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Started by Spherical Ice August 12th, 2011 1:23 PM
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Hello, I'm new on this website and I am really enjoying this.
I have played some Rom Hacks, like Pokémon Gaia, and Glazed, and I LOVED them, really really great, and I also played some Digimon Hacks (I LOVE DIGIMON), but they were all kinda weak, and I did not enjoy playing them.
So, I don't know if this is the right place to do this, but I want to suggest that someone (with time, skills and motivation), does a Hack with Digimons instead of Pokemons
Thank you in advance, and to all the creators, keep up the great work, cause I'm loving playing this hacks.
Searching up digimon rom hacks using as a qualifier, I've found a few.
[FireRed] Digimon: Virus Version
[Emerald] Digimon: Escape from Server Island v1.1
I haven't played them, so I can't really comment on them.

Oh, I've also moved this thread to Fan Game recommendation.


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Hi are there any good DS based (gen 5 if possible) hacks to run on Drastic emulator or similar? Id love to see a gen 5 style graphic game updated with Sun/Moon level pokemon and megas etc. No idea whats available though.
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While I am not sure about a game like Pokemon Run. I've just played Pokemon Rising Rocket and I recommend it. A different battle system, a story where your choices affect everything, conquering of cities, and recruit people to Team Rocket's cause. It is mostly main complete story was, but still is being updated to patch bugs and add side quest and recruitable.


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Hello i wanna know if theyre any pokemon rom hacks that can be randomizers as im very interested in them. It doesnt matter the región or anything although i Will like if it had a cool story or a discord server where i can talk to people
Pokemon Gaia has a randomizer heres a link for it I thought it was pretty good The link for the game The link for the randomizer
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