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"What do you want for your birthday?"

Started by Juno June 20th, 2019 10:16 AM
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As some of you know, my birthday's today! I'm stuck at work until my birthday dinner, bummed it's not on a weekend but celebrating for the next few days makes up for that (family > coworkers > boyfriend > close friends in that order, from today to Sunday)

And a question I encountered a few times the past week or two was "what do you want for your birthday?"

I always feel a bit weird asking for things when they genuinely want an answer and "nothing" isn't acceptable so I have mixed feelings about that - on one hand I will like what you got for me for sure since I asked for it, but then I also feel bad, like I know you asked me to tell you but I still feel greedy basically saying "I want you to give me this" lol

Is this something you find people asking you around gift-giving seasons, and how do you feel about it? Is it practical? Is it lazy? And on the other side of that, when you are shopping for gifts, would you ask this or just want to have a really clear idea of what the people you're shopping for want, or do you enjoy the process of thinking up gifts on your own?


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I feel like as a kid, my parents/family kind of knew what to get me for my birthday, because it's usually the same every year. I'm a sucker for expensive stuff, particularly video games, electronics and clothes. That has pretty much never changed (and likely never will).

These days though, I've honestly been used to getting nothing for my bday, and I think I'm fine with that, because I'm accustomed to buying my own birthday gifts, anyway. I wouldn't want anyone stressing about what to get me, especially if I've never told them what I've wanted to begin with. All I want are birthday wishes and just general acknowledgement of my existence, lol. It's the bare minimum and I think that, at the very least, can be managed.


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Every year my mom asks me what I want for Christmas and I just go "uhhhhhhhhhh" until I find a bunch of small things for present ideas. I'm not really picky though. I'm 29, at this point in my life, I'm just grateful they're getting me anything. I always pick out things so minor I don't care if they don't get the exact things on my list.
I get money for my birthday which tbh I vastly prefer.

On the flip side oh god please give me a list for presents because the older I get, the worse I get at present ideas. If you give me a list, I'll give you exactly what you want.
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My 21st is in 3 months, and all I want is shots, money, and for someone to buy my lunch and/or dinner. I'm easy as psyduck to please these days.



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The only things I want are skills and experiences neither of which money can buy or if it can (like a trip to Europe for example) I wouldn't expect anyone to buy it for me. Other than those things I only want a cheesecake for my birthday and time to spend with my family and friends.



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my mom still has me make up a birthday list tbh. we have a big family so...i guess she just doesn't want people getting me the same thing. i'm literally a big kid so i still ask for games and stuff. but i have to make a list like two months before bc if i wait for my birth month and my mom is asking for a list, i just shrug and go IUNNO??????? lmfao

mental stability and money usually go on the list since graduating college but hey
vacation? what's that?
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I'm so easy to satisfy, because Nintendo has decided to release every new Pokémon game always one or two weeks before my birthday. Every single year. Since Gold and Silver. So it's like "hey, which game is out this year?" and I'm done.

Also invite me out for lunch and I'll be a very happy bean.


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We always made wish lists (and still do to some extent) for birthdays in our family, and we also do the same in my friend group. It just helps to give a guideline of what to buy. I used to love birthdays when I was younger because I could ask for cool new games / books / toys but now my favourite birthday gifts are actually either the cards or anything homemade in general. These days there is not really anything specific I want. I'm just happy to have people wish me happy birthday. :D


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Honestly, if you're going to ask me I don't see any reason to feel bad about answering. My standard answer is generally, "you don't have to get me anything but if you really insist just give me money". Maybe it's callous or rude or whatever but I'm a practical person and for the most part I'd rather have the ability to add to savings or keep it tucked away until there's something I really want than to get some token gift. Honestly though, I'm generally just happy with the thought and there's certainly a handful of people who know me well enough to get away with ignoring that request and getting me something else anyway lol... which makes me wonder why they bother asking.


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Happy late birthday!

I usually don't have anything I desire as a gift, so I think money is the best thing someone could give me so I could buy something later, or just save money to get something good.


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nowadays i usually just ask for money, or if the person knows me well enough they get me some sort of surprise gift. i'm not too hard to shop for? i just like a lot of kids things and whatnot.

i usually tell the person they dont have to get me anything but if they want to they can. usually they (mostly internet friends) end up insisting on getting me something of some sort.
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Money, usually, so I can buy more cosplay/idol nuis/the new Pokemon games, lmfao. I'd rather buy them myself than someone else getting them for me.
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Posted July 10th, 2019
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gucci slides


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This question makes me visibly cringe. I *hate* being asked what I want for my birthday / holidays. I'm not good at receiving gifts on multiple fronts and would much rather stick to giving them. Though I totally do scoff at people for being sheepish when I ask them and they say 'nothing', haha.

I try to give a default 'Amazon Giftcard' answer but if that's not an option then the buyer knows about as much as I do cause idfk what I want good luck m8


This is fine.

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It varies. Sometimes I'll have something specific in mind that I know I'll enjoy or get use out of, other times I'll be content with a decent outing with friends or the like. Also food is good. :V


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This is literally one of the hardest questions in life tbf. My answer these days is: "If you can find something fun/cool/weird and also (somewhat) useful, that's awesome. Otherwise, a board game always works."

Can't have too many board games.


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I would like Zanthar's Guide to Everything (D&D Book), Fitness Boxing for Switch or a Planner for school.
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depends on who asks

Before, i used to say just anything cat related. Though now I'm tempted to just link them to really weird stuff like... Pringles flavored ramen or ramen flavored pringles.

Usually they deliver.


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A Pocket Dimension
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My parents usually get me what I want lol
Any other family member usually sends a card with a few dollars or a gift card inside, which is nice. :)
What I want this year.. er.. I don't really know.. maybe a Switch? I doubt it though, family is tight on cash.
Though I have until December to think about it some more.. I'll probably just say the usual; food, cookie cake, spending time with my Nana (who shares the same birthday with me),.. I'll be 21 but like heck I'm drinking. I've heard too many stories about how bad that gets.


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Money works very well if I don't have anything specific in mind. Though it's always pleasant to receive something edible too, like sweets!

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It's been common for my family to just give me money these days

And I don't mind it since I haven't really had anything I really want for a long time now.


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Posted July 17th, 2019
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I would like Zanthar's Guide to Everything (D&D Book), Fitness Boxing for Switch or a Planner for school.
Ah a fellow d&d player I see ;)

As for me, I never know, and I couldn't tell you. I generally just like money so I can spend it at my leisure when I find something I do want. Or on bills if need be.
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