 07-10? idk. everyone just seemed to shut up and mind their business better back then. now it's like callouts for everything. and don't get me wrong, i think that major offenders should be called on their muk and reported, but people will call out for the dumbest things and i'm like. why don't we just unfollow, block, and move on. tell people in your social circle 'hey this fella is bad news' privately and just move on with your day.
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Posted June 29th, 2019
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One very specific one: I prefer the timbre of the harpsichord over the piano. I understand why the piano became favored (a harpsichord has a set dynamic, whereas you can change the dynamics on a piano by the pressure of pushing down the keys), but I just prefer the sound the sound of the harpsichord by quite a bit.

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Agreed with Sydian. Cancel culture is an actual internet lipoma.

I think the biggest example of old vs new for me is Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence vs Disturbed’s cover. The original was so heartfelt and real, but the remake is just.. so.. awful. They really did my boys dirty on that one.(;へ:)


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Posted June 23rd, 2019
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^^^ I have that same feeling with the song 'Dancing on my own' by Robyn. I loved the original (by Robyn), but the new cover has a club beat to it.

I would say touch phones. In general I don't like the affect they can have on some people, for example, how distracting they can be sometimes, when the internet or an app is involved. I do favour old flip phones or the old models of phones, where it's used for what it's intended for.

I have a second one: Ebooks. I don't like Kindles. I find picking up a book physically and reading it to be somewhat more enjoyable, there's this certain experience or feeling you get when you buy a book, and you have the crisp pages and scent along with it. It's also easier to manage because if you have a kindle, it could run out of power, when you're in the middle of reading.

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For jotting down ideas, a notebook+pencil beats a computer any time. On paper I can easily add in symbols, commentary, diagrams, doodles in the margins, arrows between pretty much everything, etc.

A text file is nice if you need to write down a simple, ordered piece of text. My brain however, messy as it is, doesn't work like that and instead just spouts ideas at random.



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Not sure I'd put new music into "upgraded" music, but I generally prefer the older melodies better. And it's not just nostalgia, I genuinelly, critically prefer the old compositions, around '60s to '90s. I still like new music, but there's a whole different feeling to them.
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Oh, you know what, a big old v new thing for me is pens. I much prefer flex fountain pens, which are typically associated with being vintage (even though most of them pens I own right now are made like last year lol, but still!), than your standard, modern ballpoint pen. Fountain pens just have so much more character and charm to them, Imo. The writing becomes so distinct and you can use such beautiful custom inks! I just can't ignore how much more satisfying using a flex pen is.


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I prefer iPhone 8 over those slim new facelock iPhones - I have an 8 as well as an 8 Plus even.

I prefer old Pokémon games over new ones haha, gen 1-5 are the best!
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